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Got Ya Hair Done (Rapmonster smut)

A/N: @bloomgemstonia this one is for you

She had been planning to get her hair don’t for about a month now. Sporting corn rows was cute and all but damn did it get old after a month. Re-braiding and adding accessories to the braids was pretty much all she could do and around week four she was looking for new ideas for her hair.

While chilling in the dining room on her laptop she came across some cute hairstyles for black girls, most of them for natural hair. Little did she realize namjoon was floating around her area trying to catch a peek of her new hair style. If there was one thing namjoon loved about his girl, it would be her hair. It always so soft and came with so many different forms. Always new. She would leave it bare, twist it out, braid it down, make these little knots that he found cute some time, or on rare occasions, put in weave. He love when she did weave for many reasons actually, it saved on hair and makeup time when they would go out, It was never boring ,she kept up with it tightly, and she just looked “so sexy with the oddly colored hairstyle” in his words. But he knew it wasn’t something that she did often because it was deemed unprofessional in her workplace. He thought she looked boss in her weave though.

“Hey babe… You changing the hair again?” He draped his hands on her shoulders and looked at the screen on all different types of hair style. Not one of them involving weave. “Yeah, tried of the braids but I don’t even know what I really want at this point” she leans back in the chair and rest her head on namjoons belly. “Try something easy, like weave” He felt her head snap up and look at him knowingly “this child here, you take any opportunity to get me into some weave, you know I can’t got to work like that” Namjoon suck his teeth “man, the hair doesn’t even look unprofessional, you make it look professional. And you look fucking blessed in colored weaved, too” she chuckled at his terminology after remembering how she taught him those terms. “Listen nam, I might have to do it another time. I don’t need any trouble.” Namjoon sighed and nods “I guess, I mean you don’t have too I was just suggesting it.”

However, little did Namjoon know, he actually got his girl thinking about putting in weave. And when it came down to it a week later, she bought some platinum braiding weave and head over to her moms’ house. The finishing product did look blessed as Namjoon predicted all thanks to her moms expertise. She could even wait to see namjoon’s reaction to the silver hair. She was gonna keep it hidden until he got back from working with the boys. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t shoot him a little warning text {hey baby, I got my hair done today} He responded almost immediately {Pics or it didn’t happen} she couldn’t help but chuckle at his foolishness {you’ll see once you get home, k?} you could just hear the groan of anticipation coming from him and deep octaves. Namjoon acts like he doesn’t like surprised but you knew he loved playing the guessing game.

By the near end of the day Namjoon swooped my your home to catch a look of this new hairstyle of yours. He was fully expecting a blow-out or maybe even a perm, Especially when he saw you chilling on the couch with your hair wrapped up tight. “Hey joon” Oh yeah she was gonna drag this out, when Namjoon sat down after greeting her, looking at her with the cheesiest smile, she laughed. “Come on babe, let me see” he whine and she just laughs some more “I swear joon you the only man I know that gets excited over a black girls hair” you said playing with your head wrap. “Duh, you my baby, I gotta be excited” he leans back calming himself down it his usual chill self “well I think your gonna love this” she hinted before untying the headwrap and letting all the shiny, new, and sleek platinum braids fall over her shoulders.

Namjoon was beyond shook. He was dumbfounded sitting there admiring the way the silver hair contoured with her syrup skin. The way her baby hairs laid plastered on her edges and just the overall sexiness of it all “damn babe…. Damn…. How you looking like a whole meal right now?…Good enough to eat” she flipped the braids from her face and smiled bashfully. Namjoon smirked at her shyness and picked up the braids letting them slip from his fingers. “Hey…. You feel like-” she interrupted Namjoon before she could even finish his sentence “-you always trynna sweat out my hair Namjoon. I just got my hair done. Chill” she walks to the bedroom while laughing and Namjoon just followed her with that silly grin of his. “Come on you won’t have to do anything. You won’t even sweat.” She rolls her eyes at his statement and goes to wrap her hair up again. She ignored his thick fingers wrapping around her hips, she ignored the way he presses his chest against her back, she even ignored his pleads but see really couldn’t ignore the wet kisses on her neck, or his cold fingertips on her lower abdominal, or that he pried the head wrap out of her hands.

“You not gonna let it go are you?” She breathed out looking at Namjoon thought the mirror and chuckle when he nods too preoccupied to give a verbal response. She sighed and closed her eyes as joon’s lips played on the skin of her neck and shoulder. She enjoy the affection for a good while before giving in to his plan “Fine you have 20 minutes joon. But I swear you better not get my hair fucked up” namjoons strong ass picks her up in excitement and tosses her to the bed. Joon crawls over her and continues to kiss all over her bronzed skin. She smiled at namjoons eagerness and hugged his shoulders while his hands traveled down to your pajama shorts. Not even wasting time to pull them down he just pushes the fabric and her panties to the side and rubbed his thumb between her folds. Her chest arched into his chest but she liked the game he was playing and followed his lead with her hand rubbing at his hardened member through his sweatpants. This triggered the make up session to get heated and sloppy with his tongue playing with her’s.

After a while of joon spreading her juices over her erected clit and his girl milking his throbbing cock in soft hands they finally finish each other off in about 17 minutes. They rested with each other for a good few moments before (y/n) gets up, wraps her hair and starts getting dress to go out. Of course joon was curious and asked you where you were going to where you answered “well i need food to eat so I’m getting groceries. And..” She pauses and walks over to Namjoon kissing in on the lips “And?” Joon asked holding her hips close to his “and some more condoms so we can really get some work in” she smirks kissing joon again and head out. “Damn…. I love that woman” joon said to himself in satisfaction.


and here the finished product! I didn’t really know how to end it but I am glad I got a chance to show some appreciation to the Black girls out their with weave in their hair. I don’t read or see many scenario where their girl is slaying in some weave so I just thought to add to that small collection. Thank you for reading and BAI FOR NOW

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34 Young McGenji

Not sure how young you mean but at least Genji’s in his meat suit

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

McCree snapped out of his fifth-drink daze and glanced over at his neighbor at the bar. He hadn’t even noticed he sat down, which was a damn shame. The green hair was a noticeable feature but all too quick McCree was stuck on his eyes. Those wings even rivaled the ones Gabe had drawn from time to time.

He wished it wasn’t so damn dark in here all of a sudden.

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Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Two

Chapter One

Summary: You meet Steve and Bucky by chance, but your past with Natasha frightens you away
Warnings: Language

Wind whipped your hair into your face as you stared at the building across the street. You had been there all day, trying to convince yourself to walk inside. It didn’t surprise you when he joined you. He hadn’t tried to be subtle as he watched you.

“Hello, soldier,” you said, not looking at him as he leaned against the wall next to you.

“I didn’t expect to see you.”

“Well, I did say I’d come and say hello,” you said, turing to face him. He laughed and you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face.

“Do you want to come in?”

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Sancoeur - Part One

ALRIGHTY!!! I’ve got this entire fic planned out and I will update till it’s finished! I hope you like this Miraculous Halloween fic. :) 

Thanks for reading!


“Heeey Nathalie…” Adrien said suspiciously as he stepped up to her desk, his hands behind his back. She looked up at him, raising an eyebrow at the nervous smile spread across his face.

“Yes Adrien?” she asked, putting her pen down on her notepad.

“Are you excited for Halloween?” he asked, his smile still set onto his face.

“Adrien, what do you need?” she said blandly, propping her chin onto her hand.

“Wh-What?! Nothing! I mean, I guess I wanted to ask you something, I…” he grit his teeth and she continued to stare at him, waiting for him to finish.

“I… I was wondering if I could have a Halloween party and invite my friends, please Nathalie- please?!” Adrien clasped his hands together, and she sighed.

“Adrien you know your dad doesn’t feel comfortable with-”

“But he’s not here! He’ll be gone for another week, come on! We don’t even have to have it here, we can have it somewhere else!”

“Adrien, I-”

He pursed his lips together into a pout, his eyes looking near watery as he begged her without speaking. Nathalie sighed again, sounding exhausted, and then she opened her eyes to look up at him, a smile spreading across her face.


“AH! THANK YOU NATHALIE! THANK YOU!” Adrien cried, and she talked over him saying loudly,

“As long as it isn’t here!!! And please tell your friends that it is a private party, let’s keep this as quiet as possible!”

“I will! Thank you so much Nathalie! Thank you!” Adrien cried, sprinting happily to his room so he could go make plans.

Nathalie smiled to herself and continued to work.


Next Part :)


[5/10/15] Another day of leave due to heavy haze here.(and it was raining just now,hoping for good condition afterwards) So here i’m gotta make it productive,done w/ Quran writing text for Quran memorisation class. The actual thing is,I need to finish another 5 pages(from 21 pages!) before the end of school year(mid-October,I guess) or I hv to sacrifice a week of the holiday to go to school to continue the memorisation.I can see my future in the second choice,thanks :( For those who got affected by the haze,stay inside,drink your H2O and wear mask if u r in desperate to go outside. Bonus! If u r studying language and u need to memorise it,do some cue cards for keywords–it’ll be easy for you insyaAllah. I wish u a happy October if u r happen to read this until the end :p

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I'm the anon that is playing Seven's route right now and I came here only to share the fact that I'm literally crying™ at this point...I think I screamed during one of the visual novels? There's another chat in a few hours but honestly I think I need a one week break from this pain before I keep going, oh my god.

His whole route got me fucked up

Idk why I keep playing it again. Maybe because I have no regard for my heart or mental health. I’m finishing Jumins 4th time rn and then I’m going to play Seven’s for the 5th.

I love putting myself through the pain and suffering, I guess. But don’t worry. At least you’re not alone. This whole fandom suffers with you, my guy.

Ray’s Birthday

Never before has the castle’s grand ballroom been so alive. Normally the only parties held here are for exclusively the friends and family of Lucas’ clan, but tonight is a special occasion, open to all of New Onett. Tonight is the celebration of Ray’s birthday, and not just any ordinary birthday either. As of today they are officially a year old by dragon standards, which is a major event in dragon culture. It’s only natural that it would be the same case here.

Yet as huge of a celebration this is, Ray couldn’t let themself enjoy it. Humans were everywhere, all over the ballroom like a swarm of insects. It disgusts them, having so many common inferiors around them on their own night of honor. Doesn’t matter how many masks or stylish clothes are put on; those won’t change what they on the inside - human. If only it was possible to get more dragons to come here. That would be something worth celebrating.

One thing Ray is at least pleased about is that no one has decided to steal their thunder by copying their dress. The gown is, in thier far-from-humble opinion, the most beautiful and elegant one here. The dress consists of an intricately patterned black and white bodice that they fill out fantastically, with an inner long flowing white skirt accented by the outer transparent black skirt, the designs of the bodice also on similar fabric adorning the skirt around the waist. To top it all off is the crown of white flowers that rests on their head. In other words, no one looks more gorgeous.

The beauty of their outfit does nothing to cure their boredom, and thus the now-of-age dragon makes their way over to their parents to complain yet again. So far it’s their only entertainment, plus their feet could use another rest. “I still don’t see why we had to invite all of them.”

Ness, just having finished greeting someone, turns towards Ray. This complaining is nothing new. “You can’t get presents if you don’t invite people over, and you’ve already been given a lot of offerings. Doesn’t that make this worth it?”

“I guess…” They pout to themself, not wanting to admit their father has a point.

Louis: Harry, Harry I just finished writing a million reasons why I love you!
Harry: That’s great Louis. I finished mine last week.
Louis: But what is it that your writing on now?
Harry: Oh this? This is just the sequel.
Louis: Sequel?
Harry: Yes, now Lou I need to concentrate. I’m on page 100,445.
Louis: (heart eyes) I love you Harry.
Harry: And I love you Lou… Oh that’s another reason why I love you. It rhymes!!
Louis: (rolls eyes) I guess I should be starting on my sequel.

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Do you happen to know some really good masterposts that kind of cover everything? As well as some more detailed ones? I'm kind of new and I need somewhere to start. There's just so much, which I guess is one of the main pieces of evidence lol.

Ohhhh yes. There’s a ton of stuff to catch up on. You could spend days, maybe even weeks on it so pace yourself. This post is a good place to start. It has links to the big, mainly current masterposts, videos, etc. And here’s another huge collection (I’m not sure how up to date it is, but there’s a lot of background info at the very leasy). Once you’re finished let me know what kind of specific detailed masterposts you’re looking for and I’ll try to find them. My tags page might also be helpful.