i guess i mean what's between them

Lakoff argues that the very things career coaches advise women to cut out of their speech are actually signs of highly evolved communication. When we use words like so, I guess, like, actually, and I mean, we are sending signals to the listener to help them figure out what’s new, what’s important, or what’s funny. We’re connecting with them. “Rather than being weakeners or signs of fuzziness of mind, as is often said, they create cohesion and coherence between what speaker and hearer together need to accomplish — understanding and sharing,” Lakoff says. “This is the major job of an articulate social species. If women use these forms more, it is because we are better at being human.”

Language is not always about making an argument or conveying information in the cleanest, simplest way possible. It’s often about building relationships.

Out of the Blue 03

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk.

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: finally part 3 is here!! this one was really tricky. i edited it so much in terms of adding parts, then turning around and taking them back out and just completely removing an entire scene and replacing it with something that flowed better. ugh. i have mixed feelings on this, but it is what it is lmfao i mean all it is is smut so i guess it really doesnt matter. enjoys babes <3

Words: 6.3k

01 | 02 | 03

It was odd, Namjoon thought, at how comfortable you and Jungkook seemed to be around each other, having only known each other for a little over a day. He couldn’t even begin wrap his head around the way ‘natural instincts’ and 'pheromones’ worked between you two, but then again, he was merely just a human. Last night was weird and he couldn’t exactly say he liked it, as he slept alone again for the first time in a very long while, having to keep himself warm without you there being his little heater. 

The first night here was hard, but there was something about last night that was almost unbearable. 

He got little sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, and how you were dealing with sleeping without him these past two nights since you had never done so before, but then he realized you were probably perfectly fine - curled up beside Jungkook, sleeping peacefully with the other’s arms tightly around you. His arms were probably so tight because he was probably afraid someone would try to take you away from him in the middle of the night while you two slept.

Well, that was if you even got any sleep, did your fevers subside long enough for you to get some shut-eye? Or were you two at it all night?

Namjoon shook his head in mild disgust, trying to clear his mind of the unwanted images that started popping up and he looked out of the window, down at the pool where you and Jungkook were playing in the water together. He watched on, a strange sort of jealousy planted in his chest. Could he really not even get one moment alone with you? He just didn’t quite know how to cope with that - didn’t understand how Jungkook could be that possessive.

But again, he was just a human. How could he possibly understand?

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It’s scary how fast things can change. What I mean is, it’s scary how quickly two people can go from talking to each other every single day, to not talking at all ever again. It’s almost as if nothing ever happened between them in the first place. They walk out so quickly from each other’s lives as if they never even cared. I guess it’s scary to me how fast people can throw other people away in an instant.
—  j.t.l
Jason, Percy, and Capes

Or; Bi Ace Jason and His Journey of Self-Discovery

Or; Jason is Ace and I Am Projecting

So eventually Percy calling Jason “Superman” becomes kind of a thing between them. Jason only lets Percy call him that, and Percy uses it both to kind of tease Jason when he’s being extra heroic and praetor-y, and also as an affectionate nickname for his friend.

One year for his birthday, Percy buys him a Superman cape. He doesn’t wear it often, but it’s big enough that he uses it as a blanket a lot. When they hang out and play video games together, the winner gets to wear the cape. (He’ll never admit it, but sometimes Jason will let Percy win a little easier so that the cape will smell like sea breeze for a while after he leaves.)

A few months later, he sits Percy down and tells him that he likes boys as well as girls. Percy smiles, tells him that’s awesome! and that he does too, and hugs him. Jason hugs him back, burying his face in Percy’s shoulder. They watch a movie that night instead of playing video games, the Superman cape wrapped around them like a blanket where they sit shoulder-to-shoulder on Jason’s couch.

That year, Percy gets Jason another cape for his birthday. This one is just as big, but rather than red, it’s striped blue, purple, and pink. The bi flag, Percy tells him, a huge grin on his face. Then he unfurls it, and Jason sees the crudely sewn Superman logo in the middle. Jason laughs at that, head thrown back and just so damn happy, and Percy laughs with him. Jason refuses to take the cape off for the rest of the day (not that it mattered, since they spent the rest of the day bingewatching sitcoms on Netflix, but it mattered to Jason.)

Sometime later, they’re sitting next to each other on the couch, Percy’s legs flung across Jason’s lap, their video game controllers left on the coffee table from their last round. The bi flag Superman cape is tied around Jason’s shoulders since he’d been the one to blue shell Percy in the last seconds of the race and take first place. Percy leans forward, close enough that Jason can smell that sea breeze that just seemed to follow Percy everywhere, and starts picking at and fidgeting with the edge of the cape. So, if you’re Superman, he begins, nervousness wobbling his voice, is there any chance… I could be your Lois Lane? Jason smiles at him.

Things are going well between them. Dating is fun, even if sometimes their “dates” only consist of lighting a candle on the coffee table as they share a $5 pizza and watch cartoons together. Really, things between them don’t change much, they just get, well, closer. There’s more touching now, and for the most part, Jason likes it. He likes kissing Percy. He likes kissing Percy a lot, actually. And he likes the touching. He likes holding Percy’s hand, and he likes cuddling with him on the couch without fear of it being awkward. He likes when Percy comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his middle and rests his chin on Jason’s shoulder or presses his forehead to the back of Jason’s neck. He likes when they fall asleep curled up together and wake up with their legs tangled and Percy’s head resting on his chest, even if he drools, the bi flag Superman cape wrapped around them. There’s some things he doesn’t like so much, though. It’s nothing Percy’s done, because Percy would never do something Jason wasn’t explicitly okay with, but it’s the thought of it that bothers him. The thought of removing clothes and touching other places that leaves a distinct feeling of discomfort and repulsion in the pit of his stomach.

Unsure of what to do about it or what it means, he does the only thing he can think of and calls Piper. Surely, a daughter of Aphrodite would know what to do. He tells her what’s been going on, and when he’s done, she tells him that she thinks he may be asexual. When he lets out a noise of confusion, she tells him that it would probably be best if he talked to her half-brother Mitchell, since he actually is ace and could probably explain things better than she could. She gives him her brother’s number, and he thanks her.

Jason steels himself for what is to come. The talk with Mitchell had helped, and now that Jason has the proper words to put with what he’s feeling, he decided it was time to talk to Percy about it. It’s date night, which this time means takeout, a “clean linen” scented candle Jason had bought on sale, and a Star Wars marathon. When Percy steps through Jason’s front door, he greets him with a kiss and tells him he needs to talk to him before dinner. Percy nods, then asks if everything is okay as they sit facing each other on the couch. Jason nods, takes a deep breath, and carefully lays things out on the table, metaphorically speaking. He tells Percy about how much he likes being with him, but how the thought of doing… he fumbles for words… more… makes him nauseous. It’s nothing Percy had done wrong, just that this is who he is. He’s asexual, he explains, sex-repulsed. And he feels Percy has a right to know.

Percy has been nodding along as Jason explains things, ending with how he doesn’t think he’ll ever be okay with doing anything much beyond what they are doing currently. Okay, Percy tells him. He’s happy with how they are now, anyway, and he loves Jason so much that as long as Jason is happy, he will be happy, and that he’s happy Jason’s comfortable enough to tell him and that things are perfect as they are, and—


He’d said—

I love you too, Jason says, and pulls Percy into a tight embrace for a few moments before pulling back and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. That kiss brakes when Percy’s smile grows too big for it. The rest of date night goes off without a hitch, and they fall asleep halfway through Return of the Jedi cuddled together under both Superman capes.

When Jason’s birthday rolls around again, he’s surprised when Percy hands him a familiar looking box. He opens it, and instead of blue, purple, and pink, the cape he pulls out is striped with black, gray, white, and purple. Percy’s grin is so bright Jason can’t help but smile back. He unfurls it, and sees the Superman logo stitched into it, slightly neater than it was on his bi flag one. He hugs Percy then, and Percy hugs him back, whispering I love you, Superman, into the junction of Jason’s neck and shoulder. There’s a lot of kissing after that. Then, they end up curled in the corner of the couch, legs tangled together and Percy half on Jason’s lap. Jason has his newest cape wrapped around his shoulders, while Percy has taken the bi flag one, and the red one lays across their laps. They talk for hours, about everything and nothing, from some new designs Annabeth has been coming up with to which flavor of Starburst tastes the best. Jason isn’t sure exactly when they drift off, but the last thing he remembers is nuzzling into Percy’s hair and being hit with that sea breeze as if he’s actually sitting on the sand and looking out at the ocean itself, and a passing thought about how comfortable and perfect he feels wrapped up there with Percy and all of their capes.

[漢字 배우자! 1 ] What is Hanja?

Welcome to the first post of my new “漢字(한자) 배우자!” I love Hanja, but a lot of Korean-learning resources don’t really cover it unless it’s a resources specifically targeted toward people who want to learn Hanja. In this first post, I’ll start by briefly introducing what Hanja is and why it matters to Korean, and then I’ll introduce a few characters.

What is Hanja?

Hanja (漢字) is the Korean word for Chinese characters. About 70% of Korean vocabulary is based on Chinese characters, so being familiar with Hanja could potentially make it easier for you to learn and remember new words. I personally find Hanja especially useful in cases where the meanings of two words are very similar. If I know what their component Hanja are, I can work out the little nuances in the word meanings using the individual meanings of the Hanja. 

While Hanja is no longer extensively used in Korean writing—it used to be the main writing form until Hangul was created, and even then it was used mixed in with Hangul for a long time—that doesn’t mean it has entirely disappeared. Names are one place where you can see Hanja. While some Koreans have native Korean names that are not based on Hanja, most have names that are based on the Chinese characters, which you can see on their identification cards. You might also see a few Hanja in newspapers or on the news, particularly to denote specific countries, and sometimes words in books will have the Hanja written beside the hangul if the word has a homophone with a more common meaning, or if the word being used isn’t a very common one. Just walking around the city, you can see Hanja over doors and gates in old historical palaces, on restaurant and building signs… There are a lot of places you might see Hanja!

Hanja are divided into levels, and there is even a test that one can take to determine their level of proficiency in Hanja. The most basic characters are 8급 (level 8) and the most difficult are 1급. There are also 특급 (special level) characters that are very rarely (or perhaps not at all) used in Korean. I’ve found that some common Kanji in Japanese and some common characters in Mandarin fall under 특급 or the higher levels in Korean Hanja’s ranking system!

Why learn Hanja?

A lot of the time when I tell Korean acquaintances that I study Hanja, I’m met with the question, “Why?” Many of them seem puzzled why I would even bother when Hanja isn’t commonly used in writing anymore, when the characters are so difficult to read/write/remember, when they say they’ve forgotten pretty much all the Hanja that they’ve ever learned and have no use for it… and I won’t pretend that Hanja is the most useful thing, because it isn’t, not anymore. However, I have a few reasons why I learn Hanja (and why I think others should too!)

I already mentioned one of the benefits I get from Hanja above, and that benefit is being able to work out word meanings easily. If I know the characters a word is made of, I can understand the nuances of meaning between words with similar meanings. This way of working out word meanings using Hanja also helps me understand words that I’m just encountering for the first time. If I hear or see a word that I don’t know, I can often infer which characters the word is comprised of and thus, can guess fairly accurately what the word means. Or, perhaps I see a new word and its Hanja written together, I can look at the characters and, if I know them, piece together what the word probably means. Of course, being able to do this requires having a decent mental storage of characters to choose from, but once you get there, the benefit is real! 

The other reasons why I learn Hanja are less academic but no less valid! I personally find the characters beautiful to look at and fun to write, sort of like drawing, so that’s a plus for me, and knowing Hanja gives you something cool (depends on your definition of cool, I suppose!) to talk about when you meet new Korean friends! Getting into Hanja can be daunting at first if you’ve never dealt with Chinese characters before, but I hope you all at least give it a try to see if it works for you :)

Let’s learn Hanja

Now that you know what Hanja is and how learning it could help your Korean studies, let’s learn a few characters. I think it makes sense for us to start with the two characters in the word “漢字 한자.”

The first character we see is 한수/한나라 漢 (한) (읽기7급II). 한수 refers to the Han River, which cuts through the middle of Seoul; and 한나라 refers to the Han country, or the Chinese Han Dynasty, people of Han descent, and China. Since we know 漢字 is the word for “Chinese characters,” we know that in this case, the meaning of 漢 is 한나라 한 and not 한수 한.

The second character here is 글자 자 (읽기7급), which is a character that refers to writing. Combined with 한나라 漢 (한), we get the meaning of “Chinese writing” or “Chinese characters.

Let’s look at a few more words that use these characters:


  • 漢江 한강 (한수 한, 강 강)- The Han River
  • 漢水 한수 (한수 한, 물[water] 수)- Another (less common) way to refer to the Han River


  • 數字 숫자 (셀[count] 수, 글자 자)- number
  • 文字 문자 (글월[writing, sentence] 문, 글자 자)- script, writing
    • EX: 무자 메시지 (text message)

Let’s write Hanja

Writing 漢字 is another fun part of learning the characters! While you don’t really need to know how to write them, I find it pretty fun, and they look cool too!

Each character follows a specific stroke order which usually goes from top to bottom, left to right. Try to follow along and write today’s characters!

Patater Week Day 6

Is this a day late?  Yes it is.  Does it still have ridiculous Patater fluff?  Of course!

Kent was furious.  He stomped through the underside of the arena, ears and cheeks red with anger.  Logically he knew it was an accident, and James wouldn’t have done it on purpose, but it still had happened.  Kent rounded the corner into the visiting team’s trainer’s room and visibly relaxed when he saw his boyfriend.  

“Kenny, why you here?”  Tater frowned and sat up a little, his trainer pushing him back onto the exam table.

“Mr. Parson, he’s still being examined, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you wait outside?”  The trainer requested.  

“He’s my boyfriend, I’m staying right here.”  Kent insisted.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about the lastest chapter now that a day has passed?

Oh man, admittedly I am still kind of….distantly seeing how the fandom is exploding. I have not gone into tags, but have seen things come across my dash indicating DRAMA and seen a few spurts of it on the wiki.

But overall, I think that it was not something I expected to see happen. I mean,  I joked about them doing the do last week. But I was JOKING, and I never expected to see an actual chapter-long sex scene.

I have previously expressed concern about them rushing into things, and discussed with people worries about how things could go moving forward. Doing the do changes things, and I have to wonder how Touken will handle things from here on out. Both of them have a lot of emotional issues to work through, which…..

Honestly, I think they did rush into things. In that I think having sex occurred because both of them were emotionally exhausted, and seeking out physical intimacy as a means of comfort. It was very impulsive, with them kind of leaping into things without thinking it through. No consideration for (cough) protection or foreplay, just kind of going with the flow of their emotions. 

I think the stand-alone vibe of the chapter worked, in terms of this kind of being them trying to escape the world for a moment. Kaneki has been reeling with so many things, most recently Mutsuki being a deranged Yandere. Touka is worried sick about Yoriko and feeling helpless right now. Without anything else they could do, they just…..kind of shut all that out and focused entirely on them. Physical intimacy as comfort and a way to escape for a bit. 

In terms of the actual deed and the art involved, I’ve said I think Ishida did well. I’ve seen others discuss the tone, and how Young Jump has a lot of graphic material. Compared to other sex scenes I have seen in the past, it had the feeling of being very intimate and emotional, as opposed to something intended to arouse the fans and exploit the characters. 

I felt like we got a positive portrayal of female sexuality, in that Touka avoided either major stereotype typical of women in sex scenes. She was neither blushing, weepy virgin or aggressive Sexy Dominant woman. Instead, we got a woman that was certain of what she wanted, while still actually being awkward. We got positive portrayal of consent, in terms of both spoken and unspoken communication between them. We got equal sharing of power, with them each taking active and passive roles. And them being awkward dorks that fumble, and make funny faces, and struggle with stuff.

I mean, yeah we didn’t get proper foreplay which is important folks!! But I guess it would be super-awkward to have like….all of that included in the scene. (cough) 

It is definitely divided up the fandom, that is for sure. 

I am admittedly very Whatever about sex scenes, considering I used to be an avid reader of an indie series that frequently had sex scenes. (Elfquest, good American indie fantasy series!) So I wasn’t bothered by it happening, nor was I OH MAN THIS HAD TO HAPPEN. 

I think at this point, it’s just a waiting game to see what happens next. Where their relationship develops, and how their characters change.

anonymous asked:

i get that youre mad at the white kpop group and i am too but what's the difference between them and a kpop group with non-korean asians in it? like in got7 for example a majority of the members arent korean but nobody has a problem with it? i guess what i mean is that white americans and chinese people for example are both equally not korean and each have their own unique cultures, so why do we act like one is offensive but the other isnt? doesnt that end up painting all asians with one brush?

no no no nooo okay the thing with got7 and other such groups is that one, they’re run by a korean agency who not only trains them for years in dancing and singing but also in the korean language and culture. Also, korean agencies give their groups actual korean lyrics that are of substance whereas exp edition are PURELY white americans from NY who have no actual experience in any asian culture let alone the korean language. Also, groups like got7 and blackpink always have at least two full korean members who can properly educate their teammates whereas exp is again purely american/non-asian, from NY where most likely the most “korean” thing they have done is eat kbbq

personally, I see exp as a group that mocks the efforts of actual kpop groups. 


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Human: One

Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon]
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut. Ability!AU Scifi!AU
Word Count: 5.9k

“what is it like to even be human?”

All Jungkook could remember were the events that was being unfolded right in front of him, everything else being untraceable. Being forced into a war he wasn’t even aware that was happening, being paired up with Taehyung and Yoongi during this ‘war’. They were pushed into this, being forced to kill the unknown enemy, relying on their so called abilities to keep them safe. Many questions were left unanswered, that was until he met you. More questions raised up, more confusion being added, and only a few things being answered. How can you tell the difference between human, and non-human?

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Behind These Bars

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this done. I had most of it done a month ago but for some reason didn’t know how to end the story.
Sorry for that.

Negan takes Daryl “on a walk” to show him a secret. Daryl is suprised when Negan shows him a girl he’s holding captive in a large cage calling her his secret-weapon (harley-style, as requested. :D)

Word count: 1802

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

Daryl was walking behind Negan, his eyes shifting from left to right looking for ways to escape this hell rather sooner than later. Negan had taken him out of his cell to ‘go for a walk’ today and no matter how hard Daryl tried to find one, there was no logical reason for Negan to have him out here. They walked through dark corridors and multiple locked doors, it looked like he was leading Daryl through the maximun security wing of a prison. Was he going to kill him? No, he wouldn’t go through all this if he wanted to kill Daryl. Negan would do it somewhere for everyone to see. For Rick to see.
“I wanna show ya somethin’”, Negan said opening one more door. “The apple of my fuckin’ eye.” He did this little leaning back he did on almost every word he stressed. He was a strange man, overexaggerating everything he did. Playing a role. Daryl was sure that in the end this was Negan’s weak point: he was playing a character, every little crack in this role would lead to his downfall in the end. And whatever was behind this door, Daryl was sure it would play a big part in overthrowing Negan. He must have been aware of that as well, so why on earth would he lead Daryl down here?!
“Ya brought your bucket and mop!?” Negan looked him all over and Daryl nodded quickly. He had lived his whole life trying to be invisible, obeying to an abusive father and drinking brother, he knew how to make this kind of people happy. Negan was no different than them, a little bit more to the crazy side but overall, he was as easy to please.
“Good.” Negan laughed. “Fuckin’ great.” That little leaning-back thing again and with a big grin on his face he swung the door open.
The room that lay behind was dominated by a big cage. No, not dominated. The cage was pretty much all there was to the room. There was a bed in there and a small bundle of white clothes lying in the other corner.

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anonymous asked:

Raven exploring kissing with Beast boy? 💖

“He said I wasn’t good at it.” Raven’s face fell and she stared ahead, looking off the edge of the tower into the skyline in the distance. Her stomach turned and her heart felt heavy in her chest, as if it was pressing too hard against the delicate bone of her ribcage. “I… I told him he was my first kiss and he just… you know, made that comment. I was so embarrassed.

[more under the cut]

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Now I Know The Truth

3k of PB&J in a Soulmate AU

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Despite the stories spun by Hollywood, every person had multiple soulmates. Every person was born with a phrase tattooed on their bodies. For centuries, people believed it to be the last words your soulmate (singular) would ever say to you. This inspired fear in most and lead to stories such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

In the last five centuries, however, global travel revealed the existence of multiple soulmates for each person. Even more interesting, telecommunications proved that each soul mark is in fact much more nuanced than simply ‘last words’. The mark is meant to indicate the moment when everything changes. Sometimes that means hardships, separation, or death. But sometimes, the words can lead to something greater. If only the soulmates know how to navigate life and each other.

Bitty didn’t know about this technicality until he got to Samwell. Until Shitty and Lardo literally run into Camilla at Winter Screw and realize all three of their marks synch up. The phrase “1 in 4, maybe more” is very appropriate considering the high percentage of soulmates that meet multiple partners at Samwell.

He tries to be happy for them as they fall into each other. He ignores the way Ransom, Holster, March and April circle around each other, avoiding the moment when they realize they’ve been in a relationship forever. He rolls his eyes when Ollie and Wicks sneak behind the docks before games to kiss their boyfriend, a Chad, for good luck. But Bitty thinks it’s sweet nonetheless.

He isn’t even jealous when Chowder breaks up a fight between Nursey and Dex saying “I love you, but this has got to stop.” Which just so happens to be Nursey’s phrase. And much later when Dex tells Chowder “you mean more to me than a stupid fight.” He’s happy for them. Especially when they meet Farmer and she ticks off every one of their phrases by the time their Frog year is over.

He doesn’t believe it’s gonna happen for him. Not at Samwell at least. His phrase could be worse.

We’re a team is branded in small font on his wrist. It’s still customary to keep your phrase hidden from the public eye, so he wore wrist guards when it’s hot out and long sleeves at every other opportunity.

Bitty thinks that’s nebulous, but distinct enough that he’ll know it when he hears it. His words don’t come for quite some time. In the interim, he falls in love with Jack whose phrase is supposedly hidden somewhere near his torso. He doesn’t think much of it when he overhears Jack and Parse fighting during the Epikegster.

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On Aya you can talk to this Angaran woman selling various kinds of fruits native to their planet. If you choose to talk to her you can learn fruit isn’t exactly rare or scarce and yes, some can be expensive comparatively. But there is a reason for it. There is one fruit (I can’t remember the name) that isn’t meant to be used for everyday life. It’s function in Angaran society is to be shared among friends and family in celebration of something wonderful. 

What that would be for them, I can’t guess. Maybe the joy of a birth? Joining of families? Marriage between individuals? 

Wouldn’t it be absolutely sweet for Ryder to purchase one of these fruits once her and Jaal got serious? 

It would mean the world to him. After he questions her if she knows what the fruit is used in Angaran culture, he’d yell Sara and engulf her in a soul-crushing embrace out of pure unfiltered joy, spinning her around the room in a dizzying fit as they laugh together. Jaal more so than Sara as he can’t contain himself. Not after this. I love you goes only so far and this… fruit symbolizes much more than that.

It is a physical representation of their love. A reason to celebrate.

Ask Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post something but I couldn’t not do something for killugon on a holiday like this <3

This was written for the wonderful @honeybitz! They sent me a message about a prompt a little bit ago and at the moment I couldn’t write it, but I got to it eventually! Thank you for always being so supportive of everything I write, I hope you enjoy this even though its a bit different then what you messaged me about ^^;

Modern High School AU

Word Count: 1928


“I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”


The sound of his name was spoken with a voice Gon knew better than his own. Heart jumping up into his throat, Gon whirled around. His gaze immediately landed on his one and only best friend slowly making his way to where Gon stood just under the shade of the bleachers.

“Killua.” Gon smiled easily. Smiling was always like that around Killua- easy, simple. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for his lips to curl upwards after seeing those glittering blue eyes and the chaotic mess of white hair.

Killua, on the other hand, was not smiling. He glowered at Gon, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and said shortly, “Give it back.”

Gon made a face and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”

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seeing you again pt.3 | park jimin

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 2.2k

Summary: It had been almost 3 years since Yejin saw Jimin, but on that one afternoon, fate had something unimaginable in store for her.

Parts 1 2 3

Sequel To: Falling For You (Jimin Series)


Just as I felt his hot breath over my lips, images of that day with Suri filled my head. The way she kissed him, held him and spoke to him like he meant everything to her, flashed across my eyes.

My eyes flew open, as I pushed him away abruptly, my hands against his chest. Breathing heavily, I looked to the ground while Jimin stood there, his eyes wide open as he stuttered, his hands fumbling around nervously.

“Yejin..I-I’m sorry. I, I don’t know what came over me, I swe-”

“Jimin?” a voice questioned from the distance.


Lifting up my head in surprise, I looked towards the direction of the voice, my lips parting in disbelief at the girl who stood in front of me. As her eyes narrowed at the both of us, her arms crossing against her chest, her foot tapped impatiently, as she asked again, “Jimin? What are you doing here?”

Jimin looked from me to her, his face mirroring a lost puppy as his mouth opened and closed, unable to say anything. Scoffing at him inwardly, I looked towards Suri and gave her a sweet smile, although completely forced, “Suri unnie, It’s just that I was taking a walk here and I met Jimin, so we both just decided to catch up for a bit.”

Although her face betrayed her, she replied sweetly, cocking her head to the side, “ Ahh, I see.”

She smiled and continued, “It’s nice seeing you again Yejin-ah.” Looking down at the bags by my feet, she continued, “I see you went shopping?”

Nodding immediately, “Ah, yea I did! I’m starting at SNU on Monday, so just some last minute shopping.” I replied, letting out a forced chuckle. As an awkward silence filled the air between us, I dared to look up at Jimin who was staring back at me, his face emotionless.

Piping up again, I said, “Well I should be leaving, it’s getting quite late.”

Picking up my bags, I nodded at Suri and waved goodbye as my eyes met Jimin’s for the last time, before turning around and making my way back to my apartment, before the tears of frustration began welling up in my eyes.

Throwing my bags on the ground, I flung myself on the couch as I let out a groan of irritation. Running my hands through my hair, I tied it up into a messy bun as I slowly made my way to the bathroom. Staring at myself in the mirror, I let out a humorless chuckle, as a pair of slightly red, puffy eyes stared back at me.

I was so pathetic.

People told me, love was something that you could never escape. The moment you fell, trying to climb back out was almost equivalent to torture. It was like trying to fall asleep but having insomnia, all these restrictions holding you back, locking you in place, not letting you do anything.

Turning the creaky, faucet knob, I splashed the cold water on my face, removing any trace of tears that were there. As I wiped the water off with a towel, I heard my phone ringing from the living room. Walking out, I took my phone off the table just to see Jungkook’s picture on the lock screen.

“Hello?” I said thickly, answering the call.

“So, I heard what happened.” he replied, his voice deep and husky on the phone.

Sighing, I closed my eyes shut as I stated, “He called you?”

“Of course.” he replied, “I’m on my way by the way.”

“I figured,” I replied knowingly, adding, “You know the address right?”

“I’ll be there in a few and yea I do.” he said, the sound of the car engine roaring in the background.

“I’ll see you in a bit.” I said, as I hung up on him. Going back into my room, I stripped myself of my clothes and changed into something a bit more comfortable. Just as I made my way out, my eyes fell upon the dress that Jimin had bought for me just hours ago. My fists tightening at my sides, I quickly took the dress and shoved it deep into the depth of my closet, hoping to never see it again.


Leaving the kitchen where I was making myself and Jungkook a cup of tea, I walked towards the door and opened it, revealing a tired Jungkook. His hair was covered up in a beanie as he walked in, wearing a leather jacket paired with jeans and a plain white tee.

“Come in,” I said sarcastically, as he already walked past me, taking off his jacket and putting it on the coat hanger beside the door.

“You look depressed.” he commented, causing me to shoot him a glare.

“I’m not depressed. Just confused and frustrated by everything that’s going on.”

Sitting down on my couch, he patted the seat next to him motioning me to sit. Sitting down with a sigh, I laid my head down on his shoulder casually and mumbled under my breath, “Jungkook-ah, should I just move on?”

He chuckled, his body vibrating. Turning to look at me from the side, his eyebrows raised, he said, “Do you seriously think you can?”

I got off of him and stared blankly at him before my gaze fell to the floor.  A minute passed by, as the thoughts filled my head. Could I? Could I let go of the past that I’ve held on for so long, waiting years to be able to relive it again. Letting my eyes close, I groaned into my hands, “No. I can’t.”

“I don’t think he wants you to either Yejin-ah.” he said, making me scoff in response.

“That’s quite selfish of him,” I retorted. Rolling his eyes, he continued, “What I meant was he doesn’t want you to move on because, believe it or not, he still loves you.”

Feeling the sudden anger rise within me, I spat, “That’s some bullshit Jungkook. If he did why does he have a girlfriend!? If he did, then why doesn’t he break up with her? Why has he moved on when I haven’t….” I choked at the end, my voice breaking.

“Yejin-ah…” Jungkook trailed off pitifully, as his arms reached out to me, his eyes full of sympathy towards me.

“What am I gonna do huh? I feel so lost.” I cried softly as I fell into his arms. Pulling me against his toned chest, he rubbed the back of my back reassuringly, “I’ll figure something out I promise.”

A week later

“You.Did. WHAT?!?!??” I screamed at him as my eyes went wide open, my brain scrambling to piece together the information he had just told me. Furious, I walked up to him and grabbed the collar of his shirt and cried, “JEON JUNGKOOK! Ho-Why did you do that?!!”

Looking at me sheepishly, he raised his arms in surrender and said cautiously,  I thought she’d understand!!“

Internally face palming myself, I groaned in agony, "No girl would understand if someone said that their boyfriend is in love with someone else you dumbass!!!”

Rubbing the back of his neck, he whined, “Well I didn’t know!! I just wanted to help you Yejin-ah!”

Sighing, I rubbed small circles against my temple as I felt a headache coming up.

“Hey..I’m really sorry..” Jungkook suddenly said, when I looked up to see his lips form a small pout as he blinked his innocent doe-like eyes at me.

Giving him an incredulous look, I scoffed,“Oh no you don’t. Don’t think you can get out of this by acting all cute!

Frowning, he hit my arm playfully and muttered, "Shut up, and let’s go fix this mess.”

According to Jungkook, after he had told Suri that Jimin was supposedly in love with me, she had wanted to meet me.

This, of course, making me scared out of my wits.

Jungkook and I walked towards the park where Jimin and I had met up earlier that week, the both of us standing by the bridge as we waited for Sure to show up.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I cried in despair, as I nervously tapped my foot on the ground.

Jungkook looked at me and said, “You mean, you can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Shooting him an accusing look, I retorted, “Um, excuse me! You’re the one-”

But as soon as Jungkook saw her figure aalking towards us, Jungkook quickly backed away grinning while giving me two thumbs up. Scowling, I flicked him off before turning around around just as Suri approached me. Her stormy eyes met mine and immediately the atmosphere became tense. Taking a good look at her, I could see that her eyes were bloodshot red, her hair messy and not up kept like it usually was.

In all, she looked like she was in pain and my heart broke a little for her.

“We should sit down first, I think,” she said quietly, her voice small.

“Uh yea, of course.” I muttered, as I sat down by the bench near us. Sitting down beside me, she let out a small sigh. Looking up at me and said ,“I knew I was right. All it took was Jungkook to confirm it for me.”

My eyes widened suddenly, my lips parting in surprise, stammering, “W-what??”

Looking back down at her hands in her lap, she continued, “Ever since I met you that Saturday, I could feel the tense atmosphere between you and Jimin and things just felt off.”

She let out a humorless chuckle,“ And yet, you and Jungkook claimed to be dating, but anyone could see through that Yejin-ah. The entire night Jimin was acting weird, and when you said that you knew them both from a couple years ago and that they had lived with you, everything clicked. It wouldn’t have taken a fool to guess something happened between you two.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, Suri I’m really so-” I started, my face flushing with sudden embarrasment when Suri interrupted.

“Its nothing you can fix by apologizing because that’s just how life is. I mean it’s not like we dated for long. I’ve liked him for a couple months and finally just 3 weeks ago he accepted me. It felt too real to be true but I had thought, maybe this was it.” she said sadly, her eyes watering up as she quickly wiped away the tears that fell.

Her eyes met mine as she smiled, her smile so genuine that it made your heart ache in your chest, “But I’d rather him be happy with someone who he’s in love with than with me, someone who is just in a one-sided relationship with him.”

I felt my heart break into pieces as tears streamed down her petite face, making the guilt grow within my heart. This feeling was new to me, and knowing that to have the love of my life, I had to destroy another one’s had me crushed.

“Suri…” I trailed off. My eyes looked everywhere but at her, but when I finally gained the courage to continue, I gasped, “I’m really sorry but I-I don’t know if I could do this to you-”

She scoffed, “To me?! The damage has already been done Yejin-ah! I can’t go back to dating a man who doesn’t love me and ruin your life by dating someone who you love. Please! Please..just don’t worry about me.” she begged softly, her fingers tightening their grip on her skirt as they shook slightly.

Grabbing her hand in mine, I squeezed them as I choked out, tears welling up in my own eyes, “I promise you, one day, you will find the one. And he will love you for you, I promise Suri unnie.” I told her.

She shook her head lightly as she squeezed my hand back, “Don’t worry about me Yejin-ah. Now, please don’t let go of Jimin. H-He’s a special one.”

You nodded slowly at her, as you pulled her into your arms, giving her a long hug as you whispered endless thank you’s, when you thought to yourself.

He sure is.

Gold (Gabriel x Reader)

Request(s): Did someone say Gabriel requests?! I would love a gabe mate!one where they are the only ones to see their wings but only when there is like a connection made (emotional love sort of thing) and Gabe helps the reader out after a nightmare and when she wakes up she is under a dome of golden wings and its like that for weeks until she tells gabe how beautiful they are and like a fluff ending? Sorry if its long


Okay…. How about the reader is separated from her family and she keeps having nightmares about them dying in the worst possible ways. Sam and Dean have tried everything to help, but they can’t really, so they’ve giving up. They’re still there for her if she goes to them of course, and Cas has tried as well but nothing he tries works. Gabe staying in the bunker for like a few nights because of idk… And everyone sleeps through her screaming, but he hears her and you know, throw in some fluff..
Word count: 1608
Warnings: Nightmares, graphic descriptions of death.
A/N: Cover art and beta’ed by @pepperwoodatnight

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“Mum!” you screamed. Someone was grabbing you from behind and holding you, stopping you from running to your mother. A vampire had her by her throat, and you saw every detail of her death. Her screams rung in your ears, the smell of guts and blood attacked your nostrils. You screamed for your life when the vampire drained your mother completely, and only then did the vampire let your mum go, and she fell to the ground with a thud.
(Y/N)!” Sam yelled when he shook you. You screamed and shot up from the bed in a second, Sam catching you in his strong arms. “(Y/N), talk to me, what was it this time?” he asked softly.
“V-vampire,” you stuttered and took a deep breath. You let Sam wrap his arms around you and stroke your back until you’d calmed down.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” you shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen, and all you could do was watch as it tore your father to shreds, and then your sister.
“Wake up, come on, sweetie,” Dean urged and shook you lightly. You sat up and looked around, covered in cold sweat. “Hey hey, take a breath, you’re okay…”

You weren’t okay. Never. Almost every day started with a cold shower and a heavy layer of concealer to cover up your dark circles that became more and more prominent for every nightmare. For weeks this had been going on. Sam tried to comfort you and talk about it, Dean tried to get you drunk at night to ease the dreams, and Cas tried working some mojo on you, but nothing ever helped.

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Warning: Smut!

This is not only my first imagine on tumblr, it’s my first smut ever! So bare with me please.

Thanks boos!


“Babe!” My bold voice echoed through the house. “Baby!” I repeated as I made my way over to the game room. Justin was currently lying back on the recliner couch, a beer on the table to his right and a Play station controller in his hand along with a large headset and mic wrapped around his head.

Without even sparing me a glance, he mumbled something about his game to his friends through his head set and rapidly clicked a button on his control, completely ignoring my presence.

“Justin.” I said a little more stern.

Justin sighed and moved a hand up to the mic on his head set. “Yo, yo. One sec guys.”

He pulled the mic away from his mouth and turned to me. “What?” He asked rather rudely. I was taken aback by his tone and chose to just not bother him any longer.

“N-Nothing. I’m sorry.” I frowned, handing my head low. Justin sighed in slight frustration - probably at the fact that I had completely disrupted his game for no reason - and placed the mic back into place. “Yeah guys sorry. Just my girl…Za, shit man you got killed!”

I slowly began making my way out of the room to go and get some food myself when an idea popped in my head. I shouldn’t be treated like this and I sure as hell shouldn’t be apologising. He was rude to me! He’s my boyfriend and we should be doing things together on days like this, not going out to eat by ourselves.

I think he needs to be punished.

I smirked to myself at the thought of finally being able to get Justin back for all the times he teased me in bed - and having a reason for it Just made this 10 times more enjoyable. For me of course

I stopped in my tracks in the hallway and quickly spun around to walk to our bedroom. In there, I ravaged my draws for the perfect outfit and found the one that Justin just couldn’t resist. He always told me how this one drove him crazy.

I hugged the lingerie to my body as I stood in front of the mirror. I smiled in satisfaction and quickly slipped into it, throwing a nice silky robe on top before quickly making my way back over to the game room.

Justin sat in the same position as I left him. Beer on the table, controller in hand and headset on, but I couldn’t help but study his facial expression as he focused up at the TV screen. The way his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and how mad he would get once he died.

But I wasn’t there to admire my boyfriend - I was here to tease him, make his like a living hell.

Slowly but seductively, I began making my way towards the chair Justin sat on. He glanced in my direction but quickly averted his eyes back to the screen, not realising the fact that I was wearing a lingerie and a very seductive face.

"Fredo, behind you man!” He yelled into the mic.

"Shit Khalil, the fück did you come from?”

I ignored his conversation with his friends and continued walking until I was right next to him. Once again he glanced up in my direction but this time did a double take once seeing me. “Shit Y/N what are you doing?”

His eyes danced around my body for a bit before he suddenly mumbled, “What?” And looked back up at the screen.

"Shit sorry.” He muttered as the screen showed he has died. “Huh? Oh…I uh, just got distracted.”

I chuckled slightly, mentally giving myself a pat on the back at my effect on him and the fact that he had to lie about the reason he was so distracted to his friends. He respawned and continued playing his game.

Slowly, I began to bend down until I was level with his pants. Justin looked down slightly, gave me a look of warning before looking back up at his game. I - however ignored his expression and lightly began to Palm him through his sweatpants.

"Nah man I -…..shit.” Justin muttered in response to my actions.

I smiled and continued until I felt he was hard enough for my satisfactory.

Justin pretended that I wasn’t effecting him, or at least tried - as I seductively began to position myself between his legs. He continued to try and ignore me but at this point his eyes where practically bulging out of his head.

I grabbed the ends of his sweatpants and began tugging them down his legs until around mid thigh was showing. I then began to slowly slide his boxers down his legs, smirking at Justin’s expression which was a mixture of want and annoyance.

“I’m out of bullets.” Justin announced to his friends, still trying to ignore me.

Soon enough, there was enough room for his erect member to spring out of his Calvin’s for my eyes to see and my mouth to wrap around.

With the tip of my acrylic fingernail, I dragged my finger from the top of his penis down to the bottom, sending a trail of shivers down his arms and causing him to jolt forward slightly.

I shuffled forward, placing my hand on Justin’s chest and pushed him back from his hunched position to allow my access to his manhood. He continued to play around with his controlled and chat with his friends, his voice cracking every once in a while at the feelings of my touch.

After a small while of teasing him with my hands, I pushed my face forward and let my tongue rest on the top, giving small kitten licks up it.

Justin groaned Loudly, Reminding me that his friends were still listening in to everything he was saying and doing.

"Do you want me to?” I asked, pointing to his erect penis. Looking innocently up into his eyes. He looked down at me for the first time and instantly moaned at the expression I gave him. He nodded frantically making me smirk.

Okay. But there a rules.“ I teased in a song-song tone. “You can’t stop playing your game and you can’t make any noise. The second I see you stop playing or hear something coming out of your mouth other then you answering your friends, I stop - and leave you all hot and flustered for yourself to finish. Got it?”

He nodded, obviously trying to keep in a moan. I smiled. “Then let’s get started.”

I slowly wrapped my mouth around his large size and began swirling my tongue around the tip. “Y-Yeah man, I g-got It.” Justin stuttered to his friends.

I moved my mouth further down, taking more of him in my mouth. Justin twitched a few times in his seat, biting hard on his button lip. His eyes diverted from the screen to my eyes as I stared up at his face. I quickly released my mouth from him and looked back

"What did I just say?” I said sternly. He quickly shot his head up again, focusing back on his game.

I smirked in victory on my control over him and took him back in my mouth. But this time I began to quickly bob my head up and down his dick, hollowing my cheeks to cause extra pleasure.

I could see from Justin’s face how hard he was trying to control his moans, his eyes dancing around the room slightly but constantly trying to keep them on the screen.

I watched as his fingers lingered on the buttons, struggling to concentrate on his game and what he would be able to do to me with them when I didn’t have him under my command.

“Fuck. Shit, uh…Ryan I’m a-almost there - I mean out of ammo.”

I chuckled slightly on his dick, and I guess the vibrations had sent him over the edge since before I knew it, long strings off his white pleasure had sprung down my throat. I looked up to see Justin with his eyebrows furrowed deeply, eyes squinted harshly and his lip tightly dug between his teeth with little wrinkles on his forehead. I swallowed the content and moved my mouth away his now sensitive cock with a pop.

I smiled up at Justin, noticing a thin beam of sweat across his forehead and relieved look on his face.

I walked over to the side of the couch and leaned over it, my mouth level with his ear. “Good boy.” I cooed. “I love seeing your face when you come. Your so hot. Now why don’t you put down that stupid controller and actually put those fingers to some good use. Hmm?”

After that, I got up and began strutting out of the room. As I exited the room, I could audibly hear Justin’s voice saying “L-Look guys I gotta go. Like now!….No I can’t stay for longe-…I can’t tell you just-I gotta go!”

I chuckled to myself and turned around to see Justin jogging up behind me. He wrapped a hand around my body and threw his lips upon mine.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl Y/N. I think it’s time I took charge around here.”

And before I knew it, I was on our bed with nothing on my body but Justin.

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I mean, we must have missed out on some bughead makeouts, because you don't go straight from sweet kisses to almost fucking on a kitchen counter with nothing in between. I feel a little robbed!

That’s exactly what I keep saying, dear anon!!! They were way too confortable and not at all intimitated by each other’s nakeness, have they tried making out this heavily before? Have they done exploring? I mean I need to know! This was some serious, I-want-you-now make out session that felt like they had seen bits and pieces of the other before. I guess Jughead was climbing up her window at nights as we all kept joking about! Ugh, I want an episode with 45 minutes of them ravishing each other on walls, kitchen counters, floors, sofas, doors, cabinets, porches, genarally christening the whole damn place.

Jughead Jones has a “places I want to have sex with Betty” bucketlist. Fight me on that.

Rewriting the Past - six

Originally posted by bakakhyunbacon

Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.3k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

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BTS Reaction To You Shipping Them With Another Member

Rap Monster 

You would be sat cuddling on the sofa and out of context you would say 

You: ”Namjoon”

Namjoon: “Hmm?”

You: “Ever since you and I got together and I met the guys, I have always thought that you would ship with Jin.”

Namjoon: “Well y/n, he is my husband” he smiled 

You: (sit there just laughing)

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You’re wandering round the house excitedly looking through your phone, exclaiming “Minnie Jin!” repeatedly.

“Jagi?” he asks “I’m not mini; why do you keep calling me mini Jin?”

“No, no, no!” you tell him “Minnie Jin; you and Jimin, n’awh!” you screech slightly, holding up one of the pictures you are looking through on some Tumblr tag of Jin and Jimin ship moments.

“You’re so weird y/n…” he says. 

“But you even said! You said you’d date Jimin!”

“Yeah, in an interview when they ask those ‘what if?’ type of questions!”

“You still said it Jinnie! Look! I’ve even come up with the most boss ship name for you two! Minnie Jin! It’s so smol and adorable, I just – go marry Jimin!” you exaggerate, now being extremely over the top and fangirling massively.

“Oh Jagi… calm down!” he chuckles. “I know Jiminie is cute, but… not as cute as you” he smiles.

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You’re having dinner with the boys and opposite to you sits Yoongi and next to him is Namjoon. Everyone is engaging in meaningful conversation, catching up, talking about old times, etc, but you’re very quiet and passive in the conversations. 

You just can’t help but sit there and admire the view, elbow resting on the table, jaw resting on your fist. To the outsider, it most likely means you’re admiring your boyfriend, taking in the view and appreciating the beauty that you see within him… but as he begins a full on conversation with the band leader, Namjoon, you begin to think to yourself how good they look together and admire the sight of the pairing.

After about half an hour of you not saying very much at the dinner table and eating your food at a much slower pace than usual, Yoongi calls you up on it: “Y/n… are you okay? You’ve barely touched your food and you’ve been rather quiet since we got here.” You manage to utter a reply of something along the lines of “I’m fine… I was just thinking…”

At this, Yoongi just shrugs, figuring he can hear about what the real reason for your change in personality is later, but after a few moments of silence, you simply say “You look good together,” thinking out loud without meaning to. Upon realizing your mistake, you blush heavily, leaving Yoongi to respond with “Huh?” 

You figure you might as well continue thinking out loud now that you’ve said this, and reply “You and Namjoon… you just look visually pleasing together I guess.”

Pretending to look shocked/offended as a joke, Yoongi exclaims “Woah! Y/n, I know Namjoon is my leader…” he begins, then briefly turning to Namjoon to say “..and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, man,” he tells him, patting him on the shoulder and then turning back to you “…but I’m just not that way inclined!” he says, shaking his head. 

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You’re at the end of watching one of the Sope VLive streams and you’re sat there smiling like an idiot. Hobi approaches you to ask sweetly “What are you smiling so hard about y/n?”

You close your device up (laptop, tablet case, etc) and sort of shout “I SHIP IT!” To which he gets frightened and shook at the sudden movement and noise (bless him, he gets so shook at everything save his soul) “Woah, jagi! What are you on about?” he asks, backing away.

You approach him and cuddle him, looking into his eyes “You know Hobi, I’d be mad about the potential competition I have to be up against, but… ah! I’m such a fan of Sope! You guys are the best! So cute!”

He chuckles at your sudden Sope feels and pulls you in closer as you continue to cuddle “Aw, y/n! There’s no competition!…Wait, do you really think we look cute together?” he asks, pausing from the hug to look at your eyes.

“Of course!” you reply “You know what? I think you are the one true BTS ship,” you bluntly tell him.

He changes from mellow mode to hyper sunshine mode “Aw! Jagi!” He stops cuddling you to leave the room.

“Wait, Hobi, where are you going?” you ask. He seems to not have heard you, but all you hear is him shouting “Yoongi-Yoongi-Yoongi-hyung!!!”

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You are laid in in bed asleep when you mumble in your sleep and say “Jikook” 

With this Jimin wakes up and says “Y/n why did you say ‘Jikook’?” You also wake up and look at him and say “I am sorry baby. Did I wake you by talking in my sleep? What did I say? ‘Jikook’? Ah… yeah, I ship Jikook…” 

Jimin: “Why you ship Jungkook with me? Why not Tae or someone…?”

you: “But you’re cute together!” 

Jimin: “But I was born in Busan first!” he says stomping his feet and crossing his arms 

You: “I am sorry; I can’t help who I ship you with.” 

Jimin: “I am sorry baby for being a child” he goes to you and hugs you tightly and kisses the crook of your neck.

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The two of you have decided to have a little sing-a-long session of banging out all your favourite tunes and just having a good time. Since you have similar tastes, you agree to just put his collection of music on shuffle rather than choosing anything too specific.

It’s at that fateful moment when Cypher part 4 begins to play and Taehyung is on it: he’s straight in with the words, some moves, the lot. At first, you join in, but after so long of the song being played, you watch Taehyung sing/rap instead.

You think to yourself how cute it is that he admires his hyungs in this way, and cast your mind back to all those times he has been particularly affectionate towards them and you smile. The one moment in particular that sticks in your mind is of when Hoseok asked Taehyung to do some aegyo and the response from Tae was so adorable that it had Hobi practically dying from the cuteness.

“Jagi?” Taehyung asks, snapping you out of your daydreaming. “Why are you grinning like that? Is there something on my face?” he questions, trying to remove anything that could be on his face (mostly rubbing just above his lips as you had milkshake earlier)

“Ah, it’s nothing Tae, I’m sorry, carry on” you smile, wishing for him to continue with his little performance for you, which he does… for a few seconds until you blurt out “I was just thinking about you and Hobi…”

“Oh right?” he asks, unsure of where this is going.  “I… I think that if you weren’t dating me, you should be with Hobi.” you reply. This kind of confuses Taehyung, but he soon gives you a grin bigger than the one you just had on your face from daydreaming. “Really?” he asks. “Awesome!”

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You are chilling out with the younger guys of the band, and during conversation and whilst watching movies, you can’t help but notice how intimate Taehyung always gets with his friends, and today, it is especially towards Jungkook; patting Jungkook on the head when he shares his popcorn, going in for a hug on the one or two occasions he gets something that sounds like a compliment from Jungkook, even resting his head on Jungkook’s lap later in the day when he gets a bit sleepy.

You’re in the middle of watching like the 5th film of the day and you see Taehyung gradually begin to fall asleep on Jungkook’s lap and you can’t help but out loud go “awh…”

Jungkook immediately turns his head to face you with an expression of confusion. “Huh? What are you saying Jagi?” he asks.

“Sorry, did I make a noise?” you asked innocently, trying to mask how you are increasingly shipping this by the minute because of how sweet Jungkook and Taehyung look together… but he’s having none of it.

“Y/n, I heard you clearly, you said ‘awh…’ like you’ve just seen a fluffy kitten… Tell me, what are you finding so cute that makes you make this sound?” he demands.

With a sigh, you admit defeat and tell him “It’s Taehyung… he looks so sweet and peaceful rested on your lap as you stroke his hair…”

Jungkook goes into defensive mode, unsure of how to react to his; are you implying that something is going on between them?; are you suggesting what he thinks you’re suggesting? “Jagi! What are you saying? I don’t like Tae-hyung if that’s what you’re implying…”

“No, Jungkookie!” you say “I just mean you look cute together… I’m not implying anything; I just think you look cute…” and then you continue with more of a mumble “…like a ship I guess.”

“Yah! Jagi!” Jungkook exclaims again, gentl hitting your shoulder, shy and defensively still. “I don’t like Taehyung like that!”

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