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I guess it really sucks, we were made for each other. I know we were, because when I was with you it felt like the entire world stopped spinning and we were the only people who could move through the empty space. It’s horrible because we were perfect, but our timing was well and truly out. We weren’t meant to fall in love so early, but we did, we fell so fucking hard for each other. We acted like we were married and I was so addicted, addicted to the idea of finally feeling at home. You were my home, you were my everything and I can’t help but dream of the day we reunite. But everything’s different now, you’re with her and I’m still waiting for the day you message me telling me that I’m everything you’ve ever wanted and that you’re sorry, and I’ll take you right back and we can continue to build on our love. I loved you, more than anything, I put everything into us and yet I still believe I could give you more, and all I ask, all I want, is one more chance. I pray every night you wake up and miss me, I pray that you suddenly realise that it’s me and it always has been me, but the chances are slim and yet I’m still depending my whole life on them.

Had fun with Violet tonight. Made my zillionth knit pattern a few days ago and wanted to see it in action :)
Went for a casual business look. Violet can really rock any outfit <3
I really love that EA blazer, the only thing bugging me are those stripes on the sleeves. I disguised them as best as I could with the patterns, so they’re preptty invisible after removing the specular with Velocitygrasses mod, but I know they’re still there…this would be a good outfit to change up. Maybe add longer sleeves too… *writes mental note*


Not a popular ship but a beautiful ship nonetheless


I love how the crew basically got their last battle outfits to match with what zoro was wearing underneath his suit!!

cause I can just imagine them (prob luffy and usopp) being like okay we need matching outfits for our battle with tesoro….but wait zoro won't have time to change clothes….oh! what was he wearing underneath? a black leather vest with blue zippers and stuff. Okay! we’ll just match with him! black leather outfits with blue accents for everyone~
They’re so thoughtful ;_; (and if it was someone else that got captured they would have done the same~)

It’s not much for this week but it’ll have to do I guess- this is an old picture I made a fair while before finalizing these two’s designs on this blog (James has white stripes down his pant legs and Gordon’s proportions are wrong and he lacks his steam accumulators, for instance), but I still like it.

I feel like not enough people call attention to the close interactions between Gordon and James. The two are the best of friends in the show; you see them scheming and teasing each other a lot, especially in the older seasons. In this blog’s canon the two share a close platonic affection which is also extended to Henry- I’ll make pictures of the three of them together in the future.

Gordon, in his better moods and off-hours, is rather playful, especially with smaller engines like Thomas and James. He likes to tickle James and playfight with him, swatting at his hands or wrestling with him while holding him in his lap until James tires out. From there he’ll snuggle him as long as he pleases or can or until James wakes up.

anonymous asked:

this whole thing is so weird. they're your characters. you can draw them however you like.

aha they are not my characters! The character everyone is talking about is ava ire, which i painted with blonde hair! which she did have at one point in her story. however she does not belong to me. 

There is another anon who, i suppose, insulted my characters and some people are talking about that too. I guess this whole thing did get weird and confusing. I hope it made sense somehow! I hope you have a nice day! c:

probs time to start using this blog properly i guess 
i initially just made it for reblogging and inspiration to get me more organised + productive but ive been enjoying the practices ive picked up a lot, i’ve been journaling a lot and using some nice to-do layouts….so i guess i qualify as someone who can start, yknow, interacting with other studyblrs…

anyway, im bri, 21 + i use they/them pronouns. im from ireland and i study politics @ the university of glasgow (so living in scotland now, which is great). i like magic and political psychology and cats and music, and hopefully im gonna use this blog to keep myself in check and inspired, and remind myself of my goals!! 

my journal is not stricty a bujo, it meets somewhere in the middle between a bujo and a list journal i guess?? i’ll post some pics eventually but its not as nice and orderly and disciplined as others on here, but i think that just works for me!  (◠﹏◠✿)

hmu (by liking or reblogging this post or whatever) if youre a studyblr + over 18 (i feel strange following too many minors, sorry!!!!), especially if u study social sciences at college/uni!

and yes, i WILL make my theme and icon and everything a bit better when i have a chance, bear i mind that i was initially intending to not really interact from this blog and thats why its a kind of not great theme and a stupid picture of my cat lmao

ok i finished voltron season 2 last night and then went to sleep!


i think it was about on par with season 1? i guess? it made the same mistakes lol, spinning its wheels for way too long and then suddenly jumping into the plot in the last handful of episodes. which were good! and like the filler in the first 2/3 of both seasons is watchable too, it’s fun-ish, but i feel like they write is as if this show were hundreds of episodes long, rather than we literally just met these characters and still barely know them. like that part before the “final battle” (which we knew wasn’t going to be final cuz it’s only season 2) and they’re all like reminiscing about all the things they’ve done? i’m like lol you’ve done like 5 things and it was 5 minutes ago…

also lance and hunk were really shafted this season.. like literally reduced to girls and food. what i would have done to actually give them some kind of plot is to keep them separated from the group for like the first five episodes of the season, trapped on some planet where they’re actually doing stuff. it would be a good opportunity for worldbuilding and having parts of the episodes focus on those characters rather than ignoring them.

speaking of worldbuilding i wish we got more of it! the empire is like nonexistent, lets see it. who are galrans outside of nameless soldiers? and in the mall we saw that the universe is very much bustling and populated, i wish we would see that on a regular basis.

also i am so ready for earth to join the war, which rn is seven people fighting a nonexistent empire. give me more forces.

allura also didn’t get almost anything to do most of the time, like last season, until the end when she takes charge, which like last season was great. i just wish she got more to do regularly, like she’s so interesting and has such an interesting backstory, let’s see it

so like there were some really good parts of the season, mostly with the characters who weren’t shafted lol. the blade people and thace (? lord knows i can’t keep track of the different galrans), keith’s development and THE HINT OF HIS MOM, the shiro and zarkon stuff, pidge and family, allura at the end. and omg one of the things that struck me was like i kept thinking about how i felt haggar and the druids were getting more interesting, there was more than meets the eye, and omg she’s altean?!?!? is she shapeshifting into a galra or what??? i hope we learn more about her, and the galra in general, and their ties with the alteans and allura. and prince lotor lol..

like if you think about it there are a bunch of great puzzle pieces here that go together in cool and complex ways.. so… you know… start putting them together lol.

and again i wish it was more of a populated war. one of my favorite things is that bit in the opening sequence where allura selects all the galra ships in her hologram and fires at them, and there was this part in one of the episodes where they were battling a galra ship and it shot at them with lasers from its side like canons in the side of a ship– those were great and reminded of naval warfare, which is exactly what the animes that this is based on were inspired by, battleships, navies fighting each other BUT IN SPACE, so i hope we see more of that on larger scales. again maybe with earth joining the fight. which would be a great way to bring lance and hunk into the main fold, who are they and what was their place in the galaxy garrison. which is also where the other paladins are from so it would be a good way to keep all 5 connected as well. and i feel like having content for all that stuff would stop them from spinning their wheels so much


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