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Anti Hero (pt. 10)

Part 9

Oliver moves to shield Anti as Host steps through the rubble of the ruined attic towards a kneeling Author. Blood streaks down Author’s cheeks freely, and the smell of it fills the whole room. Anti trembles beneath Oliver who tries to whisper soothing things in his ear, but Ollie is watching the Host with wide, yellow eyes.

Host comes to a stop just a step away from the Author and sighs. Author claws at his cheeks and bares his teeth. “How could you—how could you do this to me?”

Host sighs. “How could you think that you could fool yourself?”

Author grits his teeth. His hands and arms shake with pain and fury and hatred, hatred for the Host. “You. Are. Not. Me.”

The Host reaches forward a hand, resting it on the Author’s shoulder and kneeling down in front of him. “Yes, I am.” Golden light breaks between them like the dawn, and it’s so bright that Ollie is forced to look away. When it fades and Oliver looks back, only the Host remains, and he stands. “Let’s go home.”


Host narrates them back into the building, and disappears into his library with only a whispered, “The Host returns everyone’s memories to the way they were. Please inform them that the Host will need some time to himself,” before the door swings shut behind him.

Oliver takes Anti to one of the empty living quarters to get cleaned up. “Take a hot shower for as long as you need to, and I’ll get you a change of clothes, alright?” Anti doesn’t speak, but he does nod and disappear into the bathroom like he will at least attempt to get a shower. So Oliver leaves him to find some clothes and possibly some food.

When he returns, however, Anti still hasn’t gotten out of the shower. Oliver is going to leave the food and clothes in the bathroom in order to find his brothers, but when he turns to leave through the bedroom, they’re waiting for him in the door. Red and Green immediately run to him, sandwiching him into a hug as Google hangs back in the door. Oliver blushes and ducks his head. “I didn’t want to do it, but I had to so that you’d all be safe.”

Google walks up and ruffles Ollie’s hair. “One of these days you’re going to have to let us do some of the saving. You’re making us look bad, little brother.”

Red and Green break away from hugging Oliver when Anti steps out of the bathroom wearing one of Green’s old shirts over some shorts. He sees the four of them standing there, staring at him and starts to panic. Oliver rushes over to him and puts an arm around his shoulders in hopes of reassuring him before turning back to his brothers. “Anti is the one who saved me. The Author tried to force him to kill me, but he managed to resist.” Oliver looks to Blue specifically. “He’s the reason I’m alive.”

Google looks from Oliver to Anti and nods to the glitch. “Thank you. I’ve seen the Author’s handiwork before, and I know what that can do to a person. And I know that my brothers and I aren’t all as welcoming as Oliver, but you have our sincerest gratitude.”

Red and Green both nod, and Oliver’s smile only grows wider as Green walks over with a raised eyebrow, flicking his eyes from Anti’s face to the green shirt. “Sorry,” he says with a smirk, “but I don’t think you could cut it as the Green Google, just saying.”

Anti blinks and smiles a little before asking quietly, “Do they make ‘em in black?”

Red crosses his arms over his chest and grins. “I guess we could make that happen.”

Anti glances over at Oliver who is bouncing up and down at this point. “Welcome to the family, buddy!” He pulls Anti into another hug as the other Googles, even Blue, join in. And for once, Anti feels so happy he could almost burst.

(Wow, cutie pies, I have loved writing this story so, so much. Each time I posted a new chapter, I was just itching to write and post the next one for you guys to see! I hope that you enjoyed this little adventure, and feel free to ask for any little extensions to it, any questions that you might have. I certainly would be happy to keep writing some more for this story arc!)

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It’s Been a While Part 3 (Richie Tozier x reader)

Part 1: https://my-heart-burns-there-too.tumblr.com/post/166444818957/its-been-a-while-richie-tozier-x-reader-part

Part 2: https://my-heart-burns-there-too.tumblr.com/post/166479300392/its-been-a-while-part-2-richie-tozier-x-reader

Pairing: Richie x reader

Request: Yeah I guess

Warnings: Violence

A/N: I have 101 followers. I love you guys a lot. ❤️

The ground was cold, water was in puddles under your body. Drip, drip, drip, water came from the ceiling, hitting your forehead as your eyes fluttered open. You sat up, your hand flinching as it felt the cold, wet concrete ground.

It was almost too much for you. You’d been here before, for what you thought would be the final battle back when you were 13. You looked over to the exit, standing up. You were shaking.

“Hello Y/N. Oh how much older you’ve gotten!!! What brought you back to my humble town of Derry, Maine,” Pennywise giggled as he loomed over you. You hadn’t really known how he’d gotten to you so quickly, but here he was. Each of his bones cracked and snapped, as he jaggedly moved to grab your neck. You wheezed and gasped for air as he lifted you up.

“Now you wait on a second you piece of fucking shit!” Richie Tozier himself yelled as him and the rest of the losers stood in the entrance to the sewer. “You took away my childhood. You traumatized me and my friends for life. You drove one of my best friends to suicide. You killed innocent children–and you took away my girl,” Richie snarled, “and I’m not leaving without my girl.”

He picked up the old baseball bat, which he fashioned to put nails into, and ran towards the clown, screaming as his feet thudded on the ground.

Pennywise dropped you onto the ground, your body shooting with pain from the impact. Tears were spilling down your cheeks, your body racking with sobs as you gasped for the air that you’d lost when the clown grabbed your throat.

Eddie ran to your side as the rest of the losers, mainly Richie, beat the clown to a pulp. “Hey Y/N, are you okay?! Why am I asking that of course you’re not. You’re hard of breathing, you have a couple of scratches and scrapes that could be infected, you-”

“Eddie.” You cut him off, “just please help me.” He gulped and frantically nodded, taking out his fanny pack(which you couldn’t believe he still had after all of these years), and carefully bandaging you and helping you into a somewhat decent state.

The sewers went quiet, the only sounds to be heard were the water coming from the ceiling. Drip, drip, drip. You looked over, gagging at what you saw. Yes, the clown was dead, but Richie had beat the thing so much it’s head was smashed into the concrete. Like someone who dropped a watermelon, splattered all over the ground. But at least it was over.

Richie ran to you, his eyes filled with tears and a burning lump in his throat. He’d almost lost you, and he didn’t even do the thing yet. The thing. As soon as you walked into the restaurant the first day back in Derry, the losers all looked to Richie, wondering if he would do it in the time you were here. And he was certain. He had to.

“Y/N, p-please, you almost died. I promised that nothing would h-hurt you…,” Richie shakily whispered, his arms wrapped protectively around you in a death grip. Everyone was in shock, this is the first time they’d seen Richie go soft. He wasn’t a trashmouth, he wasn’t laughing it off with a joke. No, he was dead serious right now.

He kissed you. He kissed your lips, your forehead, your cheeks. All over your face he kissed you, as if he would never be able to experience again. His arms tightened, if possible, as if you would vanish from sight if he let go. You smiled, wiped his tears although your own were rapidly streaming down your face, and you kissed his cheek. “I love you, Richie.”

You stood up, your hand in his, as all of you left the sewers. IT had been defeated. You wouldn’t be haunted anymore by the whispers. The whispers that brought you from the blue and into the black.

You sat outside of the library, sitting and watching the town and the streets, your hand in Richie’s. You looked over and Richie quickly glanced away. What’s wrong, you ask?

Richie was going to do the thing.

“Y/N, listen. We need to talk. I know that we’ve just gotten back together. But u-uh.. if you remember all those years ago.. back when we were thirteen… oh shit I’m gonna fuck this up. Please don’t laugh at me,” he rambled, squeezing your hands as his face filled with color. You giggled. “Well um, we made a promise. And I just wanted to ask you…. oh fuck it.”

He got down on one knee and brought out a small black box. He opened it and inside was a single gold band with three small diamonds on the top. He’d worked his ass off and a hell of a lot of heckling at Kay Jewelers to get that ring. “Y/N L/N, do you wanna keep that promise?” He looked up, fearing the worst. Yet what he saw was beautiful. A small smile graced your face, what looked like solar flares shined through your h/c hair and your eyes sparkled with nothing but love for the man in front of you.

“Oh Richie,” you giggled, getting down onto your knees and throwing your arms around his neck, “I’d love to.” You kissed him as he slipped the ring onto your finger, cupping his cheek gently. His lips and yours, it was better than any firework show, it was better than any explosion or supernova. He was meant for you.

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Komi-san wa komyushou desu is a really sweet manga I think you'd really like!

Guess what, anon? I’ve always read it and I love it! ;D

I’m so glad you guys know my taste in manga at this point! I love you! :D

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I’m a sucker for some angst and fluff. Can you do headcanons for an arranged marriage au where Shiro is arranged to be married but is conflicted because he loves his s/o and then decides to not do the wedding and be with his true love?

  • oh wow okay this is long, it’s a bulletstory
  • shiro is a very filial person, he’s always listened to his parents very well
  • but also he loves you so much
  • you guys are an amazing couple okay. beautiful he loves you so much
  • he plans on marrying you one day, he just…he hasn’t well popped the question yet
  • but he’s thought very far ahead, he’s purchased a ring, a little box, everything
  • he really was gonna pop the question any day now
  • and then his mom just calls him over n he’s like okay i guess dinner with the parents again
  • “ur getting married“
  • he’s like??? who am i marrying???? why???
  • turns out this has been arranged since he was like 2
  • he’s so torn because??? he loves you so much
  • but his parents already arranged this so long ago
  • he tries to keep it from you for awhile
  • maybe if he holds you a little more then it won’t exist, you’ll still be able to marry him
  • now he has an engagement ring and nobody to give it to
  • he tries to get to know how bride to be, really he tries
  • she’s not bratty, just as confused as him as to why their parents arranged this
  • he really doesn’t know how to approach this whole thing
  • really tries to keep it from you like??? when is he going to tell you he has no idea but :/
  • also doesn’t tell his fiance he’s dating someone
  • he’s working on this whole ‘telling-people-these-unknown-and-kind-of-needed’ facts
  • so then comes a month before his wedding
  • now he’s kind of mega freaking out internally because time is running faster than his brain
    • but it’s that internal freaking out
    • when you’re freaking out but also not because you’re Above That
  • so he starts by talking to betrothed
  • “yeah…it’s kinda too late for that“
  • “ahem what“
  • “we’re working on wedding plans bro“
  • then he’s like c r a p
  • so he does what he’s been meaning to do
  • he talks to his parents
  • he’s soft but also pretty firm
  • his mom takes it in a very bad way
  • she’s kind of reeling that he would do something like just…pull out all of a sudden
  • the father is more upset because well this kind of messing everything up
  • shiro gets it but also :/
  • so he goes to you, decides to lay down all of his cards and he tells you all about it
  • you are, understandably, upset that he kept all of this information from you for so long
  • he apologizes profusely
  • also apologizes to his bride to be because that was kind of a dick move
  • lets just say he makes a lot of apologizes in the coming days

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Pairing: Harry x Reader

Request: It wasn’t it just came to mind

Warnings: Mentions of death and.. it’s basically trigger warnings I guess? 

A/N: I hope you guys like this :)

“I am not having this conversation right now,” I stated frustratedly

“Bloody hell, Y/N! Just answer the fucking question!” Harry yelled switching the gear

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Guess who hit 700 followers this week?? (hint: its not kermit) Anyway thank you all so much for this milestone - it’s so amazing!! I know I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be, school and life have been super hectic. But thank you guys for sticking with me, I promise everything will be back to normal soon! 

For my gift, I think I’m gonna be doing a few shoutouts for blogs that I love! I have a few in mind already, but if you guys wanna send me any blogs you love (or you could send your own lol) I’ll check them out and maybe include them! 

Love you guys,

Shivana xx

i think the supergirl writers are making lena and james a thing because a lot of lena’s stans and mon-el’s haters kept saying how james was awsome and better than mon-el, so…i guess the writers thought “hey, if you guys love lena so much, and love james so much…so here: love both of them together”

just what i think. not trying to offend anyone here.

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Do you guys celebrate halloween? What will you two wear? :00

Admin Christmas: I really like Halloween, but I have no set plans nor traditions. I’ll probably end up doing something last minute for a costume, maybe revamp an old costume of mine. While I hope to dress up, I’ll probably spend the night writing spooky requests at home after I try and get some candy. And, if my plans don’t fall through, I might marathon some horror movies with some friends to “celebrate” I guess. Though I’m easily spooked.

Admin Seraphina: I love Halloween. Even though I’m a Christian and I’m technically not supposed to support it but my dad used to say free candy is good candy. I actually don’t really know what I’m going to do for a costume. I spent a good week just digging through my closet and around my house for this one costume that I really like but, alas, I couldn’t find it. But I really don’t want this Halloween to go by and not wear a costume so I was thinking of making a DIY costume. I just love the vibe of Halloween if you know what I mean.

I‘m so excited!🎉

Guys guess whos going to see American Assassin for the first time in 2 hours?!

Yep its me! God you won‘t believe how fucking excited I have been all these weeks:) The movie just came to the theaters last week here in Germany, I believe.. but I‘ve been waiting MONTHS for this movie🎉😫

Dylan O‘Brien I fucking love you and can‘t wait for tonight❤️🎉

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Do you like Jon outside of his relationship and parallels with Dany? A lot of Jon/Dany fans seem less interested in Jon as an individual or are quick to be critical of him just like Jon/Sansa fans are whereas they would never utter a word against their favorite girl.

I’m guessing you’re new here. Dany has been my favorite character since season 1 and yes I will stan her forever. My love for Jon was a slowburn but now that I’m reading the books, I find him the most relatable of all characters. You could go through my #Jon Snow posts in #Vin reads asoiaf I’m not a guy & far from a zombie killing sword fighter but there are too many human elements of his story that resonate with a lot of things in my life.

Though I’m far from Jon worshippers who consider him the ultimate lord, savior & ruler… not a huge fan of that crowd or whatever idea (or name) of Jon Snow they are in love with. Protip : There are better ways to frame that question because Dany stans come across Jon snow stanning bullies who start a conversation with that disrespectful tone all the frigging time. Call me old fashioned but it’s better to start things on a polite note & get to know people first before passing judgement. Long story short, no, I’m afraid I don’t fit the mold for your prejudices.


o shit waddup the character designs are here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ll be posting the actual tattoo designs later on. Here’s just the general idea. 

So, as promised, more on my Sun/Moon Spirit AU!

  • Adrien wears a lot of clothes due to him being the sun spirit, he is constantly exposed to the heat.
  • And onto that, another reason he wears a lot of clothes aka the giant robe is because he has a lot of scars and all sorts from battles, the heat and just general angsty shit (more to come on this next time)
  • I’ll give you this though; because Mari has rejected him for…decades, sometimes he gets lonely which is why out of the two, he is more likely to go to his human version so he can to interact with people.
  • But, their human forms have restrictions. 
  • To transform into their human versions, they have to take off their respective earrings. 
  • They have a limited amount of time in their human versions, as the time passes, their tattoos begin to fade and they cannot, at all costs, have their tattoos fully faded and gone. 
  • If the tattoos fully fade, they become mortals, and as much as Adrien does want to become a mortal, the balance of basically everything in the universe goes to the shits and basically we might die.
  • Due to his excessive use of his human version, he is often scolded by gods. Adrien has never gotten his tattoo fully faded but he’s had some very close calls. 
  • Mari has every constellation on her back as tattoos and as time passes for her in her human form, the constellations disappear one by one. 
  • Both Adrien and Mari are saddened about their losing connection to humans. They were once actively interactive with the people way back then but during the heavy times of industrialisation and of course, environmental issues, sometimes it’s hard for both to reach out. And this has definitely affected both physically…
  • Mari fell in love with Human Adrien in the time of the French Revolution when he fought as a soldier. 
  • In their spirit forms, only animals and chosen humans can sense Adrien and Mari.
  • Birds love Adrien and can sense him more strongly than any other animals and tend to follow him around in his spirit form. 
  • Spirit Adrien has seen Human Mari….more to come on this later. 
  • I’m not going to reveal all of this yet but here’s the thing; the spirits don’t just watch over the people for decades without doing anything…
  • And Mari and Adrien are definitely not the only spirits around. 
  • That’s it for now but yeah….def some more soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing


I wonder why each little bird has a someone to sing to

i got a few requests for a companion piece to the gifts of beauty and song, my retold sleeping beauty fairytale, so here you go

so maleficent is the good fairy here, right, and the three fairies are the bad ones, so like fae do they each appear to be what they’re not. and aurora, given fae gifts and raised by fae, is nearly fae herself. maleficent knows that only an elf could hope to sway a fae heart, because elves are impervious to their glamour. maleficent kidnaps the young prince philip, and brings him to the elven realm. she tries to bargain a prince for a prince, but the king is unswayed. a human prince, he declared, is only worth an elvish servant, so that’s what she gets.

maleficent takes the servant and puts him in philip’s place, gives him that name, and watches as the servant elf is made a prince among mortals, watches as he eventually captures aurora’s heart, and saves her from her living death. watches as the elf servant turned prince becomes a king, as the almost-fae princess aurora becomes queen, and their two kingdoms become one and they rule the land of men together.

this, of course, begs the question – what happens to our dear human philip?

he is not the first child that has been bargained away to the elves, and elf queen thalia settles the young boy on her hip and raises an eyebrow at her husband, waiting. the child awakens by degrees, until he’s clutching her neck and blinking at the gathered elves. thalia is only grateful that he hasn’t started screaming, like so many of his kind do.

normally the children that are bargained to them are put to work in the castle, where they’re safe, where their clumsiness and their ignorance and their mistakes will be glossed over, where she and the king will ensure they will be politely ignored rather than harassed. they’ve lost a servant boy, and so she’s sure a servant boy is what this young human is meant to become.

except a woman of the court steps forward, and she’s old, old enough that it shows, that her curly hair has gone silver and wrinkles are etched deep in her face. lady ember is older than the forests they reside in, is older than her grandmother, than her great grandmother. everyone’s lost track of her exact age, but she’s the oldest elf in village. thalia likes her – she and lady ember have skin of the same dark shade. thalia hopes that if she is to live long enough, she and lady ember would look alike.

“i would like the child,” she says, eyes like amber, and for the moment she appears younger than she ever has. there’s something eager in her, and it brings a life to her that thalia hasn’t seen in a long time.

thalia looks to her husband, and king celedor gives a minuscule twitch to his lip which is an equivalent to a shrug. she sets the young human on the ground, and ember holds out a single hand. the child looks behind him, then in front him, and takes cautious steps forward. he steps until he can take her hand, his own looking small and pale in hers. “it’s been a long time since i was able raise a child,” ember says, “i would like to do so again. will you come home with me?”

and thalia understands. elf children take many hundreds of year to mature, and ember would not risk dying on a child before it could take care of itself. but humans are candles that burn at both ends – hot, and fast. within a decade or two the child in front of them will be able to survive on his own, will not need lady ember to coddle him for centuries.

he nods, and finally opens his mouth to say, “i am philip.”

“hello philip,” lady ember smiles, “i am lady ember of the mother tree. now you are lord philip of the ember tree.”

they are elves. they don’t do something as gauche as gasp, but the sentiment comes out just the same. celedor’s mouth drops open a millimeter and thalia’s right index finger twitches. raise a human child like a beloved pet they could all understand – but to adopt one, to truly adopt one that she’d just met and didn’t know and bequeath to him the estate and title the noble name of the mother tree?

lady ember leads her new son away, and the gathered elves can do nothing but stare.


prince elion – eli, to everyone who doesn’t want the prince of the elves nursing a personal grudge against them – comes home in the dead of night, when he can slip past the guards and the fawning people on the street and sneak into the royal quarters.

“mother,” he greets as he enters the library. his father sleeps early, but his mother doesn’t go to bed until nearly dawn. he kneels by her side, and she runs a hand through his hair, tugging the leather tie off when it gets in her way. his mass of dark curly hair tumbles around his head, and as he shakes it out leaves other debris fall out. thalia sighs, but doesn’t remark on it.

“your hunt went well?” she asks, although she knows the answer. eli is one of the best hunters in the kingdom, and his hunting parties – comprised of the strongest and best among the noble families – are notoriously profitable.

he grins, teeth extra white against his skin, “of course, mother. did anything interesting happen while i was away?”

“the faerie maleficent came and bargained away a human prince,” she says, “she wanted you in return. your father gave her a servant boy instead.”

eli laughs, too loud and boisterous, in a way he would never allow himself to laugh around his father or his subjects.


philip thinks perhaps he should be screaming, or crying, or causing some sort of fuss about this new life and this old woman who insists she’s his mother now. but he’s never had a mother before, and this new place is beautiful. they live in palace carved out of an enormous tree – the mother tree that their name comes from – and philip is given a lot more freedom as an elf lordling than he was as a prince.

he hopes the boy who took his place is nice to his father, and doesn’t mind long evenings with only the servants for company. being a prince can be very lonely. he knows from experience.

ember gives him rooms and toys, but warns him that he has a lot of work ahead of him. as a human, he’s at a severe disadvantage here at the elf court. elves are faster than humans, stronger and smarter and wiser. “it sounds to me,” philip says, “that maybe they’re just older. if i had hundreds of years, I could be all those things too.” ember’s eyes crinkle at the corners when she smiles, and he returns it.

philip knows hard work. he was set to rule a whole nation, was set to lead whole armies. he knows training and learning and patience. learning to become an elf lord seems like it will be a lot easier than being a human king.

lady ember and her servants are harsh, but fair. in their home, in the mother tree, he is a pampered lord. out of it, however – he acquires many scars from training, from falling and failing. ember and her staff run him ragged into the ground, because he must be able to keep up with elves.

they have hundreds and hundreds of years to practice, to become strong and smart and fast. philip doesn’t have that long, so his mother forces him to do more, train harder, learn faster than would be expected of any elf.

so he learns. the first time he beats his trainer at an archery competition, he feels a swell of pride like nothing he’s felt before. as he inches his way to the level of his teachers, and then surpasses them, the feeling stays.

they’ve always been kind to him. but as his skill grows, they come to respect him, and that’s far more valuable.


eli hears of the human that lady ember of the mother tree took as her own – of course he does, it’s all anyone can talk about. but he doesn’t actually get a chance to see the boy, because lady ember keeps him safe on her lands, in her tree that none of them dare trespass on. so he assumes, like many, that she keeps him coddled and safe, away from those who would seek him harm, away from a world that would seek him harm.

then, two decades from when she gave young philip her name, lady ember finds him at court. she tilts her head, and he bows. he may be higher in rank, but he was raised to respect his elders, and lady ember is certainly that. “prince eli,” she says, “your next hunt is coming up, isn’t it?”

“yes, my lady,” he answers, wondering if she has a request. he doesn’t mind tracking down a certain type of meat or pelt for her – he likes the challenge, and likes lady ember.

she smiles at him, and for some reason he feels as if he’s staring into the jaws of a dragon. “excellent. might my son join you? he grows bored of hunting on his own.”

the last thing in the world eli wants to do is keep an eye on a bumbling, spoiled human. but this human is also the lord of the mother tree, and he can think of no response that wouldn’t bring his mother’s wrath down on his head. “of course, lady ember.”

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Happy 35th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ | August 13th, 1982

❝You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.❞