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Hi I’m Nat i’m pointy and weird and I dress like a tool

I guess today’s as good a time as any to properly/officially come out as genderfluid?
 (I mean its been in my blog description for a while now but)

 Tbh i’m kinda nervous about posting this cos gender is a long line of question marks for me lately and so are pronouns and I’m still sorta figuring myself out? Like literally this past winter i really sat down and acknowledged this sporadic feeling of frustrated discomfort over how people perceive me + the off-and on desire to just not have any identifying sex characteristics and be something else or none of the above
 Like really thought about it instead of sweeping it under the rug and telling myself i was just imagining that i was uncomfortable with myself because it’d go away eventually or something and i wouldn’t see it again for weeks sometimes but then i’d look in the mirror three weeks later after having barely even noticing my gender and i’d be like, “oh. that’s not right?”

and i guess i finally asked myself “why does this bother you so much”

and i’ve talked about it all maybe once on tumblr but folks that know me irl have probably heard me waffling about this a little bit more as i try to sort myself out but i’m figuring it all out i’m figuring myself out

 Anyway yeah it’s trans day of visibility rock on y’all

[she/they/he/????/just put all pronouns in a blender and then sort through what comes out]


i was rlly nervous and hesitant to post this bc i dont really know what the heck i am and i constantly wonder if i am “allowed” to identify as this or that because i never had one of those big epiphanies where everything suddenly becomes clear as to who i am
ive never had one of those AHA!! IM AGENDER OR TRANS OR NB!!! moments and i feel like a lot of people who havent had those kinda moments feel as though theyre identities arent as valid or as true as those who have had those eye-opening revelations 
i often doubt myself and feel like i cant belong to this community bc i dont feel like ive satisfied all the “requirements” to be considered trans and sometimes im uncomfortable using labels bc i dont really feel like i belong to any particular group so i guess i just wanna say to all yall who feel like this…
 …whether you’re confused about your gender and you dont know exactly who or what you are or whether you feel like you dont fit into any group, or maybe you just dont like labelling yourself as anything in particular: you are definitely not alone and all of you are 100% valid and 100% wonderful!!

i hope all of you have a happy and safe tdov!!! keep sharing the positivity and spreading awareness!!

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tbh, i had hoped Cecil would become more like a god like person across the episodes, but after A Story About You, he became more and more human, and he was especially human during the One Year Later and First Date episodes, as if Carlos made him more human, and when he lost Carlos to the otherworld, Cecil had this tone in his voice that made him seem godly again, but now it seems he's kinda just stagnating in this weird demigod limbo

OMG OOOOH i cn see tht.. i think sorta like… cecils destined fate was to be a sort of… echo of nightvale???? i think in a way carlos rlly unitentionally makes cecil alot more.. human.. or i guess a better wording is.. carlos just being his pure earnest self around cecil just really.. separate his identity frm nightvale? with carlos cecil is just cecil… but cecil in nighvale is just.. another piece of this puzzle tht is nightvale? no longer just an individual???? like his relationships with other nightvalians are just as serious and grouding and important as his relationship with carlos… but everyoe else is also part of the same night vale trap…. carlos is a connection to humanity… idk if tht makes sense ahaha

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For some reason I could picture Azusa doing unboxing videos for all of the knives he buys.

That’s so cute wtf

This is kinda similar i guess but I’ve always headcanoned that if azusa had any social media accounts like tumblr then he would post all the time about anything that happened to him. Like “just woke up” “had some pancakes for breakfast” “feeling kind of happy today” “I’m going to sleep now” and yuma likes pretty much every single one of his posts


Idk I guess I’ll do this 😁 My name is AnneMarie or just Annie 😝 the first picture is me two years ago identifying as a girl, and the second one is me today (ft. My blue hair!!) identifying as genderfluid (im feeling more boy-ish than usual today (any pronouns are cool btw)) I usually don’t like showing people pictures of me from when I was identifying as a cis girl but I actually kinda like this one so whateverrrrrrrr

It’s sad how people change. I mean, maybe I’m a little biased because I cling to the comfort of consistency in people and their actions, but it makes me so sad to see people and situations change. Someone who once cared so much and would fight to keep you around, just gives up and suddenly it’s like you never existed. Someone who was once so nice, now is cold from the pain brought unto them from life and other people. I don’t know. I guess it’s one thing to accept that the person no longer cares or wants you around, but it’s completely heartbreaking to watch them leave you as a completely different person. It’s kinda like being left twice.

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my best friends name is luke (and he kinda looks like luke too 😵 its scary) and we've know each other since we were 4 and i've liked him since we were 12 and weve made out in his car, and he's teaching me to drive, and we hang out all the time, and he always tells me how amazing i am but i cant decide if he likes me or if he's just being nice. i guess i would just like some input. ~R



yesterday this girl i was talking to said the n-word and I kind gave her this owlish look and she wa slike

“oh no, see, I have an n-pass!” and I just kinda shifty eyed her and she told me one time she was walking through a “ghetto” neighborhood at night with her friends and some black person gave em papers that said they could say the n-word???? like first of all, okay sure

and then I was like “um okay just dont say that around me, and dont say I didn’t warn you when you get beat up for saying that to a black person?” and she was like “I’ll just show them the paper!” AND I REALLY TRIED NOT TO LAUGH LIKE



Something I’ve been curious about for a while now (and maybe I’ve just overlooked the answer somewhere) but why is Ganondorf always reborn as a gerudo? Because his first “incarnation” I guess was Demise who was a demon.

Like I can understand Link and Zelda constantly being reborn as Hylians because a) the orginal hero was Hylian and b) a Hylian was the form Hylia took to be reborn in. But why is Ganondorf always Gerudo?

Did being reborn in Ocarina of Time solidify Demise’s spirit’s race???? Is there a piece of information I’m missing???

If there isn’t a specific reason I kinda feel that this was something they could have elaborated on. Like in one game he’s Gerudo, in another he’s Hylian, and in another he’s a Deku Scrub. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who would think it’s hilarious if Ganondorf got reborn into a deku scrub body.) And so on the list continues to include every race in the Zelda universe.

Maybe I’m alone on this but I think that would be really awesome (and hilarious in some cases). Especially a Kokiri Ganondorf, that one would be beyond terrifying.

Imagine a tiny child who is also a demonic spell caster and is immortal and nearly invincible and manipulates people like never before because of the dreaded PUPPY EYES. No one can refuse this cruel mastermind.

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aa ok so like,, sorry to bother u but metaphorically,, who would be more dom/flirty/etc if tilde/lamb were a thing?? im drawin smut and i need this for science

oooooooooooooooooooooooh my god. so many ppl ship tilde and lllamb…..

uhm.. if they ever were i guess to get together lamb would definitely be the more flirty/aggressive one. like he’d totally be the one to initiate anything sexual. but i guess like… he’d be a bottom.. kinda kid.

tilde would be like. very oblivious like huh?? what’s happening. whAT. OH MAN. then he’d be v embarrassed and then get angry that’s he’s so blushy. 

i guess lamb would tell him what to do and tilde would comply???

ive never thought about this before… u tilde/lamb kiddos are wild… but i mean rock on w/e floats ur little boat man….

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  • Name: Rommy
  • Date: July 4th
  • Average hours of sleep: none lolllllll jk maybe like 5-6
  • Last thing I googled: a fanfic i wanted to read
  • Nickname: oh. that. well. ummmm i guess not really my name is kinda weird as it is :p
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 1.65 cm 
  • Favourite Colour: purple
  • One place that makes you happy: MY BED.
  • What are you wearing: tank top and skinny jeans
  • Last book you read: i’m a fanficion girl last book i read was a long time ago but i think it was a re-read of my sister’s keeper.

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