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Name: dylan

Nicknames: ooh like ppl have called me cloud and clod and honestly id love you forever if anyone said any of these

Zodiac sign: gemini!

Height: 5′ 6″ i think?

Orientation: aahahaa like demi-panro ace? 

Favourite fruit: anything strawberry

Favourite season: def autumn

Favourite book series: does scott pilgrim count..?? (*shamefully doesnt read anymore*)

Favourite flower: oooh my faves a passion flower, like google it if ya can it will not disappoint

Favourite scent: my sense of smell is the w or st but uhh i guess maybe bread?? 

Favourite color: any and all blue c:

Favourite animal: im gonna basic af and say cats, like find me a nice cat and im near tears man

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: used to be a hardcore tea person, but im warming up to coffee (only black coffee tho its weird)

Average sleep hours: 4 or 14 B)

Cat or dog person? catssss

Favorite fictional characters: oh boy ill be short and say peridot and victor nikiforov (*gasps of surprise*) 

Number of blankets you sleep with: two

Dream trip: i.. dont actually know?? ive been like everywhere, im more into the idea of staying somewhere (and that somewhere is here in la or tokyo)

Blog created: omg march 2015, almost two years im a baby on here

Number of followers: i block all spam bots so i have like 135 genuine people and i still dont understand why <3

Tagging: @pulse-andhaze, @ichipine, @daedalusdavinci, @clairelutra@esteling96, @gayberonicas, @underface, and @karkat-fantas if any of yall wanna do this c: