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Hey! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do something where it's the day of Veronica and JD's wedding? Thank you!

Sure I can! Ahhh! I had so much fun with this one! I really liked it, I think that those two would have something really unconventional! I hope you like it! Sorry this took me so long!!!

“Ronnie! You look perfect!” Mac cried, running into the room. Veronica flew around and smiled big, her dress was fluttering all around her. She gave her friend a hug and Mac reached up to fix her veil. “Oh my gosh! You look lovely! I’m so excited for you!”

“Thanks Mac.” Veronica smiled, giving her friend another hug. “I’m so excited! I’m nervous too but mostly excited!” She turned back around and continued her makeup.

“Veronica?” Martha poked her head into the room. “Sorry for running in, phone for you.” She handed Veronica her cell phone and Ronnie took it.

“Ronnie, you promised you wouldn’t take any work calls today.” Mac pouted.

“I know, it’ll just take a minute.” Veronica promised. “It’s probably not even about work, they probably just wanna say congratulations.” She decided, picking up the phone. “Hi Donna!” She grinned. “Today?… Well I’m not sure… well is it just at the courthouse?… I guess I could stop by for a second, see you in a few.” Veronica hung up the phone and grabbed her purse.

“Ronnie!” Heather Chandler came in just in time to see her friend about to escape. “Where are you going?”

“Look, my last client’s case might be getting reopened. I just need to go down there and represent the evidence to a jury, it’ll take like two seconds.” Veronica shrugged.

“That doesn’t sound like something that takes two seconds!” Chandler hissed. “That sounds like something that takes all day! You are getting married in four hours!” Heather screamed. “No way, no way in hell are you going to that.”

“It’s okay! Donne promised I’d be in and out! All I’m doing is dropping some stuff off and saying a few words then I’m back here.” She promised, beginning to run out the door. “Nobody will even notice I’m gone!” She called back.

“Veronica!” Martha ran after her. “You’re going to the court in your wedding dress!”

“I don’t have time to change!” She cried, pushing some people out of the way to get out the door of the venue.

“This is nuts.” Mac grumbled. “Veronica is gone and JD is probably somewhere waiting for the wedding to start!”


JD grumbled a bit and lifted his head up. “What the… what the fuck?… where the fuck are we?” He then shot up, looking around. Kurt and Ram were passed out on the other sides of the cold floor. JD sat up and kicked them, realizing where they were. “Guys! We’re in jail!” He cried.

“No man… we’re in holding… there’s a big difference.” Kurt mumbled, looking around.

“That’s not the issue right now!” JD screamed, kicking the guys so they got up. “How the hell did we get here?” He asked.

“Oh right, you were passed out at that point.” Ram sat up and stretched. “It’s your fault.” He added, pointing at JD. “You’re an adult, getting married, and you decided to go buy fireworks. We set fireworks off by the water tower and some cop got pissy.” He growled. JD was about to protest, but then he stopped and nodded.

“Oh yeah I guess I would do that… how did I pass out?”

“You fell off the water tower dude. You got knocked out, and the cop just arrested your unconscious body.” Kurt laughed. “We spent the night here.”

“Well we need to get OUT of here. I’m getting married in,” JD stopped and looked at the clock above the officer’s desk. “FOUR HOURS!?! I had to be at the venue three hours ago!” He cried. “I gotta call Ronnie or Mac or something. Did we already use our one phone call?” He asked. Ram nodded.

“Kurt used it to call Veronica.” He responded. JD sighed in relief. “He told her everything was fine and not to panic.”

“Why would he tell her that!?” JD screamed.

“Because you always tell her ‘everything is fine and don’t panic’.” Kurt told JD. “We thought keeping the bride happy was the most important thing to do.”

“Oh my god.” JD growled and slid to the floor. They stayed for a while and waited, until an officer came inside the holding room. “Hey! Officer, we have to get out of here! I’m getting married in a few hours, we have to go!” JD ran to the bars of the holding cell. The cop shrugged.

“Sorry. The judge is working a case today and our notary isn’t here. She’s getting married.” He spoke, talking about Veronica. JD slammed his head against the bars. “Nobody’s here to give and overlook the proper paperworks. Your friend’s parents posted bail a few hours ago, but you can’t go anywhere until we get the form signed by a judge or notary.” He spoke.

“Well when will the judge be done?” JD asked.

“He’s working. Some lawyer is representing evidence as to not reopen her client’s case. That could take all day.” He told JD. The boys all grumbled something in unison and slid to the floor of the cell, as the man left.

“I can’t believe I’m in here on my wedding day, Veronica is probably waiting for me!”


“How long do people deliberate for!?” Heather Chandler cried. Veronica and all her bridesmaids were waiting in the hallway of the courthouse– totally dressed for the wedding. Martha was holding Veronica’s wedding dress so it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

“Ronnie, your wedding is in an hour. You already did your thing! Can’t we go now?” Mac asked. Veronica shook her head.

“No! They might not vote to keep the case closed and then I have to talk to my client and then we have to prepare a case.” She rambled. Heather Chandler groaned and slid down onto the floor, covering her face with her hands.

“That’s going to take hours!” She cried out.

“JD definitely noticed we’re gone at this point!”


“Veronica definitely noticed we’re gone at this point.” Ram hit his head against the walls and Kurt groaned.

“It doesn’t matter.” JD sighed. “My wedding started five minutes ago, she probably thinks I bailed. And I’m stuck in a fucking cell waiting for this goddamn judge to finish with this dumb case!” He screamed.

“Hey, so you missed your wedding, that’s not a big deal. I missed senior prom.” Kurt tried to comfort his friend. JD just threw him a look.

“You missed senior prom because you spent it comforting Martha about her cat dying.” JD reminded. “I GOT ARRESTED!”

“You skipped senior prom to hang out with Martha?” Ram asked. “You told me you were nailing Kelly Anderson.”

“I can do two things in one night!”


Veronica sat gloomy on the bench, in her wedding dress as people filtered out of the courtroom. “What are you so sad about? You won!” The advisor– Donna– smiled.

“I was supposed to get married an hour ago. I should be at my reception right now but I’m in a courthouse.” Veronica sighed. Her bridesmaids were sitting all around her and trying to offer comfort.

“Well I hate to ask this, but as long as you’re here. They need a notary to stamp a release for for a couple of guys downstairs. They got arrested last night and were put in holding.” Donna told her. “Bail is posting and we’re all waiting on you.” Veronica sighed and shook her head.

“Whatever… as long as I’m here and my boyfriend thinks I abandoned him I’ll post out some idiots.” She grumbled, following Donna to the holding cell.

“Notary’s here.” The cop called to the boys in the cell.

“Veronica!” Kurt cried. “You came to save us!” He exclaimed. Veronica stopped cold and looked at the three boys in the cell. “Remember we called you last night to say everything was fine! We were lying!”

“JD, what the hell are you doing here?” Veronica demanded.

“Me? What the hell are YOU doing here?” JD asked.

“I had to run a case.”

“You had to run a case on our wedding day?!”

“YOU’VE BEEN ARRESTED JASON DEAN!” Veronica screamed. The coupled went back and forth for awhile until Veronica shook her head and filled everything out. “I can’t believe you got arrested on our wedding day.”

“The night before to be fair.” JD shrugged. “I can’t believe you took a case.”

“It was a retrial, to be fair.” She mimicked her boyfriend’s tone. JD put his arm around her. “I was just… so excited for this day and we missed it.” She spoke. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” He sighed. JD was quiet for a minute before looking up. “Wait, we’re in a courthouse.” He remembered. “Donna, can you get us another form… and are you an officionary?” He asked.


“And by the power vested in me, as a judge in the state of Ohio. I know pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The judge spoke. JD and Veronica kisses. Married in the holding cell of a courthouse in front of the Heathers, Martha, and the officionary Donna.

When they kissed all the people clapped. “When you were little did you ever think you’d be married in a jail cell?” JD asked.

“Well… it is only a holding cell.” Veronica shrugged. “It’s not that different than what I pictured.”

Olicity Fanfic Recommendation

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Hey, guys! With all the stress going on, I didn’t have that much time to read lately. I have finally managed to finish reading another fic, though, and figured given the long weeks without Arrow that are waiting for us, I should sit down and rec the story. That is why this is the recommendation/review/meta on The reluctant Queen by @anextraordinarymuse.

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°You’re Bobby’s daughter and you fall for Opie.

Dad called me asking, well practically begging me to come home.

I’d been over seas working at various tattoo parlors and selling my art the past few years, so I guess it was time to make a trip back home.

It’d be nice to see everyone again even though the way Dad was talking shit was turned upside down.

The taxi pulled into TM and parked near the row of bikes. Taking out 40 bucks, I paid the man and let myself out.

I waited until he drove off before taking a look around the compound.

Not much had changed. I took a deep breath and could smell the slight hint of weed and alcohol in the air.

Seriously, not much had changed.

If you didn’t know what it was like growing up here, you wouldn’t be able to recognize  the smell.

I headed to the clubhouse, letting myself in to the darkened bar area.

Boisterous laughing and classic Lynard Skynard assualted my eardrums. Luckily I was use to such loud noises as well as the smell.

The group of bikers all turned to me, pausing in throwing back their drinks.

My eyes adjusted to the dark and I found my Dad sitting next to Chibs.

“Hey guys.”

Dad, Chibs, Happy, Clay and Jax all yelled, coming over and each taking a turn to hug me.

“Eh, look at ye, ye little shite!” Chibs kissed my cheek.

“Nice to see you too Chibby!” I laughed.

“Seriously, you hit a damn growth spurt while away!” Jax chuckled, kissing the side of my head.

“Fuck off, Teller.”

“Man, have I raised you right or what?” Dad yanked me to him, crushing me in a bear hug.

Once Dad was done nearly choking me to death, Happy grabbed my arm, turning it this way and that, checking out my ink.

“You draw this?” He rasped.

“Yup, sure did! Went to see if Ami James could do it and he did.”

Happy dropped my arm, his mouth agape, “Ami James?”

I closed his mouth and winked. “I got friends in low places.”

He yanked me to him like Dad did and gave me a nuggie, “Mercy, mercy!” I laughed, hitting his side.

He let me go, letting me stand so I could fix my hair, “Watch the mane man!”

I looked around the guys and saw three new members. They were introduced as Juice, Half Sac and Philthy Phill.

I hugged Juice, which made him blush, “What was that for?” He asked.

“I remember when you started as a Hang Around. It’s awesome when someone makes it to a patched member.”

He blushed a deeper red.

I looked around and didn’t see my crush from growing up, “Where’s Ope?”

Jax had started in with picking, “Ohhh, wanna see Lover Boy?”

I flipped him off.

Everyone knew of my crush on Opie, but we’re adults now. Alot of shit has happened in the past 10 years.

Dad looped an arm around my neck, dragging me to the kitchen, “C'mon girl. Let’s bake some good shit and have a talk.”

“Yes sir.”
Turns out, I did most of the baking and Dad did the talking.

Everyone left us alone, so we didn’t have to sensor ourselves.

So much had gone down, that it didn’t take long for me to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Some of the worst news received was the murder of Donna and of Dawn, Tig’s youngest.

Donna was a good friend of mine and even though I was slightly jealous of her and Ope’s relationship, I never let that get in the way of our friendship.

Dawn, I couldn’t stand her growing up. She was a fucking hellion, but the way she was killed was just awful.

Dad went on to tell me that Jax has two kids now and is married to Tara, Chibs and Hap have Old Ladies and Tig is getting married to a woman named Venus.

Things were looking up as far as the people in the club, but club business was another subject, which Dad said he’d explain to me once I came over to his house.

Dad sighed, standing up and washing out his coffee mug, “I’m going to get some sleep. You know where everything’s at, so do what ya want.”

With that, he hugged me, “It’s good to see you home Y/N. We need some light in our lives.”
I was cleaning the baking mess in the kitchen when heavy boots thudded against the hard floor.


It was Opie and he sounded shocked as hell.

I dried my hands as I turned, “Hey ya Lug.”

I was shocked myself. Opie seemed taller than what I remembered, he was more built, his hair and beard longer and he was tattooed like nobodies business.

I had to mentally shake myself.

Opie held his arms out, “Don’t I get a hug?”

I laughed nervously, going to him. He bent slightly, wrapping his arms around my waist as my arms went around his neck.

Like I didn’t weigh a thing, he lifted me, giving me a squeeze.

A small shrieked escaped me, making him laugh deep within his chest.

Still holding me, he said softly, “Nice to see you back, Y/N.”

Thankfully he couldn’t see my blush, “Nice to be back Hun.”

Opie put me back down gently, but didn’t quite let go of my waist.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek, then stepped back.

“So what have you been up to?”

Just like that the trance was broken. I shook my head, clearing the love infested cobwebs, “Not much, traveling over seas and what not. You?”

He shrugged, “Raising Kyle and Eli.”

“I’m sorry about Donna.” I said, softly.

He looked down at his rings, “Yeah, me too…”

“You holding up alright?”

“Oh yeah. Much better than I was a few months ago. I got my head straight after falling off the deep end.”

“I’m glad you’re doing better.”

He smiled at me and I noticed that some of his teeth were capped with silver.

He’d truly filled out and looked every bit like SAMCRO.

“Listen, I need to go pick up the kids from school. You coming to the party tonight?”

“Wouldn’t be anywhere else,” I said.

Opie hugged me one last time, placing a bearded kiss on my cheek once more, “You look good, Y/N.”

I don’t know if he was flirting with me, but I tell you what, I’d give anything to have one night with this gentle giant.
The party was loud and the alcohol was pouring as I zigzagged my way througb the crowd.

I just wanted to find a corner where no one would bump into me.

Spotting one, I headed over and had a seat. I sighed, proping my feet on the table.

I closed my eyes, only to pop them open as the couch dipped deeply next to me.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Sup Ope?” I gladly took the water from him.

He even knew that I barely drank.

He shrugged, “Not much going on here.”

We’d been having a decent conversation when one of the porn stars came over a plopped down on his lap.

I wasn’t one that took rudeness very well, so it took alot for me to hold it in.

She began rubbing herself all over him and kissing his neck.

I stood, “I’ll let you be, Ope.” I tried concealing the hurt in my face and voice, but it didn’t seem to work.

“Y/N! Wait!”

I quickly made my way up to the roof to get some alone time.
It wasn’t long after that Opie came up.

He found me, laying on my back, watching the stars.


I sighed, not in the mood, “Just go back and have fun Opie.”

“Listen to me.”

I jumped up, heading back towards the door.

“Damnit, Y/N.” Opie grabbed my arm, pulling me into his arms.

I struggled against his hold but he wouldn’t let up.

With my back against his chest, he lifted me off of the ground.

Only then did I let my feet dangle and stop fighting.

Opie walked over to an AC unit and sat down, making me stand back on my feet.

He turned me between his legs, holding my waist.

“You jealous?”

I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

“Y/N,” he warned.

I clicked my tounge, “Fine okay! I am jealous! I always have been and most likely always will because I’ll never get to be with you! Happy?”

Ope sat there wide eyed, then a grin slowly appeared beneath his beard,

“You looove me. You want to huuug me. You want to kiiiis me,”

I laughed, pushing him away, “Fuck off Winston.”

“You can kiss me.” He said, his thumb caressing the exposed skin above my jeans.

I looked into his eyes, “I’m not some Croweater, Opie and I won’t be treated like one…”

“I know you’re not. You deserve better than that.”

I took a deep breath and decided to tell him, “I do love you Opie… I always have since I was 16.”

His large fingers gripped my chin lightly. His thumb ran across my bottom lip slowly.

Opie was waiting for me to make the first move.

I threaded my fingers in his long hair and leaned forward.

I placed my lips over his, tasting the alcohol and cigarette that he had before coming up here.

He pulled me closer to him, trapping me with his legs, which made me smile into the kiss.

He smiled as well, pulling back slightly. Placing a large hand over my backside, he gave it a squeeze as he took control of the kiss.

His beard tickled my face as his lips worked over mine, leaving nips and licks in the wake of his kiss.

We pulled apart when we heard Jax whispering,

“They’re kissing!”

Though he wasn’t quiet.

“Goddmanit Jackson!” I cursed.

“Wha? Haa!” He dissappeared quickly, falling down the ladder to the bar floor below.

“Serves you right you jackass!”

Cheering and clapping was heard outside. Opie and I walked to the edge to see my Dad and the other members with their women, cheering.

“It’s about damn time!” He laughed.

I spun around, facing Opie, “Did you know about this?” I asked, swatting at him.

He laughed, but grabbed my arms and pinned them to my side, “No,” tipping me back, Opie kissed me for all it was worth.

The group below cat called and wolf whistled, but I didn’t hear them. All I heard was Opie’s growl, my moan and my heart beating out of my chest.

Slowly he pulled back, grinning. “Can I take you home?”

“If that’s how it’s going to be, then by all means, please.”

We laughed as we righted ourselves.
Opie and I have been together for 5 years now. I’m currently carrying Opie’s son, who by the looks and feel of it was going to be huge like his father.

Things were certainly looking up as the years went on!

New Beginnings {31}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Slight Swearing, Fluff

Words: 4,888 without lyrics 5,455 with lyrics

To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks

At The Beginning by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

Have A Little Faith In Me by Mandy Moore

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24, 25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Happy Wedding Day!! The songs above are in the order they appear in the fic. Enjoy the fun you guys.

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This was my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s fanfic contest (you should go check out the five winners, they’re great!). I hadn’t written anything in quite a while when I wrote this and I was in the middle of moving, so it’s likely crap. (This is a world where Charlie’s death never happened and Dean is forty-five.)

Dean slapped a piece of packing tape on yet another box before adding it to a stack of boxes just like it.

“You forgot to label it,” Cas informed him.

“Oops,” Dean said, plucking a permanent marker from the pocket of his flannel. In neat block letters, he added Cas’s Books - box #19,852,492,549,835.

“I don’t have quite that many boxes of books. Perhaps thirty, but definitely not that many.”

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Time for a story - The love of a family

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Felicity sighed contently when the delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream melted on her tongue. Lately the baby craved ice cream all day or maybe Felicity just projected her own desire for her favorite ice cream flavor on the baby. Anyway, the ice cream tasted amazing, and it was the perfect dessert for the dinner Oliver had cooked for their family and friends.

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