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AU where Frisk stays wit Toriel for a few years before leaving the ruins

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title: and i would say i love you but saying it out loud is hard

pairing: kagehina

rating: t i guess?

tags: domestic fluff, angst w/ a happy ending, hinata being good at cooking breakfast foods, kageyama being just So In Luv, metaphors probably


No matter how hard he tries, Kageyama thinks, he always ends up like this.

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A Collection of Vampire Knight Analyses

Hi Guys,

A lot of you requested this, and omg it took me months to do, but I have, somehow, manage to comb through my blog and collect them all here in this post. They range from those made prior to the ending to those made after. I guess you could say this is a master post of what I hope is all of them.

All Analysis can now be found under ‘VK analysis’ tag on my blog.
All Vampire Knight Asks can now be found under the ‘Vampire Knight Asks’ tag on my blog.

Note: Not all asks that have asked me to break down VK have been added to this post as there were far too many too count. Because of this I ask that you please check the ‘Vampire Knight Asks’ tag.

A Detailed Analysis on Vampire Knight’s Volume Covers [x]

A (slightly) in depth analysis of VK’s ending [x]

The Birds Who Forgot Their Song (Chapter Analysis) (another analysis that never made the tag because my account was to young) [x]

The Knight and The King (my first analysis on VK lol before tumblr allowed my posts to tag hahaha) [x]

Yuuki illustration Analysis [x]

From disposable pawn to Vampire Knight: The story of Zero Kiryuu [x]

The Corrupt Black King and the Valiant White Knight: The Anti parallels between Kaname and Zero [x]

Yume Picture Analysis: a connection that exist for eternity and what that really means [x]

Finally Reaching the Preferred Direction - The meaning of the phrase [x]

Moving into Knighthood; The depths of Zero’s character development [x]

Finding Happiness; The light at the end of a limited lifetime [x]

THE Vampire Knight [x]

Each others Light [x]

‘Fated Butterfly Lovers’, The Tragic Love Story of Zero and Yuuki [x]

If you want to hurry, go slow. A comparative analysis of the canon couples in Vampire Knight [x]

Yet another Comparative Analysis; Zero and Kaname anti parallels [x]

Recently added Analyses:

Zeki and Aidori Parallels [x]

The Depths of Kaname’s Manipulations in the Deep Dark Forest [x]

The Wait: Zeki’s Steady Progression [x]

Heaven, Hell and the Purgatory Between Life [x]

Defiant Lovers: Official Artwork Symbolism [x]

Heaven’s Grace Through White Snowfall [x]

The Black King and His Game of Chess; An Analysis on Vampire Knight And It’s Ending [x]

VK’s Tragic Love Story: The Reality [x] 

What if; A Yuuki Kuran {Attempted} Motivations Analysis [x]

Analytical Asks

Rose symbolism [x]

Character Breakdown of Kaname Kuran - it’s not really a breakdown I just list five reasons why I hate him in great depth but I had to add it haha [x]

This post will be continually updated as new Analysis are written up or found. In that case I will reblog it sporadically on my blog with the updates.