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We need to prepare for NaruHina becoming endgame; but most importantly, we need to try & be civil about it.

Excuse me? No one has to prepare for anything at this moment, let’s be real. All we got are character designs, the plot, and that cover for the cd. That’s all. If that cover is what makes you feel that way, than i must say that you are jumping to conclusions way too soon. There’s no endgame or anything yet. I don’t know what you ship, but i respect it, and i respect your opinion- if you think that NH will happen in the end, then feel free to prepare yourself in any way that you want. But there’s no reason for me, or others to do so when there is absolutely nothing that confirms either NH, NS, SS etc. And if it does happen, then i will not be rude or w/e about it, i’m someone who respects other people’s ships after all. My personal opinion is that you should not jump to conclusions so quickly (i believe that Kishimoto did not develop and build NS up so much throughout the manga for nothing, but we shall see).


Alright guys here we go. Guess who can’t take a serious selfie? The answer is me.

So here i am, nb and i am very anxious about ever using pronouns that have so much potential for making me happier. Its tireing living in a home where you’re constantly reminded how disgusting your identity is.



supernatural; ‘no. 6’ au

after the apocalypse destroyed half of the earth, the remaining half was broken up into six different city-states. the sixth region, simply known as no. 6, is the most idyllic of them. that is, until a deadly parasitic insect is released in the city, killing its hosts.

sam winchester gets caught up in the events and his curiosity lands him on the authorities’ most wanted. luckily, the mysterious dean saves him from being taken to the 'correctional facility’, a place where people are taken when they know too much about certain things the government wishes to keep quiet, and are never seen again. the two boys flee no. 6, into the outer uninhabited region, but sam has too much to lose–a home, family, his girlfriend jess, so he wants to go back. dean, on the other hand, holds a personal vendetta against no. 6, and all of its inhabitants, and would find no greater pleasure than seeing it wiped off the map.

after much disagreement, it is discovered that the parasitic bug is living inside of sam, but dean manages to cut it out and save him just in time. sam considers the possibility that maybe his blood could save the people of no. 6, but dean refuses to let him.

eventually it is revealed that dean is actually the older brother of sam, who was taken away by the authorities when sam was a baby after their home caught on fire, but managed to escape them. when the two hear from an insider that sam’s girlfriend jess has been taken away after he fled no. 6, sam has to make a life-changing choice. no. 6–his home, or dean–his family.

i could try to explain for the anon!! okay miss/sir/other anon. so a puella magi/maho shoujo/magical girl is just that, a magical girl, and when they become one their soul is literally ripped out of them and transferred to a soul gem. a PM’s soul gem will gradually darken, and the rate at which it darkens will change depending on their feelings. if something tragic/sad/etc has happened/is happening, it will darken very quickly. if it darkens too much and their soul is filled w/ grief and sadness, they will turn into a witch. the soul gem will then turn into a grief seed. Witches are beings who spread grief and despair and sad shit. a puella magi can CLEAN their soul gem by killing PM’s who have already turned into witches. so basically, by “fighting witches” and “going on witch hunts”, we are going to kill witches to cleanse our soul gems!! i really hope this cleared everything up, it is probably kind of hard to follow though!!

also timeline for clarification

an incubator/QB/kyuubey comes to girl and asks to make a contract ==> girl makes wish ==> girl becomes magi, receives soul gem ==> sad event/happenings ==> soul gem darkens alot ==> puella magi turns into witch and soul gem turns into grief seed ==> other puella magi has a dark soul gem but not dark enough to be witchified ==> other puella magi kills witch ==>  killed witch drops her grief seed ==> puella magi places grief seed close to her soul gem, and the grief in her soul gem is “poured” into the grief seed

i hope that… clears things up…

Lots of people think Lyanna named Jon (in the case were she gave birth to him) but i firmly believe it was Ned. Why? because who else is named Jon and is close to Ned? Jon Arryn, who was Ned’s friend. I don’t think Lyanna would have named her baby like some dead Targaryen (not after Rhaegar, definitely) or some random northern name, I think she would give the baby a familiar name, to remind her of her brothers. 

In this aspect, Ned is a lot like her; he named two of his kids like his father (Rickard = Rickon) and brother Brandon (Bran) and if he and Cat were to have another kid Ned would have definitely called him something like Howland, i don’t even know.

TL:DR: Lyanna didn’t name Jon Snow.

  • Me: I don't really think you can say that women are more indecisive than men. I personally know a lot of indecisive guys.
  • My mom: Don't you think that's because in this generation we've trained men to be that way? There used to be a lot more men who were able to make decisions.
  • Me: .........
All these stories about girls being asked out and saying no...

When I was in high school, I must have been pretty intimidating (or not very attractive) because I was only asked out 3 times. Twice the guys had their friends do it, but the other time would’ve made me feel unsafe if I wasn’t surrounded by friends.

On Monday, I was sitting at lunch doing my math homework (like always) and a guy came and sat with us. My friend said she had dated him over the weekend because “she felt sorry for him” (aka, he guilted her into dating him), but she broke up with him on Sunday because she just didn’t like him. She was sitting right next to me when he sat down and asked me if I wanted to do something on Friday. “No,” I replied, without even looking up from my Algebra II. He tried a different day. “No.” A different week. “No.” A different activity. “No.” Finally, the friend who had “dated” him that weekend said “She means not ever, it’s not going to happen.” He finally left.

While working at Best Buy, I had a couple of customers ask me if I wanted to “hang out”, but one of them didn’t even have a conversation with me as I was ringing him out. He left the store and then came back to ask me if I wanted to “hang out”. I said, in no uncertain terms, “No.” He asked “Do you have a boyfriend?” “No, I just don’t want to hang out.” He tried a little more before finally leaving, which made me a little uncomfortable, because I was at work. These customers who ask for my phone number while I’m working know that I can’t leave.
When I told my friend about it, he asked “He was cute! (I’ll admit, he totally was) Why didn’t you say yes?” So we then had a discussion where I explained that it pisses me off when guys come to where I work and try to ask me out telling me I “seem nice”. No shit, I am being paid to be nice. I told him “What do they know about me? They know what I look like. They know I work at Best Buy. They know I seem bubbly and cheerful. That’s it. I have never seen them outside of work. I spent 2 minutes ringing them out for something. And they use this basis to ask me if I want to ‘hang out’?” My friend did admit that he seemed like the kind of guy who isn’t often said no to. And another coworker fist-bumped me for saying no. (I worked with a bunch of guys, it was, after all, Best Buy.)

When I decided to go to London for study week, I was going alone. My mom 100% did not want me to go by myself. We’d heard horror stories of people traveling, especially American girls (anyone seen Taken?) and my mom was against it. But I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, but really I didn’t try very hard. I was excited. But I was also super nervous (I’ve seen Taken). I didn’t run into any trouble, but I’ve always been lucky when it comes to this stuff. When I told people I was moving to China, the first thing they asked “Is it safe?” Well, no, not really. Nowhere is. Not when you’re tiny and female, anyone can take you. But a friend said that China is safer than London and we didn’t even ask.

My stories aren’t as severe as some of the others. I wasn’t threatened. I wasn’t blackmailed. But I was pissed off because someone’s first reaction to “No” was “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Girls go to the bathroom in pairs for a reason. We’ve been told countless times that if we’re ever alone, we’re in danger.

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1. I’ve got the best girlfriend. The best one, I swear. 
2. Since the day we started dating my mood has become just perfect, and in those times I can’t help but be in a bad one she always helps me just being for five minutes with me.
3. Even if I had to clean houses instead of working on something I’ve studied, I would live there and try to become a citizen.
4. Sometimes I feel really stupid when we’re in a call in Skype and I keep asking her to repeat things. And sometimes it happens because I just love to hear her voice and I just. Just. Can’t explain how I suddenly forget English.
5. I can actually be some kind of “rebel”, as some people would describe. Even if my parents said no, I would save the money to travel to visit her without asking for permission. I don’t really know the consequences of that but I don’t care anymore.

((I guess these count like facts? Sorry for being such a cheesy person oh God. Going to share this time, I guess. Glad to be one of your favourites!~