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Sarge - Names (Drabble Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1341

A/N: Tags are now closed! This gets a little suggestive, but not smutty.

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He knew he was in for it whenever she called him Sarge. It slipped out her lips when she was feeling flirty and coy, yet she hardly ever used it subtly.  He loved every second of it. There was no way he could ever escape her charm, especially not when that nickname was whispered in his ear.

They weren’t even a couple the first time she used it. After months of flirty banter, deep conversations, and lingering glances; it was clear there was something between the two of them. Not that either of them was doing anything about it.

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punk!pinescone ? yes please and thank you

anonymous asked:

write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

this is so much fun omg. i could do more than this but i don’t want to make y’all read that much dnfhkdfnhd (also i’m sorry i’m roasting most of you lmao it’s all out of love!)

  1. she’s #1 here and #1 in my heart, my bff and the most extra person i know little punk ass bitch
  2. closet ot7 stan
  3. smol child who needs to be protected, stans jihope i fucking guess
  4. bridget jones side character
  5. LOVES ME!!!!!!! (this is sharm btw. 100% sharm)
  6. has way too many biases but is willing to share :’)
  7. meme
  8. she need some milk
  9. says y’all a lot when she gets super sappy, my secret twin
  10. m-mommy 😳😳😳😳😳
  11. loves shrek and minions
  12. has a massive hand kink
  13. her love for yoongi is equal to the amount of typos she makes
  14. insanely talented omgggggg, makes gifs into literal art
  15. shares lots of fic with me because we’re both thirsty as fuck
  16. c*mbox
  17. [picture of yoongi falling off the couch in the love yourself highlight reels]

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Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions given to you and write 10 questions of your own. Tag 10 people.

Would you like the power of teleportation, telekinesis, or time travel (à la Hiro from Heroes)?

I don’t wanna any. Only one which I see as practical is teleportation but I enjoy having road before me even if it’s so time consuming. Guess I just will be always late. 

What are the genres of music you listen the most to (if you’re one of thosewho answers “everything”, pick your top 5)?

Top 5: rock, indie-pop, folk-metal, indie-rock, (and I’m going to say it) punk-rock. 

If you could instantly learn to masterfully play all instruments or masterfully speak all languages, which would you choose?

I’m absolutely musicaly deaf. So definitely languages.

Do you agree with the sentiment “once you let the darkness in, it’ll never leave you” (i.e. you do something morally wrong it’ll forever taint you)?

Well… that depends on lot of things. I think is individual. I’ve got friend who even can’t cheat on test and on other hand there are people who could murder someone and don’t feel bad for it. Everyone has their own limits. But yeah I think people are capable of ignoring lot of thigs so why not moral responsivility for their actions.

Tonight you die – how do you spend your last night?

Wear those red dress I’m scared to wear and go on swim in river which is near there. Then buy some nice food and walk around city. Do some stupid things like burning money or bra. Buy tea, maple spiced coffe or something. Walk more. Make graffity. Go to forest. Play my favourite music. Get on random train and get off on random station. Just have nice day.

What are the 5 songs you’re addicted to right now?

Just five? Okay then… Technicolor, Я шагаю по Москве, Beh (this song is bigest mood), I.N.A and Vaasankatu (which is sadly only on Spotify)

Do you have tattoos? Do you want tattoos? Of what and where?

No, but I would like some. Flower, it’s called vlčí mák in czech (red poppy???) and maybe peony too. I’m not sure where but somewhere where it will easy to hide. But it will proably never gonna happen. 

What’s your least favourite letter/character/symbol of any language? Why?

W or Y. W because I hate doubled vowels but W especialy, I’m not even able to write it correctly… I always forget it and then just write two regular v because it’s almost the same… And Y because czech rules for Y/I are stupid and it cost me lot of tears… then english came and I’m still not sure how it’s pronouced. I hated languages because of this stupid letter… (Just so you know I was kid) Someone just delete that letter it’s pointless… (at least in czech).

What’re your favourite app games?

I love hue. Colours~

Would you like to live in city, country, or suburban?

Suburban. But I would probably end up running to countryside in summer or winter or spring or fall…  

My question are:

1. Any language which you would like to learn but you haven’t got guts for it? Why?

2. Any word in any language which you hate?

3. If you could possess one of four elements (fire, water, air, earth) which one would you choose? Why?

4. Explore space, bottom of sea or ice cave? Why?

5. Is there any action where while doing it you can’t listen music because it’s disturb you?

6. What would you eat and drink for your last meal?

7. Any real life skill which you would like to possess? Why?

8. If you could change colour of your eyes and/or hair would you change it?

9. Is there any quote which helped you understand yourself or you just like because it’s relatable?

10. List 1 to 6 non-english songs you like.

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it’s always been about you.

Re: my experiment to see if people at the studio where I take drum lessons could guess what band Zayn was in from a recent tour photo.

yngvolkayno said:
I’m gonna say that at least two people think he’s from Bastille. One person says The 1975.

srslycris said:
I will be SO curious to know if anyone guesses right about that pic of Zayn. The only ones who would say 1D are those who know the band - so would they admit it? :D

I ended up asking 7 people, and here were their guesses (no Bastille and no 1D but The 1975 made it!):

  • 2 votes for The 1975
  • 1 vote for “I know it’s not Blink-182 but I can’t think of anyone else that looks like that right now so Blink-182”
  • 2 votes for Fall Out Boy
  • 1 vote for Hozier
  • 1 vote for “give me the Warped Tour line up and I bet I could guess it. It’s some obscure band, isn’t it?”

And the overwhelming response when I told them it was One Direction: “never would have guessed that in a million years.”  One guy asked if the other band members were wearing the same outfit as him and if that was their punk costume. The girl I asked said “when did they stop wearing pastels and varsity jackets?” Next week I’m going to play Fireproof for everyone and see how that goes.