i guess i could do that long otp: thing but all my other ship names are one word that i can remember

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anonymous asked:

I'm quite down about the eliza quotes coming out of that con :(

I’m glad you brought this up, anon, because I was just about to write a post about this.

I understand why people are panicking - really, I do - but at the same time … why now? We’ve gone three years where we have been, for the most part, unflinching in our faith in Bellarke. There have been minor pitfalls and speed bumps here and there, but we’ve managed to stick around and remain hopeful. This time seems to be different for a lot of people. It’s upsetting, because I see positive bloggers that I follow not just getting disappointed or discouraged, but giving up

Look, people. What Eliza is saying at these cons isn’t something to get your panties in a knot over. Hopefully you, nonny, and everyone else who is feeling down will be in a lot better spirits by the time I am through.

From what I’m hearing, it’s mainly two quotes that Eliza has said at Oz Comic-con that people are feeling upset about. The first one I’m going to talk about I don’t think anyone should be worrying about. This is the quote I’ve found from multiple sources (and there’s a video to boot) after a fan asked if Clarke will every love again:

“I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a possibility for her given with what she’s been through. I hope it is, but um … in honor of L.exa um … it would be … I think it would be hard for fans. So I don’t know. I want her to be happy though … so ya’know, which it is The 100  *laugh* I have no idea.” Source

This quote was blown way out of proportion. Nowhere does Eliza say that Clarke will not love again. She is very, very careful not to say that. She says “I don’t know” - she leaves it open. She also says it would be “hard for fans”, as in, the fans that booed another fan for asking about BOB, her costar (not even Bellamy). The thing is, Eliza can’t just say: “yes, absolutely, Clarke will love again”. Not at a con like this. Not where she knows she will receive lots and lots of backlash. She’s looking out for herself. I don’t blame her for that. The antis are insane. 

So instead, she says “I don’t know”, when we all know damn well she probably does know and is just too afraid to say it. She could have said “no, she will not love again” or “I don’t think so”. She doesn’t even say the latter - just plain old “I don’t know”. How many times have we heard that in the past? So many times. This isn’t anything new. Like Jason said, he would never spoil “real story”. What Eliza is saying is monitored before hand. She’s told what she can give away and what you can’t and some of it is also her choice (like the choice not to say anything upsetting to the antis). The writers and cast are still going to remain tight-lipped on Bellarke until it happens because they don’t want to spoil it. It’s prime time we started to get used to it and expect it. 

People are forgetting that Eliza also says she hopes Clarke will love again. That contradicts everything the antis have been saying. They completely misinterpreted this quote. Why would Eliza add this comment in, if Clarke will never love again? Why gives fans hope in that way? It’s far more likely she’s avoiding breaking the truth to the antis than breaking the truth to us. 

Something I know other people have pointed out is that everything Eliza is saying right now about L.exa, are things she has also said when Finn died. “Clarke will never love again”, “he/she was her one true love”. What she’s said in the past hasn’t been very accurate. What reason do we have to believe this is any different?

The second quote is the one I think is really scaring people. Unfortunately, I can’t actually tell you what the quote was, because no one even knows. The audio of the video was very poor. No one can seem to give an exact account of her words (or anything close) so really, we have no real idea. The only things we can really gather from the quote was this: 

Someone told me that Eliza was talking about some male character on the show other than Bellamy. Bellamy’s name was mentioned (context, we don’t know). Eliza says “that ship has sailed, I think” and mentions something to do with Jason and then an “I don’t know” for good measure.

The person who posted the video claims the ship she was referring to was Bellarke and how she doesn’t think that Jason will make it happen. Interestingly, no one can seem  to confirm that that’s actually what was said (huh). 

Here’s my honest thought: it sounds fake. 

At some point, we have to be realistic. Why the hell would Eliza tell anyone that Bellarke wasn’t going to happen, even if it was true? She has to know that a large part of the fandom ships Bellarke and, even if Bellarke isn’t going to happen, she can’t just tell the fanbase off (which is essentially what she would be doing, if that’s actually what she said). Like I said, everything Eliza is saying has basically been fed to her beforehand by Jason - particularly when it comes to ships and spoilers, because those are sensitive topics. 

The fact that no one, except this one person, has come forth to confirm this line makes me very wary. You’d think that there would be someone else who would care about Eliza “confirming” that Bellarke is a no-go.

Another thing about it that is funny to me is that Eliza says “that ship has sailed”. Bellarke hasn’t sailed - it was never explicitly stated to be romantic. How is it possible for that ship to already have sailed, when it never left the docks? I mean, us Bellarke shippers know it’s romantic, but it’s never been confirmed, so that wording doesn’t make any sense. What I think is going on here is that Eliza isn’t talking about Bellarke at all. She’s talking about some other ship entirely and Bellamy’s name just happened to be mentioned once, but that’s it.

(There’s also been speculation that the audio on the video was edited, which also is a possibility.)

Just think about if for a minute, Bellarke fam. We’ve been rickrolled so many times in the past by the C/exa fandom. They have posed as Bellarkers, created fake spoilers, made fake websites, manipulated footage so that they could trick us into believing things that are actually false. We’ve called them out on their bullshit in the past. What makes this so different? 

I think people are panicking because the writers are so radio-silent and we have no hints about the future of The 100. The antis have overstayed their welcome, causing us all to stress and freak out. More likely than not, this is just another one of them, doing their best to wreak havoc.

The video was taken down. Why would it be taken down? I can think of two reasons:

a) She was asked to take it down or it was taken down without her control. Why would this happen? Well, if the audio was edited, it could be because she manipulated real footage and made it something fake. Pretty sure there’s a law against that.

b) People were starting to question the accuracy of her statements. She took the video down before they could reach a concrete conclusion or someone who was there stepped forward to say what the ACTUAL quote/context was. 

Both of those reasons is in support of my feeling, which is that the quote that user is telling us isn’t actually real.

Now I’m going to take a different approach, because I know there are still going to be people who weren’t convinced by me and believe that Eliza really said those things. Hypothetically speaking, even if the quote really was real … so what?

Eliza doesn’t know anything definitively about what they’re doing with Bellarke - that’s why she said “I don’t know” in every quote she has made regarding Clarke and romance at the con. She’s just an actor on the show - she doesn’t have any real control of what happens on the story beyond adding in or changing a few lines here and there (as has occurred in the past) and that doesn’t happen until after the season’s been written anyway. When it comes down to it, Jason has the final say, and Jason’s been writing Bellarke.

Even if Eliza HAS had a meeting with Jason about what they’re doing in Season 4, why would he have felt the need to tell her “Bellarke isn’t happening”? If it’s not happening, he probably wouldn’t bring it up at all. So either she knows it’s happening, or she doesn’t know anything at all. Remember that the writers have only been writing for … what? 16, 17 days? (It’s somewhere around there.) They probably don’t even know for sure what they’re are doing. In any case, it’s too soon for them to have already decided Bellarke will never happen for certain. 

And that makes anything that Eliza may or may not have said about Bellarke not happening a mute point. 

It’s also interesting how I seem to recall Eliza saying something very similar to “that ship has sailed” about C/exa back during the hiatus between Season 2 and 3. In an interview, she said that she didn’t think it would be possible to pursue a romantic relationship between the two of them after L.exa’s betrayal, at least not for a very long time. And we all saw how accurate that ended up being. 

The actors are pretty much left guessing, just like the rest of us, until they get their scripts. 

So many things the writers and actors have said in the past contradict themselves or don’t match up with the narrative. The point isn’t to spoil the story, it’s for us to discover it as we watch. Things get twisted when you take what the actors, who really have no idea what Season 4 is going to be like at the moment, say too seriously. 

Look, cons are all PR. Interviews, meet-ups with the fans, even some tweets are all PR. That’s what the TV business is. On rare occasions will you hear opinions that are purely the actors, with nothing scripted whatsoever. That’s just how it works. Eliza has been manipulating what she says to suit her needs since day one, just like any other actor.

And right now, she’s being told not to trigger the antis. That’s why it sounds like she’s constantly kissing their ass. It’s in part because she is looking out for herself, and doesn’t want to receive hate, but the writers also really can’t afford to make them even more angry right now. The writers/cast are all walking on eggshells right now. Don’t expect them to say “Clarke has gotten her closure and is ready to move on with Bellamy” any time soon, because you will be disappointed. 

Seriously, you guys, we’re better than this. We’ve been getting told for years that Bellarke won’t happen or isn’t romantic at all, but the narrative consistently rejects that idea over and over again. There are hundreds of thousands of words of meta out there just dedicated to why Bellarke is definitely going to happen. This situation is no different, so why are we treating it differently?

Jason is a lot of things, but an idiot isn’t one of them. He knows what he’s doing. If what we saw in 3B was any indication, he’s been building up Bellarke for three seasons. Why would he throw away that plotline now? It’s impossible for the writers to satisfy the antis unless they somehow bring L.exa back from the dead, if even then. C/exa is out of the question - that story is done. It’s time to move on.

People are concerned that the writers will pander to the C/exa fandom again because of all the backlash, but you guys, that doesn’t make any sense. If the writers are aware of the backlash (which they definitely are) they are also aware of the boycott. They know they’ve already lost the antis viewership and there’s no way to win it back. They aren’t going to pander to an audience that isn’t watching anymore. Not to mention, they have nothing to pander with. 

Let me reiterate: L.exa is dead. Gone. The writers cannot use her anymore.

You know who IS still watching? Us. Bellarke and C/exa are probably the two largest fanbases on The 100 right now. They’ve lost one. They really can’t afford to lose us, too. Which means Bellarke is definitely on the table. Do you really think they would throw away one of the major things keeping their show afloat?

Come now, that would just be stupid, and Jason isn’t stupid.

The worst case scenario I can see arising from this is that Bellarke won’t happen in Season 4 (I still strongly believe it will - this is a worst case scenario). It will still be endgame, though: worst case. Bellarke might not happen until the very end, the very last season, maybe even not until the last episode, but it will happen. Jason won’t change his endgame for these fans. 

Because it’s either the writers stick to their original plan and Clarke ends up with Bellamy, or they don’t and she ends up with no one. I doubt they’ll have her end up with no one. This IS still the CW after all - the writers know who the vast majority of the CW’s audience is, which is teenagers. Now, I think that the demographic is changing, but the CW likes their romance, and so does this show. It’s NOT a romance, mind you, but it’s still a very prominent part of the show.

Bellarke is coming. If Mark Pedowitz has to give Jason another season to wrap up his show (if Season 4 doesn’t do well) I believe he will. The CW, in the past two years, has renewed all of their shows, even the ones that have far worse ratings than The 100. It’s not unlikely they will continue that trend next year. If we get a Season 5 and Bellarke STILL hasn’t happened in Season 4, they’ll make it happen in Season 5 - guaranteed. Because if Season 5 is the last season, the antis opinion won’t matter anyway. It’s not like they would be trying to get renewed if they got the call that the fifth season would be their last (or the fourth, for that matter).

And honestly, even if Bellarke never happens (highly unrealistic) people are deluding themselves if they think we aren’t going to be getting some damn good Bellarke scenes next season. We all loved what we got in Seasons 1, 2, and 3. We just get to have more of that in Season 4, with a high chance of romance. 

Bellarke is coming. Believe it.

Edit: So, as it turns out, the quotes that Eliza has said have been confirmed to be true by a source that I trust. I was under the assumption a C/exa shipper posted the video. I was wrong - it was a Bellarker. Never fear! I’m still not concerned. Just read what I have to say about if the quotes did end up being true. I stand by everything I wrote. (And yes. Bellarke is still coming. Believe it.)

A Tinkerer's Tale: Nicknames

I had a not so fun day at work so I finished up some pure Shakarian fluff to make me feel better. So fluffy you may rot your teeth. You’ve been warned.


“What do you think of honey?”

Shepard looked up from her datapad. On the other couch, Garrus sat cross legged, holding a datapad of his own. He looked expectantly towards her. “Um… I’m for it, I guess,” Shepard said, trying to find the line she was reading on her pad. She had forty-three former Cerberus scientists and their families currently on the ship and the datawork was atrocious.

Garrus seemed content with her answer and a comfortable silence settled over her quarters as they worked. But a few minutes later, Garrus asked, “What about pumpkin?”

Not bothering to look up this time, Shepard answered, “Love the smell, don’t really like the taste.”


She held back a sigh and put her datapad next to her. There’d be no getting work done until Garrus got whatever it was out of his system. “I don’t even know what that is,” Shepard said honestly.


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