i guess hoya is in these

infinite as friends:
  • sungkyu: friend that will get on your ass about the pencil you didn't return to him like 10 fucking years ago, but also can be a great dude who's like an older brother. but still petty af.
  • dongwoo: always happy friend who is always there for ya, is an embarassment to be near sometimes tho, makes you question your friendship sometimes.
  • woohyun: 100% player. but very nice. smoothe ass pick-up lines is a bonus.
  • hoya: #savage, #sarcasm101, loyal i guess, dude will take a challenge to the end
  • sungyeol: tol. nice, cute. will take truth or dare very seriously. can't stay on one thing for a long time.
  • myungsoo: artistic friend, can walk down the street with pride b/c he's handsome, but at the same time he's too handsome wtf dude, the actual cinnamon bun.
  • sungjong: warms your heart, can be savage af, is a 100% angel at the same time, makes you look like a bum when you're next to him,
If Infinite had a Different Leader
  • Sunggyu: What the... Hey!
  • Dongwoo: Oh shit! Sorry, I overslept. Okay, so we need to be at the studio by... 1 hour ago... Oops...
  • Woohyun: Okay, so, tomorrow morning, we need to be up by 5am, yes? Wait no, Dongwoo would want more sleep, let's make it 5:30. Hair and makeup at 6, oh and I heard there's a new stylist noona who's really pretty, and then *5 hours later* and at 1pm I guess we can get lunch. I feel like Chinese food today.
  • Hoya: Okay guys, 5am get up, hair and makeup, 6:45am studio, 12pm Lunch, 1pm rehearsals, 4pm hair and makeup, 5pm full dress rehearsals, 7:30pm filming. OKAY, LETS GO! LETS GO! LETS GO!
  • Sungyeol: Yeah, the CEO told me about this, apparently it's sponsored, so we gotta do it. And yes Myungsoo, you can't wear black ones. *Sniggers while watching the others walking off with socks on their ears*
  • Myungsoo: I think we need more food... Also more time to sleep after the food. Pancakes sound nice too. We should all go get some tteokbokki after filming.
  • Sungjong: YES! I DEMAND RESPECT! YA SUNGGYU!! *Receives death glare* Sorry...
  • Sunggyu: this guy thinks he can beat me to that icecream truck
  • Sunggyu: nOT TODAY
  • Woohyun: ok how tf did I get in this room
  • Sungyeol: *accidentally punches mirror* *starts bleeding*
  • Sungyeol: ow maybe next time I shouldnt dance in the bathroom
  • Sungyeol: yolo
  • Dongwoo: i look bloody magnificent everybody look at me while I pose fiercely
  • Hoya: *looks in mirror* I look really good today
  • Hoya: oh it's Myungsoo...
  • Myungsoo: oh my fucking god I look ugly today
  • Myungsoo: oh thank god its just hoya
  • Sunggyu: the icecream truck got away before either of us got to it
  • Sunggyu: i guess that leaves me with no choice
  • Sunggyu: *starts crying*
  • Sungjong: was i even in this teaser wtf woollim

Today is the day. If you asked me a year ago where I thought I would be today, I would have never guessed this in a hundred years. If you told me that I was running my first Big East championship as a freshman running for Villanova, I would have laughed in your face. But dreams do come true, and I could not have asked for better friends and teammates to have by my side. There is no other school I would rather be running for. So time to go out and show off our wildcat pride💙🐾💙

INFINITE Reaction: When they tell you they want a baby

Thank youu darling~~ ♥♥ 

I wanted to make it funny but i guess .. i failed >.<


Sunggyu: “Soo i’ve beeing thinking..  W-What if we .. You know.. Have a baby?  I mean, now i’m quite famous now, i’m earning enough and ..Yes i want to have a family with you..”

Dongwoo: “You know.. Don’t you think.. It’s time for us.. T-To have a baby?” *getting shy*

Woohyun: “I’ve being thinking about it for quite a while now .. Do you want to have a baby?! My baby?!”

Hoya:” I know this is a serious matter and we should discuss it together ,and i’m with you no matter what you decide but, i just wanted you to know that i really want to be a father , and i’m serious,  i want you to be the mother of my kids..”

Sungyeol: He would blurt  it suddenly “Hey Y/N-aah, do you want to have my baby?!” *then gets shy and embarrassed*

Myungsoo: “Mind joining me?! We can start working on .. You know what?” *winks*

Sungjong: “It was fun right?! The date with my cousin’s kids.. Oh god how much i love kids.. D-Do you think we should try .. I mean to have a baby?! Do you want to?!

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deimos and phobos were sons of the god ares, who accompanied their father into battle, driving his chariot and spreading fear in their wake. as sons of aphrodite, goddess of love, the twins also represented the fear of loss.

hoya and dongwoo as greek gods (insp.)

milkykkum  asked:

Gif reaction of infinite if you(you guys are dating) and you are talking with a really close friend and they think that him is flirting with you?

Sunggyu: What does he think he is doing?

Dongwoo: She isn`t going to leave me for him, is she?

Woohyun: [considers showing more PDA] I need to hug her in public more often…

Hoya: [in disbelief] Dude, are you trying to flirt with her in front of her boyfriend?

Sungyeol: How dare you flirt with her, this peasant..! Imma get at you.

Myungsoo: He is trying so hard, but guess who isn`t taking any of his shit? My girl isn`t taking any of his shit.

Sungjong: Excuse me sir, would you please stop?

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happy birthday to an angel;  
this is the fourth time i’ve done this yet somehow, i always struggle with what to write one year after the other. but i guess that’s a good thing since you’re always leaving people speechless. i feel like this has become an understatement now, but i’m so proud of you hoya. the amount of talent you have amazes me more and more each year and i never thought it’d be possible but you’ve proven me wrong. acting, dancing, rapping, singing, and composing. it really makes it harder to answer “is there something he can’t do?” the determination you have to be the very best at what you do is so strong, it’s really inspiring to watch you be so passionate about your dreams and how much you love being up on that stage. your hard work has got you to where you are today and i can’t be any happier to call myself your fan. please continue to smile bright like you always do. it makes my day just a little bit brighter.
내 인생의 빛, 너.

Opening Reality Album + My Mom
  • Me: My album came! *opens in front of mother*
  • Mom: Let me see, they always have really nice packaging.
  • Mom: Which one is your favorite again?
  • Me: The youngest *points*
  • Mom: He has nice hair there. Yes, he's the baby that's right. He is very unique looking, good choice. Which one is Annie (purpleboyhowonee)'s favorite again?
  • Me: Hoya *points*
  • Mom: No no I need to see all of them at once.
  • Me: *is forced to open poster, points at Hoya again*
  • Mom: Oh yeah he's handsome, I mean they all are handsome of course. Which one is the oldest?
  • Me: *points to Sungkyu*
  • Mom: Oh yes. That was my guess. I really like his hair. *continues to stare*
  • Mom: You think I would like the CD even though I wouldn't be able to understand it?
  • Me: (◕‿◕✿)
Not all Fansites are Trash, not all International Fans are Nice

So… I have read a lot of negative comments on Korean fansites and their behaviour at IE in London, so I just wanted to express my opinion on the general situation, though I’m not sure if people are willing to listen.

Before I start with my story, I want to emphasise on the fact that it was already known that there are some fansites out there that are trash. Korean fans have told us numerous times. So don’t act all surprised all of a sudden.

I went to INFINITE EFFECT in Paris and it was amazing. During the concert I was actually standing behind two fansites during the concert. I am not exactly sure who, but it was a Myungsoo fansite (I saw some of the photos she took, which looked amazing btw, and I’m guessing it was L’aile, but I’m not 100% sure), and I think the other was a Hoya fansite. And I had absolutely no trouble with them! They don’t have the fucking time to punch you, push you or pull your hair, because they’re only focussed on getting nice photos. Yes, they are a bit arrogant, but I didn’t experience them being aggressive.

I think it’s also funny how people trash talk about fansites without pointing out a specific person. If I were to be physically attacked like that, I would want to find out who this bitch is. Or not??? Some stories are ridiculous to begin with, being strangled at clear daylight, someone breaking a leg, seriously? And one person even put a whole story and added a link to a video with proof, but the link doesn’t even work. People don’t even bother to check.

I did hear a lot of bad things about Honeytree specifically. I have seen Honeytree and she is literally 3 heads shorter than me. In overall, she looked quite shy and timid, so I’m not sure why people are defining her as an aggressive monster, while she probably would hardly reach my face if she tried to hit me. But okayyyyyy.

So let me tell you some more about international fans. First of all, I was standing in line for CAT2 in Paris (since around 7 in the morning) and there were about 50 people in front of me. I am not sure how, but as more time passed by, more people gathered in front of us. I think there were at least 150 people in front of me by the time the doors opened. And I am okay with people holding a spot for a friend or two, but sometimes a whole group of 10 just arrived and skipped in line. But yeah, what are you gonna do about it? I didn’t want to walk up to them, because the chance of winning the situation is slim and I don’t want to be violent in a foreign country (a) hahaha. The French fansites didn’t do much about it, but I can hardly blame them and in overall they did a good job in keeping peace. Did I already mention that these were all international fans that jumped queue and not Koreans?

During the concert I also had disputes with some fans. (achem, international fans). One in particular was quite memorable and it makes me laugh pretty hard looking back at the situation. There was one chick that kept pushing me, so eventually I pushed back, hard. And she gave me a dirty look, so I told her to fuck off (x10) and she yelled things like; “I can’t help it, I’m being pushed, too.” But if that’s really the case, how come she completely disappeared after I made clear that I wasn’t having her shit? 

According to my friend there was a girl behind me who constantly pushed me during the concert and literally tried to climb on me. Funny enough, I never noticed hahahaha. I did feel being pushed hard one time, but I just pushed back with my butt and the pushing immediately stopped hahahaha don’t underestimate the power of zhe booty hehe.

But you know, I really enjoyed the concert. A lot! And I’m so happy that I went and got to see the boys again!

I can’t emphasize enough on how much I enjoyed IE in Paris, because I also went to OGS in London. And it was absolutely horrible! But from what I remember, I didn’t experience trouble with Koreans, only foreign fans.

Also, in Paris the majority of the fans were French, which you might think to be logical, but in London there were a lot more international fans that came from outside of Britain. So, maybe, just maaaayyyybeee, the fault lies with international fans???

So to summarize the story:

·       Some fansites are trash;

·       Some fansites are nice;

·       Some international fans are very nice;

·       Some international fans are worser than trash and spread false news.

Tip: Trouble in London has occurred twice so far. A specific type of fans go to London for the English language. Don’t be afraid and try to go to France or Berlin despite the possible language barrier. And I heard that the people in Warsaw were really chill!!! So the less popular the destination, the more enjoyable the concert might be. (This goes the same for New York, just look up OGS stories for NY).