i guess hoya is in these

infinite as friends:
  • sungkyu: friend that will get on your ass about the pencil you didn't return to him like 10 fucking years ago, but also can be a great dude who's like an older brother. but still petty af.
  • dongwoo: always happy friend who is always there for ya, is an embarassment to be near sometimes tho, makes you question your friendship sometimes.
  • woohyun: 100% player. but very nice. smoothe ass pick-up lines is a bonus.
  • hoya: #savage, #sarcasm101, loyal i guess, dude will take a challenge to the end
  • sungyeol: tol. nice, cute. will take truth or dare very seriously. can't stay on one thing for a long time.
  • myungsoo: artistic friend, can walk down the street with pride b/c he's handsome, but at the same time he's too handsome wtf dude, the actual cinnamon bun.
  • sungjong: warms your heart, can be savage af, is a 100% angel at the same time, makes you look like a bum when you're next to him,
You give them back their hoodie because it doesn’t smell like them anymore (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he would pout as you gave it back to him and instantly felt bad so you would take it back from him- “I thought it would look really cute on you. Why are you giving it back”

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Dongwoo: -he would be annoyed because you always took things without asking. Clothing, food, phone accessories. Whatever- “of course you just took it”

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Woohyun: -he would watch you take more of his clothing before he got up and wouldn’t let you take more than you already have- “no that’s not how this works. You can just spray it”

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Hoya: -he gave it to you as a gift so he wouldn’t take it back to matter how much you tried, throwing it on his bed and it would end up back at your place- “It was a gift. You can’t give it back”

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Sungyeol: -he would look at you confused before taking it from you- “I never gave this to you but okay”

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L: -he would take it from you and feel sad that instead of asking for it to be sprayed again you just gave it back- “I mean okay, good enough. I guess”

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Sungjong: -he’d feel slightly offended because it was more than just something for you to wear and give back. He would just take it back from you annoyed- “well you aren’t getting anything else of mine then”

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If Infinite had a Different Leader
  • Sunggyu: What the... Hey!
  • Dongwoo: Oh shit! Sorry, I overslept. Okay, so we need to be at the studio by... 1 hour ago... Oops...
  • Woohyun: Okay, so, tomorrow morning, we need to be up by 5am, yes? Wait no, Dongwoo would want more sleep, let's make it 5:30. Hair and makeup at 6, oh and I heard there's a new stylist noona who's really pretty, and then *5 hours later* and at 1pm I guess we can get lunch. I feel like Chinese food today.
  • Hoya: Okay guys, 5am get up, hair and makeup, 6:45am studio, 12pm Lunch, 1pm rehearsals, 4pm hair and makeup, 5pm full dress rehearsals, 7:30pm filming. OKAY, LETS GO! LETS GO! LETS GO!
  • Sungyeol: Yeah, the CEO told me about this, apparently it's sponsored, so we gotta do it. And yes Myungsoo, you can't wear black ones. *Sniggers while watching the others walking off with socks on their ears*
  • Myungsoo: I think we need more food... Also more time to sleep after the food. Pancakes sound nice too. We should all go get some tteokbokki after filming.
  • Sungjong: YES! I DEMAND RESPECT! YA SUNGGYU!! *Receives death glare* Sorry...

fionawesome  asked:

Do you have any ideas on how to engage in my new special interest, autism? I'm self-dx and have been learning stuff for the past 6 months but I'm a bit stuck on how else to engage with it. I guess I'm looking for music, books, and tv shows by autistic people or like IDK, good things I can read about it.

When I first self-diagnosed, I developed a really strong special interest in autism. Something I really enjoyed was reading the blogs of autistic people. I learned so much about the autistic experience and autism itself from reading blogs by autistic people. The following are some blogs I recommend reading:

Many of these blogs link to other blogs that they enjoy so you can fall down the rabbit hole of reading blog after blog. There are so many autistic bloggers out there that you could keep reading autistic blogs for quite some time. 

As far as media made by autistic people, the show Community was created by an autistic person, Dan Harmon, and features autistic character Abed. I know that Cynthia Kim of Musing’s of an Aspie has written a few books. I know there are other autistic author I’ve seen on tumblr but I can’t think of them right now. 

Followers, does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Sunggyu: this guy thinks he can beat me to that icecream truck
  • Sunggyu: nOT TODAY
  • Woohyun: ok how tf did I get in this room
  • Sungyeol: *accidentally punches mirror* *starts bleeding*
  • Sungyeol: ow maybe next time I shouldnt dance in the bathroom
  • Sungyeol: yolo
  • Dongwoo: i look bloody magnificent everybody look at me while I pose fiercely
  • Hoya: *looks in mirror* I look really good today
  • Hoya: oh it's Myungsoo...
  • Myungsoo: oh my fucking god I look ugly today
  • Myungsoo: oh thank god its just hoya
  • Sunggyu: the icecream truck got away before either of us got to it
  • Sunggyu: i guess that leaves me with no choice
  • Sunggyu: *starts crying*
  • Sungjong: was i even in this teaser wtf woollim
Infinite Reaction to when their girlfriend asks them to buy tampons/pads for her.

Since I am in those days, I wondered about this situation. How would infinite react to you asking them to buy tampons or pads for you because you ran out of them and were into much pain and not in the mood to go?

Sungkyu - Ohhh he would complain so much! Pretty sure you would end up going by yourself. This boy is really lazy, but in this case, it would be more embarassement from his part. He would feel really uncomfortable if he had to do it. (Remember when he grabbed a bra, not knowing what it was at first, and when he realized what he was holding, he threw it away and stepped back like it was the most gross thing in the world? Imagine with a box of tampons then .) He wouldn’t mind going with you, but no way you would get him to go there alone. Only if it was a true emergency. But even in that case, he would, 90% sure, bring the wrong brand or/and the wrong size because he would bring the first box he saw and ran away to hide himself. But, in a regular day, he would give all the excuses to not get you mad, like saying he didn’t want to go because he had to do something or because he was feeling sick.

“Ahhh jagi, you still have some left! And you look fine, you can go by yourself.”
“Gyu, I am dying in pain and I need my tampons, I can’t go.”
“Ohh …. but I have an headache right now, can’t you ask one of your friends to go instead of me?” 

(pretty sure he would feel really guilty after you left on your own, he would blame himself for making you go when you were feeling sick, and would sit waiting nervously for you, worried if you were ok, and feeling horrible. He would fill you with kisses when you returned and would take you to a fancy restaurant at dinner as an apollogy and as a way of trying to feel better after disappointing you. how cute omg . But after that day he would remind you always to buy your stuff, even when you weren’t on those days, just to make sure he hadn’t to go through that situation again.)

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Dongwoo- He would blush and find your request a little bit akward, since he is a guy and he never had to do something like this before, but I feel like he would be kinda of excited ad well (?), I mean, he had never gone to that section at the convenience store and he never had the chance to actually hold a box of tampons/pads so… why not? He wouldn’t be embarassed like Sunggyu, after all, he knows it meant a lot for you. Some stares and stupid comments wouldn’t affect him at all. But he would probably arrive home late, because he would want to investigate all of the boxes, because he has never seen them this close before. He knew you would complain about the time he took to come so he would bring you some painkillers to make you feel better.

“ Ughh, yes I’ll do it! But you have to tell me the size, the color, the brand, the scent, the shape, how many and where they are exactly, because I have no idea.” (excited puppy)

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Woohyun- He never thought he would be asked such thing so he would be really surprised when you do, and maybe even think you were just joking with him at first. But when you assured him you really nedded the pads and you weren’t feeling good to go to the store yourself he would kiss your forhead and leave after you telled him which ones you wanted. He would be a little ( *cof cof* a lot *cof cof*) lost in the store, but he would efficiently bring the ones you wanted. He would also bring some more things that he knew you were needing and some take away for you to have dinner together. He would cuddle the whole night with you, making sure you were fine and comfortable, because he knew that it was a hard time for you and he wanted you to be ok because he loves you more than anything.

“I brought chicken! How about we watch a movie tonight? I don’t want you to be in pain and I’ll do anything to make you forget about it.”

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Hoya - He would be totally fine with it. The first time you asked, he would probably laugh at first and be kinda nervous and affraid to bring the wrong brand, but we know he would suceed. Then you would never have to worry about it cause this boy would be there to go buy as many as you needed. He knew you had to suffer a little with the pain and it wasn’t the most pleasent thing in the world, so he wouldn’t mind spending 10 minutes, to see you smile again. Plus, he would love that you had enough conffidence in him to ask for something like that, and he would feel satisfied because he was taking good care of you.

“Have you ran out of them yet? No? Just tell me if you need some pills or stuff, I don’t mind going at all.” ( i want this)

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Sungyeol - At first he would look at you like you just asked him to go murder someone, because that would be how he felt about going to the store to the feminine section. He would be just as embarassed as Sunggyu and he would complain just as much but you would end up winning and make him go to he store for you. He would be so lost tho… how in the world could be there so many brands and so many sizes? He would be always checking if someone was watching him, and if there was, he would just prettend we was looking for something else till they were gone and he could go back to search the ones you wanted. Once he got home he would give you a sweet peck, assuring you he would never do this again (but you knew if you asked again he had no choice. XD).


15 minutes later 

( *calling you* ) “Jagi… you didn’t told me they had 200 brands of this with 50 different sizes each…”

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L - This boy would be a gentleman. He wouldn’t enjoy going there, but he would do it for you because he  wants you to feel good and loved. He wouldn’t complain at all, just maybe cringe a little at the beggining, but he would forget about the embarassement and go to the store. If someone asked, he would smile and say it was for his wonderfull girlfriend who asked him to go because she needs him and trusts him. He would be really quick getting there, and wouldn’t even ask you which ones you wanted because he already knew ( he had seen them in your bathroom and a box of them inside your purse when you were looking for something inside. such a perfect boyfriend omg) . But since he was too quick, he would also bring you a box of chocolate and a cute stuffed bear or a buquet of flowers he bought before leaving. just kill me, myungsoo is so smooth xD

“Of course I had to! I love you, Jagi.”

Sungjong- Ok, about this cutiepie. Sungjong wouldn’t even find it akward. He would behave the same if you asked him for milk or potatoes. He has this really straighforward mind and would 100% go there for you. Even if he was a little busy at the time, he would find a way to still get them for you. He wouldn’t even mind people staring at him, and wouldn’t even notice them, because you were his main priority then. You would be his everything, so he would be constantely checking if you were fine. If he had to leave you, he would be texting you the whole time to know if you were feeling better.

“Ofc I’ll go. Do you need something else?”

Uhh this took me a long time xD but I am proud of myself. Man, I am sorry that Sunggyu’s turned out gigantic compared to Sungjong, but I guess it was more complex xD. Send me some requests!


His girlfriend asks him to give her a boob massage because of her period (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he would instantly take your hand and tug you by him so he could do it- “you know I can’t say no. I want you happy”

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Dongwoo: -at first he wouldn’t be able to process what you were asking but then he would he would agree when he snapped out of it- “oh um yeah yeah sure”

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Woohyun: -you would tell him and then he instantly would agree to it so you would feel better-”yes sure babe I can do that for you”

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Hoya: -he would be embarrassed when the question came but then would agree to make you feel better- “yes of course come sit with me”

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Sungyeol: -you would be tell him what is wrong and then you would ask him to give you the massage- “you know I would don’t worry”

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L: -he would be slightly embarrassed by the request because of how random the request was but he would end up doing it for you- “oh um I guess I can”

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Sungjong: -he would instantly be worried about you. Your request wouldn’t be he would mind doing but he was just worried- “how much pain are you in at the moment? Are you sure a massage is going be all you need”

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Her Being Cuddly and Clingy: INFINITE


He would be freaked out. You were always `bullying`, so to say, him with his members when an occasion arose so seeing you so affectionate, he thought something was wrong with you.


The biggest of all smiles would adore this man’s face as he beamed at your cuteness, hugging you back with so much love that one would consider it unhealthy. Not you, however, since you had the same amount of love for him, if not more.


He knew that you didn’t particularly like a lot of affection, and he was okay with it for s long as you were comfortable. However, he had begun to notice that you had always hugged him whenever he felt down. He didn’t know how you knew, since he never told you to not bother you. Quite bluntly, though, he was grateful you did what you did. It was a nice change.


Not Hoya, and not you were the right people for being all c=lovey-dovey so when you just randomly came up to him and hugged him tightly without saying a word he knew that something had happened. Without a word he would hug you back and just comfort you.


And thus they were clingy and cuddly together.


I guess MyungSoo would be pretty shy about it. Seeing as he’s always a quiet little ball of fluff, I think he’s just gonna keep quiet but gratefully accept all of your affection and give you some affection in return, too.


… He would love it! To be precise, he was so used to it that whenever you randomly came up and said `I love you` and hugged him, or kissed his cheek, or anything of the sort he would just smile big and do the same to you, not being put off since it was a daily occurrence.

You smack his butt randomly (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he wasn’t sure what to think other than the fact you actually did that- “you touched by butt”

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Dongwoo: -he was very much okay with it and often time would do the same back to you- “looks like someone is a little handsy right now”

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Woohyun: -he thought it was cute and was allowing it to happen more and more often- “she did it again”

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Hoya: -he was not sure how did it started but his butt found itself a constant attack by you- “why my butt? Can’t you leave it be?”

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Sungyeol: -he would blush because you would just do it and then leave like you never did it- “oh um okay. Thank you I guess”

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L: -his hands would instantly find your butt when you would do it- “pay back is always fun”

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Sungjong: -he was never sure what to.do with it because it was one of those childish running away after you did it things- “why do you do this to me?”

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[TRANS] 160925 ‘INFINITE ONLY’ Yeongdeungpo YP Bookstore Fan Sign - INFINITE

Fan Account 1 (twt lick012)

At the fan sign today, I asked Gyu to draw me a ring on my finger ㅋㅋ And then he told me to show it to many people and drew it on my middle finger..a (thick) band^–^


Fan Account 2 (twt Mukiryuck_k)

DW - Hello
Me - Hello, oppa!
DW - It’s nice to meet you kyakya
Me - Oppa you’re too good-lookingㅠㅠ
DW - Oh! Thank you~
Me - I’m worried because you got so skinny
DW - Ah right. I make sure to eat all my meals but maybe it’s because I move around a lot or because I talk too much

SJ - Hello~
Me - Hi~
SJ - I missed you
Me - Me too!! Please suggest a color I should dye my hair!
SJ - Mm I think you’ll look good in a bright color. Mm blonde? Not too light, but a little light?

SY - Is your name Atom?!
Me - No no Arom. That’s my nickname from elementary school..
SY - Arom?? That’s a pretty name
Me - Oh thank youㅠ But oppa, there isn’t a good picture..(couldn’t continue
SY - Yeah…I know.. Everyone told me that. Around twenty people told me the same thing

HY - Arom!
Me - Yes it’s Arom~ Oppa
We just looked into each other’s eyes for a while..He stared at me with these wide eyes and my heart thumped..these words just came out on their own
Me - Oppa you’re so good-lookingㅠㅠ (has nothing else to say)
HY - Thanks, Arom
Me - Oh? You got something on your hand

L - Hi~
Me - Ah, my store manager said he saw you at Yuldong Park not too long ago!!!
L - (pauses for a bit) Uh..uh..I didn’t go to that store but I did film at the park!!
Me - The manager said he was shocked because you were so good-looking

WH - A…reum?
Me - It’s Arom!!
WH - Arong??
Me - Ro with an M!!
WH - Ah Arom!!
Me - Please make my heart thump!!
WH - Heart thump? What should I do for you..heart thump??
Then he kissed his finger heart and held it close to my lips. Not on my lips though so don’t misunderstand x

I think he was very tired today..he was yawning..
Me - Oppa, you’re really tired aren’t you..
SG - Yeah so sleepy..couldn’t sleep..we recorded late at night so I barely got any sleep
Me - Oh no
SG - I think all the members are having a bit of a rough time because we have so many schedules

p.s. I didn’t even ask for it but Lee Sungjong wrote this for meㅋㅋ
But Sungjong..did you know that I was gonna get on the wrong subway train and end up taking the taxi because subway trains stopped running..It’s been 3 hours since the fan sign ended but I’m not home yet..ㅋㅋㅋ

Both of us, let’s hang in there…


Fan Account 3 (twt ron0428new)

Todays’ INFINITE fan sign

Sunggyu was last and as soon as I knelt in front of him he closed his eyes. When I asked him ‘Are you tired?’ he said his eyes hurt and showed me >_< this face for a while.

My heart hurts. I feel sorry for him. Ha oh no our baby
But so cute ㅠ ㅠ I thought I was gonna go insane

DW: Is your name ♡♡? It’s so unique and pretty
Me: Thank you. This is your present
(On the envelope, it said “Just a present. Giving you what I want to receive”)
Dongwoo cracked upㅋㅋㅋㅋHe asked me for a handshake ♡
Also told me that I look like this celebrity. So much wit

SJ: Hello
Me: The concept this time is crazy. I framed this picture
SJ: Oh really? ㅋㅋ
(The person in front is talking to Sungyeol about him being skinny)
Then Sungyeol and Sungjong both started arguing over who’s skinnier
SY: (Pointing at Sungjong) He has nothing worth seeing
SJ: Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Me: Did you buy that Dy♡ hairdryer?
L: (Cooed aww and stuck his lips out - my eyes went blind) It’s still sold out so I couldn’t buy it
Me: You can buy it directly! 
L: (wide-eyed) Really? But when…
Me: Next time?
L: Well, I’m going to Japan anyways ㅋㅋ
Then we held hands
Why ㅠ I can use my savings account for you

I asked Woohyun to write me ‘May you live a long life’ and he wrote it for me without asking me anything
What why do I feel humiliated even though I was the one who asked him

Before fan sign started, there must’ve been something on Sunggyu’s nose because Woohyun took it off for him after looking at him for a while. Then Sunggyu said something and narrowed his eyes at him. What was it? I’m curious

Me: I like all the songs this time!
WH: Really? Which one do you like the most?
Me: Typhoon! (Woohyun stuck his pen out towards me) (Pause) After an unfinished farewell…(Flustered)
WH: Why are you being so shy ㅋㅋ So cute. You have some cuteness ㅋ
I’m tone deaf…and you’re cuter.

Me: This is a ring holder. You hang your rings on here
SY: Aah like the thing you do this and this with your rings? (Faint♡)
Me: Yeah, it’s shaped like a hedgehog
SY: Ah but I’m not wearing any rings right now
Me: (Holding my hand up) It’s okay, I have some on
SY: …(Taken aback)
Why did I do that.

Me: (You’re so good-looking that) my words aren’t coming out ㅠ
HY: ??
(Explaining the gift on and on)
HY: Oh your nails are sparkly and pretty
(I have glass gel nails)
Me: Really? Look, my ring is INFINITE too
(Shows him my hand with the infinity symbol ring)
HY: Oh! You’re right
…What did I do

After talking with Sungyeol I was gonna move onto Hoya. The person in front wasn’t done so I looked at Yeolie again and before I knew it, I drooped my eyebrows and said ‘You got too skinny…’
Yeol touched his arms and chest and said ‘Skinny? That’s not true’ and looked at me with narrowed eyes.
I mean, I guess those clothes made you look skinny…


Fan Account 4 (twt kimkyujang0428)

160925 Yeongpung fan sign #sunggyu text of when he mentioned ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’

SG: Oh yeah, before Arirang tomorrow I’ll be making an appearance on ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ again. You’ll get to see my changed refrigerator. I’ve been living like a normal human being lately
HY: Who asked you?
SG: I just wanted to say it?


Fan Account 5 (twt jjongM133)

My twitter friend went to the fan sign today and because Sungjong’s was so cute, I got permission from her to write about it

She told Sungjong that because he lost weight, he looks a lot cooler on stage, and it’s hard to lose weight even if you decide to do it, so it’s really amazing how he was able to do it successfully. Sungjong was listening to her very intently and became all bright and told her thank you very much


Fan Account 6 (twt ohmyyeol_827)

Me: (Hands him my letter)
HY: Thank you, I’ll read it well
Me: Oppa, I wrote this letter really quickly because I couldn’t prepare a present for you and I felt badㅠㅠ
HY: What are you saying? You’re the present

HowonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠThank youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Me: Oppa you’re the best
HY: Of course ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Howon is the best

Me: (Gives him pain relief patches as present)
L: (Surprised)
Me: Oppa, please be healthy always
L: (Sigh) Thank you, I’ll get better soon
Me: I was really worried because your knees aren’t well
L: I can’t help it since we’re promoting right nowㅜㅜ

Let’s not be sick, our Myongmyongie ㅠㅠ Your face breaks my heart…


Fan Account 7 (twt Eogiyadieoracha)
Lee Howon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Someone gave him pumpkin sweet potato as his present and after looking at it ㅋㅋㅋ He said “Hey thanks!!!” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then he started talking to her asking stuff like where are you from ㅋㅋㅋ


Translated by: togetherinspirit7

INFINITE Gif Reaction- When you plant kisses all over their faces


When he is in love with you and you don’t know, Sunggyu would have trouble holding in his feelings despite his acting ability. Any kind of affection he would get from you would definitely create a storm up in his mind, a whirlwind of questions, emotions and possibility’s.

He would be quite shocked at first from the unexpected gesture, then he would have a lot of trouble not smiling because that is all he wants to do…and hug you and kiss you back and confess all of his feelings to you. But, currently he cannot move as his body has not caught up with his mind yet.


Usually Dongwoo is a bundle of energy, the light in the room. However, as soon as you are involved; he becomes this quiet, blushing little romeo in the corner of the dressing room.

After Woohyun suggests a ‘friendly’ wrestling match, you are in. You noticed Dongwoo silently on his phone and thought that he could use a little fun since all he seems to do lately is sit on the small couch on his phone or listening to music. So, you suggest that after you kick Woohyun’s butt, you go against Dongwoo. Obviously he would refuse, knowing that with the close proximity between you both and the opportunity to touch you more than he ever will be able too will probably cause him to turn into a clumsy, blushing little boy. You think he refuses because you are a girl and he doesn’t want to hurt you so you pester him and beg him to wrestle until finally you got what you want.

The game turned into a seven second match where Dongwoo was just a soft pile of limbs, too afraid to touch you whereas you knocked him right over until your body’s were pressed against each other on the floor.

“A-are you okay?” Dongwoo asked. You responded with an 'awwwwww’ at his concern and kissed him all over his face a 'thank you’. And this is how he became an even bigger mess every time you came into the room. One time he tripped over his own foot and ended up grabbing your waist in the process. He went out of the room so fast, you would have thought he was on fire.


Woohyun acts like this cool guy that doesn’t get embarrassed or flustered when he’s around you but when you are walking out of the room with your back turned, he drops out of his 'cool guy’ character and blushes to the point that makeup doesn’t even cover up the evidence of his more-than-a-little-crush on you.

It was the same when you visited INFINITE’s dorm to drop some food and a present for Woohyun’s birthday. All of the members were telling you to give Woohyun a birthday kiss (torturing him obviously), you being oblivious to Woohyun’s feelings but fully aware of your own, you play along acting casual even when your heart is fluttering and your inner goddess is doing cartwheels. 

When you end up giving Woohyun a kiss, it was closer to the edge of his lips than his cheek, so to hide your embarrassment you kiss all over his face telling the members that the kisses were for the inspirits. They all laughed and pinched Woohyun’s blushing cheeks before he swatted their grabbing hands away from his face telling you that you were lucky, “not everyone can say they had kissed Nam Woohyun multiple times”.

Before he bursts out into song and dance about how much he wants you to stay by his side, he leaves the room to put your food in the kitchen. Trying to get his heart rate in check, he gets some water for himself.

Let’s just say he had the best birthday he has ever had and he couldn’t stop looking at you throughout the whole day, his 'cool’ side slipping every time you made eye contact. 


'Poor Hoya’, that’s what all the members think when you start talking to him. They pity him, because they are the only ones who know about Hoya’s feeling. Not even Hoya knows. It’s one of those psychological effects that only someone from the outside can pick up on. Like he remembers every joke you have ever told, whatever you touch, he has to touch it with his own hand and if you are sitting next to him or in front of him, he needs to touch you. Consciously or subconsciously, he’s doing it whether it’s the shoulders touching or his foot is laid across yours.

Then, something strange happened. He bought you…a lipstick. 'An unusual present’, the other members would think. Would a normal guy friend just go and buy his friend who is a girl a lipstick that suits her perfectly? Would a normal guy friend pay attention to her lips like that? No. So he came up with the excuse that the makeup artist that was putting on Hoya’s face the previous day had bought the wrong color lipstick and asked him to give it to a girl he knows so it doesn’t go to waste. He even came up with the excuse that another girl he knew didn’t like the brand so he though he should just give it to the next girl he sees…turns out to be you.

You applied the lipstick and used your front-facing camera on your phone as a mirror. Hoya watching you with nervous eyes.The lipstick suited you perfectly. The darker color of your lips brought out your bright, paler complexion. You loved it, to his smug satisfaction, it’s a color that suits your lips best, a darker shade of hot pink. To thank Hoya, you gave him a kiss on his left cheek with the lipstick still on your lips. You looked at the mark on his cheek and kissed the other, before kissing all around his face. You laughed at what you just did and Hoya couldn’t help but laugh as well. You thanked him again and left to get him a tissue, he blushed like crazy and fanned himself when you were out of the door. Forgetting the other members were there whilst he had his fanboying moment.


You and Sungyeol always seemed to be a bit too affectionate, to the other members dismay. It wasn’t so much as physical contact, it was the looks, the expressions on each others faces. They were…cute in some weird way but when you looked at sungyeol, it looked like you wanted to jump his bones and when Sungyeol looked at you, it was like he was this smug little kid.

It could be because you guys are in the 'honeymoon stage’ of your relationship that you were so affectionate, or you just wanted to see how long the other INFINITE members could take it.

One day, it was all about kisses with you two. Whenever you looked at each other, you had to kiss a part of each others face. It got so annoying for Sunggyu that he told you that he would turn around and count to 10, by that time he wanted you guys to get it out of your system so there was no more lovey-dovey stuff for the rest of the day- or the rest of the week, if possible. As soon as he turned around, you started kissing all over Sungyeol’s face for 7 of the 10 seconds you had been given. Sungyeol was quite surprised with the sudden outburst, but then turned smug. When Sunggyu turned around, he seemed more relaxed and content until Sungyeol gave you one last loud kiss on the lips. Then, Sunggyu just left the room, grumbling to himself.


Myungsoo is a very affectionate person, especially when it comes to you or his music, especially when both are together. He has never been very big on gestures, he is like Sungyeol in a way as Myungsoo can tell you something just by giving you a look. Despite him being affectionate, you do not know how to be affectionate really. Sure you have initiated a kiss before and maybe a cuddle. There was that one time you were cold so you grabbed his hand first. But usually, he is the one who starts these kinds of gestures.

He wants you to be more confident and comfortable with being affectionate towards him. He tells you this almost everyday, he even complained this one time using his best aegyo.

It was that night that you were watching TV together, a drama playing on the screen. You then feel his head rest on your shoulder and his baby voice starts again, “why don’t you show me how much you love me?” he pouts like a child. You roll your eyes and smile a little at his cuteness. You then see from the corner of your eye, his finger pointing at his pouting lips. You smirk as you think of an idea.

You shake your head 'no’ to him as he still points to his lips. He then gets closer and closer until your faces are only inches apart, finger still on his lip. As soon as he closes his eyes in preparation for a small peck, you grab each side of his face and kiss as much of it as you can, finishing with a big smooch on his lips. You try to hide your smug smirk whilst facing back to the TV. But he just looks awestruck before smiling and putting his arms around you shoulders.


Sungjong is never awkward. He doesn’t usually get embarrassed and even if he does, he hardly shows it at all. But how is it when you press kisses all over his face as a kiss attack, he shows his feeling of embarrassment and blushes like crazy.

Sungjong had told you before that he has strong feelings about you but he just doesn’t know how to express it to you. You had told him that you see him as a man and not just an oppa. I guess where you are right know is in between a romantic relationship and a friendship, always jumping from one to the other.

Despite your obvious feelings towards each other, when you plant kisses on him, the touchy feely side comes straight out and he just wants to hide his face in the crook of your neck from embarrassment and vulnerability. His feelings for you are strong but he just needs time to get it out. 


More of a scenario based reaction :3

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He falls asleep on you and when he wakes up he sees you didn’t move so that he wouldn’t wake up (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -when he woke up he realized you two never left the couch infact you never left the position you guys were in when he fell asleep. Your neck hurt when you woke up but you knew he needed a good night sleep- “you’re too sweet baby, you were uncomfortable for me. That means a lot”

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Dongwoo: when he woke up he saw that you laid down from the position you were sitting up in but you stayed in the basic spot so that he wouldn’t wake up. So when you actually woke up he was already looking at you- “did you sleep well? You seemed uncomfortable”

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Woohyun: -he was amazed someone was willing to lay weirdly so he could sleep properly. He had a long day and it didn’t take long for him to pass out after you stroked his hair- “she looks so cute she’s like an angel when she sleeps A very uncomfortable angel”

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Hoya: -he moved you when he woke up after probably 7 hours of you sleeping awkwardly. He laid you onto the opposite side of the bed so that you were off of him and had the ability to stretch out- “thanks for that babe now you sleep better”

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Sungyeol: -he moved slightly when he woke up and your head moved just enough for you to fall into his lap where you gripped him and passed out.- “so cute baby I see I can’t move and I guess its fair cause I did the same”

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L: -he fell asleep on your chest so when he woke up he was still snuggled in your chest until you woke up yourself. He got off and looked at you before speaking- “you are so comfortable, I always sleep so well when I lay on your chest”

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Sungjong: -he was the one who woke up in pain he slept on a bony spot on you and it just hurt. When you woke up he started complaining to you about how bony you were- “it’s like sleeping on a knife, get more comfy before I sleep on you again”

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