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Hello! Same anon as before. I have another one, also for any pair: "We’re at a party and I texted my friend that I think you’re cute and when she texted back you tried to take my phone and you think she’s my girlfriend because there are hearts by her contact name and now we’re wrestling for my phone and oh dear you are attractive."

You didn’t tell me Jason was this hot now

Percy types, then adds a little blushing face for emphasis before sending the text to Piper on the other side of the room. She’s talking to a tall blond guy, who Percy almost hadn’t recognised since he looks so different now from the last time Percy has seen him.

It must be almost five years since they shared a few classes in school. Eventually, Jason and his family had moved away, but since they had never been close friends, Percy hadn’t gone out of his way to keep in touch. Part of him regrets that decision when his eyes linger on Jason now.

In high school, Jason was smaller than Percy, lanky and a little awkward. Now, he looks to be at least Percy’s height, if not taller, bulkier and broader than Percy would have thought the little kid he used to know could ever be.
Percy himself is muscular too, sure, but he has a lean swimmer’s build rather than the broad, strong one Jason has now. His hair is a little longer than it used to be and he wears dark glasses now that, annoyingly, make him look even more handsome.

Piper doesn’t take her eyes off Jason when she reaches for her pocket, probably having noticed Percy’s text now. She grins when her eyes flick down to read it, then even more when she types her reply.

Percy waits impatiently, looking between Jason and Piper and the screen of his phone. Finally, it buzzes with a text.

Pretty sure he’s single.

Then another right after.

Asked about you ;)

Despite himself, Percy blushes a bit. He’s about to reply, not looking what was going on around him when someone clears his throat in front of him. His gaze snaps up, but he has to look higher to actually face whoever snuck up on him.

“Long time no see.” Jason says and smiles sheepishly and Percy’s mouth goes as dry as a desert. He manages a nod and something that he hopes looks like a genuine smile in return when his phone buzzes in his hand and catches both their attention. Percy doesn’t have to look to know it’s Piper.

Percy licks his lips and resists the urge to hide behind the screen and text back. Instead, he takes a shaky breath and meets Jason’s eyes.

“I… yeah. You’ve grown.” He says intelligently and internally slaps himself for his lack of smoothness. Jason quirks a little smile in reply though, so Percy figures he hasn’t embarrassed himself too much yet.

“I guess. I started playing football at the new school, kind of had a growth spurt last year too.”  Jason shrugs and runs a hand through his hair. Percy follows the motion with his eyes.

“So… what brings you back?” Percy asks after a moment of silence has passed and Jason probably caught him staring a bit. After high school, he and Piper stayed in their home town, going to college there instead of spending money they didn’t have on better unis further away. It was the last place Percy expected to see Jason again.

“I started studying here. Thalia wanted to move back and I didn’t want to be all by myself so I tagged along.” Jason explains and looks around the crowded room. The party is dull, if Percy is being honest, but it beats staying in his dorm all alone. Somewhere to their left, Jason nods toward a mob of dark blue-ish hair - Thalia, Percy guesses.

Percy takes the moment to take a look at his phone. Piper saved herself as Queen in his phone, right along with a little crown and a few hearts of various colours. He is pretty sure that his contact name in her phone still is a turd and a kissy face, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like it that way.

You’re welcome 🐳😏

“Piper’s lucky.” Jason says in a strange tone of voice, making Percy look up from the screen.

Jason’s not looking anymore, but Percy is sure he has. He tries not to let anything on, but silently prays Jason didn’t actually read anything of the conversation they’ve had.

“Is she?” Percy asks confused, unsure what Jason is getting at. Jason makes a vague gesture toward all of Percy and, with his cheeks going a little pink, nods.

“Yeah, I mean…” He trails off, making Percy raise his eyebrow.

“We’re not dating.” Percy says, matter of fact, then grins a little. Did Jason mean what Percy thinks he meant?

“She said you were here together.” Jason replies, now even redder in the face, and evidently confused. “And with all the hearts, I kinda assumed…”

Percy laughs a little and shakes his head.
“Definitely not.” He assures Jason. “She’s great but really not my type.”
Percy bites his tongue, but then cheekily adds “I prefer blondes.” anyway.

I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 1/?

Chapter 1/?

Winner of Phanfic award 2014’s Memorable award! Thank you

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Summary about the story: Dan suffers from a really, really bad heart condition. Phil came in as the new kid when they both were 11 years old and has now made it his personal mission to take care of Dan the only way he can by being his best friend.
You’re going to read about them growing up together and different episodes happening in their lifes. Phil does his best to help Dan through the illness and life the best way possible.

Eventually friendship isn’t enough. What is next?

Prompt:Could you do a fic where Dan and Phil are kids in primary school and Dan has a bad heart condition so he’s not allowed to go outside at break and lunch because he’s not allowed to run around and this means he doesn’t have any friends really because they think he’s a bit weird. Then Phil comes in as the new kid and stays in with Dan and talks to him and they become really close? Then maybe do more parts about them growing up and Phil always being there and staying with Dan when he can’t do something.”

Someone asked for this^^ Of course. Here we go!

A/N: This have been compared to TFIOS.
(No matter how bad it gets, no one is going to die! Don’t worry.)

Contains: School AU, AU, friendship, fluff+, angst, chronic illness.
Warnings: Heavy angst, sadness, vomit, hospitals (mentions of needles, blood ect.), panic attacks.
(This is a long and interesting story so expect it to contain everything.)
Phan status: Relationship development thoughout the story.
POV: Point of view changes throughout the story.

Summary about chapter 1: (They’re 11 years old) Dan suffers from a really bad heart disease and is all alone because he’s not allowed to run with the other kids. Until Phil comes along as the new kid. He stays with Dan and they become really close friends.

Words: 5.506

I’ll heal the hole in your heart chapter 1

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His New Anchor (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Part 18

warnings: mentions of rape, minor swearing


I start to shout, waking up from my nightmare. I sit up, continuing to shout. Stiles and Dad burst into my room and jump onto my bed. “Y/N it’s okay!” Dad says, grabbing me. I grab onto his arm, turning onto my side, facing Stiles. Stiles grabs my hands.

“It’s okay, you’re alright.” He says. I let out a shout. “Shh. Dad, I got her, go back to bed.” He takes me from my dad and dad walks out of the room. “What was your dream about?” Stiles asks, cradling me in his arms.

“No, no, I don’t want to talk about it.” I sob.

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