i guess he plays football

Ronniecoln Role reverse

I had this floating in my head yesterday. What if Ronnie (AkA Veronica, thanks to my headcanon), was the shy, nerdy type (pretty much the opposite of her personality), and Lincoln(AKA ‘Linc’) was the tough skater dude? (I guess due to his roughness he also plays football too, and is well known by the school for his skills?)

In the end, he’d be the one still picking on her for her nerdiness, and Lori forces him to attend the double date to apologize for the multiple things he has done to Veronica. Veronica finally had the courage to confess to Bobby, and he angrilly reacts how he does in “save the date”.

I find this super adorable,

They still hang out and play video games together just as they did before X3
And all of the goregeous things that Ronniecoln does X3 i gues this would be Lironica? Vinc?