i guess he picked up on a few things from her too

Drunk calls from an ex-lover

A/N: Feels like FOREVER since I’ve written something and put it up, but guess what? THE BITCH IS BACK (hopefully)

Luke didn’t expect a call from her. Well, maybe a call claiming that she was going to pick up the rest of her things and clean out her drawers. But that call would’ve come months ago. Months ago, meaning a few days after the two split.

But now here he was. Still awake, because she was on his mind, as every night since she left went. He’d tried going to sleep by taking sleeping pills for the insomnia he had developed. But the feeling of waking up from a dream about her and knowing it wasn’t real was worse than the permanent fatigue.

His cell phone buzzed quietly on the night stand. But it was 3 in the morning. Who in their right mind would be calling?

(y/n). Because she didn’t have a right mind.

She was too unique for her own good. Always going against the crowd and not giving a shit who would judge. She was full of crazy ideas. Ideas Luke usually would tell her were “out of this world” and “never gonna happen”. She was always proposing crazy road trips and midnight convenient store trips. He never thought he’d say it, but he missed being woken up at the crack of dawn and heading to the coffee shop to sit at the table near the window and watch the sunrise above the peaks of the hills.

He never thought he’d say it, but he missed her.

Of course, it was his own fault for kicking her out.  It was his fault that he was always on tour and away from her. It was his fault for thinking the distance strained their relationship. It was and still is his fault that he misses her.

“Hello,” he croaked into the phone, as it was on it’s final buzz before she would be sent to voice mail. She didn’t speak. Well, maybe she did, but he couldn’t hear over the background noise. It sounded as if she was at a wild frat party. The bass of the music could even be felt over the phone. He could hear girls giggling and drunken idiots screaming over beer pong, but he hadn’t heard her voice.

For a second, he thought that this could’ve been a butt dial. Maybe she’d called on accident. Because why would she actually want to call him? After what he did, he couldn’t imagine her forgiving him. He kicked her out without an explanation.

“Heyyyyy, Lukey,” her voice slurred over the phone. She let out a cute quiet giggle. an intoxicated giggle. But what was (y/n) doing at a party? She hated parties. In the two years they spent together, not a drop of alcohol was consumed by her, she never attended clubs or parties, and she swore to him, she never would.

“(y/n)?” he asked in disbelief. He heard a bang over the phone and a string of cuss words come from her mouth. “What was that?” his concerned voice asked.

“Just the door, Lukey, calm down, take a chill,” she laughed. It wasn’t the laugh he remembered. This laugh was laced with alcohol. It was far too high pitched to even sound real. It wasn’t the sweet musical sound he heard when he made puns or dad jokes. It wasn’t the laugh he knew.

“Why are you drunk at a party?” he sighed. It was so unlike her. It was like he was losing the old (y/n), and she was reinventing herself into a completely different person. A person he’d never come to know.

“I do this every Friday night, it’s no biggie,” she told him.

“You’ve never drank before. Hell, you wouldn’t even club with me and Calum,” he stated. He listened waiting for her to say something. But she didn’t. The line was full of incoherent voices and irrelevant rap music.

“It’s because of you,” she said. It was barely even audible, but he had been listening so closely he managed to hear it. It made his heart thump in chest and skip a beat.

“W-what do you mean?” he scratched the back of his head. Was she still not over him? (y/n) could do so much better than him. It made him wonder how she hadn’t found anybody else.

“You left me, so I changed,” she explained, a little too happily. Luke didn’t say much. How would he respond?

“(y/n), we’re all waiting for you to leave. We’re going back to Kyle’s,” a high-pitched girly voice sounded. (y/n) responded with a muffled okay, but continued staying on the line. She was waiting for an explanation, an answer as to why she wasn’t good enough.

“Look, I’m sorry. What I did wasn’t right,” he sighed. Luke swallowed the lump in his throat. Should he tell her why? or would that just make things worse?

“Then why’d you do it?” she pouted. (y/n) had drunken tears streaming down her face (she was an emotional drunk). Luke could hear the way her voice cracked, and the sniffling of her nose. It was enough to break his heart even more.

“It was the distance, really, we were so far apart. I couldn’t stand to keep you waiting,” he explained. He gnawed at the inside of his cheek. He knew the distance wasn’t effecting the love they had. After all, he was as far away from her as possible, but the love he has for her remains strong.

“Really?” her voice cracked as it began to slur again. “Couldn’t you tell that I was in love with you? The distance didn’t matter”

“I know, It was stup-“ he paced around his room.

“I still love you. I miss you, Luke,” she shouted, interrupting his sentence. For a second his heart stopped. Did she really just say that? Of course, he still loved her and he probably always would.

“what?” he mumbled confusingly. Maybe he had heard wrong. Why would a girl like (y/n) be hung up on him? Especially after what he did.

“I think you heard me,” she giggled. And he had heard. But he remembered she was highly intoxicated and probably had no clue what she was saying. She didn’t mean a thing she said. It was the alcohol talking.

“(y/n), how about I call you tomorrow when you aren’t drunk?” he asked her. She gave him a slurred “okay” and hung up the phone in an instant. Luke felt the small conversation he had with her just slip away.

But he waited out the rest of the night, finally deciding that sun rise was a good time to start his day. There wasn’t much to his day, since he had decided to quit the band. He didn’t even have (y/n) to occupy him anymore.

When mid-afternoon rolled around, he figured it’d be a good time to call her. So he rang the telephone number that called him last night, and waited for her to answer.

“Hello,” she groaned into the phone. It sounded like she was majorly hung over, and she probably was. “Luke?”

“Hi, uh, (y/n)” Luke nervously said. His heart began to pound even at the sound of her voice.

“Why’re you calling?” she asked. And then it dawned on him. She had no idea she’d called him the night before. Did she even mean what she said? Of course she didn’t.

“You don’t remember?” he questioned. A devastated expression on his face. But she couldn’t see.

“No, Lucas, please explain,” her attitude coming about. She only called him Lucas when she was angry.

“You called me last night,” he reminded her. (y/n) still had no recollection of it.

“Oh,” her tired-like voice stated. “What was I saying?” she slightly laughed. The happy sound making Luke’s heart flutter. But she didn’t remember what she said. She probably meant none of it.

“You said you still- uh nothing. It was a short conversation about nothing,” he changed his mind about telling her. What good would it do? It’s just make things awkward.

“Okay, sorry for the phone call last night. Have a good day, bye Lucas,”

And just like that…. the conversation was over.

And just like that…. Luke’s heart remained broken.