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Girl Genius Liveblog #105

UPDATE 105: Zola’s Evil Plan (Muhahaha)

Last time Zola had started to reveal Gil her evil plan (muhahaha). I cut it in half because it was getting to what I’m sure is an important part, so let’s get going with that.

The very last frame last time was Zola asking what’d happen once Wulfenbach dies. The answer is simple: the reign will be given to his son! And nobody knows a thing about Gil. Oh! Yeah, now that they mention that, I do have noticed Gil was curiously unknown to the general public despite being Wulfenbach’s son. For example, nobody in Mechanisburg recognized him. He needed to wear the cool hat for everyone to recognize him. Not even Wulfenbach’s guards in front of Castle Heterodyne recognized him. I hadn’t commented it before, but yeah, I did find it a tad strange nobody knew how Gil even looked like. Guess that explains it, Gil has been kept as a secret, for one reason or another. For his safety, perhaps?

There are bits of information and rumors about Gil’s actions, though. Zola mentions the Volume 1 events, when Gil and Wulfenbach went to Beetle’s laboratory in Beetlesburg – or whatever it was called.

Well that may not be an exaggeration. How was Gil behaving, again? Allow me to do a flashback in the most unflattering way possible for Gil.

There we go! Now that’s unflattering. Anyone would think he was metaphorically or literally chewing the furniture. What a madman. On an unrelated note, man, the faces and everything looked sloppier back then! I hadn’t noticed the improvement in drawing and everything, but now when I look back to the first volume it’s glaringly obvious they have improved their skills.

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Okay so I’ve heard this character is pretty popular but tbh I don’t really understand why?? Like every aspect of this design is terrible. I mean first off I don’t even know what he’s even supposed to be?? He’s wearing overalls so I guess he’s some sort of farmer, but this design is so dull and unimaginative I honestly can’t believe it got approved. And what the fuck is the deal with the white gloves? Who is he, Mickey Mouse?? And the thing that pisses me off the most is the fucking mustache. Not only is it a symbol of male power fantasy (I can only assume the “M” on the hat stands for “Masculinity”), but it doesn’t even look like hair?? It just looks like gross lump of flesh underneath his nose. What a shitty fucking design.

This is my favorite shinguuji sprite he looks like he just heard the most shocking gossip but he guessed it weeks ago so he has to act surprised

Forget traditional folklore the best stories is that spilled tea 🐸☕️

I can’t stop thinking about these two scenes: Marco’s facial expression is eerily similar to Toffee’s when they respectively look directly into the mirror. Look at this dispassionate, detached expression. A viewer can’t entirely tell what Toffee is thinking. He comes across as condescending, observing Marco like a butterfly an entomologist would pin to a corkboard. In Marco’s case, he’s thinking about Toffee with contempt. In addition, he refers to Toffee as a ‘lawyer,’ and ‘boring.’ He made biting remarks about his distaste for Toffee’s suit and his stiff, noncommittal conduct. 

It’s also ridiculously convenient that Toffee’s mirror stand, tie, and suit jacket survived Ludo’s castle blowing up. The way Marco’s scene is framed, there’s a somber tone to it. I guess he got the chance to proverbially spit in Toffee’s face? 

The tinfoil hat wearing part of me can’t shake that this could be seen as foreshadowing or something. Even if not, it’s an interesting pair of scenes. It works as an odd framing device for Marco’s and Toffee’s short-lived interactions. In some respects, it felt like Toffee resorted to kidnapping out of necessity and would have preferred not to do so. He tried to be as accommodating as he could be, given the stakes and circumstances. In short: Toffee is very tactical. He doesn’t make moves unless he has a strong, logical rationale for making them. 

Arguably, Marco is a down-to-earth, logical fellow himself. He isn’t nearly as tight-laced and no-nonsense as Toffee, but he’s often the voice of reason. Convincing Star not to do something or clarifying another person’s perspective and circumstances. It’s hard not to draw a few similarities between Marco and Toffee. I’ll outright admit that I’ve been playing with the idea of how intriguing it’d be to see Toffee set as Marco’s archrival. 

Think about it: Ludo is Star’s thematic opposite. Both can be irrational, impulsive, and underestimated. Ludo was a petty, incompetent figure compared to Toffee’s more strategic mind. Marco presents more insightful points to Star’s wanting to beat up Lobster Claws or skimming over important aspects of the Mewman v. monster war. Toffee’s growing impatience with Ludo can be roughly equated to Marco underestimating Star’s ability to navigate and understand Earth culture and customs. Toffee’s takeover is the complementary opposite to Star and Marco resolving their temporary fallout. 

Season 2 is definitely emphasizing on and gradually fleshing out Star’s and Ludo’s thematic relationship. “Wand to Wand” especially cashes in, comparing Ludo’s growing understanding of his half of the wand to Star’s growing confusion towards hers. As Ludo grows stronger, Star sits in some kind of limbo. In short, there’s build-up towards some kind of bigger Star v. Ludo confrontation or debacle. 

If there’s any grounding to the idea of Toffee as Ludo’s ‘Marco,’ it’ll be interesting to see what follows if/when he returns. 


Gif source:  Wade

Imagine Deadpool holding your newborn for the first time.

——— Request for anon ———

You look over at him, far too exhausted to comment on the ridiculous hat he was wearing because it made him ‘look like a DILF’ as you watch him cradle the tiny bundle that was your child in his arms. You hum in contentment from both the adorable sight and also the drugs they had pumped into your system.

“I guess we got lucky that the whole fucked up skin thing isn’t hereditary,” Wade whispers, running a rough finger over the smooth and plump skin of the baby’s cheek. “Poor kid woulda’ been doomed from the start.” He glances up towards you, “Do ya’ think we’ll have to worry about the baby going all The Incredibles Jack-Jack at a certain point?”

“Wade,” you sigh, “let’s hope not.”

I really hate Leo(n)’s headband like it’s not holding his hair back and its not a crown of any kind SO WHY IS IT THERE ?? Hence why I didn’t bother drawing the entire thing. Even though MU is married to him every time I do the not face rubbing thing I pan the camera all the way down because I refuse to look at it. I also force him to wear some sort of hat just in case I wanna turn on battle animations. It’s atrocious.

His english VA is perfect however and good on treehouse for not doing another thing wrong– every time he says “YOU’RE A DISGRACE” to Forrest I feel content. His japanese VA only gives me severe flashbacks like omg Mamoru Miyano you sound hot and everything but don’t be like 「僕は歌う!!(≧∇≦)」on me ok jesus

Does anyone else reclass Leo(nnn) to a ninja or is that just me I dunno it’s kinda cool I guess and magic ninja has a nice ring to it

Okay im done

Edit: also he’s not takumi so he gets a negative score from me

I watched the State of the Union so you don’t have to
  • Obama: “I’m gonna keep it short this year lol!!” *doesn’t*
  • Uncle Joe Biden stands and claps whenever he can, while Paul Ryan sits and nods like a grim, oddly smug mole
  • Applause after every sentence
  • Standing ovation after every use of the words “troops” or “veterans”
  • A really heartfelt section about not discriminating against Muslims idk i got a lil emotional
  • Random shot of Dr. Jill Biden and the lady sitting next to her is wearing a bedazzled hat (respect)
  • “I’m guessing we won’t agree on healthcare anytime soon”
  • Kim Davis is there?!?!?!? For some reason?!?!?!
  • Several loud ‘boos’ when he talks about curing cancer. why 
  • Mispronounces ‘quagmire’ as ‘quogmire’
  • “Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world” got a standing ovation from both parties even though it’s bullshit
  • “btw i killed bin Laden”
  • “btw i solved ebola”
  • Last few minutes of the speech are about all different Americans who represent hope for the future– okay I’m crying I admit that part got me real bad
  • The speech ends and the news anchors are talking about what this means for the 2016 election before Obama has even left the podium
  • Time goes on i suppose
Dinner Date ~N.M.~

Summary: you look fine af for a dinner with squad but Nate touches you

Requested: Yeah (okay y'all don’t understand. I sing Yeah! By usher everytime I write yeah

4 hours. I just spent 4 hours getting ready for this dinner. I was really feeling myself today so I decided why not. My hair looked glorious and my brows were most definitely on fleek. I was wearing a black crop tank top with thin straps, slightly high waisted jeans and my Jordan’s. I was wearing one of the boys hats on top of my straightened hair and my make up matches my outfit. God had decided to bless me this night.

I had a crush on a few people but nothing was like Nate. I’ve liked Nate since I first met him. His eyes and dimples and perfect smile. He kills me. I know he’ll never like me tho. Although I guess I’m “his type” it’s just impractical, considering how close of friends we were.

I walk down the stairs of my apartment to see the boys sitting on my couch watching tv. I picked up the remote and turned off the tv.

“Alright. Who’s ready?” I say. Sammy was the only one who had looked at me. Everyone was still on their phone.

His mouth was practically on the floor and his eyes were as wide as the moon.

“We’ve all been ready we were wait-” Johnson says finally looking at me. I had my hand on one hip with my eyebrow raised.

“Holy shit you look hot” he says, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Finally all the boys look up and notice me. They all smile and whistle at me.

“Let’s go idiots.” I say finally walking out my front door.

We all jumped into my car and started getting lit. Sammy was playing music and we were all on snapchat.

We finally arrived at the place and hopped out. Nate put his hand on my lower back walking me up to the door. Gilinsky was already holding the door so we thanked him and went in.

The host walked us to a booth large enough to him all of us. I was sitting beside Nate on the edge of the booth so we had plenty of space.

We were all drinking havin a good time when Nate whispered in my ear.

“You know ma, you look so good tonight” he said

“Thanks Nate. You look good too.” I say looking down and blushing.

He then puts his hand on my thigh. He began rubbing up and down my thigh while listening to the jacks tell a story about Europe.

His hands moved farther up and moved to slip into my jeans.

Of course fuckboy Nate had to feel me only tonight. No other day would he take notice of me. I was nothing unless I had my best clothes on. Fuck this.

I stand up and smooth out my clothes.

“I just remembered I have to um go. Right now. Excuse me. Sorry. I’ll see you guys later.” I say grabbing my phone and purse and walking out of the restaurant.

“Y/n wait” I hear Nate say as I get in my car.

“Why Nate? So you can keep feeling me up or is it so you can undress me and fuck me over the tables. I’m not here for that Nate. I need to go.” I sit in my seat and start the car.

Nate opens the door and slides in.

“I never said any of that”

“You didn’t have to now get out of my car. Tell the boys to text me when they’re ready and ill pay for an uber” I say looking at him.

“I’m not leaving until we get this figured out”

I shake my head and pull out onto the street. As we begin driving Nate speaks again.

“Why’d you leave?”

“Because I wasn’t gonna sit there while you’re hands did whatever. You have never given me so much as a second glance. Hell some days i don’t even get one glance but tonight when everyone else thinks I look good and I spend 4 hours getting ready you all the sudden find me fuckable. I wanted your attention but not like this skate.” I say shaking my head to myself.

“Y/n you have always been beautiful. Your tattoos, your hair, your ass. It’s all amazing. I have wanted you for forever. But before tonight I thought we’d be okay as friends. Nobody would get hurt and we’d both have eachother. Then I saw the boys staring at you, fuck G gotta boner. I couldn’t just sit there and act like we were just friends.” He says putting his hand on my knee. I pull up to his house.

I pull out my phone to text Sam.

Me-are y'all still at the restaurant?

Sammy Boy😊💖- no we went to the club nearby. Are you and Nate good

Me- yeah. When are you guys leaving.

Sammy Boy😊💖- um a few hours.

Me- okay. Cool

I lock my phone and open the door and get out of the car.

“Y/n. What are you doing?” I hear Nate call after me. I walk into the boys house and right up to Nates room. I take off my shoes and hat and sit in his bed. I got on snapchat and sent a picture telling the boys to have fun that me and Nate were enjoying ourselves.

“Y/n what the hell?” Nate says reaching his room. I stand up and grab his wrist.

I back myself up against the door pushing it closed. I pulled Nate close and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes I got close to his face. I could feel his heavy breathing as he wrapped his hands around my waist.

I pushed out lips together and we began to make out. Nate lifted me up and placed me on his bed.


“Awe look how cute”

“Shut up before you wake them”

“Ew they fucked”

“How do you know?”

“Well she’s got sex hair and Nate has morning wood and look at his face. He’s been fucked.”

I slightly open my eyes at the various voices.

“What the fuck are you guys doing”
I croak and stretch. My throat hurt like hell, I had screamed a bit to much.

“Sore throat y/n?” Johnson says smirking.

“Wanna sore face Jack?” I say flickin him off

“Babygirl chill” I hear Nate say in his raspy voice. I look at him and he’s smiling at me. I go to stand up before Nate pulls me back down.

“You’re still naked ma” he whispers in my ear. I lay back down on his chest and wait for the boys to leave.

“Y'all can get the fuck outta my room now” Nate says to the guys. I hear cameras click before the door shuts. I stand up and grab a shirt from Nates drawer.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the boys.

Sketching/doodling a fair maiden in distress. Huh, I guess I can just draw G!Sans bishounen-like, if he’s pretty down on his luck. Like really fucked! Otherwise I just draw him silly! Wearing a chicken hat or him scratching his “arse” & sniffing his fingers afterwards.

Will I ever manage drawing a full illustration of him being all serious? Hm, who knows. Definitely not me! Hahaha!

Original design of Gaster!Sans by borurou

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Mystic Messenger Headcanon of going on a iceskating date? c:


  • fun !!!!
  • you both would be falling down all the time but it would still be fun
  • especially when you both couldn’t get back up


  • “bundle up”
  • gloves, scarf, hat, pants, hand warmers under the gloves
  • “ok ok im good jahee!” 
  • it was funny to see her act like a mom sometimes
  • “but if I wear these gloves I can’t do this”
  • and you pulled off a glove and grabbed her hand
  • “I guess this is fine,” 


  • he turned into the biggest kid ever
  • he would take both of your hands
  • and spin you around in circles
  • he loved hearing you giggle and laugh
  • and he loved the way the snow fell around you as you smiled at him
  • “gosh, you’re just so beautiful babe”


  • he didn’t want to let go of your hand so you wouldn’t fall
  • so you were glued to his side
  • not that you minded
  • and he liked to pull you along with him and to casually go around the rink


  • so this dork AGAIN
  • he wanted to try the stunts like really
  • so now he’s lifting you up in the air
  • and you forgot just how strong he was
  • now your blushing
  • and he’s putting you down now
  • “surprise attack!”
  • he hugs you and kisses you as he spins around the rink and you can’t help but laugh and be super happy at the same time

Dear Scotty,

Life in America so far has been uneventful to a degree. We’re still having to hide and move around quite a bit because apparently “They” won’t let it die so easily. I suppose my sudden disappearance from their radar raised a few flags (?).

I proposed to Alex that we guise ourselves the proper way, you know, the only way; with real mustaches. He didn’t find the idea as amusing as I did and, as you probably already guessed, he proceeded to list all the many reasons why the desguises wouldn’t work.

I put a mustache on him anyway, and I even got him a fancy monocle to go with. He refused to wear the top hat.

I’ve taken to toying with the idea that this might be what your “friends” from the gentlemen’s club dress as on special occasions of being even more stoic and boring. If you ever manage to catch them like this, do send a photo!!

We’re on the move again and hair is getting long. Do you think I should let it?

I hope things are well with you and trust that you’ve been keeping up with the meds I’ve sent. I will be very cross if you haven’t.

Do let me know more of your London Spy adventures with the professors and Francis. Hope to hear good news from you soon.

Love from across the pond.


Ps. Real spies wear fake mustaches :)