i guess he likes wearing hats

Something quick about Villanious

So, there are lots of people that think that Black Hat is a demon. And the way he and Dr. Flug met for the first time is still unknown.
So my theory is:
What if Dr. Flug got himself in serious danger and was going to die, maybe he got also scarred on his face and that’s the reason he’s wearing that bag now.
However Black Hat saw what was happening and decided to intervene.
After all Dr. Flug was a genius, all that potential couldn’t just got to waste.
So he saved his life (kinda) and Flug had to make, like, a deal with him.
And that’s why he’s working for Black Hat.
It’s just a theory, pls don’t kill me.

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Please grace us with more PR Band AU thoughts

I actually have already written little drabbles for bribery purposes, so here you go, anon. It should be noted that karatam’s tags on the original band au post were v. inspirational, especially in terms of who would play what instrument and also everything because they were perfect tags. 

On the naming of the band:

“Zack and the Zords.”


“Zack and the Screw-Ups.”


“Zack and the Zuper Heroes.”

This, apparently, is the final straw; three drumsticks, a handful of gummy bears, a crumpled ball of sheet music, and a single sneaker all land on on his stomach in quick succession. He grunts and halfheartedly pushes most of it off – aside from the gummy bears , which he eats, somehow managing to make the action look smug (popping each one into his mouth with a little toss).

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I’ve been wanting to share my opinion on this for so long, but I was waitong for a HQ image to come out. I’ll talk by groups, let’s get going!

●Takeru & Hikari:
•The hell are you guys even supposed to be? They have like skates on their feet?? And Takeru totally MADE Hikari wear that messy hat.
•At least their Digimon look cute and the headset is lovely, Hikari’s has Tailmon’s ear and Takeru’s has Patamon’s ear/wing whatever.
•Takeru is so gay in this one I mean to me he already is my gay son (sorry Takari shippers) but this just confirmed it to me.
•I love how Hikari’d wearing her typical colors and the whistle, well done 👏

●Koushiro & Jou:
•My second favorite group in here!!! They’re the nerds of the gang, I think being sort of DJs really fit them.
•Jou looks SO GOOD oh my God he turned out to be one handsome lad like you goo Joooooo!
•Koushiro’s wearing purple ans Jou’s wearing grey - which made me notice the fact that they’re all wearing their crest’s colors!!! So cute.
•Gomamon wins me over EVERYTIME.

●Sora, Mimi and PEGGY (Meiko):
•The three of them look ADORABLE.
•Mimi’s bow just fits her so well I love how her hair looks in here. I don’t like how stiff Sora’s hair looks ugh.
•Sora as the singer, tho!!!! Never saw that one coming, I’m living!!!! I guess Mimi and Meiko are the chorists?
•Piyomon’s wearing a tiny hat and that just melted my heart I can’t stop crying!!!
•Meiko isn’t blushing for once and I adore her beret!
•Again, I love how their shirts’ color match with their crests’. I’m guessing Meiko’s crest is sort of wine-ish?
•Meicoomon with those two lollipops is adorable I usually don’t like her but she looks cute in here.

●Taichi & Yamato:
•First things’ first, why the heck is Taichi the singer when in canon his voice’s awful 😂 really, Toei? Did you think we’d forget??
•They both look so handsome but specially Yamato like OH MY GOD ISHIDA, CAN YOU NOT.
•Agumon looks drunk, is he okay?
•Is Gabumon singing as well??? Can this get any weirder? 😂
•Yamato!!! And his bass!!! I can’t stop staring!!!!
•The fact that Taichi kept his goggles on even with the costume on?? I approve.
•Again, Taichi’s wearing slight orange and Yamato slight blue. Very nice detail!

I loved this whole idea, very fun to see :)

I have to take them all off
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
I have to take them all off

Here’s Tatsu talking about what he looks like when he records with a dummy head mic…

Tatsu: Hmm, speaking of the toughest thing about using a dummy head mic… Because it picks up every single sound that my body makes, handling that is probably the hardest thing to do. Like, as you can tell from my outfit today, I always wear accessories, and I have to take them all off (for the recording). I also need to take off my hat. And my wallet, because it’s got a chain attached to it. And I need to button up all the dangling metals on my pants because they’ll clatter. Surprisingly, I’ll end up wearing barely anything… *laughs* Oh right, I take off my shoes too. So with my shoes off…  If people see me recording with a dummy head mic like this, they might think “Eh? That’s how he looks when he records? I’d never have imagined that…” Well, since no one can really see me like this, I guess it’s fine~ Yeah.

~from Cast Talk in Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa

(Ok now I am super curious about how he looks lol)

Sexy Santa [a Ray Palmer imagine]

Request: I’ll be a bitch and ask for 2 one-shots. You could do both, one of them or neither. Could you write 8 with Winn Schott and 20 with Ray Palmer pretty please?😙

‘20: “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.”’

a/n: i died writing this; plus dat gif. Rip Jules.

Ray is ecstatic when this time of year rolls around. He started decorating the Waiverider the day after Thanksgiving. Not just Christmas decor either; Hanukkah has to be recognized as well. Ray doesn’t discriminate. Honestly, it would be cute…if you weren’t hit with a flying dreedle this morning.

You’re met with a string of tinsel when you enter the main room. Sputtering stray strands, you glare up at your fiance; who’s nailing it to the doorframe, wearing a long Santa Claus hat that ends just below his butt. “Oh, hey honey! Ho, ho, ho; merry Christmas! Or happy Hanukkah! Whatever works, I guess!” he grin like a Cheshire cat, going back to the nail.

Giggling, you pawl at the white pompom, making him startle; almost hitting his thumb with the hammer. “You know, this hat ends at the right spot.” you smirk, watching him step down from the ladder. “You’re like a…like a sexy Santa.” you purr, pulling the collar of his ruby red sweater, which makes him blush.

He laughs nervously, peering down at you. The hammer rest in front of this stomach and lowers ever so slightly. “Well, I wouldn’t say sexy…” he snorts, walking around you to put the hammer on the table. “But I do have a present for you!” he exclaims excitedly, spinning on his heel to find you pressed up against him.

Watching the way his adam’s apple bobs, you bite your lip, running your hands up his chest. “See, that could sound soooo wrong if it wasn’t you…” you pause, “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.” you snicker in his ear, eyeing how his jaw clenches. “Because, I mean, really, he is.” you shrug, peppering kisses along his neck.

Ray giggles; hands descending down your body and pulling your waist. His doe eyes sparkling wide, he smiles from ear to ear. “No! You can’t tell our children that! It would ruin the holidays for them!” he argues, “Now do you want your present or not? Sexy Santa doesn’t have all day!” he chuckles, grabbing your hands.

A sigh escapes your mouth and you nod your head. Ray gives you a cheeky smirk, pecking your cheek before going to move. Pressing your palm to his chest, you stop him; your gray shirt sleeve riding up. “Wait, is it you? Do I get to unwrap you?!” you ask happily.

Whining, he nibbles on his lip, “…Later.” he confirms, sneaking around the desk to grab the medium sized box with snowman wrapping paper. “Tada!” he rejoices, placing the gift in your hands. Immediately, you tear the paper off, finding a small leather book with (your first initial).P. “Y/N Palmer.” Ray mutters, blushing, “I know it’s early, but-”

“I love it.” you cut him off, pressing your lips to his. Unlatching it, you open the book, finding notes on every page, all starting with ‘To my Y/N’. Tears begin pooling at your eyes, “Aww, Ray…” you blubber, attacking him with a hug, “I love you, sexy Santa!” you sniffle, kissing his grinning face.

Without a warning, Ray’s hands snake around your thighs, lifting you up on the table. “Okay, you can unwrap me!” he smirks, placing your hands on his chest. “Wait,” he mumbles, running to the other side of the room; the pompom dangling against his back. He slaps a light green bow on his heart before coming back to you. “Okay, now you can unwrap me!” he says cheekily.

Creepypasta #1170: Black Hat

Length: Medium

“Congratulations, Mr Castillo! Your project proposal had just been approved.”

My boss shook my hand. My colleagues clapped and gave me taps on the back. I called my wife to tell her about the news. She was ecstatic.

I’m 32. An architect working in one of the top firms in the area. Married to a lovely wife with a wonderful daughter. I’ve got good friends. I feel very blessed. Life is good.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Once upon a time, I was an entirely different person. One without direction. I never thought I would make it this far. I had a pretty rough upbringing. I was rebellious and anti-social.

Then one night changed it all. The night that basically gave me a new lease on life so to speak.

The night I felt lucky to be alive.

I was 16. I was raised in a dysfunctional family. Money was not the problem. My father was a manager at the local bank. But he was rarely home. Eventually my mother found out why – he was having an affair. Since then, my mother became an alcoholic. I became neglected at a very young age. They hated each other, and I hated them both. Three people who couldn’t stand each one’s presence, living under one roof.

I often get into trouble at school. I steal things. I break noses. Violence has become my way of releasing frustration and anger.

Friday night. They’re arguing again, yelling at each other like the bitterest of enemies. I grabbed my backpack and ran out of the house. I needed to get as far away as possible from that hellhole. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that.

It’s been dripping. I opened my bag and checked what’s inside. A couple of shirts, a bottle of water, and a toy gun. Ah, my favorite toy gun. I got it on my 11th birthday from a godfather. It used to be bright red in color, but I painted it black to make it look real. I had even managed to rob a couple of people with it.

But tonight, I want to up the ante.

I want to steal a car.

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Yesterday I tried to hand this guy (old man, wearing a cowboy hat) his change and instead of taking it he just wordlessly pointed at the tip jar. I didn’t know what he was doing so I tried handing it to him again. He just gestured silently at the tip jar, all annoyed that I didn’t know what he was doing. Like thanks for the tip I guess but can we use our words next time?

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"I love you,I promise that you never get hurt" + tae from bts mafia!au? Pleaase

How did you get into this mess?

If you knew it will end this way, you will not even try, or hope for this relationship to work.


Your eyes wandering around the old looking bar wildly, half scanning the new place, half trying to find a seat. You drag your feet on the wooden floor slowly, and sit on the stool, eyes still looking around. Not many people are here, making it one of the calmest bar you have ever been. Only the occasional sound of glasses, clicks of lighters, people talking, and the oldies being played by a live band. This place looks like it comes straight out from the 50’s, complete with the old furniture and decorations.

You glance at the right side of the bar. There is a small vintage stage, with a group of middle aged men and women playing some oldies and classics.

“What do you want to drink, young lady?” A bartender’s voice makes you snap your head back to the front. Before you is a young man, with an amazing physique, not too muscular or too skinny. His brown hair is parted into 5:2, neatly combed. He is wearing a white shirt with a small bow tie around the collar. His face showing much interest to you, making you avert away your eyes instantly from him.

You hesitate, “One perfect martini, please.”

“Anything for the lady,” he turns on his heels and begins mixing the drink. Seconds later, he places a cocktail glass, filled with clear liquid in front of you, complete with a fresh green olive.

You glue your eyes to the old oak bar table in front of you. You rest your hands on it, intertwining both of your hands with each other. Your tongue stiffens, making you unable to produce any words out. You slightly nods your head and pulls the drink closer to your body.

“What’s a young lady like you doing here, all alone?” The bartender asks, breaking the silence. He is standing, showing his back as he wipes some glasses behind the bar.

Sipping some drink from the glass lips, you say, “Just bored. And this is quite an interesting place too, it’s quiet.”

“Yeah, it’s not that popular. The owner is the third generation to run this bar. He doesn’t want to do any changes to it, keeping it still like before. This place was once very popular, back in the 50’s. But I guess people want change. So lesser people come. Only the regulars will keep coming here,” he explains. He walks to the shelf and arrange the glasses neatly, still not facing you.

Suddenly, you feel a figure silently takes a seat right next to you. You can see at the corner of your eyes, he is wearing a suit and a fedora hat, as he is smoking a cigar.

The bartender turns around, and as soon he lays he eyes on the man beside you, his body freezes. Clouds of smoke float around the man’s face, making him appear mysterious.

“Sir, how can I help you?” The bartender’s tone sounds serious. His expression show such emotion that you cannot define.

The man clears his throat before speaking, “A glass of whiskey, please.”

His deep husky voice makes your heart beat quickens. Your curiosity grows, but your eyes still on the your glass, as if the glass is a lot more attractive than him.

Without a word, the bartender quickly place the golden colored drink on the table, and disappears from the scene, leaving you and the man at the bar. You would be lying if you say that you do not feel nervous.

“I’m Taehyung,” the man speaks up.

At that remark, you bravely turn your head to face him, and God, he is such a masterpiece.

High bridge nose, piercing stare from his brown eyes, that perfectly arched eyebrows, and lips, wrapped around that cigar. His side profile is just so perfect, that you did not notice you are staring.

“Enjoying the view?” His head now turns to his left, his eyes bore down to yours. A smirk is so evident on his face. Your cheeks turn into rosy pink, as you duck down in shyness.

‘What a cute reaction,’ Taehyung thought to himself.

“I’m Y/N,” you politely introduce yourself, trying to make the situation less awkward than it already be.

“Would you stay with me, no matter what happens?” He questioned you on one fateful night when both of you were tangled between the sheets, moonlight softly shone through the blinds on the window.

“Of course I will. I love you,” was your automatic response.

Present Day

You were in love with him, but he is not the normal type of boyfriend who will cuddle with you at nights, takes you out on a fancy dinner, buy you flowers or watch some romantic cliche flicks with you.

He is a mafia boss, in the area you are staying. You did not know it before of course, he hid it so well. Masking himself as a businessman who always need to go for work and only be back on late nights. He had always said that his business was so important to him, being that he is the heir from his late father.

“I’m not like the normal guys, Y/N. I’m dangerous. But you, you are the only person that sees through me. I can be completely myself when I’m with you. Don’t you leave me,” his persuasive voice made your legs go jelly. But you know, this is not right.

He is dangerous, so damn dangerous. You love him, but hell, would you risk your family too? You know, you and your family will be the main target to the other mafia families who want to destroy him. 

No. You cannot risk that. And you finally decided to break up with him.

It is for the best.

That is, until one night, as you are walking back home from work, two men pounce onto you, and pull you inside a car. Everything is happening too fast. Their strong grip make you freeze in your seat, and keep your silence. With three strong looking men in the car, you choose to not do anything stupid, thus risking you to be found dead minutes later on the street. One of the men forcefully ties a blindfold on your eyes, making you feel more anxious as seconds pass by.

The car stop after what is feels like hours, and you are dragged out from the car, but this time, the men treat you like a fragile glass. 

“Follow us. And don’t struggle.”

 They guide you somewhere. The echo of the footsteps suggests that you are now walking through a hallway. 

Seconds later, they halt in their tracks. You hear sounds of knocking on a door.

“Come in,” a muffled voice is heard. You hear creaking sound of a door, before the men guide you to continue walking and stopping a few steps after.

“Both of you may leave,” a familiar deep voice resonate in your ear, as you feel the men grips on your arms disappear. Their footsteps becomes fainter as they walk away, and closes the door.

Your breath hitchs, hearing another footsteps coming to your direction, and passing you.

“Taehyung?” You croak out.

Click. The door is locked.

“Taehyung? Is that you? ” You voice out again, sounding like you are in such despair.

The footsteps travel closer to you, and the blindfolds are off. You squint your eyes at the sudden brightness of the room, until a familiar figure stands right before you.

“Hey. How have you been? ” 

Taehyung asks, a wicked smile is plastered on his face. His gaze on you make you feel small, and vulnerable. You bite down your dry bottom lips and avoid any eye contact with him.

“You said you will stay with me. But then, you disappear. Why you lied, Y/N? Don’t you love me anymore?” His voice sounds sad and disappointed.

No response from you.

He rubs the temple of his nose, sighing softly at your silence.

“It doesn’t matter. Now that you are here, you are now completely mine,” his voice turns cheerful, making you snap and look at him in fear.

His hand travels slowly, from the tip of your fingers, up to your arms and stays on your shoulder. He pulls you close, and pats your hair, chuckling.

“I love you, and I promise you will never get hurt,” his lips come in contact with your hot cheeks, sending shivers down your spine.

Things I Write When I’m Bored

It’s done! I gotta admit, Tae as a mafia boss will be the hottest thing on Earth

Hope you like it! <3

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Now seems like a good time to post this little snippet from my current fic:

Whiskey gives Harry an ugly coat to wear against the cold. He also grins and lobs a cowboy hat onto Harry’s head. 

Harry lets it sit there for less than half a second before whipping it off and sending it sailing down the mountain. They all stand there watching it become a meaningless dot against the snow. Then Whiskey says, “Bourbon won’t be too happy about that." 

"Then maybe you shouldn’t give his things away,” Harry says, his voice as chill as the weather.

The Akatsuki’s Secret Santa

To welcome the beginning of December I’ve written up a Christmas themed list! Who would get what in an Akatsuki Secret Santa? I’ll be using an online generator to produce results!

1. Pein gets….Sasori

What he gets him: A metal chest plate

Pein: “Seriously your heart is so obviously vulnerable when you take your cloak off.”

Sasori: “I guess I should say thank you but I really don’t want to.”

2. Konan gets….Kakuzu

What she gets him: A handmade sweater

Konan: “You were complaining about the cold but said you didn’t want to spend money so…enjoy!”

Kakuzu: “I hate it. But I will wear it because it’ll save me money in the long run. Plus I guess I kind of look good in it.”

3. Sasori gets….Tobi

What he gets him: A santa hat

Tobi: “This is AMAZING. How did you know I wanted a hat?!”

Sasori: “Honestly I just bought the first thing I saw. I really couldn’t care less about you.”

4. Deidara gets….Kisame

What he gets him: A shark plush from build-a-bear

Kisame: “Honestly? Just because I’m a half shark and I use sharks in my jutsu DOES NOT mean it’s the only thing I like in life. And furthermore-”

Deidara: “His name is Felix.”

Kisame: “I love him.”

5. Hidan gets….Pein

What he gets him: A Jashinist Bible

Hidan: “I thought I’d get you something to remind you how fake you are and how Jashin is the one true god.”

Pein: “Why must you do this to me.”

6. Kakuzu gets….Itachi

What he gets him: A walking stick

Kakuzu: “Seeing as you’re going blind and everything I thought you might need it.”

Itachi: “You bought me….a walking stick…for Christmas?”

Kakuzu: “Well technically it’s a stick I found on the ground that LOOKS like a proper walking stick so I saved money in the process.”

7. Kisame gets….Deidara

What he gets him: Hair clips

Kisame: “Your hair annoys me okay how do you even SEE things?”

Deidara: “Oh wonderful I can blow up buildings whilst wearing the latest accessories! Lucky me.” 

8. Itachi gets….Hidan

What he gets him: 10 tubs of hair gel

Hidan: “Okay to be honest I’m kind of surprised you actually got me something useful?”

Itachi: “This isn’t for your sake, it’s for everyone elses. What I’m trying to say is STOP USING EVERYONE ELSE’S HAIR PRODUCTS.”

9. Zetsu gets….Konan

What he gets her: Angel flowers

Zetsu: “You know since you’re an angel and you like flowers….it fit.”

Konan: “That’s….actually really sweet of you Zetsu. Thank you!”

Zetsu: “I was going to get you a venus fly trap but Pein said it was a bad idea.”

10. Tobi gets….Zetsu

What he gets him: Fertilizer 

Tobi: “Thought you might need it!”

Zetsu: “I honestly can’t tell if this is some sort of joke directed at my appearance or if you genuinely gave this to me for my garden.”  

Things that piss me off About the DL boys appearances

(aka trigger my weird anxieties about anime character defying real world logic or just look dumb. Either one really)

(Ok let’s go and pls don’t hate me)

Shu: he only wears his jacket with one arm (I tried wearing my jacket like that and guess what it doesn’t work)

Reiji: he trying to be Michael Jackson by only were one glove ( I don’t like Michael Jackson)

Ayato: he needs to do up his buttons (it would take like 5 seconds)

Kanato: he has one strand of hair that is longer then the rest (I just want no need to cut it off)

Laito: his hat does not look right (it just doesn’t look like it’s fitting he’s Head correctly)

Subaru: you can see his eye though his hair (that’s not how hair works)

Kino: his hair is stupid (sorry kino fans, there’s kino fans right? RIGHT?!??)

Ruki: his hair is blue in the anime ( it doesn’t look good)

Kou: that one hair tie in the front on hair…..(I just what to rip it off of his head)

Yuma: he’s to big in the anime (insert that’s what she said joke)

Azusa: the Hat (how AF does it even say on his head)

Carla: his scarf it’s just to long (i just what him to trip on it)

Shin: he has a tail (Furrys).

And as a bonus Yui: TO MUCH PINK

parappa rappa (parappa the rapper) is autistic !

• when the teachers rap, he doesn’t fully understand that he has to come up with his own lyrics. so he repeats them instead. it doesn’t bother him though!

• like how he repeats lyrics, he tends to repeat things that he’s not supposed to. you know how when he and guru ant grew big and guru ant started panicking? he wanted parappa to help him but parappa didn’t understand that he meant “pull the lever or whatever, right now! Right now!” literally so he didn’t do anything to help.

• and you know when that moose (i forgot her name sorry) tried to teach parappa how to drive? parappa didn’t understand that when she said “guess… what…”, she wanted an actual response not just something that’s been repeated.

• not something to do with repetitive behaviour much but you know how parappa wears his hat all the time? and how the octopus guy (i forgot his name too whoops) in the second game tried to get it off his head? parappa tries to stop him and appears uncomfortable with what he’s doing, parappas hat is his comfort item and he’s very possessive of it!! he doesn’t like being without it and it just makes him feel weird

• in the second game, there’s the boombox that helps parappa with practicing lyrics. they usually say “come on, parappa! relax! it’s practice time!”, that could be another comfort item of his! he finds it easier to practice with the boombox and it can also help him w/ feeling less stressed !!

• parappa mainly stims by bouncing or jumping up and down!!!!

• rap music’s also a special interest of his! he notices that other rappers don’t repeat each other but he does it anyway!! he enjoys rapping and its a good way for him to express echolalia!

• you know how parappa says “i gotta believe!” (aka his catchphrase)?? that could be a comfort thing! sometimes he loses confidence in himself.. when he thinks of his catchphrase, it helps him and he gains a bit of confidence again!! it makes him happy that he can try to believe and it makes him stim by jump up and down !!!!

Home (Chapter Four)

Title: Home (Chapter Four)

Pairing(s); Jughead Jones x Reader, Jughead Jones x Betty Cooper (bughead), Archie Andrews x Veronica Lodge

Warnings: Maybe some slight cursing.

Summary: The reader finally decides to talk to Jughead once again, things seem to go pleasantly this time.
Veronica makes a new friend.

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! This is unedited and it took a little longer to write because I’m tired. But if you find any mistakes please let me know. :)

Tag List; @nafa1604 @day-dreaming-nightmare @dempsey-mantle @sunshine51879 @emotional-wrek-hello @theselfishllama

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OTP Prompts (2) - Gramon

Anonymous said to roomeight:4, 8, 19, 31 for the gramon otp ask thing if you’re still doing it :)

Combining this with @glowinginahuddle​‘s since some of the numbers overlapped with anon’s. Thank you!!

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?
Aww. Damon, definitely. Damon is the one who would dote all over Graham in the morning and wake him up with kisses, and Graham would get all uncomfortable and embarrassed and tell him to stop (just like they do on stage).

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas?Damon we all know from the NDLTR video sleeps naked except for a magic necklace (wtf Damon), because apparently he likes to keep his man bits as free as his spirit I guess. Also, I mean, it’s not like he has anything to be ashamed about if someone comes round knocking and the sheets accidentally fall off (*cough*bigwoodenkey*cough*). Graham probably sleeps in a funny hat and nothing else. “I get all funny when I wear it,” he would say.

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?
Damon loves horrors movies and loves watching them with Graham because Graham hates them and he likes to tease/comfort Graham when he gets scared/anxious. Graham probably likes romance movies, but only proper, subtle ones made on the indie film circuit like The One I Love because he is elitist. He probably hates anything with R. Gosling in it.

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?
Damon (again) he probably calls Graham all sorts of things. Mostly Gra but sometimes  Leslie when he wants to get underneath his skin and Graham’s being sassy.

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?
Damon. Damon goes out and buys cheesy cardboard Valentine’s signs and flowers and then probably delivers them by pulling his pants up to his belly button or while playing a banjo on his doorstep—anything that would make Graham truly uncomfortable. Graham hates Valentine’s Day.

31. Who is more affectionate?
Outwardly, Damon is the initiator, but once he manages to get Graham into a corner/comfortable place the role switches and Graham is the very passionate and attentive one (which always surprises Damon :)).

Okay so I’ve heard this character is pretty popular but tbh I don’t really understand why?? Like every aspect of this design is terrible. I mean first off I don’t even know what he’s even supposed to be?? He’s wearing overalls so I guess he’s some sort of farmer, but this design is so dull and unimaginative I honestly can’t believe it got approved. And what the fuck is the deal with the white gloves? Who is he, Mickey Mouse?? And the thing that pisses me off the most is the fucking mustache. Not only is it a symbol of male power fantasy (I can only assume the “M” on the hat stands for “Masculinity”), but it doesn’t even look like hair?? It just looks like gross lump of flesh underneath his nose. What a shitty fucking design.

Listen. Don’t think about Babe flying down south to meet Gene. Don’t think about the two of them taking a road trip to all the southern landmarks, staying with sweet strangers, sleeping in the van some nights, walking along rivers with fireflies around their ankles. Don’t think about Gene translating all the southern speak for Babe, even if confused is a good look on him. Don’t think about Babe getting sunburned and Gene buying him a huge ladies’ sun hat so he can still wear those dumbass muscle shirts Babe likes so much.
Don’t think about Gene kissing Babe in a sun shower.
Especially don’t think of a montage of all this to Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn.
Don’t do it.