i guess he forgot the other pocket...is that why ur smiling

*no spoilers*
Hey! So don’t know if I sent this to the right place but my names Yareth I’m 16 and I went to the May 28 Chicago show with a vip ticket. The day started of really nerve racking I was so nervous. Around 2:50 we left and headed for the theatre, this was a little worrying because there was traffic and the drive from my house was around an hour 10 min and vip check in was at 4:15. Everything turned out okay though because we made it on time with 5 min to spare! (We as in my friend Maria and myself) Security ran a metal detector over us and I was a little worried when he started pulling at my bag but then I realized that he did that to everyone who carried a bag with them. Before I could go through the door I had to go through one more person and this one was the one that checked ur ticket to see if u were actually vip. Ngl this was the scariest part of my day because even though my ticket had all the right information, I was worried that it wouldn’t be vip. She let my through and then my friend and I had that moment of realization that it was actually going to happen. Once through the door, we walked along a small hallway and another worker was standing there and she was the one that gave us the vip wristband, sadly it had to be cut off immediately after I met them so I don’t have it anymore. We walked along a little farther and another worker stood there and she directed us to go down the stairs. Once we were at the bottom of the stairs, ANOTHER worker told us to go to the left. Once we turned to the left, we saw that we were in the meetup room. There was a couple water bottles and candy but I forgot to take any of that. I had found the girl that was going to sit next to me through tumblr, Emily, and we became such good friends:) so in the room I looked for her and once we saw each other she directed me over to the seats she saved for Maria and I. We walked and I hugged her and it was just so nice to meet her<3
One of the women, idk what she did but she had an accent and she told us that dnp would be there in 5 min, at 4:45. The time came and everyone was getting their phones ready to record…and they didn’t come, as expected. It was 4:50, nothing. It was around 4:55 that people lost their anxiousness because they still weren’t there. I was p calm too by now that I decided to record a small video of the room but 3 seconds into my video, someone goes “hi it’s me!”
It was Dan.
They walked in through the side of the room which was not expected at all, we all thought they would come in from the white door that was in front of us but that was wrong.
Emily had arrived much earlier so she saves us seats which were in the front row. The meetup room was kind of like bleachers, there were 4-5 rows and I was all the way in the bottom front so I had the best view. Dan and Phil walked over to the front of the room where the wallpaper thing we had to stand in front of for out pictures were and they took selfies with all of us. For me in that moment, I didn’t say anything or scream I was in utter amazement and shock because it was so nice to see them again.
I met them at the Naperville book signing in November
And being that close to them again was just so unbelievable, they were HD and I could see all the little fold in their clothing and it just reminded me of that day in November when I saw Phil for the first time and completely fell in love with him. It was just really nice. Maria and Emily were screaming and freaking out and soon, the meetup started. They took us in in rows and the first people that got to meet them were the people that didn’t have seats. We didn’t know where’d they starts with, the bottom or the top? They started with the bottom.
We got in line and I began getting nervous, I took off my backpack and held it in my hand along with the crowns and book for my brother I was planning on getting signed. I didn’t want anything blocking me from hugging them properly. Emily and her dad went and it was only Maria and I. Then Maria left and it was only me. I had two phones on me because my sister gave me hers and I placed my own in my pocket to record the audio and placed my sisters in the other pocket for the pictures, she has a 6s so better quality hahah. I pressed play and drake the security guard motioned me over.
Dan said, Dan: Hi! How are u?
- and he held out his arms while I quickly dropped everything to the floor. I hugged him and he was the softest thing ever. Ppl say that Dan gives awkward hugs but he really doesn’t. I think it depends on how comfortable u are with it, for me, I went for it, I wrapped my arms completely around him and pressed the side of my face into his stomach, I’m 4'11 btw so that’s why my face was in his general stomach area. We let go and I walked over to Phil.
Phil: Hi! Nice to see you!
-Phil’s hug was amazing, his was the one I mainly remember just because I had always wanted a Phil hug no offense to Dan but I just always wanted a Phil hug, the grip wasn’t to easy for him Because of the height difference and for the fact that dug my myself into him but that’s alright.
Dan: Would you like us to sign anything?
Me: oh yea *then I got my brother’s minecraft book off the floor* could u guys sign this? It’s for my little brother cause he couldn’t come
Both: awww
Dan: awesome
Phil: tell him I said hello
-the sweetie omg-
Me: *nods*
Me: also I’m not sure if you can do this too but could u sign the side of my shoe?
Dan: oh yea sure of course
Phil: yea
- okay so this was an uncomfortable position to get into and I needed to keep my balance because I asked for the side of my shoe not the white top part like ppl usually do, I was wearing converse btw, so I lifted my leg kind of donkey style and Phil took hold of my shoe, then Dan took hold of my ankle-
Dan: okay yea u just-u just-u stand on one leg precariously and we’ll sign that for u
-okay here’s a bit of embarrassment because all of a sudden, I lost my balance. They weren’t done yet and I was going to fall, I didn’t think too much of it and was like “oh, Dan’s here” and I kind of dropped my hand onto his shoulder. I had a pretty good grip on him and his shoulder is v firm. I could also see him jump a little at the sudden contact and he squished his shoulder up a bit and didn’t realize this till yesterday but I think it was because I placed my hands a bit too close to his neck-
Phil: there we go
Dan: would u like a photo as well?
Me: oh yea
-I then ran back to the little pile I left on the floor and got the crowns-
Dan: oh amazing
Phil: amazing
Me: could u wear these?
Dan: yes course we can
Both: *put on crowns*
Dan: should we take it on ur phone?
Me: oh my gosh sorry!
-I had forgotten that I needed a phone for the picture smh-
Dan: okay I’ll take it cause I have the worlds longest arms -_-
Phil: okay
Dan: there we go
Phil: let’s do it!
-we took the photos and I find it really weird that I smiled the way I did because I never smile with my mouth opened but I guess I was just really happy:) also I love how far they both crouched down because of my height gosh I love them-
Dan: awesome! *laughs* thank u so much for coming!
-his giggle is precious, so cute-
Phil: thank u
Me: thank u!
Dan: no worries!
Me: *about to leave* wait, can I have another hug?
Dan: yes of course! Enjoy the show! Thank u
-this also surprised me, I was actually ready to leave, I had picked up all my my stuff when I realized that I wanted another hug so I went to go hug Dan but I placed my stuff oddly that I ended up hugging him with my bag and the crowns in between us, though the thing that surprised me was that even though I could only hug him with one hand, Dan wrapped both his arms completely around me and actually pulled me into him which I was not expecting at all, it was so nice and warm then I went and hugged Phil and I angled my stuff better this time and pressed my self into his side with my face curled into him and he was so soft and cuddly and his stomach, no offense, was so squishy, he was just so squishy and his shirt was so soft and he’s just so precious-
Phil: Bye!
Me: *about to leave*
Dan: don’t forget ur notebook
Me: oh right.. *leaves*
-yea I almost forgot something smh-
The time span of that was 50 seconds
I then left to go find Maria and Emily and Emily left to go get merch and a lot of people had the same idea but I didn’t want to leave so I kept Maria with me, there was one row left and I looked around the room and wondered why there was only around 20 people there. Soon the meetup was over and there was only 13 people in the room by that point so DnP said goodbye to just us which was really nice and then we walked out. We got early access to merch and we were then taken outside to where we had to wait till 6:30 to enter the theatre again. That’s when I realized why there weren’t many people in the room, because once u left the room, u weren’t allowed back in.
We waited for a bit and were soon let back into the theater and we got to our seats, which were so good, we were in the second row and we sang along to the pre show playlist and then the show happened and we cried and everything was good. The show was amazing I loved all of it.
Overall my day was amazing and Dan and Phil are amazing and I just want to thank them for making that possible
Sorry this turned out so long omg I hadn’t described my experience before this, but thanks for reading!

Okay I absolutely love this! I love how detailed this is, it’s actually super helpful with showing everyone how the meet and greet will go. We’re asuper glad you had such a great time!!

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