i guess guys are cute in short shorts


Awesome, that is indeed a nice coincidence!! Koopaling Week 2017 is getting closer and closer~

Pfft, that is a difficult question :o Because the height of characters differ from game to game. Look at Ludwig for example:

New Super Mario Bros. 2 -

He’s standing upright, and it shows that he’s taller than Mario. And it looks like he’s just as tall as Peach too (without her crown and heels).

But then we have Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games -

He seems to be a bit smaller here. The shortest of the group! I don’t know why they’ve made him smaller but it’s kinda cute i guess…

We all know that Mario is a short guy, here’s a screenshot of the Super Mario Odyssey trailer:

He really is short, haha! I know for a fact that Lemmy is shorter than Mario (SO HE’S VERY SMOL!!), and Ludwig, Roy, Iggy and Morton are taller. I think Jr., Larry and Wendy are about the same size as Mario!

Yeah…i really want to meet the kids too ;w;

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birthday: july 1st 

gender: female

relationship status: single :( 

favorite color: i’m a slut for red tbh (also pink)

pets: i have a chihuahua she cute

wake up time: 6:45am (10am on weekends)

love or lust:  lust ??

favorite food: i like pancakes! and pizza!!

met a celebrity: i met few youtubers but other than that no

last song i listened to: Torch by Pouya and Fat Nick (!!!)

first kiss:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

tall or short: idk i’m guessing short but in real life people tell me i’m quite tall

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The Parthenon

Castiel knelt down just off the path and called softly to the beige cat sitting nonchalantly on the ruins of a once great structure.  Well, to be fair, it was still an amazing structure, but not what it had been during the height of the ancient Greek’s power.

Around him the tourist site was overly crowded with people tromping around and yelling and taking pictures and tour guides waving flags to keep their groups together and moving.  Castiel’s father had taken a “moment” to sit down and draw some wildflowers growing out of one of the cracks of a stone that Castiel didn’t even think was ever actually a part of the Parthenon.  He’d been sketching for over thirty minutes already.  It was like the man had no concept of time.

Castiel had wandered around the great structure twice, observed the views of the city sprawl, and bugged his dad three times that they needed to get going.  There were other sites to see in Athens than the Acropolis and they only had four more hours before they had to be back at the cruise ship.  He had been shooed off three times.

Now he was trying to tempt one of the feral temple cats to come down off her lofty perch and entertain him.  One of them had run away when he’d gotten close, but this one seemed content to watch him and listen to him click and whistle at her.  Then she stood up suddenly, but had to sit down and lick herself to make it seem like she wasn’t really interested in coming over.  Then she hopped down onto the ground and walked her little cat-self over toward him.  Castiel smiled and reached out a hand.

Just as he was about to pet her head a voice said, “Ugh, you’re not actually going to touch it, are you?”

The cat darted away behind her rock.  Castiel sighed in annoyance and turned to look at whatever peabrain had scared her off.  It was a kid about his age, no older than sixteen anyway, with short spiky hair and a face that had been out in the sun too long without sun block if his pronounced freckles were anything to go by.  Castiel just stared at him.

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Fell for You that Summer

Your fingers rest on top of Niall’s, his hands locked against your stomach as he stands behind you.

He spins you around though and it’s just like a movie again- you saw fireworks already, but you see them again, feel them deep in your belly when he presses his lips against yours and doesn’t let you go.


A really self indulgent story about home cooking, shared clothes, and Niall and Y/N falling in love. 

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“ How would Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, and The8 react to you singing to them for the very first time and you sounded really good?” 


This kid is honestly just so mesmerized by how good you could sing. He sits there quietly looking at your with admiring eyes and slowly swaying to your voice. He doesn’t know why he hasn’t asked you to sing to him earlier, but now he knows he should do it more often. After you finish singing, he’s going to get up and just wrap you in his strong arms and place a small kiss on your head. You were wonderful, sing to me more often Jagiya~” 


Ah our little ‘gentleman’ would be very surprised to even hear you sing, but the fact that you sing so good makes him really excited. Now the two of you can do duet and covers together. Not today though, today he’s trying to get you to mess up and look like a little flustered noodle by blowing tiny kisses and smirks at you. To his surprise it didn’t work, it just motivated you to sing even better which he didn’t mind~


He’s going to wake up to your soft voice singing and just smile. He pretends to be asleep every time you glance over at him to make sure he’s asleep, but secretly he’s enjoying his own personal concert from the biggest star in his life. At your last glance over at him, he opens his eyes and give you one last smile before you punch him on the arm for pretending to be asleep.


He’s trying to conceal how happy knowing that you can sing inside. So he sits there smiling like a little doofus while you sing. After you finish singing he’s just going to clap and yell things that are bound to make you feel embarrassed and regret you ever sang to him. That’s my Baozi! She’s good isn’t she? Aish, we need to get you a record label right now! Come on, no time to waste!He’s basically asking questions to no one because there’s only the two of you around! 

Waaaah Hi my tiny baozi’s!!!! (o´‿`o)♡*✲゚*。Tis ur fav bubbles!!!! (๑ゝω╹๑) Ahh no thank you anon for sending in a req!!!! (`・ω・´)ゞToday I have a really short short reaction (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)because one I need to start my Halloween special for you guys and get it ready before Halloween is here.(๑´•д • `๑) On Halloween I will be going to a dress up bonfire with friends so I won’t be able to make it that day! (´๑•_•๑)’’ I hope you guys understand this!!! (。uωu。) But ah guess who’s been talking more to her crush!!!(●ฅ́дฅ̀●) Meeee!(灬ºωº灬)♡ I hope you guys are proud of me and will support me in talking to this cute boi (✿˘艸˘✿)! Ahh so please enjoy this short reaction and don’t be mad that it’s not a full one! (´ ˙○˙ `)Give it and me lots and lots of love, ps thank you so much for giving the socially awkward reaction 200+ notes!! That’s super insane!!!!!!!!!! ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

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I think the reason I’ve never been attracted to the idea of having a boyfriend is because I have some really big trust issues with men. It’s very personal, so I won’t discuss it, but my idea of men is a disgusting pig that only cares about sex and sports. I also view most of them as misogynistic. And I see how women aren’t treated fairly compared to men, especially with the Mexican culture. Since I was little my mom has told me that I need to get a husband with a good job that can maintain me because I’m a girl who should be maintained. I need to be able to cook and wash and iron clothes because then my husband won’t want a useless wife. I need to stay a virgin until marriage because men don’t like women that aren’t virgins and I’ll go to hell if I lose my virginity before getting married. I need to have kids and take care of them while my husband works. I need to keep my bra straps from sight or else I’ll make people uncomfortuble. But this is all so much bullshit to me. The things I’ve been told to do just don’t sound fair, I guess. What if I don’t want to stay a virgin? What if I don’t wanna put my bra straps away?? What if I want to use a washing machine instead of washing clothes by hand? What if I DON’T WANT A HUSBAND?? OR BIRTH KIDS?? What if I want to do what I want with myself, for myself, or have a wife and adopt kids or have sex with my girlfriend or buy food instead of cooking or leaving my goddamn bra straps where they are because they MOVE and I don’t want to adjust them?? Why didn’t she tell me what she told my brother ?? To be the one that leads the family and all that?? Why doesn’t she tell him to sleep with shorts on? Why does she tell me to wear longer shorts TO SLEEP WITH EVEN IF WE ARE AT 103F, EVEN IF THE SHORTS I WEAR ARE CUTE. This probably doesn’t make sense as to why I bring up the boyfriend issue, but it does to me. I don’t want to be an object that pleases people. I just want to be loved as a person and not be expected to do ‘traditional things’. I guess this is why I’m attracted to girls more, because girls treat me like a human being and (some) guys think they’re better just because they’re male. And I think it’s really unfair with simply looking at the bra straps thing. I had to sit across a guy whose underwear was showing. But God forbid I wear a shirt that let’s my straps show. My aunts don’t tell my brother anything about his undies showing yet they attack me when my bra strap shows. I guess I just don’t want to live up to those expectations and just be myself, but I feel like I can’t because I have to be girlier or flirtier or throw myself at someone so they can notice me. I don’t want that. This post is such a mess and I probably don’t make much sense in connecting my original point but idk I’m just really mad at men.