i guess for dead animals


Not dead !! Just a peregrine falcon getting an x-ray.

My thoughts on my neighbor Totoro

I just saw said movie for the first time last night and i have some thoughts I’d like to share. First off this movie contains so much pure joy and child like wonder its something special. Wimsey porn is honestly a good way to describe it. Totoro and all of his friends where super adorable and i wanna hug all of them. At first i though I would find Satsuki and Mei kinda annoying (especially Mei) but I really didn’t, They felt like real kids who where excited to move into a new home and spend time exploring the outside. The way Mei was fascinated by everything was super cute and felt like a real 4 year old.I honestly thought the mom was going to die towards the end. I guess I’m so used to animated movies having dead parents (especially moms) but I’m glad she didn’t. They writers did a good job of making the village that they live in feel like a real place. I really wanna visit it and hang out with all of the nice people who live there. The only scene I’m not so sure about is the laughing in the bath one (not the fact that they all bathe together, i assume that is a cultural difference thing) The way they all laughed just felt kinda weird and outta place. I don’t hate it, i just find it kinda weird. Overall i loved this movie. I highly recommend it. Also the cat bus was awesome.


You see this right here?! Let me tell you a thing about this shit right here.
This mysterious substance is the BEST DAMN LOTION I have ever had the pleasure of using. This shit right here is WHIPPED TALLOW LOTION that good ol’ @naturepunk handmade and sent out to a few lucky guinea pigs. (Squeak squeak).

Verbatim from Naturepunk the ingredients are: “literally just tallow, olive oil, peach-ginger tea, eucalyptus fragrance, and peppermint essential oil.”

Do you see any crazy chemical names like hydroxyethyl urea, dimethicone, or behentrimonium methosulfate? I don’t either, I can’t even say most of those words! But apparently they’re rampant in the lotion I was using before I switched to Naturepunk’s Tallow Lotion, along with a 2 inch list of other shit I was putting on my body that I didn’t even know existed.

This tallow lotion though has really done wonders! Here’s a quick rundown of my experience with it.


  • Lasts a longgggg time. I’ve had it since late February, and have used it at least 5 times a week, mostly on my face and elbows/knees, and I have BARELY used any at all.
  • Jar came FILLED TO THE TOP. No wasted space here or false “Now with 20% more!” promises.
  • Super friendly for the environment, and thus, yourself!
  • Smells fucking amazing.
  • Has helped my dry, living-on-the-coast-of-Texas skin immensely. Like, seriously. I get super bad, itchy dry spots every now and then, and they’ve pretty much cleared up completely since I’ve started using it. Only time I ever have problems with them is when there’s a long lapse in my use.


  • Can be a little oily, and takes a while to soak into my skin, so I have to predominantly use it at night or my face stays kinda slick during the day. (I think this is because I live in like an 80%+ humidity area also).
  • Did not ALWAYS smell fucking amazing. The first couple of nights I used it, I had to get used to the natural, eucalyptus/peppermint smell that it has. My lotion I was using before had 0 smell, so it was weird to smell something on my face 30 minutes later. Now though, I LOVE the way it smells.
  • Not “vegetarian/vegan” friendly? I guess? But like…. the tallow came from animals that were already dead for another reason and were otherwise going to waste away, so if you have a problem with that and would rather stick to your lotions with weird chemical names that aren’t pronounceable then go ahead, but you’re missing out!
  • Was a slight pimple/acne flair up on my forehead shortly after I started using it, but that could have been due to my new birth control medicine instead of the lotion. It’s since gotten a lot better.

In short, this shit is amazing, and if Naturepunk starts offering it to buy, I would for sure recommend it and come back to her for all my lotion needs.

LA Devotee Warnings

Um. Here’s the link.

But yeah warnings for flashing lights, kidnapping an actual kid, chaining him to a chair, blood, torture, electric shocks, dead animals, a heart I guess? basically a cult as expected.

Brendon doesn’t really do much except for creepily advance towards the unconscious kid wearing rubber gloves. Cracking his knuckles. Yeah. :/

when i was little and i read animorphs the absolute shit the characters go through felt like that sort of action/horror movie self insert stuff but now its just a bunch of children getting brutally injured/murdered

fish bones and dinosaurs