i guess everything will be okay now

Sometimes in the training arena at camp half blood
  • Nico: *is missing*
  • Percy: We need someone to fill in Nico
  • Jason: *chuckles* I guess Will's already filling in Nico right now...
  • Percy: Good one bro
  • Jason: Thanks bro
  • Percy: Bro ...
  • Jason: whoa bro everything okay bro?
  • Percy: He was so innocent bro
  • Jason: I know bro
  • Percy: so young bro
  • Jason: it's hard bro, I know
  • Percy: I was his type bro
  • Jason: you're still my type bro
  • Percy and Jason: *sobbing in each others arms*
  • Annabeth and Piper: gods of Olympus what did we do to deserve this

‘  all i need is for you to stay by my side.  ’
‘  all of the love songs remind me of you.  ’
‘  all of the words in the world can’t show how much you mean to me.  ’
‘  boy,  could i use your love  &  affection right now.  ’
‘  concept:  we’re both awake at 4 a.m.  i call you to hear your sleepy voice.  ’
‘  cute thing that you do:  the most stereotypical giggle  &  then hiding your face.  ’
‘  don’t let this be temporary.  ’
‘  don’t worry about me.  i just want to know you’re okay.  ’
‘  every day i get to see your gorgeous face is a good day.  ’
‘  everything about our relationship feels so natural  &  perfect.  ’
‘  feelings change,  but mine about you won’t.  ’
‘  hey,  guess what?  i love you.  ’
‘  hold me tight  &  tell me you love me.  ’
‘  i always daydream about living with you.  ’
‘  i am so exhausted,  but i’d sleep so much better with your arms around me.  ’
‘  i can’t help but imagine living with you years from now.  ’
‘  i can’t keep setting fires to keep you warm.  ’
‘  i could listen to you talk about the things you love forever.  ’
‘  i don’t think i’ll ever stop wanting you.  ’
‘  i don’t want those memories any more.  ’
‘  i forget who  &  where i am when we kiss.  ’
‘  i get that warm,  pleasant feeling in my chest when i’m with you.  ’
‘  i hope with all my heart that you love me like i love you.  ’
‘  i hope you feel the same way you make me feel.  ’
‘  i just want to softly cuddle with you  &  count the freckles on your cheek  &  i want to run my fingers through your hair.  ’
‘  i know it’s getting scary,  but you’ve just got your perfect self out of bed  &  do the best with what you’ve got.  i believe in you.  ’
‘  i love looking into your squinted eyes while we laugh.  ’
‘  i love when you give me little kisses on my hand  &  cheek  &  neck.  it makes me feel so loved.  ’
‘  i never thought i’d deserve the love you give me.  ’
‘  i think you’ve shown me what love really is.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our bodies to be our love.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our love to be our lips.  ’
‘  i want to bury my face in the crook of your neck until we both fall asleep.  ’
‘  i want to listen to the beautiful song of your voice for hours.  ’
‘  i want to make you just as happy as you make me.  ’
‘  i want to wake up to your smile.  ’
‘  i want to wrap my arms around you at 3 a.m.  &  tell you i love you.  ’
‘  i want you to be my yesterday,  my today,  &  my tomorrow.  ’
‘  i want you.  ’
‘  i will always love you.  even when you don’t think it’s a possibility,  i am going to love you.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with you right next to me.  ’
‘  if only you could see your angelic self from my perspective.  ’
‘  if you frequently play with my hair,  i might just fall in love with you.  ’
‘  it’s amazing feeling the warmth of your love.  ’
‘  it’s okay to have a bad day every once in a while.  ’
‘  it’s so much easier to fall asleep when you’re in bed next to me,  running your gentle fingers down my back while we softly smile at each other through the darkness.  ’
‘  i’d wait a lifetime to be in your arms.  ’
‘  i’m all yours.  always.  ’
‘  i’m always going to support you.  without even a second thought,  i’ll be there when you need me.  i want what’s best for you.  ’
‘  just knowing you’re there comforts me.  ’
‘  just thinking about how you make me blush.  ’
‘  keep in mind all the things that you have to look forward to,  babe.  ’
‘  kiss me under the starry sky.  ’
‘  let me know if you’re in love with me too.  ’
‘  let today be the day that everything changes.  you are capable of so much.  ’
‘  let’s go on a cute,  cliché date.  ’
‘  let’s sleep together under the stars.  ’
‘  make yourself  &  your own happiness you priority.  ’
‘  make yourself happy before you worry about me.  ’
‘  my kindness isn’t weakness.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is for all our arguments to be settled because i know you’ll still have my love  ’
‘  oh,  what a privilege it is to matter to you.  ’
‘  our love could make flowers bloom int he dead of winter.  ’
‘  pet names are my weakness.  ’
‘  start setting boundaries.  enough is enough.  ’
‘  thank you for caring like nobody else ever has.  ’
‘  thank you for caring when nobody else has.  ’
‘  the world is going to do something amazing for you.  ’
‘  there are times to power through it  &  there are times to say no.  ’
‘  when i look at the stars i can’t help but think of you.  ’
‘  when you look at me,  the butterflies flutter.  ’
‘  you are my happiness  &  you don’t even know it.  ’
‘  you are my starlight.  ’
‘  you are the one i’d do anything for.  ’
‘  you are what puts my mind to rest when i can’t sleep.  ’
‘  you don’t need anyone to rescue you.  you can do it all on your own,  babe.  i know you can.  ’
‘  you feel like home.  ’
‘  you have a smile that lights up my world.  ’
‘  you have no idea how proud of you i am.  you’ve done so much for everyone.  thank you.  ’
‘  you stole my heart,  but i’ll let you keep it.  ’
‘  you’re made of stars  &  you’re my favorite constellation.  ’
‘  you’re my favorite notification.  ’
‘  you’re my home  &  i’m homesick.  ’
‘  you’re not just your mistakes  &  you deserve to be happy.  ’
‘  you’re so much more than good enough.  don’t ever doubt that.  ’
‘  you’re soft  &  sweet  &  too good for me.  ’
‘  you’re something special babe.  you can make a difference.  ’
‘  you’re the happy part of my days.  ’
‘  you’re the one i’m looking for.  ’
‘  you’re the one thing i think about when i wake up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re the reason why i want to get up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re waking,  talking,  living,  loving poetry.  ’

Sometimes I miss being naive and young
When you had this beautiful picture worked out in your mind
Of how things are supposed to be
Where you didn’t have to second guess people’s intentions
Where you weren’t scared to love
Because you haven’t been hurt a lot
Where you’re closed off
Where you expect the worst
I miss having that young mind
Where everything just seemed like it was going to be okay
Because now I know how fast things can change,
Like the flip of a switch
You’re floating blissfully on a cloud
And then suddenly you’re falling fast toward the ground
—  Chapters from my life
  • Ray: Hey, guys. Guess what. To thank you for being such good friends, I picked up a big old basket of muffins. Follow me. Come on! I got all kinds of muffins! Blueberry muffins, poppy seed muffins, banana nut muffins, chocolate chip- Ooh, wait, there are no muffins.
  • Rip: What's happening now?
  • Ray: How's it feel being lied to, Huh?
  • Stein: I mean, I'm okay. I wasn't really that invested in the muffins.
  • Mick: I was.
  • Ray: You guys thought you could keep a secret from me? Well, I know everything. Nate left his phone in the bathroom again, and guess what I found on it?
  • Nate: I needed the cash! I didn't know they'd be filming.
  • Ray: Text chains. Dozens of text chains. And I'm not on any of them. Take a look at this board. There's a Sara-Amaya-Rip- Jax-Kendra-Nate chain. There's a Jax-Rip-Sara-Kendra Chain. There's even a Jax-Amaya-Mick chain. I mean, what the hell happens on that?
  • Amaya: Well, we mostly just exchange "Game of Thrones" theories.
  • Jax: The little guy is gonna marry a dragon.
  • Amaya: We think.
  • Ray: Well, one thing's for sure - Ray Palmer is off the chains.
  • Sara: I'm sorry. We only excluded you because you're kind of an over-texter.
  • Ray: Over-texter? That's not even a thing.
  • Amaya: Oh really? So you don't remember the time you sent 97 unanswered texts in a five-minute span?
  • Sara: My phone vibrated itself off the desk. I think it was committing suicide.


The boys all looked around at each other as they sat at their usual table in the cafeteria. “Whatever happened to those really big chocolate chip cookies they used to sell?” Youngjae asked, looking down at his sandwich with a sad expression. “They took them away I guess. Why does it matter?” JB answered, shoving a couple of fries into his mouth. “Why does it matter? What do you mean why does it matter? Those cookies were everything to me okay, they were the only thing that kept me sane during exams.” The boys just all rolled their eyes while Youngjae continued to sulk. “I’m sure you’ll get over it.” Mark said to him. “No, I’ll never get over it. Now I’m going to need to find another snack to help me cope with school.” The empty chair that was usually saved for Jackson was now occupied by Jackson himself. “What’s wrong?” Yugyeom asked him after noticing he looked worried and in distress. “They don’t have the big cookies!”

headcanon in regards to pidge vs. katie: when pidge came out to her parents as a trans girl, she genuinely didn’t know what name she wanted for herself. she didn’t want her old name (which was v much more common among dudes), but she… didn’t know what she wanted? what she wanted to change it to?

her parents proposed the name katie b/c that’s what they would’ve named her if she had been afab, and she was like… yeah, okay, i guess that works for now.

it wasn’t… her name, not quite, but it worked, at least temporarily. it gave her time to figure out her name, her legit name, while not having to chafe underneath a masc. one.

and then everything with her dad and matt happened. she devised the name pidge to go undercover and it… it…

it fit. it clicked. she liked being pidge, and she liked being called pidge. pidge got to change and grow in the academy and ESPECIALLY once she joined voltron and… yeah.

katie was a temp stopgap name. but pidge is who she really is.

R: Five things that make me happy..? I…guess that would be good to do right now…

R: Okay. Um. First thing is my art, I suppose. Sure it’s my major and my job, but it makes me happy and it’s sort of an escape? Like I have all this control over this world that is entirely mine and my creation…it’s nice. Especially when I usually feel so powerless over my life…

R: Second is… Les Amis. Sure, we may not agree on everything, but they’re family. Bahorel, Joly, Bossuet, Jehan, Combeferre…all of them. We all get each other and we all know we’d do anything for one another. They make me happy.

R: Then comes Éponine and Gavroche. Just like Les Amis, they’re family too. Maybe even closer… Ponine knows everything about me, as you guys saw, and Gav is like a little brother. They and Les Amis are the family that not many of us have. Hah…lots of talk of family right now, huh?

R: Uh, I suppose number four would be dogs. Man…dogs are great. We can all agree with that, can’t we? 

R: And five…

R: Jesus Christ, well you all know anyway, so fuck it.

R: Five would have to be Enjolras. I suppose I can’t bullshit you about him anymore. Sure, when he’s being an arse, it drives me insane and it hurts so I lash out and we…fight, but… *sigh*

R: When he looks over at me and he’s smiling at me..? God, it…it makes everything feel so warm. Like in my whole body. I…I dunno… His eyes are so blue and they shine this beautiful color I’ve never seen before when he’s happy. And his hair is always managing to catch the light, I swear he’s like an angel… a terrifying, righteous angel. I don’t think I’ve ever been so enamored in my life…

R: Ah. But I’m rambling now…

R: Thanks…uh. For having me say all those. It really does help.

OK so I have to say I am crying right now because I realized what I great show One Day At A Time is. I have watched up to when Elena comes out and I am feeding on gifs since I can’t watch Netflix right now. I have seen such good representation. I am half black half Hispanic, gay and my dad doesn’t live with me. 

I have come out to my mom twice but she hasn’t accepted it.

 I’m not comfortable in dresses. I don’t like make-up.

But in this show it’s all okay because

I don’t really consider myself a Latina. I wasn’t raised in a Hispanic household but this show was as close as it fucking gets for me. For people like me I guess.

 Elena’s my age and everything and it just shows what could be in the near future for me, which isn’t something a show like Supergirl, OITNB or the 100 (I definitely hope it’s not the last two) could do for me because they’re all adults.

So yeah anyway… ODAAT is a good show and I’m going to continue crying over the gifs.


  • They are utterly helpless and in desperate need of a true hero!
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Who would have guessed that’s what little girls are actually made of?
  • Note to self–good parents don’t leave their kids home alone.
  • They’re really special. I mean really special and I just want to make sure they’ll be okay so what do you think? Do you think they’ll be okay?
  • What’s the point of this game anyway?
  • Oh, no! I’ve been infected!
  • I’m gonna tag you guys now!
  • What are you doing? We’re in a serious pickle!
  • The game is over and it’s your bedtime.
  • Unfortunately, people often get scared or angry when they don’t understand something special or unique.
  • People here are nice. Things will be fine!
  • And a broken refrigerator means snack time is out.
  • He’s in cahoots with the evil pickle cob killers!
  • He hates us. He totally hates us!
  • Should the manufacturing of super powered children be illegal?
  • I was reaching down between my legs to ease the seat back when this atomic bug buzzed in, with no fair warning!
  • They are little freaks, aren’t they?
  • Well, it’s official. I have no idea where we are.
  • Maybe there’s a box we can get in around back!
  • Go away. Please. Do not look at me.
  • You’re no monster, mister. You’re just really dirty.
  • How could you know what it’s like for people to fear and despise you for the very things that make you special?
  • This brain is full of brilliant ideas, but will anyone listen? No.
  • Jump in, take this device and build it into the volcano. We need to harness the energy of the earth’s core for power!
  • Your powers are great! You just gotta believe in yourself!
  • You did very good. Very good indeed.
  • Well, there is one last, teeny tiny, itsy bitsy thing we still need.
  • I thought the zoo kept all the animals in cages.
  • I’m a terrible, terrible parent!
  • But jail? Lawsuits? Angry mobs? What’s next?
  • I’d like to take this moment to thank the little people who helped make this day a smashing success.
  • This isn’t making the town a better place!
  • Do not continue with the ramblings, for my ramblings are the ramblings to be obeyed!
  • That big fat dumb jerk! He duped us! He planned it all along and we fell for it!
  • What does it look like I’m doing? I’m building a house ‘cause now we have to live here!
  • I don’t wanna sleep on a rock!
  • Well maybe if someone hadn’t insisted on walking home from school so we could run into the biggest liar in the universe!
  • Ugh, never mind! I’m not fighting with you and I’m not talking to you, EVER!
  • I didn’t mean it! It was an accident! And he wouldn’t let go! And then the dog! That stupid dog! And then the monkeys!
  • Come on, let’s put an end to this gorilla warfare!
  • We’ve got one last monkey to get off our backs!
  • It’s good you little freaks know when you’re beaten.
  • I have to seize control of an area and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking.
  • Now let’s get out of this town and find a new, safe place to live!
  • You said to give everyone a little time to understand our specialness. Well, now it’s time for everyone to understand.
  • Oh, my! You’re actual trying to stop me? That’s so cute!
  • Who are you calling cute?
  • None of them will ever understand you as I can.
  • Maybe everyone would like us more if we were just normal little girls.
  • I was wondering if maybe sometime we could like call you to save the day or…whatever.

Okay. I realized that I never actually spoke or even thought properly about how I see Aya-Yukako-Koichi-Rohan love square (or whatever it is…). So there are some sketches to show the whole picture.
Rohan has unhealthy interest in Koichi. Not sure if it is love or more like performances of some spoiled child, who needs attention, but let him be. Unfortunately (?) for Rohan, Koichi is straight - yeah, I guess so - and dating Yukako. Aya is just catching lulz. And slightly seduces Yukako incidentally LOL. Which is OK with the girl who admires Aya enough (as example to follow) to be ready for some useful experience, if you know what I mean… I like imagining the situation where Aya crosses the line of fun and starts liking Yukako. But Koichi and Yukako ends up dating anyway HAHA.
As a conclusion we have one sweet couple and two broken hearts. BUT WE MAY NEVER REACH THE CONCLUSION IF WE DON’T WANT TO.

Good Lord! You bunch of whiny ass babies! Y’all losing your shit over something that hasn’t even happen yet!

Roman got a title shot at Roadblock. And? Y’all ain’t even like the title when it first came out; now it’s like the greatest thing ever. What? Speaking of titles, where is this sudden concern about the US title and especially Rusev? People cared more about Lana (and still do). If Rusev was so popular, why couldn’t the fans show him love when he was carrying the US Title?

Y’all say that Roman’s handed everything? Ok, then explain how KO got the title in the first. Triple H LITERALLY HANDED HIM THE VICTORY to get it. Were y’all even watching the match? But I guess it’s okay since it’s KO. (This ain’t a knock on KO. Mad respect for him. I’m just speaking storyline wise).

Raw needs start power for Roadblock and Roman draws. (and before you come blowing up my post, telling me I’m wrong, that’s your personal opinion. Regardless of you booing or cheering Roman, he’s still draws strong reactions. Plus numbers don’t lie. And on that, take your ass to Google and do your own research. Not my job to educate you.)

Roman should be defending his title but Creative has him playing sidekick and silent background player (AGAIN). Take that up with them instead of trying to clown Roman on his Twitter, only to have the King a-bomb your feelings.

Will Roman win the Universal title? Not sure. So what if he does? What’s the worse that could happen? Seth challenges him for a shot? Kevin Owens invokes his rematch clause? Jericho puts in a challenge? I mean…?????? Oh I know! Butthurt fans will get on social media and whine and trend #CancelWWENetwork and say that they will never watch WWE again only to come back Monday and Tuesday to see the fallout.

But hey…it’s whatever. Y’all say Roman’s predictable, but haters are just as bad. I can literally make a damn drinking game out of the shit you come up with when it comes to Roman Reigns.

aaaa! aaah guess what happened

OKAY SO UM YOU KNOW HOW I WAS SAVING MONEY FOR A TABLET AND I MADE A POST ABOUT IT ON HERE? and i had like 4 dollars so far and it was pretty great but a long way to go still?



this still doesn’t feel real yet, i am so happy, i don’t even know what to say to correctly convey how much this means to me, aaaa,  but hhhh this was such a surprise and i’m so thankful and hppy and i can’t believe this just happened, omg/////////// thank you so so much

teachingpanda  asked:

Feel like shipping me? 😘

Of course ^.^

I ship you with Barry Allen. 

I honestly have shipped you with Barry for like months now, but never really sat down and put reasons to why? Now is the time I guess lol

Okay so for starters, I think he will be very understanding of your anxiety. I think he will do everything in his power to keep you safe and happy.

He loves cuddles. You will get at least (300) kisses on the cheek throughout the day so be ready.

I don’t really see him as the type to like anime and manga? He will 300% be down for reading/watching it with you though.

He has heart eyes. Very dangerous when walking. He will run into a poll while staring at you so be warned.

I kinda see him as not being a cat person? But like the on the fence type of not a cat person. Like he is a one cat cat person. 

Give him a cute silly nickname and the man melts.

He fangirls over your writing. You cannot convince me that he is not your hype man for writing.

Will do couples cosplay with you. Even if he is dressed as a character he is not familiar with because he just wants you to be happy.

(I cannot find it in my heart to not give you a cheesy love song)

Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part III)

  • “And Grandma’s here.”
  • “Sorry I might have killed your son.”
  • “I spent pretty much everything that I had on killing Daddy.”
  • “I was scared by a leaf.”
  • “They’re not as in-control as they think they are.”
  • “No you don’t, you don’t exist, fuck you.”
  • “I’ve seen a great many pulsating sacks in my day.”
  • “Sure, I’ll just fire into the crowd of bugs.”
  • “Whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy. Whoa buddy!”
  • “I do not recall there being this many spiders.”
  • “I guess I’m okay, alright.”
  • “At least I got the flamethrower now and I should be able to burn what I need to burn.”
  • “Burn it with FIRE!”
  • “It’s not a lot, but it’s what I got.”
  • “I don’t know what I should do or what I want to do, it’s a little mixed up right now.”
  • “His hand seems to have grown back okay, too.”
  • “Is that your power? Because that’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Now I’m full up on herbs.”
  • “I got a funny feeling that I want to rebel.”
  • “Sorry, you don’t get to exist.”
  • “Lady, you got a lot of problems.”
  • “At least they’re stocked up on toilet paper.”
  • “Carry on, momma doesn’t know.”
  • “I’ve managed to scavenge everything I possibly could.”
  • “Well ain’t I a fucking coward.”
  • “Alright, enough fucking around!”
  • “Seems like a real charming place. I like it.”
  • “I was just trying to make you fuck off and die.”
  • “Oh god, don’t show me that.”
  • “Ok I get the hint. I get the hint, I shouldn’t be here.”
  • “Oh fuck, no you don’t.”
  • “You think you stand a chance against me? The answer is absolutely no.”
  • “I have a lot of hope in my heart. I shouldn’t, but I do.”
  • “Sounds like a trap, and I don’t like it.”
  • “That’s the deputy’s head.”
  • “I should just be able to sprint through anything that comes my way.”
  • “I can’t believe that one killed me.”
  • “Ammo really is my Achilles’s heel right now.”
  • “Woah ok, something bad happened here.”
How to Write Animals

Hey y’all, Abby here with another writing post! It seems now is the time for revamping older posts of mine, considering this is the second one in a row, but that’s okay. I think.

Anywho, animals. This post is going to be mainly for stories where people are the main characters, but I guess a few of these could be used where animals are the main characters (like in Erin Hunter’s Warriors or something). Here are my tips!

Consider the animal’s background. This includes personal history as well as the history of the overall species, common stereotypes, etc. Everything should be taken into mind when you’re creating this animal, considering the fact that if it’s going to be on your story, it’s going to be a character. Treat it as such!

Remember that cause leads to effect. If one of your human characters has a tendency to treat the animal poorly or kindly, the animal will react in an appropriate manner. (Or should.) With that said, not ever species acts the same way; a dog will react in a way that is different from a cat or a chicken, and as writers we need to remember this.

Be consistent with names. If your human characters’ names have certain characteristics because of the culture in which they live, so should your animals. Think of it from the animals’ perspective: If your owner’s/companion’s name was Red Leaf and her best friend’s name was Tall Oak, would you like it very much if they named you Joe? (Keep in mind that things can be reversed: People with names like Sophie or Leah could name their pet Red Leaf just because.)

Make sure your character has a reason for being an animal. You should have an answer prepared for when someone asks, “Why aren’t they human?” Maybe they were human at one point, but they’re an animal now. What purpose does the character being an animal have to the story? Even if it’s a simple answer: Sophie wanted a dog when she was little, so they got Fido. Even with that, Fido has a reason for being a dog.

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Until next time, much love <3


Alysa: Are you sure your sister is okay? She looks… weird.
Dorian: That’s probably some tension, I guess that’s normal…
Alysa: I don’t know… If I’ll ever look like this at our wedding, if we’re ever going to marry, just stop everything and tell me a joke or something.
Dorian: Do you want to hear one now? The deadline for Mr. Peterson assignment was yesterday.
Alysa: …and goodbye to my credit points. Remember me to tell you that I’m pregnant when our children are already born.
Dorian: What? Are you…?
Alysa: Ops?

I sincerely appreciate the positivity on my dash about this new twist, because I’ve really been struggling with it and it sort of helps calm me down to go through all the posts assuring everyone that everything is gonna work out and it isn’t going to ruin the relationship between CS and CC.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m really cool with the writer’s choice even now, and I will probably still not be okay with it by the end of S6 if I’m honest. And there are plenty of obvious reasons why, but I guess here’s my main dilemma:

Keep reading