i guess even though it's really nothing against klaine

okay truth time

even when i shipped klaine, i didn’t think their voices went that well together

they are so incredibly different and not in a way that complements each other

some voices just don’t blend well. our choir director used to spend up to an hour of class time just switching where we stood on the risers because the mix of different voices can make that much of a difference– we were two-years-running national title winners, just so you know she knew her shit and the efforts weren’t wasted.

my point is, two voices in a duet can be very different– sometimes that ends up being its strength. but in this case, darren’s rougher, pop/soft-rock, hardly-vibrato'ed voice does nothing for chris’s more classic showtune, brighter quality, and vice-versa. instead they just end up clashing, and sounding like they’re competing instead of enriching. 

you could have just as easily taken two random solo voices from totally different tracks, slapped them together in pro-tools, and it would have sounded just as “good”.

it doesn’t mean one voice is better. it doesn’t mean one is worse. and it’s not a betrayal of your otp to admit that their voices don’t “sound the most perfect together ever!!11!1" 

i just feel like there have to at least be a FEW klainers who feel the same way and don’t want to say it, because i was one of them once.