i guess because he recorded the video

Video Games- JJ

Requested by anon-  I saw the You and I Tobi imagine and I was wondering if you could do a JJ one with the song video games by lana del ray? Thank you ❤

A/N this is based of the first verse and chorus, if you want the second verse just ask x

Warning: Fluff I guess

Being in a relationship with a famous youtuber wasn’t always a great thing, whenever you were together it consisted of you sat on his bed watching him record his videos playing his video games with the boys. You loved him, and that was the biggest problem you loved him too much to tell him that you didn’t enjoy just being sat there. Yet you enjoyed his company as you felt safe around him, and content with life.

Sometimes when he did a mass recording with the boys he would spend a break with me, those times I loved because in between he would treat me well, make me feel special. Yet he would always go back to his games, leaving you sat on his bed waiting for him to finish. Everything you do is for him, every choice you make and your dreams all revolve around him or change to work with him. Your parents didn’t particularly like him, said he played you and used you whenever he felt like it. Yet, you never noticed as you were so blindly in love with him. 

You were vulnerable anyway, that’s what drew you to him. He treated you like a princess, he still does yet only when he felt like it. When you first met he was upfront and you were distant, but what else could you of have thought apart from opposite attract. Complete opposites almost, he loves football and games whilst you loved reading and drawing. Yet overtime you were becoming better at playing his games, sometimes when he finished recording or when he was free he would teach you Fifa or his favourite Overwatch. The only reason as to why it was his favourite to teach you was because of how bad you were at it. 

The time went by so fast that you didn’t even notice that your boyfriend was stood in front of you, trying to get your attention. “Babe? You there?” he asked in a jokingly tone, before grabbing a beer from the mini fridge that he kept in his room for when he felt like it. Blushing from embarrassment you looked down

“Sorry I was just thinking” you muttered, taking the beer that he had just offered for you. Taking a big swig you looked up at him and smiled

“You got a new dress” he stated, checking out your body before he returned the smile “You look gorgeous in it” and there were those words that always made you stay with him, the words that intoxicated your mind. Letting out a giggle you stood up.

“Thank you, I recently bought it and decided to wear it tonight for you” you whispered in his ear before pulling him in for a kiss, although this wasn’t one of the passionate ones it was a innocent quick one before you pulled away and sat back down. But judging by the look on his face you could tell that he now wanted more, only leaving you to look up at him with innocent eyes. Feeling the bed move slightly he sat down next to you and pulled you in for a more passionate kiss, kissing back he rubbed your lower back. Pulling away before things got to heated you took a long breath, an overwhelming amount of happiness flowing throughout your body. “Come on, let’s go play your video games” you muttered, taking his hand and sitting on one of his spare chairs. Seeing him smile he sat in his own chair

“You know me too well, Overwatch?” he asked, waving the game in the air and you nodded.  

“Oh the things you do to me Olajide Olatunji” you whispered before picking up a controller.

@ Leafy haters

Just FYI, being a fan of a dude who’s typically controversial, doesn’t mean we’re bad people. If you actually bothered to check out our material, you’d realize that there are a lot of times where we disagree w/ Leafy/Calvin, and aren’t afraid to voice our opinions. Another thing too, Calvin isn’t a terrible person. He makes a lot of offensive jokes and regularly fucks up, but he knows where to draw the line, and has removed videos and apologized for his actions on a few separate occasions.

But you know what I find hilarious? The fact that the majority of blogs that come to hate on us are blogs promoting social awareness and positivity, and kindness. Because the funny thing is that despite being Leafy-blogs, this is still Tumblr. We’re still all socially aware, accepting and free-thinking people. But I guess you can’t wrap your heads around that, right? And just for the record, trying to be “social accepting and aware”, but then sending hate, whether it’s anon or not to our blogs? Hypocritical as fuck.

But the most hypocritical thing, by far that I’ve seen, is you “socially-aware” blogs, coming here, assuming we’re terrible people, and then putting down Leafy by calling him an “ugly white boy”. Because, whoa, for “racially-aware” and “accepting” people, you sure are wrong - Calvin is biracial, half-white and half-asian. So I guess it’s alright to whitewash and erase the POC side from people as long as you don’t like them?

In conclusion, just leave us alone. Go do something productive with your life. I’ve never seen a Leafy blog attacking anyone from another fandom, and you never will either. We like Calvin, you don’t. Get over it.

“Fucking magical” and “beautiful perfect dove” were the themes for this work of something. For reasons(?). Went a little nuts with the cool colors. Really dig this guy, as in I dig his stuff, I don’t know him at all, but he’s entertaining and tends to murder me slowly with his work. In a really awesome way.
Mostly based this depiction off of a video where he did a thing n there were black bars on the side because recorded with phone i guess and he was all up in a place at some point in space and time and he did a voice and no doves and flowers were incl uded bu t yo u kn


Everyone check him out, his voice is an intensely frosted action cake and his humor leads to lawsuits:

Phan Whisper Challenge

I just started this account because I write a lot of one shots. This was originally posted on my friend’s but I wanted it on here. Anyway this is based off of an old post, enjoy! (I made this before I saw the one on Joe’s channel)

Words: 1.3k

Summary: Dan took the chance to pop the question while recording a video.

Dan’s POV

“Hello, Internet,” I waved to the camera, starting off another video. I had Phil behind the camera waiting for me to introduce him and he was copying my movements. I tried keeping a straight face so I wouldn’t have to possibly edit it out later.

“Today, I am here with a mysterious guest that I doubt any of you all could guess who it is,” I said waving my hands around as I said ‘mysterious’. Phil mimicked my movements and made his right eye go crooked. The sight made me laugh because of how adorable he is. He stopped and smiled back which made me grin at how lucky I was to have him.

“It’s Phil!” I exclaimed as he jumped to my bed, in view of the camera. He sat up and looked to the camera, fixing his fringe. “Hello,” he waved to the camera and then turned to look at me. “So, today we are doing what most YouTubers have already done before, but we haven’t yet because we’re losers.” Phil turned back to the camera and gave a fake pout, which was hard not to smile at. “The Whisper Challenge,” I said and we both gave really weird faces so I could later make the screen shake while editing.

“Right so, for anybody who doesn’t know what the Whisper Challenge is, it’s where one person puts on headphones, like these for example,” I held up some old pair of Phil’s. “The person who is wearing them turns the volume up high so they can’t hear anything. Then the other person must mouth phrases or sentences and the person who can’t hear must find out what they are saying. It’s also cold a lip reading challenge which is sort of a better name for it,” I finished the explanation and turned to Phil. He was already looking at me while I said all of that. Some of the tiny things he does reminds me why I am so in love with him. They are tiny things that he doesn’t even realize but I catch every detail of.

“Okay so we are going to start with Phil,” I said while he looked back at the camera and put on a scared look. I put the headphones on him and he readjusted them. I handed him my phone while connecting the cord from my headphones to my phone. He ended up picking a song but had it down low. He turned it up slowly until I could hear the music pretty well. I’m pretty sure the camera could hear as well seeing how loud it was. I could hear that he had chosen 'What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. I grinned when I saw him smile. God he does things to me.

“One Direction? Seriously, Phil?” I gave the camera an irritated look. I did that a lot, pretending that what Phil did was just stupid. But in reality, I loved everything he did, I just used it as a cover up as my real feelings. He looked at me and shrugged. “It was all I could find!” he screamed. In reflex I covered my ears. “Bloody Hell. Phil!” He quickly pulled them over his head. “Was I loud? Sorry. I figured you would question my music although I couldn’t hear anything you said,” he said laughing at the end. I ended up dropping my act again and smiling at his cuteness.

“Okay, let’s get started. Phil put them back on,” I instructed and he did so. I gave him a thumbs up and asked, “ready?” He nodded and put his thumbs up.

“The Queen is my friend,” I came up with something random. “I just wet the bed?” he shouted once again. I laughed and shook my head. I repeated the sentence again.

“I just met a friend?” I smiled and shook my hand side to side, indicating that he was close. I repeated the phrase again but did the first part slower.

“The Queen?” he guessed and I nodded quickly. “The Queen just met a friend?” I signaled him he was close again.

“The Queen is my friend?” he said quickly. I nodded and he took the headphones off quickly. “I did it! Is the Queen actually your friend though?” He asked me looking serious. I looked at him and then brought my hand to my face. “Phil…” I trailed off and he just smiled at the camera. He just put them on again and gave me a thumbs up. I thought about a longer sentence.

“I make videos on YouTube,” I said aloud so the camera could hear. He shook his head so I said the first part. “I make videos,” I said slowly.

“I’m into pantyhose?” he asked shaking his head laughing. I shook my head and repeated it.

“I make videos,” he said and I nodded. I then repeated the last of the sentence.

“On YouTube?” he guessed and I nodded again. I motioned for him to put them together by pressing my hands together. “I make videos on You Tube!” he shouted and took them off again.

“I feel like I’m doing pretty good at this,” he said. I could hear the song end and then replay again. “Alright, one more,” I said as he put them on. He signaled me he was ready again and then I thought about what to say next. I wanted to ask him this, and for some reason I wanted to do this now.

“Will you marry me?”

“Bob loves me?” he questioned, laughing again. I shook my head and said it slower this time.

He shook his head as if to say he couldn’t guess what it was. I figured I could help him out a bit. I reached underneath my pillow and felt for the box. He gave me a confused look, but then I grabbed it.

“Will you marry me?” I asked again opening the box. Once I had revealed the ring he got what I was asking. His hands immediately went to his mouth in shock. Then he tore the headphones off and they landed on the ground. His hands went back to his mouth as he was staring at the ring. He looked back up to my eyes, his filled with tears about to shed. He slowly removed his trembling hands as the tears started to fall.

“I love you,” he said, voice shaky. He engulfed me in the biggest hug and crawled into my lap. I put the box on the bed to hug him back tightly. He pulled back after a couple of seconds and kissed me. There was more passion and love in this kiss than any of our others. This wasn’t our average kisses as we were cuddling in bed or watching a show together in the den. This was more passionate than our first kiss and I felt it in my heart. He pulled back again and I wiped his tears away as more continued falling.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, God, yes!” he repeated over and over again. He wrapped his arms around me again. I was so happy that I could spend the rest of my life with him. He pulled back and kissed me again. I still felt that bolt of electricity that tingled in my heart. Just to think that one person could make me feel this way was insane, but it was all so true. I get to love that person with every ounce I have in me for the rest of my life and there were no words to describe how I felt. I love him so much. I pulled away to talk again.

“Philip Michael Lester, I love you with so much in me and I cannot describe how you make me feel.” He started crying harder and pulled me into a hug once more.

“I love you too, Daniel James Howell,” he said as he soaked my shirt. I reached down and took the ring out of the box. I pulled away and took his hand. I slipped the ring on his fourth finger of his left hand, then reached into my pocket and pulled out mine. I put mine on the same finger on me and put our hands side by side, The sight made me so happy. He was mine and that’s all that mattered.