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Hi do u have the link/explanation of the gay news? Or is it just rumor? Or it was posted on some official website ? I'm curious 😅. Btw have a nice day and keep supporting kadi!!

Hey anon,

Here’s my full and recent analysis since the previous analysis were divided into parts

((I don’t claim any of my statements as facts unless it is linked to proof/source.))

First, how accurate is ‘찌라시’ (blind item)? I already explained a little bit here. However, here’s a deeper clarification. There are sites called 찌라시. It’s like a really big community for a market. People from different fields (entertainment, economy, government, private sectors etc) will share what they know and it will be posted on that sites.

찌라시 is a site where people just love to share and read other important/known people’s personal life gossip. There are no physical proofs posted there bcoz the people behind the 찌라시 could be directly related to the rumors. It’s like when you’re in school and you saw this couple tghtr all the time. Then, you spread the news around.

These ‘rumors’ could profoundly affect the company/person’s market price directly. Since the accuracy of the info can affect the money itself, in most cases only the evident info show up there. That’s why there are a lot of blind items about idols posted on pann.nate etc. It was from 찌라시. And people who have a direct relation with the writer in 찌라시 could see the real names instead of ABC.

You can watch Tabloid Truth to understand it better. But not everything in the movie is true. You can also read some people pov about blind items here.

I can only share this much.

1st Blind Item

“Impending news of an idol coming out of the closet?

One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they’ve collected of a same sex couple within an idol group. It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after  waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom.

The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry. The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.” (x)

Trending idols (대세 아이돌, x)

There are many articles referred e x o as the trending idols. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) even in individual members articles (7, 8, 9, 10) before the bi was released. You can also check articles like 2015 상반기 결산. The articles never failed to mention e x o as well.  However, there are quite a no of trending idols listed before the bi was released like e x i d, ap ink, b t s etc. So it is hard to determine the couple is from which group. But e x o is in the category.

Then the additional gay couple bi was released. This bi is related to the previous bi bcoz of the title itself ‘어제자 증권가 찌라시 내용.. 동성애 아이돌?’ Blind item from yesterday…. gay idol?

An A-list idol group member ‘A’ is said to have fallen in love with none other than fellow member ‘B’. They’ve apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they’re idol members from the same top level group. A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.” (x)

The 2nd bi basically narrowed down the possible group.

국내 A급의 인기 아이돌 그룹의 A씨가 사랑에 빠졌다고 합니다

It’s the group that is A-list. Not the member. It’s an a-list idol group, member A fallen in love with fellow member B.

So the group is trending idols, A-list, and top level. Do you really have to think so hard to figure out who? Ok to be fair, here are the 5 groups that are listed in the category: SN SD, BB, In finite, SHIN ee and e x o. But which group is more relatable that is expected to be huge? Yeah, keep on saying what if the couple is from a small group and what if it’s a girl group. Do you really think these groups could leave a huge impact to the whole fandom not just the fandom of the specific group but the whole kpop fandom itself?

Do you think medias would want to take such huge risks just to out a gay couple from a nugu/not-so-famous group?

Another fact to consider is the company buried the dating scandal. If it’s in fi nite, their company can’t even handle L’s dating scandal (lol) back then now let alone a gay couple scandal?

It has to be from a big company that could handle both type of dating scandals and the group is still relevant from the 1st bi till the 2nd bi were released. This company has the power to manipulate the public and still consider the group as their money maker to the point that they’ll do anything to compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles.

That’s why I think it is a couple from e x o.

Next, move on to the couple. According to the bi, the media didn’t know the exact time the couple has been together. It mentioned apparently 5 years. In kr context, going to be 5 years (햇수로 5년째). They’re guessing. So the group isn’t that old or new.

The couple was caught by the paparazzi last year which linked to the first bi.

A and B are still continuing their relationship.

If they are indeed still continuing their relationship, they would have the most suspicious pattern/behaviour after the 2nd bi was released. Which two members in e x o were acting differently? Just think what would you do if you’re in s m’s spot? Just let the couple do their thing and repeat the same pattern? The changes must be abrupt that it caused them to act differently.

A lot of things happened followed by the bi. Keep calm and support KD! Take care, anon :)

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Hello there! So I was wondering about gaster's dad on your gaster ask blog and if there's any more information that you posted about him? He looks creepy as hell btw so i'm very curious about him. Please and thank you

thanks for asking! and for giving me an excuse to post this thing that’s been sitting around for months lol (you can see where Gaster gets his creepy good looks from)

I have a small introduction comic planned for him because I feel it will give a better sense of his character than my words alone, but I can tell you some basic info in the meantime~

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10 Fics + 1 More That You Should Probably Read

Rules: In a text post, list 10 fics that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you, Tag 10 friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure your friends know you’ve tagged them!

Bonus Personal rule: One fic per fandom pairing. 

Thank you @ratbagqueen for tagging me, I shall attempt to follow your rules, but, uh, I may break the personal rule. I shall also avoid repeating the great fics you mentioned, but if anyone’s curious, go check them out HERE cuz, yeah, they were great fics.

My recs are as follows, mostly in order of how I discovered ships:

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before sleep talk #1: sexuality n stuff

hiya so idk if anyone is even going to see this or want to read the whole thing but i wanted to start something new. and i really want to use tumblr more so i decided to start it on here. 

i’m basically nocturnal and sleep from like 7 am - 2:30 pm ish (blame homeschooling lol) so i decided every morning before i go to bed, i am going to just make a huge tumblr post and write my thoughts down, kind of like an open diary. i just want to be open with the people who follow me. so yeah, let’s a-go!

so today is March 5th and a lot of things have happened to me tonight. nothing physical, like i didn’t grow an extra set of feet, or break an ankle or anything, but mental and emotional things happened tonight. and from those happenings i got the idea for this posting/diary type thing. seriously though, i only get good ideas from the times between midnight and 3 am. i don’t get my brain.

so idk really how to talk about this so i’ll guess i’ll just go in chronological order of when this all happened or whatever. if that even makes any sense.

back a long long time ago, virginia made out with a girl. WHAT OMG????!!!! shocker i know lol. but yes, back in around 4th or 5th grade (idk what that is in other countries i’m sorry i’m uncultured) there was this girl. i’m not going to name her real name because idk if anyone who knows her is going to read this and idk if she’s comfortable with me telling people this. i haven’t talked to her in years. but anyways, me and her got really close and i slept over at her house a lot. we were the best of friends. seriously, we were so close. and then one day we kissed. i don’t even remember how it started or who kissed who first, but it became something we did a lot. we kissed in her backyard behind a tree, we kissed in her bed, we kissed all over. (not like all over on our bodies, all over in geological terms, ya nasties) it was just kissing, don’t get your minds in the gutters, we were like 12. years past, she moved, and i completely brushed off the whole kissing thing. i always just told myself that we were so young, we were just curious, i told myself we were practicing for boys. because that’s what  people would say if they knew. 

but a few years later, i was watching tv or something and there was a lesbian couple in whatever show it was. and for some reason that sparked my attention. i just stared for a while and was like woah, why do i feel like i want that so bad? i had the biggest crush on the one character. she was so beautiful, and her personality sent me over the moon. she was someone i looked at and was like “i could picture myself being your girlfriend. i could picture holding your hand, i could picture kissing you, i could picture it all, with you.” and that confused and scared the hell out of me because of course, she was a girl. 

i was raised in a 100% hetero home. and a christian home. and a “being gay is a sin” home. so when i started having those feelings i got scared. i got so scared i cried for like three night in a row because i was afraid of my own attraction. i was afraid of love, because it was with a girl. i was afraid my family would disown me. i was just so scared.

so of course as most closeted people do, i pushed the feelings away, and made sure to come across as only “heterosexual”. my town isn’t the most “gay-friendly” either so that just made me want to push the feelings even farther away from myself… so i did. 

now don’t get me wrong, i like boys. so dating boys, and having crushes and talking about boys with my friends, was never really a problem. it was so easy to be seen as straight for me. i just had to pretend, and damn did i do a good job.

a tumblr user actually messaged me about how i tweeted on an old fan account about liking a girl, and then how i said i’m straight in a video. although, i actually didn’t really clarify on my sexuality in my videos. i just weaseled my way around it because i’m a sneaky closeted snake. but yeah, as you can see, my not-straightness came out a lot on my fan account, because nobody who i knew irl knew about it. so i was comfortable there.

so yeah, yadayadayada, fast forward to the end of 2015. i was homeschooled, so i was away from the people who i feared would judge me. my family showed a bit more support towards the lgbt community, (a bit meaning they still think it’s a sin but they are just like do whatever makes you happy now) so i was less afraid there. so… the feelings came back. and i had no idea what to do.

i googled things like “i’m confused about my sexuality, help” and “am i gay”, watched just about ever buzzfeed video revolving around lgbtq+ people, and of course, talked to people who are part of that community. 

and now fast forward a little bit to today. today i am still confused. still questioning. still closeted. but tonight, i came to a realization. i am in love with love. regardless of gender, race, or whatever. i don’t care what’s in between your legs. i don’t limit love because of gender. so whatever that makes me, that’s what i am. pansexual is what google says, but idk if i really want to be labeled as anything but human. summing it up, i am attracted to all sorts of humans. female, male, trans, non-binary, etc.

so yeah that is what has happened tonight. and with that came a lot of tears and lots of chills. 

i don’t know when i’m going to tell my family, or friends, or whatever, i just know that i have told myself, and really that is all that matters. and honestly, they’ll probably just figure it out on their own, or someone will show them this post. but regardless, this is who i am. this is not a phase. my attraction is not just “experimenting as a teenager”. this is who. i. am. 

anywhos, this is a lot longer than i thought i was going to be and i’m tired so i’m going to end today’s talk here.

hope you’re all well, and if you made it this far and actually read that all, woah thank you. hope you all have a great day/night/evening/whatever. 

love you bunches.

Virginia :’)

Kylo Ren: Reason and Relationships

Continuing this conversation with @starwarsnonsense about Kylo Ren’s battle with Finn.  (Sorry this is so long!  Pls don’t anyone feel obligated to read…I just really like writing about Kylo Ren lol…)

I am familiar with that section of the script - and looking it over, I can see where maybe we’ve crossed wires.  I agree that the script serves as a tool for planning and choreographing ACTION.  It calls for a savage fighting style, in terms of that direction.  However, I don’t think it speaks completely to the character’s emotions or motivations, as communicated by the actors, editing of the film, and certainly not as laid out by the narrative.  I don’t dispute that the scene is physical and violent, and that Kylo is physical and violent.  I just think, reading his emotions and motivations here, that violence is very clearly defensive, particularly from his perspective.  It’s measured and controlled.  He’s moving with rapid, unapologetic strikes; I see that as very tactical, very focused.  Apart from his messy hair (lol), I just don’t think there’s any evidence that Kylo has lost control in this scene, or that he’s ceased to think and function as a human with a specific tactical agenda.  

I could be wrong?  Is there something other than his emotional distress that is giving you the impression that he is falling apart?  I’m very interested.  I don’t read the expression of emotional distress as a loss of control.  Maybe that was the intention of the creators - to depict a man devolving into animalistic id - but if so, they could have hit that a lot harder than they did.  A little shouting and chest-beating when your whole battle strategy depends on accessing anger does not read as total dissolution to me.  I don’t know why people are seeing that.  Is it that he fails at the things he sets out to do?  I don’t see this as a sign that his humanity is slipping away, or even a sign of confusion or ineptitude.  I see it as a sign that you don’t fuck with Rey from Jakku.

Is it because he strikes with his hand instead of, say, a blaster?  Is one really more brutal than the other?  More brutal than, for example, Rey shooting a stormtrooper dead in the forest of Takodana, or Poe killing Slip with a rifle?  Those instances where a character could have chosen to hide or flee without sacrificing anything of personal value, but instead, they killed someone…to me, that is brutality.

I’d also be curious to know what inspires a reading of Kylo Ren as particularly proud or vain.  You’re right that this may be a big factor in this discussion!  Kylo Ren is someone whose sense of self depends on others, and he is constantly reaching out to them to see what they’re thinking - to Snoke, to Hux, to Vader’s ghost, to Rey, to literally anyone available except Han Solo.  This is what led him to “catch” Finn’s deviance on Jakku - he is so desperate for connection, so high-empathy and externally-focused, he sensed Finn’s thoughts and feelings as they were reeling.  But of course, he didn’t hesitate, because he’s very applied to his task: get the map to Luke Skywalker.  We don’t know why he wants it, but I’ll venture a guess that it’s just one more thing he’s doing in an effort to connect to someone else.  Ren searches for his worth in the completion of his mission and he craves the approval/recognition of others.  He’s just not good at getting it.  This makes sense if you consider his parents.  He grew up around dialogue that was snarky, sarcastic, often angry or stilted or rude.  He would have internalized that as “how you talk to people in your comfort zone” - something evident in his interactions, I think.

I do agree that this fight scene is personal, for the reasons I laid out; to summarize, Ren feels attacked.  Robbed.  I agree there’s humiliation there, though I’m not 100% sure it has anything to do with Finn’s “low"ness of position.  Yes, I think this fight is a personal interaction.  But I don’t think personal equates to deliberately cruel.  It’s desperate and violent, but it’s a means to an end.  Recover your strength, subdue the threat, recover the scavenger and the map, get your lightsaber.

I don’t know if Ren’s relationships relate too much to his mindframe during the fight, other than the overall sense of ownership he feels toward Starkiller base or the people affiliated with it.  I definitely think that’s a thing.  Ren may not be kind and sweet to…anyone…but I think he feels some sense of mutual belonging where he is.  TFA does everything in the world to visually establish Hux and Ren as some kind of brotherhood:

I can’t recall a scene where Vader was framed that way with one of his disposable Admirals.  

As far as Ren’s relationship to the Order, the scene after Poe’s interrogation is quite revealing.  Hux smiles a pinched, smug little smile when he says "we’ll soon have it,” like he’s been loitering outside the interrogation room for this moment of celebration.  WE’LL soon have it, he says.  Then Ren stalks off with “I leave that to you” and you can see Hux’s face fall.  Ren distinguishes himself as independent to the First Order, but Hux, at least at the start of TFA, views them as on the same team.  So either they’ve literally just met and are hashing out the details of their relationship, or they’ve been working together a long time and TFA is the beginning of a schism.  I think the latter is more likely.

Do they have conflicting agendas?  Hard to know without knowing what Ren’s agenda is, precisely.  Since Snoke’s only overt orders to Ren in the film are “bring her to me,” “bring me the droid unharmed” doesn’t really risk conflict with any orders we know about.  Therefore the line Hux delivers about Ren’s personal interests is extremely ambiguous.  Is Hux scolding Ren for not wanting to be involved in the hunt - because he knows Ren is afraid to encounter Han Solo?  Is it something about Ren’s preference that the droid be intact?  More importantly, how does Hux know what Ren’s personal interests are unless they have a personal relationship?

Ultimately, the one thing we really, really do know about Kylo Ren is that he has a VERY strong personal relationship with Snoke.  Did that inform Kylo’s decision to follow Finn and Rey into the woods?  I don’t know.  It could.  Kylo’s choice to follow Finn and Rey is consistent with protecting Snoke’s interests and the overall “plan”; Snoke wanted Rey brought in, and he also wants Kylo to be a powerful dark side user.  Those are the same things Kylo wants - with the addition of the lightsaber.  The conflict over the lightsaber makes me think that Kylo was defending his own interests more than Snoke’s, but either way (or both,) it’s a logical defensive move.  Kylo goes after Finn because Kylo has been stripped of his power and his possessions.  His priority is getting those things back, not making Finn suffer.

I do think it’s telling that Ren yells “TRAITOR!”  If he was really losing his mind just then, he could have yelled just about anything.  He might have screamed wordlessly, like a beast.  Instead he chose to go with the party line - a deliberate invocation of Finn’s crime against the First Order.  That can’t be ignored.  I read your post offering a theory about possible subtext in that line, and while I found it very interesting, it would only serve to support the idea of Kylo feeling connected to something.  Otherwise, what would Ren’s failure be betraying?  It could be a person or an ideal - either way, it’d have to be something or someone he cares about.  Someone he wants to protect.  I think that person is Kylo Ren - the person he worked so hard to carve out of Ben Solo.  When Finn and Han snuck into Starkiller, they came, not just to attack the base, but to attack that identity.  To bring back BEN.  When Kylo fights Finn, he’s fighting to reclaim Kylo–dark side user, grandson of vader, ally of the First Order, apprentice of Snoke.  Kylo is literally fighting for his life in self-defense.  For his right to exist as this person.

And on several counts, he sort of loses.

To sum up, Ren is a skilled fighter, an emotional person, and a rather ineffectual villain, but I don’t see any evidence in the film that he’s sadistic, savage, or out-of-control.  I think that’s partly the point of his character: because Anakin / Darth Vader was those things.  Kylo only wishes he was like Darth Vader.

As of yet.

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(Lol I got soo many requests) can I request a BTS Taehyung smut scenario where he finds out you have a thing for dirty talking, hair pulling, biting, and denial so he comes up with a surprise for you

So many, right? But it was two people who sent me a whole bunch, so I probably wouldn’t have so many to write if it weren’t for you and Rapper Anon, so I really have to thank you both.

This is a naughty Taehyung scenario, smutty, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


For Myself

Originally posted by sugatv

You could rarely have friends over due to you and Taehyung’s busy schedules with work, but you could finally have your best friend over to visit for a bit. He was still catching up on work, so it was mostly just you and your friend conversing. You brought back drinks, and she seemed so much more lively than normal.

“I know work can get in the way, but I’m glad you could make time for me today.” You were just as excited to see her, since you’ve only seen Taehyung and your co-workers for the past few weeks, you almost felt yourself going crazy from the lack of outward communication.

“Well, it’s rare for me to get any spare time for myself, normally get home, eat, more work, then bed. Nothing else.” Your friends seemed surprised to hear you proclaim this, as she seemed more shocked by your schedule.

“What do you mean nothing else? I know it hasn’t been long since the marriage, but you and your husband must at least spend some time together, you know, intimately?” She was always a busybody, wondering how everyone’s romantic life’s were. But, there wasn’t really anything to tell her as of now.

“Not so much lately. We had had time before, but work has gotten to the both of us. Plus, things in the bedroom before seemed a bit, off, to me in some way.” She almost spit out her drink before she got closer to you to interrogate you.

“Does he not do so well in bed? Is it small? Does he make weird noises?” You had to try and calm her down as she was getting too frantic and much too curious for you to be willing to answer. You pushed her back in her seat before trying to make her calm again.

“No, not like that, I guess. But, I find myself thinking that doing it plain just isn’t enough. I want to add other acts to it, but he’s probably think they’re too weird. I don’t want to come off as odd.” You were afraid to reference what you would like trying, but not only the nerves, not like you could talk about it since it never even happens anymore. It would just seem off, and his work is already hard enough, so no need to add anything on top of it.

“Well, do you have anything that really, you know, gets you going? There has to be something.” She wasn’t really all about getting this deep into detail, so you were caught off guard to hear her talk like this. Now that you were thinking about it, you couldn’t really think of any one specific thing at the moment. It took you a few seconds to even come up with a ‘type’ of thing to categorize it as.

“Well, I guess I do feel a little bit more pleasure if I feel some kind of pain. Not like anything extreme, but I suppose I could find more pleasure through that.” She seemed to chuckle a bit, but she went right back to trying to find out your problem.

“So…… masochism? You shouldn’t feel bad about that, it’s actually a lot more normal than people think. Stuff like that is normal nowadays, like biting or hair pulling, or even denial of orgasm. I guess you could even go as far as to say that subjecting yourself to rude dirty talk could also be applicable there. See, it’s really not as bad as you think it is.” You were picturing it happening, feeling his teeth on your skin, feeling the tugging from his hands on your hair strands, you could hear him whispering dirty nothings in your ear. You could feel how much hornier you felt once you thought about it, which made you feel bad since you had company over. You then realized you were silent, eyes closed to think about it. Your friends was looking at you, eyes screaming that she was right, to a point.

“Ok, maybe I can see myself liking all of that stuff, but still, it’s awkward to bring up, since we’d actually have to be intimate first in order to try any of that.” She seemed frustrated, scoffing to your words. She slammed the table and began talking in a much louder voice than what the walls could block out.

“You don’t need to be insecure! Your bedroom time is up to you, so you can use it to your liking! Advocate the masochism! It’s your relationship, you can do whatever you want with it!” She then sat herself down dramatically, waiting for you to say something. You could only sit there and think about her point. Albeit it could have been done quieter, but she was right. If you wanted to make time, he should be just as interested. You were sure he missed you that way, maybe not as much as you missed him, but it still had to be there. He would stare at your body for extended periods of time, seeming like he was undressing you in his mind. But, he never outright said it, so you never knew for sure. You began thinking a lot about what could be done, but you were feeling awkward when you saw him walk through the doorway into the kitchen.

“What was going on in here? I heard raised voices….” He was always scared of things that were out of the ordinary, and you were almost always quiet, he was thrown off. He must’ve been worried.

“I promise, it was nothing. She just needed….. some motivation! She said work is really getting to her lately, thought she might need a pep talk.” She was able to pull that lie off well, but Taehyung still looked like he wasn’t believing it before he greeted you both away before getting back to work. You almost were tempted to throw your glass at her, but you loved that glass, so it was the only thing holding you back. You walked over to her, looming over her to intimidate her. She began to act frantic, about to flail her arms around to protect herself.

“I didn’t mean to get heated like that! I just was trying to get it through your head. You need to know that it’s really ok to talk about this kind of thing. If anything, I just gave you the best thing you could ask for this situation….” She crossed her arms in confidence, but the room was silent because you were confused. How did she help you at all here? All this would mean is that there would be an awkward conversation later on tonight once she leaves.

“This just means I’ll have to awkwardly explain your incompetence to him.” She stood up right in front of you before she took your wrist farther away from where your husband could hear. Once she got into the living room, which was on the opposite end from his study, she began to whisper, which you wish she had done earlier.

“That may be, but now look at it another way: maybe he heard what you said, and maybe he’ll be curious as to why you seem so unsatisfied the way you are. Look, all I’m saying is that I gave you an in to get this discussion, and you should be thanking me for it.” She seemed so smug, but she might have just really helped you out, in her own odd way. Maybe he did hear, he seemed quick to come back and check on you, so he couldn’t have been that far away. And you knew he was going to ask once she leaves, to not seem rude. So, maybe this would be the start for you to get this going.

“I guess you are right. But, if ANYTHING goes wrong with this, I’m blaming you.” She seemed ecstatic to hear you seeing her side and she had to leave soon after. Once you had her sent off, Taehyung barely came out of his study and it was only around dinner time when he came out for an extended period of time. You laid out the dinner plates and the bowls to choose from, him sitting down in silence. Before eating, there was prayer for the meal and digging in. It was only the sounds of chomping that filled the silence. You wanted to ask him if he heard, but he seemed to beat you to the punch.

“So, was that nonsense earlier today what I heard it was about?” So he did hear. Well, turns out your friend was right, this would definitely be the start. You were still somewhat scared to bring it up. You were glad he was already doing it.

“Um, what all did you hear? The conversation got a little out of hand very quickly.”You had to try and play it down, but you knew you couldn’t once he brought it up.

“Something about your, bedroom interests.” He seemed to sound grossed out when he heard it, so you were afraid to continue this conversation any longer. You looked down at your plate, trying not to expose your blushed out face. You were already embarrassed enough, you didn’t want it to be any more.

“Well, yeah, there is that. She was telling me that I should be more vocal about everything that I like, but since we barely even get that intimate anymore, I don’t see the point in making it a big deal. We don’t need to go out of our way to do something that isn’t even relevant.” You hated being silent, but you had him curious now.

“Well, doesn’t mean it still can’t be discussed. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell me.” He wasn’t eating so much as now listening to you speak now.

“Well, it was mostly a masochist kind of thing. You know, something that can cause pain to a small degree.” He seemed to be slightly confused, but he seemed to be understanding at the same time.

“Well what kind of stuff would qualify as that?”

“Well, like biting, pulling, talking a certain way, even denial. It just some small, weird things that can happen. But, we don’t need to get into it any more, let’s just finish eating before we get ready for bed.” He seemed to understand it a lot more, seeming like he wanted to know from you.

“Well, that all seems relatively normal, you don’t need to feel bad about that.” You felt relieved he wasn’t so freaked out by the whole thing, so you both went on with dinner more lively conversation. Once the dinner was finished and the dishes were clean, you both had your evening come to an end before preparing for bed. You changed into a nightgown as he went into some boxers. You were sitting down on your side of the bed, away from where he was. It was silent, per the usual schedule, but you saw him creep into your vision, staring at you. He stood in front of you, staring you down. He was trying to get closer and closer to you until your back was against the bed and he was on top of you. He had been maintaining eye contact this few seconds before his face was nuzzled into your neck. You felt his teeth then grazing your skin as he was sinking them into you. You had let out a small yelp from the surprise of it, but you then began to feel what your friend was talking about, that pleasure from having him take you like this. But, why was he going at you like this?

“Baby, what are doing?” He seemed to keep going for a little bit longer before he came back up to face you.

“I’m claiming what is mine. You asked for it: now I’m granting it to you.” He went back to the other part of your neck, making the yelps into a lower register. You were now really getting into it, trying to tug him closer so he could be as close as he could be. Your legs wrapped around his body, leaving you to grind against him. He was adjusting himself to be on top of you, and he was leaving all sorts of marks. When he pulled away, he was staring at you with a lot more of a power than he normally had. Was he liking it just as much as you were? He seemed pleased, his lip bitten by his own accord. You couldn’t take it anymore, so you placed your hand on the back of his neck and brought him down to match your lips. He was now excited enough to kiss you back with more power, making it easy to pull your next move. When he had pulled away, you took your teeth to bite his lip, making him moan out as it escaped from your teeth’s clutches. You looked at him, and he was laughing in happiness before going back for you neck. You were waiting for him to pull away so you could get to him, but he was getting at you even more by reaching for your hair. It was like he was petting you at first, but once he found a handful, he pulled upwards to make you groan in surprise. It made you pull up some, making it easy to adjust over to the headboard. end of the bed. You both couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, wanting to get right back to it once the position was right. He was kissing you now, making it all seem much more calm than before, seeming to make it more relaxed before the rest happened. But, you didn’t really want that, you wanted to continue the pace from before, it was so nice to go so fast. You pulled away from his kiss and get as close to his ear as you could.

“I want you to fuck me now.” His eyes grew large and he obeyed very quickly. He went to remove his own boxers so show how hard he was, but he then went for your dress. He lifted it up only to slide your underwear off. He was trying to be efficient in your request, but he didn’t need to see your body naked to get himself off, as it seems he was pretty close after all of this. He was now thrusting a lot more than you were expecting him to, making the friction make you closer to an orgasm. His pelvic power was strong tonight, seeming like you were both glad that this was the subject of dinner.

“You like that? You like the way I fuck you?” He was making you moan out, so you couldn’t easily answer it, but you were able to catch breathe and respond to the dirty talk.

“I have waite for this kind of fucking for so long now…..” You felt your hips become like that of fire; so much heat was going on, you didn’t even know what sensation to focus on more over the others. So, you just let the feelings sync in and you let yourself lay back and let Taehyung work. You were waiting for it to come, since the neck biting got to you a lot before anything else happened. It was embarrassing to be so soon, but you were waiting for it to happen, and you were feeling it.

“Are you almost there?” He was panting, so he had to be close too, so you could only tell him you were.

“I feel it coming soon.” You were so relieved he wasn’t embarrassed by your finish time, but you felt him stop. Not like he climaxed or anything, just stopped. You felt him exit out of you and looked into your eyes for your reaction. You were surprised, but in the worst way possible, what was he doing? He left you out in the dust, to dry out and never be satisfied. You were waiting for him to speak, but his hand pooped in front and he waved his finger back and forth with a trickster look on his face ‘nah uh uh’, it spoke like he was trying to tease you to the point of incompetence.

“You don’t get it from me that easily, you know.” You were seriously about to seriously hurt him, but you didn’t want to because you more wanted him to finish you. You were feeling more turned on then before, aching for him to get back inside of you and orgasm for the both of you. You saw him looking cheeky, but you couldn’t wait that much longer for him, so you pulled him back down to meet your face.

“Don’t you ever tease me like that again.” You then kissed him harder to make him want to get back into you. You knee bending to make the skin contact a slight bit more, tempting him one step further. You were waiting for him to make the call, but he seemed to be holding off on the genital stimulation for longer. You were waiting, making you even more turn on as you waited for him to finally realize that he wasn’t liking it. Well, he probably was, making you as weak as you were, but now you could only wait to see if he enters you again. You went for his hair this time, pulling him away from you almost to the point he couldn’t kiss you again. He was trying to reach for your ips, but it was proving too difficult. You were a lot stronger than you led on to be.

“Quit holding me back. I need you more than ever.” You were now in control of the weakness, so you smiled to make him knows what the stakes were.

“I will, once you get back inside of my tight pussy and finish what you started.” The lip bite afterwards made him insane enough to go back inside of you almost instantly. This insert was rough, but he was back to make you his own once again. He was now thrusting back at a regular speed, making you now almost at the very brink of trying to get an orgasm to happen. This brink was different from the one you felt before he stopped. This one had a new level that was a level you never felt, making the pleasure from it seem all the more willing to keep going. You felt him get at your core more and more with each thrust, making it easy to make any noise you could manage. He would go back to kissing you from time to time, to round out the pleasure. But, you felt your end come now. To make it even more swift, he went for your neck one last time, leaving gentle kisses at first to make the skin tingle once more to then go to the full set of teeth and leaving a burning sensation once his teeth left the skin. It was killing you now, but Taehyung was one step ahead, taking your hair again and pulling it downwards, so he could intervene with your collarbones at his desire. It was so close, but it then became an explosion out of you, to make you arch back to feel it in full. You felt him still going, and soon he was finished on his own time. The flow of his seed was quick, but he pulled out to lie down by your side. His breathing was just as hot as everything else he did, but you let him have his time to recover. You sat yourself up against the headboard with a pillow to support you.

“Wow. Just, wow…….” You were laughing in disbelief that this was over so fast, but so arousing just as quickly. You waited for him to say anything, but he seemed to put in a little bit more than normal, since he’d be done with it all and asleep by now. But, he was almost back to a normal breathing speed. nce he go it under control, he sat himself up too, looking for his boxers.

“I was hoping you’d say that. I was thinking it too. I’m glad you suggested that stuff, it really seemed to help out a lot. I think we need to do that again, much more often.” You would take that over having a friend over any day, but you still had to pay the debt where the debt was paid. You would have to call up the friend and update her, but you and Taehyung had work tomorrow to think about first.

“Well, this was a perfect end to a perfect night. I guess my friend was right.” Taehyung got his boxers back on as you found your panties on the other side of the room. Once they were both back on, he took your hand and kissed it. He smiled as you were about to turn of the last light source before bed.

“I wish you had just come out with it. I want to learn how to please my girl for myself.”


WOAH TAEHYUNG STANs ALERT. Anyone who stans this guy, did you die from reading this, because I Can only imagine how it would be for you guys. Well, I might have to schedule scenarios for a later time from now on, hope that isn’t a big deal. If you haven’t already, follow for more content. I plan to make better of my planning and I hope I can impress you all for time to come. Until next time,I hope you liked this scenario and I hope you have a good day girlie!

chelsey-in-wonderland  asked:

I'm curious since you mostly like SHINee I'm curious what you like about each of the members and your dislikes about them I'm curious what you think about them since your exo post made me curious on your opinions lol if you don't mind me asking (:

Ehhh okay I’ve been a shawol for a long time now and oh god this is gonna get long.

I’m gonna start with Jonghyun because I have a lot to say about him. We all know Jonghyun is one of the most amazing, acceptive, caring and loving people out there. He has always been so focused on his goals, of becoming an artist who writes his own lyrics and all that, and I admire him so much for that. But mostly, Jonghyun is someone who believes in equality, a feminist, if you wanna put it like that. When Jonghyun openly deffended the LGBT+ community I gained SO MUCH respect for him. That is a really big deal for a public figure to do in a country like South Korea. But then again, Jonghyun is not perfect. And one thing that bothered me a lot was how Jonghyun acted during Sherlock era. Acting a little too cocky, like he was the top shit of the universe, his ego so fucking inflated, forgetting about everything that matter to him in the beginning and mostly treating Jinki like he didn’t exist. All the members except for Jinki kinda bothered me during that era, and I guess Sherlock is one of my least favorites because of that. Things obviously changed during Dream Girl era, Jongyu going back to how they were before (even better, actually), and whatever problem they had going on was resolved.

Okay, Kibum. Key is definitely one of the stongrest people i’ve ever seen. He never felt 100% confident and he got denied at SM a few times and was bullied through his childhood for “not fitting the Korean beauty standard” bullshit. Yet Key managed to become an amazing person, and a true role model. But I feel like Key constantly shields himself from everyone else, acting like “a diva”, mostly to protect himself. Key is very kind and sweet and he deserves the best in this life. Key gets enough shit from people on the internet and it pisses me off. Sometimes I go through the comments on his instagram and I feel sick. He is such a good person and the fact that he gets so much hate and pointless criticism is pathetic. Key said that he didn’t feel like he was enough during debut era, and he got criticized by so many people, and that he cried everyday and was sad all the time. That hurts me so much, I can’t even begin to explain how much.

Minho is truly the nicest person on the planet. He’s got such a big heart and he’s so sweet to everyone. It surprised me when I found out that some non-shawols see Minho as a coldhearted guy. Like I don’t understand because he is Choi Tenderheart, to be honest. Of course Minho gets too excited about soccer and his hyungs, but don’t we all? Minho is that type of person whose smile can fix pretty much everything. It pisses me off that sometimes Minho is so underrated by this fandom because that guy is amazing, so charming and handsome and talented. Minho’s relationship with the fans also makes me so happy, he’s very caring towards all shawols (kshawols, jshawol, cshawols and ishawols) and the relationship of trust between minho and shinee world is amazing. And his voice is so fucking amazing, Minho’s voice is the entire ocean i cry so much.

Jinki is literally the best leader I’ve ever seen. He’s not bossy around his members, but the SHINee members know to respect Jinki, because he knows best, he is responsible and mature. Jinki is so intelligent and he always chooses the right thing to do. You can see that he truly cares about the members’ happiness and health and many times he puts the other members’ priorities in front of his own. As the leader, I understand why he feels like all the responsibility is on his shoulders and that he feels like he’s the one that needs to carry all the weight, but that worries me quite a bit. I worry about his health and his mental stability. I love how Jinki is a very sweet guy but he’s also so determined and intense. He gives 110% of himself on everything he does. Also Jinki is so so talented and his voice has so much emotion and you can tell he’s so passionate about what he does.

Taemin. Taemin, Taemin, ahhhh Lee Taemin. How do I even start? Lee Taemin is amazing. He went through a LOT of shit in his life. Being bullied in middle school, leaving his parents’ house when he was 15 to live with 4 older men, being mobbed at school during high school and having his privacy invaded, being told that he should give up on singing and just stick to dancing because his voice wasn’t really good, being hated by so many people for his androgynous looks, being called a f**, a queer, online and irl. Taemin became a recluse and introvert person. I really don’t blame him for that, you know. He went through all that and he still managed to develop as an artists and become one of the top performers in Korea. He proved everyone wrong with Ace. Taemin is also so sweet, funny and kind. He won’t let it show that often because, like Key, I feel like he shields himself with a coldhearted image. I believe that Taemin thinks that crying might represent that he’s vulnerable, and people will attack him again. You can constantly see Taemin holding back his tears. Taemin is also someone who works his hardest all the time. He never gives up, never. And he is such a beautiful person, inside and out. He worries about the fans and his hyungs and his parents and his brother so much. He has an amazing remarkable stage presence and he was born to be an artist. I can’t really imagine Taemin doing anything other than this. I like how shy he is, i know that it might not be appealing to all people, but i think it’s quite charming.