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YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Stripperlance is basically canon already.


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Now baby, just hear me out. 

Lets pretend the war is over, Zarkon and Haggar are gone and the universe is at peace now. The team, the rebels, the blade and Lotor (who fought by their side) celebrates in the castle. Everyone is high on spirits, they can finally take a break and enjoy life after so long. 

They drink, they dance, and have the time of their lifes. 

The paladins drinks too and even when Matt tells Pidge she’s stil underage she’s like “Fuck you, i’m a warrior and i just won a fucking war. I deserve this.”

So yeah, they all get a little tipsy. Shiro allows himself to drink and relax, Hunk dances and surprinsingly Keith does too. They dance next to each other, touching themselves a bit. It’s something they don’t usually do, but they don’t care anymore. They want to have fun and enjoy being with each other. 

Then there’s Lance. 

He has drink too much, and now he’s feeling a little hot. He wants to dance, he wants to sing, he wants to do everything. He takes off his armor and walks around in his black suit. He talks and jokes with everyone and all the aliens seems to share the paladin’s happiness. 

The music changes, and Lance grabs the column like pole and starts dancing agaisnt it with no shame.He moves his hips with the rhythm of the music, and touches his body with his free hand. One by one, their allies stop to watch him dance with awe and some with lust. Slowly a crowd gathers around him capturing the attention of his fellow paladins who have no idea what’s going on. 

When they get close enough, they all gasp. Lance is there, dancing in a really sexual way against the pool. They’re blushing hard, and really, nobody can take their eyes away from him. Pidge starts feeling a little hot and Keith too. Shiro wakes up from his trance and tries to stop Lance, but right before he’s about to reach him, the blue paladin puts both hand on the pole and lifts his whole body and moves his legs around. 

Hunk feels #blessed and really, Pidge instead of telling Lance to stop she can’t help but start cheering too. Shiro stands there frozen, he’s completely allured by Lance’s movements. 

When Lance starts trying to take off his suit Keith is the one to stop him from doing it. He just… Takes a really drunk Lance in his arms and gives an angry glare to everyone that tries to get close. No, he’s not jelaous of everyone wanting to have a piece of Lance he’s just… Taking care a teammate. Right. 


So yeah, that’s everything i have in my mind. Stripper!Drunk!Lance with a side of polydins ;v ♥ 

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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Well anyways, Weiss is gonna kick ass tomorrow and I haven’t seen her fight in like two years. So yeah I’m excited and I am ESPECIALLY excited if there’s a possibility she’ll run into Ruby because I love white rose and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with simply appreciating/supporting a fictional relationship.


“So Terminus is Chaak and Cabrakan have fusioned now?
I mean Terminus looks like a fusion Cabrakan and Chaak of Smite, also that’s would be a theory from After Smite-War or that Chaak died but Cabrakan resurrected him in form of a undead warrior”

- Submitted by @adras-ix9

Listen I know nothing about Smite but I saw the opportunity to make an SU reference so I took it

Made by Mod Sha Lin 🏹

Prompt: Here is my request how about a scenario it can either involve Dabi, tomura, Katsuki, Izuku, Torodoki, or Kirishima. Its where the S/o brings their sibling to school with them, and it happens to be on appearance of villians.During that time one of them says something inapproiate while the child has no idea and repeats it with a question.(I will send this on what they can say in msg)            

Requester: Rabbit Anon

Notes: I hope you don’t mind, but since you left it up to me I just picked the characters I had ideas for.

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○ Flustered. Like, what did that kid just say to him? He’s immediately red in the face and his hands are twitching almost menacingly

○ Bakugou has no love for kids. He’s not going to treat them better than he treats anyone else, so a beat after the kid speaks Bakugou is yelling at them

○ Toes down his cursing, but still asking what they hell the kid just asked, and where they learned it

○ He’s ready to beat down that villain a second time, blaming them for how embarrassed he is in the moment. Pissed, but doesn’t really have anywhere to direct it

○ Tells the kid not to say that but isn’t about to get into why. Not his job. The most the kid’ll get out of him is an ‘it’s bad’

○ Drops the kid off with s/o and yells at them to be more careful where they’re bringing their damn sibling. He’s not really upset with them but he’s still grumpy

○ S/o is left entirely confused as their siblings asks them one of the dirtiest questions they’ve ever heard

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○ So flustered! He can’t believe he just heard something so filthy from such a tiny person! He can’t even respond at first because he’s just so shocked

○ At first he tries to explain because it’s hard to say no to those big, innocent eyes, but after sputtering and blushing for a solid few minutes he realizes he just can’t

○ He ends up telling the child that they’ll learn that when they’re older and for now they shouldn’t say it because it’s not proper/polite and he really hopes they drop it

○ If the child said or insinuated something about him and s/o he thinks about it a little more than he should. He feels really guilty but the thought was put in his head and it’s hard to get it out

○ He can’t even look at s/o for a little bit in that case because he’s so flustered and guilty

○ For a while he’s lowkey scared of what the kid’s gonna say next. He’s so on edge around them like what else have they managed to pick up?

○ He’ll probably tell s/o what happened once he’s over the shock, just to prepare them in case they get asked

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○ Not nearly as effected as the other two. He looks entirely unphased. He is a little surprised to hear a child say something like that though

○ Actually doesn’t care what kind of language the kid picks up. They’ll learn it eventually so it’s not a huge deal to him

○ Plus he finds it kinda funny in the mean time. S/o probably has to stop Dabi from teaching the kid a few other unsavory phrases

○ Thinks it’s prime teasing material. He’s not flustered, but that doesn’t mean s/o isn’t. He will absolutely do everything he can to make the situation as embarrassing as possible

○ Probably pushes s/o harder for an answer, making the question the child asked even filthier than it already was when he repeats it

○ If s/o isn’t there and the kid asks, Dabi’s response will depend on his mood. Either he wont tell them and will just ruffle their hair, or he’ll tell them flat out what it means - which probably leaves them even more confused.

○ Not a good influence. If the kid is around Dabi a lot, s/o is going to have to get used to explaining more ‘adult’ concepts - though it’s usually more cursing and violence with him.