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They met up over winter break.

Kei’s trying his best to school a face of indifference but he can’t because Kuroo’s here and Kuroo’s standing right next to me and Kuroo’s taking a selfie with me and Kuroo and Kuroo and

I apologize for the delay! I started this about two weeks ago, but then I suddenly got really, really into needle knitting and neglected to work on it (I am currently donning my freshly knit teal garter-stitch scarf I named Orange. I am content and currently in the middle of a cream-coloured mistake-stitch scarf (◡‿◡✿)). 

I drew this in celebration of my city finally getting some epic snowfall. I’m so excited for the holidays!

I used FireAlpaca to make this! Thank you to the anon who recommended this software to me ( ˘ ³˘)♥, I quite like it.

Thank you reading and uh, looking at my drawing teehee

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FlintWood Stop being so lame For the drabbles u ship them right?

“Stop being so lame,” Marcus complained, reaching for the glass that Oliver had just swiped from him.

“I’m being ‘lame’ because you told me to stop you after six drinks, Marcus,” his boyfriend replied, holding the firewhisky that Marcus very much wanted just out of reach.

“Sober me is stupid,” Marcus said, lunging a bit towards the tumbler in Oliver hand, failing, and collapsing onto Oliver’s lap instead. “You shouldn’t listen to him,” Marcus muttered, rubbing his cheek against Oliver’s jeans.

“Sober you says the same thing about drunk you.”

“So I’m always stupid. Big deal.” Marcus grinned up at Oliver. “You still like me anyway.”

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“Merlin knows why,” he said, but the exasperation in his voice was undercut by the affectionate smile on his lips as he took a sip of Marcus’ drink.

“No fair,” Marcus pouted, looking up at the drink with longing, but his arms were too heavy to try to grab at it again.

“Since when do you know a goddamn thing about being fair, Flint?” Oliver laughed.

“You’re just mad I’m better at Quidditch than you.”

“I might be if that was even remotely true.”

“I hate you.”

“You don’t.”

“I know.” Marcus closed his eyes, a smile on his face and Oliver’s hand stroking his hair.

Send me a ship and a sentence, I’ll write the next five (or so)

I need to stop drawing and coloring while I’m super sleepy. Everything is funnier in that state ahahhaha.

Why is Pidge upset? Lance tried to squish one of the alien furballs to see if they squeaked. Pidge not amused. Guess which one Lance tried to squish.

The little aliens that Pidge encounters are so cute, I wonder if one is going to tag along with Pidge for fun. The way I drew them makes it seem someone stuck them in a washer and put too much fabric softener (and some look paranoid too lmao).

Please don’t edit or repost. :D

I forget if I’ve mentioned this yet but I’M WRITING A VOLTRON FIC. AAHHHHHH.

Basically it’s a paranormal AU that I’ve been planning for a while. It started off as just a few cute lil ideas and now it’s morphed into this huge monster of an idea so hooooo boy, I hope you’re all ready for a long-ass fic.

I guess I won’t give too much away yet, but just a few things you can expect:

- Keith and Pidge being conspiracy buddies and best bros
- Hunk and Lance being ghost hunters and best bros
- Lots of scary ghosts and evil spirits n stuff
- but also GIANT GHOST LIONS??
- A creepy spirit world!! Magical powers!! Ahhhh!!!
- Allura being badass and also super adorable
- Coran runs an oddities museum
- Shiro and Matt are ….. in trouble
- Zarkon is a huge dick
- and yeah ok there’s gonna be some real fluffy Klance because I’m …. me

Hopefully I’ll have the first chapter up sometime this weekend––and uh yeah you’ll all know when I post it because I probably won’t shut up about it. I’m really hyped about this. Ok that’s all.


*Cues whale sounds*

Hey hey hey 👋🏾! Guess who can do regular human things again? This heffa right here and it feels so good. What is everyone doing for the holidays? I’ll be working from somewhere else other than my bed so, get ready to see boring office posts. Big tings coming though, organizing my third art exhibit independently.

In other news, me and husband are on our way to NY! He’s allowing me to step foot on a plane, with him there of course lmao. Family, work and food for the holidays.. wouldn’t want it any other way.

Man I’ve fallen into Undertale and especially into PTA Sans

There are a ton of posts of him just being so mad, and I feel it’s kinda fitting but also like that most of them take place after he’s already been around the PTA for a while. Like, he’s tried diplomacy, he’s tried jokes, he’s tried gentle correcting, and he’s tried ignoring, but none of those have worked, so now he’s sarcastic and annoyed because they’ve all had this argument 17 times in the past three meetings can we just move on already.

He doesn’t like when people try to make sweeping changes to the school policies just because they want to, he thinks that all changes should have a reason (therefor clearing up the arguments about weather or not he is for gluten free in the cafeteria - when one of the parents just wants it ‘because I don’t let my kid eat inferior foods like some others around here’ or whatever, he’s against it because that’s a stupid reason, but when someone else speaks up with ‘well there are kids here who have dietary problems’ he is 110% on board. He’s not against agreeing with people if they have good reason/are right, even if he doesn’t like them as a person)

He starts complaining back at the rudest members because all those ones do is complain, so he might as well have some fun if he has to listen to the rant about there not being a uniform -again-.

But also, Sans who is kind and nice to those members of the PTA who aren’t terrible. He compliments the baking skills at the bake sales, he says which ideas are good for the school field trips, and he gratefully gives his input about how to add monster customs to the school holiday events when asked.

Sans who tells the single parents (moms and dads), the young parents, the people who get upset at that one members’ constant gender rants for personal reasons, that they’re doing well. And well, if a skelly from the Underground can tell you’re doing a good job, then you must be, right?

Sans who will not take anyone’s garbage, but doesn’t want to be vindictive.

After all, he’s seen what happens when someone becomes like that. And he doesn’t want to have a bad time.

(And yes maybe he overdoes it a bit sometimes and Toriel hears about it and lectures him about “Yes I know she keeps saying that but you really have to stop making things fly across the room and letting your eye sockets go dark because you’re mad at her” and “Yes I know he is really rude and disrespectful and always says that the baked goods are terrible when people are just trying their best but did you really need to take all his cookies and eat them one by one while locked in eye contact with him” and he tries to do better. Doesn’t want to disappoint the kid, after all.)


10 pages are ready to be “inked” and colored… ya don’t touch your comic for 3 weeks and suddenly you plot out like, more than a 3rd of the chapter hah


This is the cutest Young K fancam I’ve ever seen!!!! 

And the crowd is amazing!! They did the woop at the start with him hahahah and aaaawww Brian looks so happy hearing the crowd sing along with them. And he hit Junhyeok hahahahh



{That’s right, guys! This blog is finally coming back into full swing! I had lost pretty much all of my Dragon Age muses for quite a while, but now that I’ve played through quite a bit of DA2, made my Hawke, and added her to my list of muses, I’m more than ready to come back into the Dragon Age roleplay scene!}

{As such, I’ve made some changes. First and foremost: all threads I had before are being dropped, and I’m starting completely clean. I’ll be posting a series of starter calls soon. Second: I’ve added a new muse, my purple-aligned Sofia Hawke! If anybody wishes to interact with her, feel free to do so! Third: I’ve removed all alternate verses (Mass Effect and Fallout, namely) due to the fact that I’ve made separate blogs for those now. My Fallout blog is @trail–blaiser, and my Mass Effect blog is the still-under-construction @skyeofandromeda that I’ve yet to do any actual work on. Feel free to follow those as you see fit.}

{And as for myself…I’m ready to come on back in! So who’s with me? :D}

Inception book covers series. Re-imagining the characters as tacky paperbacks.

UNO, NESSUNO E CENTOMILA by Eames [Italian, “One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand”]

The Inception Project series (art to come):


“That last pitch was good. They can’t hit your pitch past the fence if it’s that low. The important thing isn’t to prevent every hit. It’s what you do after they hit. You’re starting to pitch like an ace.

I’m taking a shuttle from the airport tomorrow and I think I’m gonna cry.

I’ll be thinking of Bitty quietly sitting there, totally flabbergasted and still managing to text at the speed of sound.

Shock slowly passing as a besotted smile takes over his face.

And then a nosy old lady will smile and ask kindly “girlfriend?” Gesturing to the phone with her head.

“Boyfriend” Bitty will correct instantly, and then flush because dear God, really? was this stranger the first person he told? About his maybe boyfriend?

Then unable to keep wondering if he had just accidentally lied to this nice old lady, he’d text Jack.

B: ‘I just told the old lady next to me my boyfriend was texting me’
J: 'was she trying to flirt with you?’
B: 'Jack Laurent this is not the time to chirp me!’
J: 'If I can’t chirp my boyfriend then what’s the world coming to.’

Later, once he’s in Georgia, Bitty will wake up and see a new text message.

J: I just told the old woman in the plane next to me that I’m going to visit my boyfriend. I can see the appeal now.

???: Ah, the sunrise is so beautiful today!

????: Hm? It looks the same everyday.

???: Of course you wouldn’t understand! You’re always asleep at this time!!

????: I guess… Anyways, I’m off.

???: Wah!! Where are you off to, TyTy?

TyTy (?): Don’t call me that. Also, it’s none of your business where I go, Sal.

Sal: A-ah… You’re right, but you know me… I worry about you, you know?


[[Typhlosion and Salamence have been unlocked! Ask box for asktyphlosion is now open! It took me all night to get it ready. i’m excited i’m finally done though…. ;w;

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new photo of alex:

me: (after wanting to punch someone and then realizing there was no actual injury) LET ME KISS IT BETTER.