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Hi, I can't link because I really don't know how. But Tomlinsondaily has only one pic from today of Louis smiling. I'm a dental person and his teeth were buggin me so I zoomed in and he is wearing clear braces on his top teeth! I haven't seen anyone else notice this (did send to another blog but no comment).. but zoom and it's there! I'll try to attach the link but I'm horrible at this. thetomlinsondaily*tumblr*com/post/161867198062/1506 He's adorable and probably getting his teeth ready to tour

OK! So.  tumblr DID eat my response, so let’s just try this the old fashioned way.

First things first, this is the post and pic you’re referring to.  LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS. 

So I went ahead and zoomed in myself! 

And I’ll be perfectly honest…I don’t see it.  BUT you’re the expert and not me.  So it’s definitely possible because GUESS WHAT.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I showed this to @bananastagram and she pointed out that he’s had braces before and gave me evidence!! 

so maybe he wasn’t wearing his retainer and they shifted and he wanted to get them realigned???  

WHY IS THIS SO ENDEARING???  This should not be this endearing!!!!  BUT IT IS.  

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FlintWood Stop being so lame For the drabbles u ship them right?

“Stop being so lame,” Marcus complained, reaching for the glass that Oliver had just swiped from him.

“I’m being ‘lame’ because you told me to stop you after six drinks, Marcus,” his boyfriend replied, holding the firewhisky that Marcus very much wanted just out of reach.

“Sober me is stupid,” Marcus said, lunging a bit towards the tumbler in Oliver hand, failing, and collapsing onto Oliver’s lap instead. “You shouldn’t listen to him,” Marcus muttered, rubbing his cheek against Oliver’s jeans.

“Sober you says the same thing about drunk you.”

“So I’m always stupid. Big deal.” Marcus grinned up at Oliver. “You still like me anyway.”

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“Merlin knows why,” he said, but the exasperation in his voice was undercut by the affectionate smile on his lips as he took a sip of Marcus’ drink.

“No fair,” Marcus pouted, looking up at the drink with longing, but his arms were too heavy to try to grab at it again.

“Since when do you know a goddamn thing about being fair, Flint?” Oliver laughed.

“You’re just mad I’m better at Quidditch than you.”

“I might be if that was even remotely true.”

“I hate you.”

“You don’t.”

“I know.” Marcus closed his eyes, a smile on his face and Oliver’s hand stroking his hair.

Send me a ship and a sentence, I’ll write the next five (or so)

  • cassie, ready to say her first word: c...
  • elena, trying to guess: cassie?
  • sully: carrot?
  • sam: cash?
  • cassie: crap.
  • nate, brushing a tear away: always knew she is my daughter.

They met up over winter break.

Kei’s trying his best to school a face of indifference but he can’t because Kuroo’s here and Kuroo’s standing right next to me and Kuroo’s taking a selfie with me and Kuroo and Kuroo and

I apologize for the delay! I started this about two weeks ago, but then I suddenly got really, really into needle knitting and neglected to work on it (I am currently donning my freshly knit teal garter-stitch scarf I named Orange. I am content and currently in the middle of a cream-coloured mistake-stitch scarf (◡‿◡✿)). 

I drew this in celebration of my city finally getting some epic snowfall. I’m so excited for the holidays!

I used FireAlpaca to make this! Thank you to the anon who recommended this software to me ( ˘ ³˘)♥, I quite like it.

Thank you reading and uh, looking at my drawing teehee

Falling in love with his best friend was not a choice, no. If you ask Jungkook, he’d say it took him by surprise, his heart had already made up its mind and now, he is smitten. It wasn’t his fault really. Jungkook likes to think he’s pretty down to earth, he likes to think he’s able to control himself but oh boy he can’t do the slightest thing about the mushiness that’s happening inside his heart right now.

Jimin is talking to him, Jungkook knows he is, but when did his eyes become so sparkly and pretty? It’s a dumb question really, because even before feelings came to wreck his sanity, Jungkook knew his bestfriend was stunning. But back then, he still had a semblance of self control. Now? Oh now, he can’t help losing himself in staring, he just stares, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before Jimin notices so he gathers up all the strength he has and adverts his eyes, or at least tries to.

“Were you even listening?” he says, though he clearly knows he wasn’t, he has been spacing out a lot lately and he’s honestly worried at this point.

After a moment that felt like an eternity, Jungkook manages to blurt out a not so convincing yes. But Jimin is having none of it, he’s slowly crossing the space between their faces, staring into Jungkook’s eyes as if he’s trying to read into his soul. “Are you sure?” he asks, “You’ve been spacing out a lot lately” he adds, bottom lip caught between his teeth in worry.

And Jungkook’s mind short circuits because clearly his sanity is being tested. And he knows he should just brush it off with a laugh and he knows he should definitely step back but his pillow lips are so, so inviting. He’s so close, just centimeters away he could just literally steal a quick peck. And it’s a dumb idea Jungkook knows it but before his brain can come save his ass from his dumb heart he’s leaning in. There’s no spark or fireworks but a feeling of belonging, it just feels so right. Their lips melt together as Jimin lets out a gasp obviously startled by the turn of events but he doesn’t pull back. He doesn’t and Jungkook is kissing him like a starved man. Enjoying the feeling as much as he can because fuck he did not mean to do it but now that his soft, plump lips are against his own he wonders why it took him so long to close the gap.

When they pull back, he’s ready to blurt out an apology, but Jimin just sushes him by pulling him in again. Jungkook thinks that maybe his heart is not that dumb for letting this happen.

picturing the Sparrow League like
  • Zavala: *disapproving stare at all the Guardians shirking their duties*
  • Zavala: We have more important matters than recreational sports. Cayde, help me out here.
  • Cayde-6: *placing glimmer down at the betting table*
  • Cayde-6: *distracted* what?

“That last pitch was good. They can’t hit your pitch past the fence if it’s that low. The important thing isn’t to prevent every hit. It’s what you do after they hit. You’re starting to pitch like an ace.

ALRIGHT ELLA SINCE I GUESS I’M SUCH A  BIG NAME FANDOM BULLY ,   I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE   CALL OUT POST !!!   are we ready guys ?   this one is gonna be a doozy .   hold on to your seats ,   because  @LEGILLIMENCYY  is definitely a  stealer ,   and i’m sick of the way she has treated my good friend  ally ,   as well as others on this stupid fucking website .

i had made  a smaller post  about this last night for my followers ,   but since this problem has  continued  to escalate ,   ella has given me  no other choice .   we are here now ,   in this  toxicity  called  call out culture .   i’m normally not a fan of it ,   but this time i had to speak up .   ally is my  friend ,   a long time friend at that .   and when you fuck with her ,   you fuck with me .

so let’s start at the  beginning ,   shall we ?   the basis of everything you’ve  stolen ?   i say your   theme insp.  is as good a place to start as any :

i just …   wow .   that is …   that is some  damn good   inspiration  you stole there ,  huh ?   ripped off practically her entire edited agirlingrey code ,   right down to the  font styles and link placements .   i can’t even give you ps credit because even your bg image looks extremely similar to ally’s .   so i guess  kudos  to you for knowing how to steal other people’s codes .

but you didn’t  stop  there ,   did you ?   no ,   of course not !   why  would you ?   you were already stealing her code ,   why not go ahead and steal some of her  headcanon’s  too ?

wow dude .   just wow .   did you even  rewrite  it ?   or just  copy / paste ?   and yes ,   please make sure to look at the  hovered dates  on each :   ally’s is from  6 months ago ,   while ella’s  copied version  dates back less than a week to even  HOURS  at least .   you even stole her  tag name ,   which is pretty  sad .

and then ,   when you were finally called out on your stealing ,   you  BLOCKED  ally for calmly trying to talk to you ,   for  ASKING  you to take down  HER  content .   it was only after  i and a few others  started sending messages that you  BLOCKED US AS WELL ,   and then  messaged  ally with the most   insincere ,   bullshit excuse ever heard ever up to date :

i see  a lot  of things  wrong  with this ,   so let’s just name them off ,   shall we ?   1 .    and none of us  –  with the exception of oc blogs  –  actually created these characters so to claim any kind of originality to anything is honestly bull.          i just …   what ?   what kind of  fresh hell  is this ?   that is like ,   the  shittiest excuse  ever made up ,   like ever .   that’s like a  7 year old  who knows they did wrong trying to  back track  and get out of the blame .   i just want you to know ,   that every writer is laughing right now .   we are all laughing ,   because that is honestly the  stupidest  thing i have ever fucking read in my entire life .

2 .    but since you and your little group of friends are all worked up about it i’ll delete my headcanons and kind of start my blog over.          fuck ,   i would  love  to stop you right there ,   but there’s  so much more  i need to get to .   um .   ally’s friend group  ISN’T  little .   there are  loads  of people on this site that have her back ,   and  love  her for being the person she is ,   not the   fake sickly sweet  bitch you think she is .   oh ,   and  yes  ella ,   i have the screenshot  of that ask ,   too !   you know ,   the one you  deleted ?   let’s post that too ,   huh ?

oh wow ,   and look at all those  vague posts  there too ;   newsflash ,   ella :   that anon on the right ,   the one who called you worthless ?   that wasn’t ally .   ally doesn’t stalk your blog .   i think you kind of have that  backwards  huh ?   considering all your headcanon posts are hers from what ,   6 months back ?   i think that seems a little  stalkerish ,   hmm ?

but i digress ,   getting back to your  shitty excuse of an apology :   3 .    but whatever. i’ll  [ delete ? ]  my headcanons and start fresh …          so …   they’re  not  technically yours ,   considering you weren’t the one who thought of them .   and if you were going to  delete  them ,   why are they  still  on your blog ?   why did you lie ?

listen ella ,   none of us wanted it come to this ,   but  you made this .   you did this to yourself .   not only did you steal ally’s things and take extreme inspiration from her ,   but you lied about it ,   and dragged her name through the proverbial mud ,   and i  for fucking one  will not  take that sitting down .   so take down your stolen headcanons ,   make a theme that isn’t based off of someone else’s ,   and come up with your own goddamn things ,   or face my wrath .   the next time i see this happening with you ,   i  will report you to tumblr for  theft  and  harassment .   what you’ve done is  childish ,   it’s  pathetic  and  immature  and  unbecoming .   i’m  not  sorry to drag your ass through the fucking dirt like you did ally and present you to the public :   a dirty fucking thief with the attitude to match .

get off your goddamn high horse .   no one here accepts the shit that you’re pulling ,   so there’s no need for your shitty self entitlement ,   k ?   k .

  • Me: I have limited time and limited energy and I want to use Tumblr as an escape for fun so I'm not gonna read text posts
  • Also me: rolls out of the wrong side of bed opens Tumblr app what's up bitches guess who's got a problem with you and everything you love i have no caffeine in me and a bad attitude who's ready to fight

I need to stop drawing and coloring while I’m super sleepy. Everything is funnier in that state ahahhaha.

Why is Pidge upset? Lance tried to squish one of the alien furballs to see if they squeaked. Pidge not amused. Guess which one Lance tried to squish.

The little aliens that Pidge encounters are so cute, I wonder if one is going to tag along with Pidge for fun. The way I drew them makes it seem someone stuck them in a washer and put too much fabric softener (and some look paranoid too lmao).

Please don’t edit or repost. :D

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guessing you are gettin ready to join your robron army to come at everyone for anti week??? Can not wait to see what your intelligent self has to say about sticking by a relationship that is abusive XX

Hello beautiful,

So this is why I walked away from here for a few days because all this drama that has kicked off..I am just going to get over my fear and put my feelings out there and if you don’t care or anyone else doesn’t care then at least I have put out into the world how I feel..
I have never in all of my 2 and a half years being in this fandom have I EVER went out of my way to go and bash someone because they don’t like robron. I respect and care for everyone in this fandom and everyone who isn’t in this fandom. YOU. LIKE. WHO. YOU. LIKE. As long as you respect my opinion then I will respect yours 100%! I will NEVER go out of my way to criticize, insult, or shove my opinion down anyone’s throat about robron, bex, chrissie or any other character!
I have actually lost so many friends from this fandom cause either they couldn’t handle what was going on in the story, they just couldn’t stand robron anymore or just because they liked a specific character, people would go and criticize them and tell them they were wrong to like said specific character.. It breaks my heart everyday knowing that I had to lose friends because they didn’t feel comfortable enough or was bashed because they didn’t have the same view as someone else!?!? Having to see the people I lost being criticized and having to fight against others is still insane to me honestly.. I hate seeing all the negativity not just from some robron fandom people but also people who aren’t in the fandom.. hurts so much to see this “fandom war” break out because in MY opinion, it has all become very ridiculous and almost childish.
In the end, I am standing my ground and am going to be positive and love everyone who is in the fandom and love everyone who is not. I don’t care who you like, love, hate or whatever because I will be your friend and will love, respect, cherish and be there for you! As long as you don’t treat me in a rude, disrespectful or disgusting manner and not attack my friends or anyone else who might not agree with you than I will be there for you, be a friend and love you!
Anon, I hope that anything I just wrote spoke to you and you will know how I feel.. I am not here to attack anyone or say anything cruel. I am just here to love what I love and be friends with everyone! I hope you have a great day and I love you very much!

 Also I am SO sorry that I was a specific person that you thought of to send this message to.. If you or anyone else feels like I am this kind of person than I want to say a huge sorry and if I have ever given you the impression that I am a negative person that will attack you because of your views than please come talk to me so we can fix it! I love you all and please love one another!

Man I’ve fallen into Undertale and especially into PTA Sans

There are a ton of posts of him just being so mad, and I feel it’s kinda fitting but also like that most of them take place after he’s already been around the PTA for a while. Like, he’s tried diplomacy, he’s tried jokes, he’s tried gentle correcting, and he’s tried ignoring, but none of those have worked, so now he’s sarcastic and annoyed because they’ve all had this argument 17 times in the past three meetings can we just move on already.

He doesn’t like when people try to make sweeping changes to the school policies just because they want to, he thinks that all changes should have a reason (therefor clearing up the arguments about weather or not he is for gluten free in the cafeteria - when one of the parents just wants it ‘because I don’t let my kid eat inferior foods like some others around here’ or whatever, he’s against it because that’s a stupid reason, but when someone else speaks up with ‘well there are kids here who have dietary problems’ he is 110% on board. He’s not against agreeing with people if they have good reason/are right, even if he doesn’t like them as a person)

He starts complaining back at the rudest members because all those ones do is complain, so he might as well have some fun if he has to listen to the rant about there not being a uniform -again-.

But also, Sans who is kind and nice to those members of the PTA who aren’t terrible. He compliments the baking skills at the bake sales, he says which ideas are good for the school field trips, and he gratefully gives his input about how to add monster customs to the school holiday events when asked.

Sans who tells the single parents (moms and dads), the young parents, the people who get upset at that one members’ constant gender rants for personal reasons, that they’re doing well. And well, if a skelly from the Underground can tell you’re doing a good job, then you must be, right?

Sans who will not take anyone’s garbage, but doesn’t want to be vindictive.

After all, he’s seen what happens when someone becomes like that. And he doesn’t want to have a bad time.

(And yes maybe he overdoes it a bit sometimes and Toriel hears about it and lectures him about “Yes I know she keeps saying that but you really have to stop making things fly across the room and letting your eye sockets go dark because you’re mad at her” and “Yes I know he is really rude and disrespectful and always says that the baked goods are terrible when people are just trying their best but did you really need to take all his cookies and eat them one by one while locked in eye contact with him” and he tries to do better. Doesn’t want to disappoint the kid, after all.)


This is the cutest Young K fancam I’ve ever seen!!!! 

And the crowd is amazing!! They did the woop at the start with him hahahah and aaaawww Brian looks so happy hearing the crowd sing along with them. And he hit Junhyeok hahahahh

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Can you draw some marichat?

I cheated, I doodled some platonic Marichat.  ;)  These dorks are both so deep in their crush that I see them becoming good friends before anything else.

EDIT:  Gahh!  What is it with me and forgetting masks?? I guess I must be ready for the big reveal!  ;) 


Guess who's back!

After 3 grueling (yet strangely rewarding) weeks of: final exams, moving back home from my college dorm, interviewing for jobs, buying a car getting hired, moving into my first place on my own, starting said job, I’m back and ready to post, RP and chat with all of you beautiful people again. I feel like an adult for the first time and it’s strange.

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