NPC idea

You discover them early in the campaign. They are kind of a dork, but everyone loves them. You meet them again a few times. They are always talking about their “duty” and you often have to help them out of trouble.

Then, at the beginning of a boss fight, they suddenly appear. They fight along with you and turn out to be one of the best fighters in the world. Afterward, they thank you for your help, announce that their duty is finished and go away. If you later return to that place, you find their corpse.

Oh cool. So now from Merita and Crow’s conversation, we know that the Arrow family isn’t just some dethroned royal family who lost power centuries ago and live in the crumbling ruins of their empire. They are a royal family currently in power, with a governing council and everything. Hopefully this means the resistance against Titan is a bit stronger than previously anticipated, whole planets worth even.

Also we know Merita’s mom works for the Arrows and I bet she’s a super nice lady.

also stars japanese voice actress is Rin from fate/stay shes so cute i was loosing it
sorry if my hand writing is terrible
credits to my friend for giving me such great starco dialouge

the fuckin discourse between deh and tgc fans is completely … u say………irrelevant and unnecessary lol they’re both shows that are important for different reasons and revolutionary in different ways please take a breather and eat some snacks and walk outside and remember that ur opinion isn’t always superior just because you can change the name of dear evan hansen and call it “dear evan blandsen lol xD!!!” all that does is make you seem like a seven year old whose only defense is parodying on phrases you’re not funny you’re not cool and you’re not even remotely hurting anyone except urself by making dumb comments like that lol bye

dexter soy: jason todd? oh yea he’s so cool i love drawing h- [trips] [thousands of red hood pictures he made himself spill from his pockets] fucK those are mine dont worry im gonna pick them u - [more pictures fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up] fuck there are so many i cant- [picks random picture up] god isnt he amazing

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Can I hear your rant about c/ullen?

Look I mean I am running a fallout blog and it will be ultimately unfair for my followers, friends and mutuals that like c/ullen for me to go around spilling all my frustrations on the internet because that’s generally what most of us do and really you can’t hate a character as much as there are other things surrounding the character that you hate and sometimes is really easy to just spill your guts on a post but i know it makes people that like the character uncomfortable and they feel bad for liking the character and all, i’ve been on both sides and i generally avoid talking shit about people’s favourite characters because it’s just a waste of time to ruin someone’s day. 

bottom line is that i genuinely dislike him and i hate seeing him and i won’t shit on him for my followers. and i dislike him because I have huge issues with things being forced on me, and he is forced on me through three games and has one of the worst fanbases on this website like if d/ragon age fandom is bad these are among the worst. i don’t like when a game forces me to like someone - its bad writing. i love new vegas cause i have the absolute freedom to kill someone that i don’t like or in the best case scenario tell them to fuck off. and it frustrated me that some mediocre character from the first two games was given a huge role in dai and at no point my inquisitor could tell him to pee his pants and in any way get rid of him so the game forced me to interact with him and see him around and I Don’t Want That Again, i really don’t want a game forcing me to like or hate a character and obviously dai forces you to at least sympathize with him. and don’t get me started how you can be mean to vivienne but you can’t tell c/ullen to shove his sword where the sun don’t shine. 

so my point is i dont want characters forced on me, and with few others i genuinely don’t like in d/ragon age, i can like either kill them or never recruit them and get it over with. but not this guy, im stuck with him and that on a personal level irritates me 


[image set: screencaps from Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows, showing Ahsoka Tano, side by side with black backgrounds with white text on them. The first text reads “when we met” and is right next to Ahsoka Tano as a teenage togruta padawan standing in front of Anakin and Obi Wan. The colors are very desaturated, almost grey. Then we see a close up of teenage Ahsoka’s face. The text next to this one is “I was but the apprentice.”

next, there’s a black image with “But now” on it in white, next to a full color screencap of adult Ahsoka from rebels activating her two white lightsabers in front of her and scowling. The screencap after this is Ahsoka glowering holding her lightsabers crossed behind her head, blocking Darth Vader’s strike. The text after this is “I am the master.” end image]

I got inspired