For years we’ve been joking about Sam always being in the middle of the never ending Dean/Cas tension and probably getting so sick and tired of his brother and their best friend still not finally TALKING ABOUT THEIR SHIT AND JUST GETTING TOGETHER ALREADY. 

But now we can add Mary to the mix, because by now she’s spent quite some time around Dean and Cas as well, and she has a pair of functioning eyes, so surely Sam and her have bonded (aka COMPLAINED, because wtf?!) over it at this point. 

So one morning over breakfast when it’s just her and Dean, Mary -on a mission to at last make this suffering end before someone accidentally gets killed by a stray arrow magically formed out of too much sexual tension or some shit- will go

“Knock knock.”

And, Dean, curious, humoring his mom, rolls his eyes but goes “Alright… who’s there?”


And yeah, that sounds legit, so Dean humors her again. “Mary who?”

“OH for the love of all things holy please MARRY Cas already because none of us can take it any longer goddamnit!”

I don’t understand these dang boss sims at all! Everyone is having drama and dating/back stabbing each other. (I mostly blame Ghetsis and Archie too for being a flirt!) 

But Cyrus and Giovanni just chill and do their own things. They aren’t dating each other, but I am starting to question the nature of their relationship.

They really like to get naked and hot tub all the time together!

imagine, after much pleading, Keith finally lets Lance do his nails.  Lance paint them black and when he finishes he says “there, now they match your soul.”

And Keith, in the most monotone voice, replies “i guess your soul is gay” because Lance clearly had to compare all the nailpolishes with his skintone to find the perfect one so currently they’re rainbow af

How to erise this mental image?..

Once upon a long, full of adventures story of the Four Dragon Warriors and their king:

Hiryuu: “… and so, there is no other way. Me and Abi will dress up as women to get inside of this place and… Guen, please, calm down, it wouldn’t be so dang… … No, no, no, watermelons aren’t going to help this. Even this big, Guen. Put them down, for me, OK?”