tfa college au
  • Rey is an engineering major who is quite possibly going to kill the next person who so much as thinks that she’d be better suited for something else 
  • Han is her favourite lecturer and although he claims not to pick favourites she’s his favourite student  
  • Leia is the Dean who used to be in the military and everyone is terrified of her until the meet her and then they’re terrified and in awe
  • Finn is a classics major who cries over history at least twice a week (because oh god, why?) and when he meets Rey he thinks in love but then he meets Poe and he knows he’s in trouble (at least until he realises that he can love them both) 
  • Poe used to be in the air force until he decided he wanted to be an astronaut, and now he’s going into space and no one can stop him 
  • Kylo is a philosophy major who hates philosophy and watches Buffy instead of doing anything productive. Everyone is 100% sure he’s having hate sex with his room mate. 

inspired by that moment in chapter 471 ~

He’s not good with words. Never has been. Never cared to be. Anyway, words are her thing.

He’s an action kind of man. The type of person to leap headfirst and maybe ask questions later - if he has the time. He prefers actions to words. You don’t need words to explain what a punch to the face or a kick in the groin means after all.

But words? Words are tricky. 

In his mind he knows what to say, but it always comes out jumbled and wrong. 

He scowls as he hears the uncertainty leak into her words. Her words. It’s almost unfathomable to him and, if she weren’t standing right behind him, he would call it a lie. Because her words are always strong and unwavering. Her words have led the guild into battle with a dragon, her words brought him to the light during his darkest hours. 

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Mahou Shoujo Ladybug

Quickie sketch of what I think her costume would be. I think I’ve been rewatching too much Madoka. Kinda looks like Madoka’s costume :P

You're Serious About The Pizza Aren't You?

Pairing: Dan x reader

A/N: [Y/N/N] your nick name

Warnings: swearing

Word count: almost 3k whoops

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You sat in front of the TV, a hot mug of tea warming your hands as you thought about life and that last boss level of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes that you’d been stuck on for a week. Your mind quickly drifted to Dan. You’d grown up together. Dan always being two years a head of you (and would never let you forget it), was constantly looking out for you. You had started dating when you were 17 and now, four years later you’re relationship is still going strong. You’re parent’s love Dan, how could they not? he made you happier than anyone else and had never let you down. You smiled to yourself as you thought about the nicknames Dan had given your parents when you were little, Mod and Podge. You don’t even know how that started, its one of those things that just happened and no one knows why. Then you started to think about Phil. You’d known Phil just as long as Dan had and got on with him just as well. Phil’s your closest friend, actually come to think of it, he was more like your brother. You love Phil and can honestly talk to him about anything and everything.

You’d always said you wanted to move to central London but you never thought you’d ever have the money to do it, but when you finished school at 18, Dan decided that you should move in with him and Phil. You weren’t sure at first but after convincing you, Dan worked on convincing your parents to let you move in with him which didn’t take long considering they fucking love him. Now you’re 21, your Youtube channel is growing more than you ever thought it would and you’re still living with your favourite boys. Well technically they were men but as if you could ever call the pair men. They were more like teenage boys, but you wouldn’t want them any other way.

You laughed to yourself at the thought of it when your phone buzzed. It was a text from your mum. Hey, could you pick Ashton up from school and take him for the day please? I’m sorry I’m asking this, I know it’d be a pain but I as just called into work.
Um yeah sure, I haven’t seen him in a few weeks it’d be nice:) he finishes at three yeah? you typed back
Yeah thank you so much hun, I’ll talk to later x
No problem
You looked at the time; 2pm. You’d want to leave pretty soon if you were going to make it on time for your 6 year old brother, seeing as you’d have to get 3 undergrounds and a bus.

“DANIEL…… PHILIP…..” you called from the lounge. “YEAH?” you heard in response. “WHERE YOU GUYS AT?”
“KITCHEN” they shouted in unison. You stood up from the sofa and followed their voices. “What’s up chick?” Dan asked as you walked into the kitchen and placed your mug beside the sink. “Nothing much, I was just coming to tell you that my mum text me an-”
“Ahh good old Mod, how is she?” Dan interrupted. “Dan!” Phil said, lightly hitting the taller boy’s shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?” he whined, acting hurt. “You can’t call a fine woman like Mary, old!” Phil teased, purposefully winking in your direction. “Wow thanks Phil, I’ll let her know that you look out for her,” you giggled. “Anyway she’s fine, and needs me to get Ashton from school because she was called into work so I might not be back until late tonight,” you explained. “Wait, why wouldn’t you be home? I thought we were getting pizza tonight,” Phil asked. “Well, I just figured that you didn’t need a six year old running around the apartment so I’d just bring him home and stay with him until mum came home..” you trailed off. “What, no?, just bring Ash back here. It’s Friday anyway so just let him stay the night,” Dan said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  "Are you sure?“ you asked. "Yeah, that way I don’t have to worry about you in dodgy train stations trying to get the last trains home when there’s weirdos wandering around,” Dan said and you looked at Phil. “I’m with Dan,” he said. “You guys know I’m a big girl now right? I can get trains all by myself. Besides, I live with you two how much weirder could people be?” you said, trying to hide the smile creeping up on your face. “Wow, thanks. Feeling the love. But that doesn’t stop me from worrying! Just bring Ash back here, I haven’t seen him in ages anyway,” Dan smiled. “Ugh fine,” you agreed.
“Well I better go then,” you said, pulling your phone out of your pocket to check the time; 2.15pm. “Mhmm,” Dan hummed tunelessly. “Dan get out of the way,” you said, as he was standing right in the doorway. “Mhmm”. Assuming he had moved, you opened twitter on your phone as you made your way across the kitchen and walked straight into Dan who pulled you into a tight hug. “The actual fuck mate, are you gonna move or not?” you whined.  I will, after you hug me,“ Dan murmured into your hair as he wrapped his arms around you. "Dan you’re gonna make me late can I hug you when I get back?” you asked, as you tried to wiggle out of his grip. “Uggghhh fine,” Dan said, squeezing you tightly before letting you pass through the kitchen door and you could hear Phil laughing at you both.

You walked through the apartment to the front door where you pulled on your grey hoodie, grabbed your bag and threw your phone into it before shouting a goodbye to the guys and leaving for the station.

“[Y/N/N]” you heard your little brother call as he ran towards you. “Hey Ash” you smiled, picking him up and spinning him in a circle. “Is Dan here?” he asked. “No, why? Do you love him more than me?”
“Maybeee,” Ashton dragged out. “MAYBE?” and with that you placed a horribly wet kiss to his face. “EEEWWWWWW!” he shrieked, making you laugh. “Dan would never do that to me! I love him the mostest!” the young boy announced crossing his arms “What was that?” you asked as you put him back on the ground. “I love Dan more than you!” he said, sticking his tongue out. “Well then,” you said, before slowly reaching over to Ash and you started to tickle him. “Who do you love more?” you asked.
You continued to tickle him in the middle of the playground until he gave in. “OKAY OKAY I LOVE YOU THE MOSTEST YOUR THE BEST” he shrieked. “Good, now let’s go,” you smiled.
“Where are we going?”
“Well that’s up to you Ash, I can bring you home or Dan and Phil said that you can have a sleepover at our house if you’d like that,” you said as you reached down to hold his hand. “Really?” Ashton asked as you began the short walk to the bus stop. “Mhhmmm but only if you want to,” you replied. “So which will it be chick?”
“Sleepover,” he smiled, looking up at you.

On the way to the bus stop you text your mum to let her know that you were going to take Ashton for the night and that you’d bring him home tomorrow. As you sat down on the bus, you unlocked your phone to read her reply. Oh that’s lovely thank you! I’m assuming Dan will come home too so I’ll get your dad to cook a curry since it’s his favourite
Yeah he probably will, he practically lived there for 16 years anyway! And wow what about me and my favourites? you typed back, smiling to yourself.
Well maybe me and your father love Dan more
Great, thanks mum. Love you too

You walked up to your apartment and you could feel Ash tugging on your hand, trying to make you walk faster. “What’s the rush Ash?” you asked but you only received a “come on,” in reply. Once you opened the building door, your brother went up the stairs as fast as his little legs could carry him with you shouting “be careful,” from behind. He was running towards the lounge, knowing that was where Dan and Phil would most likely be. He was nearing the closed door and you shut your eyes, waiting for the inevitable bang that was about to follow but it never came. Instead you heard a low groan of pain and it wasn’t from Ash. Opening your eyes, you saw Dan doubled over in pain, Ashton looking confused and Phil in fits of laughter behind Dan. “[Y/N/N] what’s wrong with Dan?” Ash asked, eyes widened in confusion. Just as he ask you this, Dan dropped to his knees, “OH MY FFFFFFFF FLUFFY SOCKS” Dan cried out. “Nice save man,” you giggled, “and don’t worry Ash, he’s fine,” you smiled. “I’m not fine,” you heard Dan whimper and you laughed to yourself. “Pull yourself together and tell me what happened,” you said, suppressing your giggles as you turned to Phil who was close to crying from laughing so much. “Ash ran and… Dan.. open.. door… head to ball collision,” Phil laughed and you joined him as did Ash, though he didn’t really know what he was laughing at. “Don’t laugh at my pain,” Dan said, mock annoyance laced into his voice as he stood up. “But its funny,” you laughed. “At least pretend to have sympathy for me [Y/N/N] because I’m not going to get any from Phil! He’s too busy trying not to wet himself,” Dan said, pulling you into his side. “Meh I don’t know,” you teased. “Well at least Ash loves me, right little man?” Dan asked looking at your little brother. “Mhmmm,” Ashton nodded and Dan picked him up and hugged him. You saw Dan whisper something to Ash just before your brother looked you in the eye and stuck out his tongue. “Hey!” you said in surprise. As Dan and Ash were focused on each other and were occupied laughing, you and Phil walked to them and counted down from 3. When you hit 1, you placed a slobbery wet kiss to Dan’s cheek as Phil did the same to Ashton. “EEEWWWWWWWWW!” the pair being kissed cried out as you and Phil left the crowded hallway for the lounge, laughing as you went.

You were sitting on the sofa next to Dan and Ash was on the floor with Phil as you all watched Finding Nemo. You started to drift off into your thoughts. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. “What’s up?” Dan whispered back. “Ssssshhhhhh this is the good bit,” Ash shushed , turning to you and Dan. “He’s right you guys,” Phil said. “C'mon,” Dan whispered, grabbing you hand and bringing you into the kitchen where you would be able to talk. “What’s up?” he asked. “It’s just, Ash staying here..” you trailed off. “Yeah what about it?”
“Well I mean, we didn’t exactly think it through, he doesn’t have any pajamas to sleep in let alone clothes for tomorrow. You can’t exactly ask a six year old to wear his uniform on a Saturday can you? Maybe I should bring him home and I can stay there tonight,” you said.“Don’t be stupid [Y/N/N], just go into town and get him something for tomorrow and he can sleep in one of my shirts, he’ll be fine. While you’re out you can grab a pizza anyway,” Dan smiled.
“Are you just using me to get food Howell?” you asked, placing a hand on your chest and acting surprised.  "I would never and I’m shocked that you think so little of me,“ he replied, in mock offense. "Shut up,” you said as you lightly hit his chest.
“Just go, already, get the kid clothes for tomorrow and text me when you’re getting ready to come home, I’ll order a pizza and you can collect it on the way. Me and Phil can look after Ash”
“Phil and I,” you corrected, “anyway, are you sure? Because I can take him with me if you need to edit a video or whatever,” you offered. “Nah it’s fine I can do another time. We’ll take care of him its fine, what don’t you trust us?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “Hey! Don’t pull out the t card! I feel attacked,” you gasped, dramatically placing a hand over your heart as you dropped to the floor. “And down goes another one,” Dan said before kissing three of his fingers and raising them in the air as he whistled the tune from The Hunger Games. “You’re such a fucking nerd,” you laughed. You sat up and put your hands in the air like a young child who wanted to be lifted. “Are you fucking ser-”
“Yes I am Daniel, help me up,” you interrupted, waving your hands around. “I can’t believe you still do this,” Dan smiled as he grabbed your hands and pulled you upright. “LOVE YOU” you shouted. “I know,” Dan replied. “Now, go get your little brother clothes and bring the actual love of your life back some pizza,” he laughed. “I would but Brendon Urie isn’t here,” you tease. “Wow, aren’t you just hilarious today! Ha ha ha,” Dan mocked before sticking his tongue out at you. “You’re serious about the pizza aren’t you?“ you asked. "Deadly,” he answered. “Can’t we make fajitas or something?” you said shrugging your shoulders. “Absolutely not,” Dan replied with unbreakable resolve. “But why?” you whined. “Because I’m lazy as fuck and I don’t want to cook,” he replied. “Ugh fine,” you groaned. “Speaking of cooking though, I wanna go home with you tomorrow so do you think Podge would make a curry if I text him?” Dan asked shamelessly. You smiled to yourself as he spoke. You loved how he would call your family home, his home and vice versa. “He’s already on it”
“I was texting mum on the way home from the school and she said that she’d get dad to make a curry tomorrow because it’s your favourite and she assumed you’d be coming,” you explained. “Wow Mod really loves me,” Dan laughed. “You don’t say?” you replied sarcastically, “I asked her what about me and my favourites and she basically said that she didn’t care because she loved you more,” you laughed. “See! She loves me! You know what, fuck you and Phil, I should go live with Mod and Podge,” he decided, throwing his arms up into the air. “Wow thanks babe, I’m really feeling the love today,” you said, sarcasm practically dripping from your words. “Shut up you fucking dick, you know I love you,” Dan smiled as he pulled you close and kissed the top of your head. “Love you too poops,” you murmured into his chest. “Now go and get Ash clothes, get me pizza and I don’t know if you see something weird, pick it up for Phil,” Dan laughed, pushing you towards the kitchen door. “Fine, I’m going jeez, see you later,” you call behind you. “Bye babe,” Dan called. With that you left  to go shopping.

Dan’s POV

Once [Y/N] left, I went back into the lounge and threw myself down on the sofa. “Everything alright?” Phil asked. “Mhmmm,” I hummed in response. “Daannn?” came a tiny voice. “Yes Ash?”
“Where’s [Y/N/N] gone?” he questioned. “She went out to get you some clothes for tomorrow so me and Phil are gonna mind you for a bit okay?” I answered. “Yeah!” Ashton said. Then he stood up and left Phil sitting cross legged on the floor, crawled over my legs, and squirmed around a bit before lying down beside me. I hugged his small frame close to my own and we watched the end of the film, quoting it the whole way through.

“Dan…. Dan…. Dan…” I could feel someone poking my face. Who the fuck was poking my face? “What?” I replied grouchily. “Wake up!” I heard a small voice say.“I am awake” I said, still half asleep. “Open your eyes then!” I slowly did as I was commanded and saw a little face staring at me. “Ash?” I asked. “Yes silly!” he giggled. “Ah, so he lives!” Phil said. “Shut up” I whined, closing my eyes again. Suddenly, a source of heat was ripped from me. “What the f-” I started. “Dan!” Phil interrupted. I opened my eyes again to see Phil standing above me, holding Ashton on his hip. Ash had been the heat source and Phil had stolen him, wow so rude. “Right, so what’s going on?” I asked, hoping that Phil could clear up the confusion. “Well, you were cuddling Ash while we watched Finding Nemo and you fell asleep,” Phil laughed a little as he put the boy back onto the floor. “Now the film is over and I said that we’d play Pokemon with Ash if he managed to wake you up,” he finished. “Okay, Pokemon is good, Pokemon I can do, let me just get a drink first,” I smiled as I sat up.

“Give me a few minutes guys,” I called, out of breath as I collapsed on the sofa. Me and Phil had been playing tag with Ashton when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I took it out to see a text from [Y/N] Okay I’m on the way home, what do you want on this bloody pizza? it read. The usual I guess, ty:) x I typed back.Yeah okay I’ll be there soonish:) x

See you in a bit chick x

Part 2?


Shit APH China Does #88


I keep seeing Marinette and Adrien kid stuff and it makes me imagine ten twenty years in the future and Adrien as a dad.

He would go to every single school event, it does not matter what it is. Science fair? He’s there. Field trip chaperone? Give him the sign up sheet. School play or game? He’s that one dad that cheers louder than anyone else in the audience.

He’s supportive to the point where he almost embarrasses his kids but it’s because he remembers how absent his own father was. How he was practically raised by his father’s assistant instead of him. He remembers what that felt like and will never subject his kids to it.

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Dancing. Ballroom dancing with tuxes and bow ties.

There was a firm but gentle hand on Jack’s shoulder, and when he turned around, twinkling brown eyes were giving him that look that he knew so well, and then the hand on his shoulder was outstretched, waiting for consent.

“May I have this dance?” Mark said, voice quiet, deep, but audible over the waltz. With a nervous swallow, Jack took his hand, never breaking eye contact. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t dance, he didn’t know what he was doing-

But Mark did, and then they they were spinning around the ballroom, hand in hand, eyes gleaming and steps swift. They made an elegant turn halfway around, and then Jack found himself beaming, grinning, and so was Mark. Their steps became more sure, more in sync.

They prayed that the music never stopped.