Keith: “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

So does this mean Keith cries whenever he’s faced with something personal? This implies that he cries regularly for some reason (or used to), though that reason is still speculation. But seeing how he has a temper (and realizes that), I’m betting that dealing with personal issues does, in fact, make Keith very upset, which is probably why he doesn’t do it. Some people in fandom think Keith isn’t very emotional, or has very strict control over his emotions, but I’ve always thought it was the opposite. I think Keith just removes himself from potentially emotional situations when he can so as to prevent himself showing emotion or getting upset (like how he never said a single word to Allura after she found out he was Galra. He just stayed quiet while she was angry and even after she later approached him, he didn’t say much because that, too, would likely have made him upset). Anger is harder to reel in on the spot, so him losing his temper is more expected, but I’m betting Keith knows that horrible, suffocating feeling that wells up through you when you’re upset and can’t stop the tears. And so he avoids it whenever possible, thus resulting in him avoiding talking about his personal issues. 

Unlike Lance, who is often portrayed in fanon as the emotional one, but that I think has considerable emotional control. Lance very rarely gets upset or loses his temper, despite his insecurities and how much he misses his family. He jokes around and whines, sure, but that’s a conscious kind of display that he uses, I think, as a defense mechanism. The only time in the show that I think Lance has gotten honestly angry (and I don’t mean simply annoyed like when the black lion rejected  him (although I think that did upset him to a certain extent) or desperate like when he was trying to pull Keith back in season 3) is when Shiro chose Keith over him to go into the Marmora Base. Lance gives off an aura of emotionalism as a way of hiding how he really feels, and even when he does get angry, he pulls back quite quickly and doesn’t usually end up yelling, like Keith does. 

Just some character thoughts I guess.    

Say it with me now

Them: *writes fic of a queer woman in a relationship w/ the opposite-sex*

You: Oh, do you not like lesbians or something?

Them: No not at all, I just find this pairing and its dynamic to be interesting to think about. 


Them: *writes fic about an abusive relationship with abuse present in the writing*

You: What, do you think abuse is okay or something?

Them: Heavens no, real people in this situation should get the hell outta there and call the police. Writing this is really cathartic for me though. I would never want a relationship like this for me or anyone.


Them: *only writes m/m or m/f relationships in their fic*

You: Okay, now you DEFINITELY hate queer women.

Them: Oh, no, actually, I simply find writing these relationships more beneficial for me as I am better able to empathize with them, or find it easier to distance them from my own reality which lends me a sense of security. Or writing queer women in queer relationships may evoke an aspect of myself I’m comfortable/safe with exploring yet.


Them: *writes an abusive/homophobic/racist/sexist character in the primary pairing of their fic*

You: Wow I can’t believe you support those views.

Them: Goodness, of course I don’t. However writing allows me to try and empathize with someone who does and therefore understand where they’re coming from. Maybe so I can better argue with them, or make peace with them myself so that I don’t have to label people in my life monsters for having views that persecute me, so that I work with them in a way that I personally find to be more productive. 


Me: Say it with me now

You: What people write about is often not indicative of their views about others, what they condone, or what they dislike unless explicitly stated. I do not know a person in their entirety through one 2,000 word story they wrote. I do not know the context in which it was written, the experiences or emotions that prompted it, nor the life of the person writing it. It is important not to attack people for a view I have formed in the space of one tumblr post. 

I think if I were to write Plotdale for tonight it would basically be:


DR CAN’T TAKE A HINT: So…*Cheesy pick up line* Wow that was bad. Are you not into me or something?

AARON: Umm..yeah…you don’t like cars, you can’t handle your alcohol and would never survive a Dingle Christmas and I honestly have nothing to say to you and would rather stare at my husband. 

JEALOUS ROBERT: Oh my god he’s moving on and I’m never getting him back ever. Hey Dr Replacement! I fucking hate you and I’m dying inside but you better treat my #BeautifulHusband right or else! And trust me when I say you don’t want to find out about the ‘or else!” Also, he deserves the fucking world so…I’m going to go self destruct now. *Short Circuit* *Breakdown Mode Activate* *Sanity Fleeing For it’s Life*

LOST THE PLOT ROBERT: Why hello Lawrence. You don’t even have the brainpower to comprehend what I’m about to do to you. But first, since Maxine is writing this, let me talk about my sexuality so people can be happy for five minutes before I do what I’m about to do for the sake of the Plot. What the fuck is this fucking Plot? How have I not reached #RockBottom yet?!?!?!?! Oh God! 


LOST THE PLOT ROBERT: Wait?! Really?! Are we sure about this? Cause this is beyond insane?!?!?! I really just want Aaron back and this DOES NOT SEEM LIKE THE WAY TO GET HIM BACK?!!?!?!?!?!?!

(MAXINE: I’m so sorry Robert! They’re making me write this.)

(RYAN: And this is airing on my birthday? Thank god I don’t have social media!)

(MAXINE: I’m so sorry Ryan! I’m sure you’ll play it fantastically!)

*Gratuitous Nudity* - for the fans -

(FANDOM: Ummmmmmm…..????? What the fuck are we watching?!?!)

FINN: Oh dear god I need brain bleach!!! #Relatable 

*Cute Bonding Scenes with Liv and Aaron where they both talk about missing Robert as he’s doing whatever it is he’s doing* - for the fans -

(FANDOM: *Still Traumatized* Umm thanks?! I’m sure we’ll enjoy that at a later date…)


Jungkook’s ending his 3years relationship with Jimin out of sudden and no one knows why. 2 months passed without any news about Jungkook and suddenly the TV’s going crazy about the Jeon Industry’s newly published heir. (4/?)

Finally have time to make an update. Works had been a beach. It’s my off day, so I might be double posting later. If there’s nothing comes up. Enjoy!

I don’t give a fuck if you’re gillovny, gorgan (is this even the right abbreviation? Also, what the fuck?), if you’re flukigan (I might have made this one up), whether you ship two dogs or two actual human beings that might have a thing, might have had a thing, or might not have a thing at all. I don’t give a fuck about what you believe or don’t believe as long as it makes you happy AND THAT YOU AREN’T HURTING ANYONE. 

I do give a fuck about you spending time on proving to everyone how you’re right and everyone else is wrong, I do give a fuck about you sending hateful messages just because you can hide behind the anonymous function, and I do give a fuck about people “choosing a side” because of something like this. 

Being a decent human being isn’t that difficult. It’s so easy to just not engage in these things and enjoy whatever the fuck brought you here - whether it was Gillian Anderson, goddess on earth, David (hotter than hell) Duchovny, or the best little space show in the world; The X-Files. Or something else!