Fuck if I know, man.

Chapter One of the Arex (Arin/Alex) AU! (yes the title is Fuck if i know, man. sue me, okay?)

Summary: Alex is thrown into another universe where his name is Dan. He has no clue about anything around him, nothing is familiar other than the man who is supposedly his partner and bandmate, Arin. Alex desperately tries to hold onto him without getting too close as he tries to get his bearings and find a way home without anyone knowing that the Dan they all know is no longer with them.

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Murdoc would never readily admit that he’s a fan of top 40 radio, and as a general rule he isn’t. However, one thing he does do is secretly listen to it out of spite one, so he can complain about it accurately and two, so he can pick and choose what elements of different trendy sounds he can subtly include in their own music to help it climb the charts. As a result he always knows what’s at the top of the itunes chart and he’s unintentionally learned the words to most popular songs…he may even like a few. On the other end of things, 2D is an open fan of top 40 radio. He feels, per ROTO no shame blasting Ricky Martin in the tour bus, he doesn’t mind people know he has “bad” music on his playlists because he appreciates and understands music that’s tailored to be accessible to a broad range of people specifically to make them happy. Basically, what I’m saying is both 2D and Murdoc know top 40 music for different reasons.

And this all comes out early phase 1 when they go out together and Murdoc gets drunk enough to reveal just how many songs he knows when he starts singing along to the radio on the way home in the cab. They pay the cab, they walk from the cab to the Kong Studios, they’re in the building and like…he just won’t shut up. 2D, tipsy himself, is just mildly annoyed but is also like,struck but how genuinely happy Murdoc seems in the moment, which makes him happy too because lol Murdoc singing but also because he’s learning about one of the many things Murdoc keeps hidden about himself that also happens to be something, albeit silly, that they have in common. So they spend the rest of the night “jamming out” in the studio with 2D at his keyboard and Murdoc beside him, sloppily playing through all manner of what Murdoc would otherwise consider to be embarrassing, superficial music. And before they know it, it becomes The Thing they do at the end of a late night, no matter what, just between the two of them. 

  • <p> <b>Bingley:</b> I say Darce, are you alright?<p/><b>Darcy:</b> I seem to be experiencing a headache that comes and goes.<p/><b>Caroline:</b> *steps into the room*<p/><b>Darcy:</b> Oh, it’s back.<p/></p>

i’m obsessed with neon lights. they remind me of cheap beer and cigarettes at night. smoke curling into kisses, needy hands, old rock music. pulsing colors in a club, leather jackets, wild nightlife. it’s more than an aesthetic, it’s a vibe that goes so much deeper. it’s all the dangerous sin that just feels so undeniably right, and the adrenaline that pulses through your veins