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for starters; I don't mean this in any negative way. I noticed you draw deku slightly different every time. Is there a specific reason why?

It’s mostly because I’m trying to get a feel for his character. I’ve been experimenting with him in my style to see which one fits the image im imagining for him

A great example is my first ever bnha fanart of deku to my most current fanart:

Obviously it was my first time drawing him so in the first picture he looks really forced and stale. Even though it was deku, it didn’t really look like deku. Then to my current deku the picture fits more of his character; rounded cheeks, defined freckles and chunky, messy hair. Plus my color choices for him in the beginning were grossly yellow and lackluster. Now he’s a lot more vibrant and full of life and character!

the official intj playlist

I’ve shared my playlist of INTJ-inspired songs before, but I’ve recently updated it with some new deep cuts. I present to you, again: 

The Official INTJ Playlist

Perfect for all your scheming needs. Or just for chilling on a Saturday afternoon. Your call.

I’ve been churning out playlists like crazy lately (for some reason it happens when I have a lot of caffeine…), so if you want this INTJ to DJ for a little while, just scroll through all my crap on Spotify. Personal favorites lately are moody bitch and my August mood playlist with all my recent favorites.

Enjoy. Recommend INTJ songs for me.

I may be willing to make playlists for other types but we’ll see.

Me: We should keep Ladybug (my doggo) inside tomorrow.

Mom: Why?

Me: Because of the eclipse.

Mom: …… Be careful that you don’t drink too deep from the well of the crazies, Jo.

Me: I am talking about the eclipse blinding my already almost blind dog not the earth actually being flat keep up here susan

Nobody Cares

I don’t mean that negatively. I don’t mean that nobody wants to see your accomplishments or for you to speak up when you’re upset about something. Of course people want those things.

But in the grand scheme of things, 99% of what you do doesn’t matter to 99.99999999-etc.% of the world. That’s a good thing!

See, I could eat frozen pizza for dinner every night. Well, I DO eat frozen pizza for dinner every night, but that’s not the point. Well, it’s a sub-point. ANYWAY, I could eat frozen pizza and potato chips and loaves of bread and candy and soda and weight 400 pounds and the world would keep on turning, babay! It doesn’t matter. Nobody cares.

I could continue to work 50 hours a week at Walmart, making enough money to get by, not necessarily hating what I do, but not loving it either. I can come home and throw on some YouTube videos or binge watch a TV show or read a book, and that’s okay. It’s a fine way to live your life. No one will bat an eye.

I could… do whatever. The point is, I worry a lot about what people think of me. I worry a lot about what people *will* think of me over nearly every decision I make. I allow that worry to paralyze me sometimes. If it’s not paralyzing me, it’s at least acting as an anchor or a sand or a hurricane – slowing my progress.

But most of my decisions affect me and me alone. I’m sitting here watching NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III (NXT is basically WWE’s minor league and TakeOvers are special events) and, honestly, I’ve spent most of my life with the dream of being a professional wrestler. I’ve had other dreams along the way, and I’ve hardly chased those either, but let’s just talk about wrestling for now.

New England Pro Wrestling Academy isn’t that far from me. It’s not cheap, but I could afford it. It would be a lot to take on with work and there would be no guarantee that I’d be any good, but just having one match in one rinky-dink independent promotion would honestly be a dream come true. That’s no small thing. And guess how many people would care if I decided to train to be a professional wrestler. Guess how many people would judge me. Guess how many people would think any less of me. Maybe a few, but probably no one.

I also want to write a novel – not a best seller – just a full story that I can self-publish (if I have to) and be proud of. That’s another dream. that’s pretty easy to chase. 

So what am I afraid of? I can pull the trigger on this post and then go heat up some nachos and watch some wrestling and go to sleep tonight and wake up and go to work and just go through my routine for the rest of my life and nobody will care. No one, that is, but me.

I’m riding the high of finishing a Tough Mudder today and I’m watching the best of the best performing an art that I’ve loved since I was a kid. It’s not easy to set goals and grind away toward them every day. I know that. 

But I’m going to try. I need to. For me.

ok even though i’m not out irl i guess i can share my story of how i came to terms w my sexuality on my own terms? ok so i’ve always been like… Attracted to girls but like i always rationalized it as just ~admiring~ the girls or whatever or being jealous or seeing them as #goals. and i would always be super… upset whenever my family would say homophobic ass shit but i rationalized that as well as just me being a #woke straight ally or whatever. but tbh when it REALLY started to hit me was when i became a teenager and like… hormones and whatever. i started to notice that…. wanting to fuck girls wasn’t exactly the most ~straight~ thing to desire. but i couldn’t be a lesbian bc i still liked boys???? so like i tried to fight the fact that i was bi, i knew it deep down but i didn’t want to outright say it bc… internalized biphobia? like i would be in a groupchat and i’d slip up and say something wow [female celeb] is so hot i’d [sex act] and then i’d try to play it off? but like around idk… 2015 something in me just clicked and was like “um bitch you’re literally not straight” so that was when i began to accept myself as bisexual and i came out online… and im currently questioning my gender identity so there’s that.