Murdoc would never readily admit that he’s a fan of top 40 radio, and as a general rule he isn’t. However, one thing he does do is secretly listen to it out of spite one, so he can complain about it accurately and two, so he can pick and choose what elements of different trendy sounds he can subtly include in their own music to help it climb the charts. As a result he always knows what’s at the top of the itunes chart and he’s unintentionally learned the words to most popular songs…he may even like a few. On the other end of things, 2D is an open fan of top 40 radio. He feels, per ROTO no shame blasting Ricky Martin in the tour bus, he doesn’t mind people know he has “bad” music on his playlists because he appreciates and understands music that’s tailored to be accessible to a broad range of people specifically to make them happy. Basically, what I’m saying is both 2D and Murdoc know top 40 music for different reasons.

And this all comes out early phase 1 when they go out together and Murdoc gets drunk enough to reveal just how many songs he knows when he starts singing along to the radio on the way home in the cab. They pay the cab, they walk from the cab to the Kong Studios, they’re in the building and like…he just won’t shut up. 2D, tipsy himself, is just mildly annoyed but is also like,struck but how genuinely happy Murdoc seems in the moment, which makes him happy too because lol Murdoc singing but also because he’s learning about one of the many things Murdoc keeps hidden about himself that also happens to be something, albeit silly, that they have in common. So they spend the rest of the night “jamming out” in the studio with 2D at his keyboard and Murdoc beside him, sloppily playing through all manner of what Murdoc would otherwise consider to be embarrassing, superficial music. And before they know it, it becomes The Thing they do at the end of a late night, no matter what, just between the two of them. 

Super messy solangelo sketch. I don’t really have a style of drawing so any solangelo pics I draw look like they’ve been drawn by different people 😂😂. Like, high key will and Nico don’t even look like they’ve been drawn by the same person 🤔

rooster teeth put like 90% of their animation efforts into the maiden fight in the last episode and while it paid off, i feel this is a great example of why front-loading your production efforts is a really bad idea because like

on the one hand WOW that fight was really amazing and i was extremely impressed with it. with a couple small conceptual exceptions (i’m looking at you, random moment where they both stop to construct those ridiculously oversized swords), that entire scene was stunning

but on the other hand, it left the other fight scenes in this volume very lacking. i get they wanted to wow us with that high-stakes battle, but when you put it side-by-side with the rest of the volume, it leaves you wondering why they didn’t put that much effort into the rest of the damn show. like this amazingly-choreographed and flawlessly-animated scene is what they’re capable of.. why didn’t they let us see it until now? i get they have resource limits, but again, i feel like they’re not distributing those resources effectively. sure, this scene wowed me, but i feel a little disgruntled about the rest of the volume now, knowing that it wasn’t lacking because they’re incapable, but because they chose to let it be lacking.

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When has erza ever been abusive when sober but not in self defense? Hell even when she's drunk she never actually hits them or anything?? My god feels like y'all just desperate for a reason to hate her

I actually like Erza, so maybe try taking a swing at someone else. And while I don’t personally consider her abusive, if you think she’s never hit any of her friends while sober for reasons other than self defence I highly recommend you reread the manga. With your eyes this time. It was like, this big thing. In her introductory arc. 

Like, the fact that she’d beaten up Gray, Natsu and Loke and most of the guild was scared of her was one of her primary defining features. As was the fact that she knocked Natsu out when he was sick on the train. And punched him for being unable to hear her exposition about Eisenwald because of it. And remember how she headbutted two security guards at the train station because they didn’t answer her questions quickly enough?

such self defence. wow. 

also did you miss erza throwing a sword at natsu and gray to stop them from leaving in the christmas special, or the fact that the fourth ova (the origin of everyone’s drunk characterisations in the christmas special) had about a minute of erza terrorising jet and droy, again with a sword? just wondering

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Don't worry Dint, Sableye don't venture outside of caves from what I recall, though I can't really say the same about Gabite unfortunately. Any other predators with oddly disadvantaged typing you should watch out for while you're at it?

Dint: Usually if there’s something that we can’t fight off ourselves, Prism will fight them off for us. But I guess this time they couldn’t do it, Lancelot wouldn’t let us get them.

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Are you still a dom Sherwood fan?

I was never a Dom Sherwood fan. Had I been one, I certainly wouldn’t be now. As far as I’m concerned, he can fuck off for all I care.

Side note: I don’t consider myself a fan of anyone in the cast, and especially not him. I like most of them. I follow Harry and Matt more closely because they’re Malec and I’m not gonna lie and say Malec isn’t the main reason why I’m even here. But I don’t “stan” them. I’m in the fandom for the characters, not the actors portraying them.