the shooktrack
bc i am shook

Shook It Out // That’s Life // Bridge Over Shooken Water // Shook Dreams (Are Made of This) // Shook The Show // Balada Para Un Loco // The Way You Make Me Shook // Boyang-Man // Let Me Think About It // The Winner Shook It All // Shook Una Cabeza // Earned It (from Fifty Shades of Shook) // As Time Goes Sh00K // Everybody // Can’t Help Falling In Love // Shook Me 2 Church // I Put A Spell On You // Iron Sky

(-> spotify)

“ ‘Cause I got the wind in my hair,

And a gleam in my eyes.

And the endless horizon.

I got a smile on my face,

And I’m walking on air.

And everything life ought to be,

It’s all gonna happen to me, out there.

And I’ll find it, I swear.

With the wind in my hair.”

-Wind in my Hair from Tangled: Before Ever After.

I don’t understand these dang boss sims at all! Everyone is having drama and dating/back stabbing each other. (I mostly blame Ghetsis and Archie too for being a flirt!) 

But Cyrus and Giovanni just chill and do their own things. They aren’t dating each other, but I am starting to question the nature of their relationship.

They really like to get naked and hot tub all the time together!


Finished my turnaround! Sylkas is my undead half elf. 

Formerly a representative for the alliance, he now allies himself to the mages of Dalaran only; though he can be persuaded to sell his priceless information to either side. He continues to wear his family’s emblem though he has changed his name as to not bring shame (more obviously) upon his family.
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