anyways I love Isabela because if you’re dating Anders, and you get into Act Three she’s like “Hawke, you should come sail away on my pirate ship with me” and if you say “What about Anders?” she goes “of course Anders can come too!” with no hesitation



And here’s Isabela, who accepts it no questions asked, and it’s so goddamn refreshing, thank the Maker for Isabela, my Hawke’s true best friend

A Long Time Ago

I made a digital painting lampooning the cliche’d “Alien Monster holding Space Babe Pose”.  You know, this one 

Anyways, it proved to be a popular image, and after many “Maybes” and “Almosts” and “What the Hell am I doing?”- the story of Rita Rodriguez the space roller derby champ and her small alien boyfriend Prince Zebulon the 23rd will be told….comic style!   My buddy Rhys took the official writing reigns, which is fine since he knows a thing or two about space adventure and space women’s wrestling.  While I wait for a replacement tablet cord, enjoy a tiny preview 

These are….INCREDIBLY ROUGH LINES but you get the idea. Expect a lot of stuff soon. 

savethelastklance  asked:

um im not sure if we need a prompt number to ask for a fic maybe but ive been dying to read a shklance fanfic of someone saying to lance he doesnt deserve to be on the team and the team defending him and giving him reasons why he does and shiro and keith just shower him in love,gahhhh im rambling im sorry lol


*Clears throat* So yeah, hello!!! Without further a due, here you go! I hope that you like it and I did good! First time writing Shklance, it was a trip. Still gotta practice tho, to try and balance the characters.

Content: SHKLANCE and Mean Emperors. 

A N Y W A Y S, here ya go! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Non number but who cares. “shklance fanfic of someone saying to lance he doesn’t deserve to be on the team and the team defending him and giving him reasons why he does and shiro and keith just shower him in love” // Shklance.

“Your presence won’t be needed, Blue Paladin.”

Lance’s freezes at the words and raises his head slowly towards the voice, not even noticing how the entire team stop on their tracks with him.

The Emperor of the planet they just saved stares down at Lance with their unblinking bored feline eyes, vague disgust on the back of their pupil.

“Excuse me?” Lance hears a second voice behind him, cold and sharp and Lance suppresses the shiver that runs down his back when he recognizes it as one of his boyfriend’s.

The Emperor shrugs their shoulders nonchalantly, turning slightly to meet Shiro’s gaze from behind Lance. “This is an important meeting. The entire council will be there and each of your team is required to come with an agreement treaty because all of you have something to offer.” Their green feline eyes fall on Lance once again, expression bored and indifferent, “Except for the Blue Paladin, his…presence is not required.”

Lance’s smile wavers and he takes a shuddering breath in before he lets it out slowly, taking a step back.

“Ah, that’s alright, Your Highness.” Lance says, clearing the back of his throat subtly, “I will just – go back to the castle and stand guard, no problem.”

“Lance.” Keith says, scowling deeply at the brunet but Lance shrugs off his concerns.

“It’s okay. It’s fine.” He reassurance his boyfriend gently, spearing him a quick weak smile over his shoulder before turning to the Emperor.

“You Highness.” Lance says respectfully, doing a small bow at the royal before he stands up and turns around, heading towards the castle, ignoring Hunk’s soft calling of his name and Pidge’s hand on his wrist.

It’s until Lance’s out of their sight when Keith turns around and snarls into the Emperor’s face.

“You have no right –!” He snaps but he’s cut off short when Shiro’s places his Galra hand on his shoulder, keeping him in place.

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hi guys! im taking quick pixel commissions for 5~10$!! price based on how complex it is/worktime, discussable :u there are 3 slots for now ;;;

- payment via paypal (usd currency)
- i won’t draw explicit gore, animals, furry & non-human (dont know how ;-;) + anything im uncomfortable with
- i’ll draw everything else! also couple icons (they cost the same!)
- after i receive the payment i’ll start working ^^
- would take a week max
- finished image is 100x100px or 150x150px + colored background/transparent (your choice!)

sssso yeah i guess that’s it? please message me if youre interested/have any questions! (reblogs appreciated!)

acebeatriz  asked:

Soulmate AU! The first time Graves takes off Credence's clothes, he sees his name tattooed on the other's skin.

Me: gets a prompt that pretty much begs for porn

Me: writes about murder and violent child abuse instead

Me: why are you like this

Anyway… here’s this. I gotta say that I love Not broken just bent by Miralana. That is definitely a superior take on this concept of soulmate names.

Warnings: child abuse, mentions of children’s accidental deaths, murder, religion, magic.

It was an exceptionally rare, but amongst some of history’s most powerful wizards there had been a few who found a name, not their own, which appeared on their skin. Merlin had one, or so it’s said. The theories abound: a kind of prophecy made flesh, the effects of a soul overburdened by magic, the hand of destiny making a play.

That such names were called Soulmate’s Marks had always seemed incredibly naïve to Percival Graves, who had once been told that he did not have “even a single romantic bone in his whole damn body” by a then fourteen-year-old Seraphina Picquery.

But the matter was that amongst those few rare witches and wizards in history to have one, how many had actually lived happily with the person whose name was on their skin?

Had any of them?

None of this was on the mind of Percival Graves who, at age twenty-six, was canvassing an area of the Lower East Side in search of Merinda Nagshead, who had cast an unforgivable curse on her husband and brother-in-law earlier that day then fled. The brother-in-law was still recovering from blood loss. The husband had been dead before anyone arrived — having stabbed himself twenty-seven times at Merinda’s command.

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HC: Lance knows all of the lyrics to fergalicious and has been caught dancing through the kitchen to it in his boxers by a raccoon-eyed Keith at three a.m. you can fight me on this



I had this cowboy character floating around and decided to finally get around to posting him. Thinking of naming him Oscar or something like that. He wanders around as hired help and his favorite thing to do is work with cows. He’s got metal wielding abilities so he can stop shooting bullets if he’s fast enough. Due to his metal wielding abilities he also helps around at the railroad if he’s got the chance.

Zenith © Enjoliquej