i gues you could say that


My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you

Gue memutuskan tidak membuka kolom komentar di web manapun yang menayangkan pembahasan mengenai si bapak yang bunuh diri sambil live fb. Gue terlalu sayang dengan mood gue sendiri, dan gue tau kalo gue baca, gue hanya akan marah dan benci membabibuta.

But I’ll remind you this one more time;
Suicidal thought or attempt, is NOT AND NEVER A JOKE. It’s not as easy as “Sabar ya” or “dalam agama bunuh diri dilarang” or “lemah amat sih gitu doang”. If you could not say something comforting, JUST SAY NOTHING.

And if you think you’re now feeling all alone, extremely sad and down, depressed, got no one to listen and put your hope on; please, remember that you have this account to contact, in any time, as long as I could, I’ll be around.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever problem you have, I’m on your side.
I’m all ears.

You’re loved 😘

lunarwonho  asked:

i fell in love with yoongi in the boy in luv music video, and i gues u could say,,, i was a boy in luv (im sorry iwdnwawun). he has been my ult bias since 2014 man, he is just, so amazing?? i think i feel in love with his eyes first. like, before his rap part i was like "wow what a pretty boy" and then he rapped and i was. S N A T C H E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

oh god that pun i see you, I SEE YOU. lmaooo, but damn his eyes? we can talk about his eyes one day becaue holy shit. his eyes are beauitful (who am i kidding everything abt him is beautiful :((( im so emo bout it) and yoongi as a pretty boy is 11/10 facts cause he’s just really reallyy pretty 

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(like look at those eyes)

tell me the moment you fell for your bias <3