i gues you could say that


My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you

be more chill as highschool teachers

-christine would be the best gosh darn drama teacher.

-jeremy teaches advanced math.

-jake and rich are assistant p.e. coachs.

-chloe and brooke are art teachers.

-michael teachs the D.I.T (digital information technology class) with his buddy jared.

-jenna doesn’t teach, she comes in and helps with the PTO though.

-when jeremy first starts to teach at the highschool he really thinks the D.I.T teacher was cute.

-michael and jeremy soon became friends.

-jake and rich were tired of jeremy constantly talking about michael being so cute.

-the regular science teacher, jared, was sick of michael gushing over jeremy.

-so michael asked jeremy out.

-all the kids were supper pumped when jeremy accidentally said, “oh i have a date with michael this weekend.” where one of his students stood up yelling, “BAILEY I CALLED IT AND THERE’S NO DENYING IT.”

-rich and jake dislike the real p.e. teacher, whizzer brown.

-but christine loves him.

-jeremy was constantly intimated by the assistant principal, professor squip, and hid behind anything when he got the chance.

-when everyone has their lunch breaks they all meet up and gossip.

-“oh my gosh jeremy have you met the new language arts teacher?” christine said, always being aware of new teachers, “wait there’s a new one?” brooke questioned, “oh yeah he’s supper scary.” jeremy deadpanned causing chloe to roll her eyes, “oh whizzer was talking about him too us saying something like, ‘i can’t believe he started working here.’ and 'guys watch the kids i have to go talk to marvin.’” rich explained. “his names marvin?” christine asked, “i gue-” jake was interupted by micharl slamming into the room, “YOU GUYS I JUST CAUGHT WHIZZER AND THE NEW L.A. TEACHER MAKING OUT, HOW DO I ERASE THIS IMAGE FROM MY HEAD??” jeremy motioned the seat next to him and let michae lay on him. “where were they?” asked rich, “i could easily use this to my advantage to let me and jake teach baseball like once.” michael brought his body us, “in the teacgers lounge.”

hey guys! sorry i’ve been on some sort of haitus, well i’m back! on that last one i tried something a bit new and i hope you guys like it:) also yes, i really live falsettos;) also sorry it’s short:(

First Impressions Pt.4

First Impressions Pt.4

Shadamy Boom!

Amy could not get a blink of sleep. One because she couldn’t stop thinking about Sonic’s confession and the other one because of Shadow’s sudden actions.

 Amy never thought that Shadow was the type to make a girls’ heart flutter. Well, now that she thinks about it. Shadow did had that mysterious and bad boy personality that could impress any girl. Not to think about that he is savior of the world, his crimson eyes that can captivate, his smile that could outshine the sun and his laugh that-

“What the heck am I thinking!”- Amy thought to herself and she took a quick look to Shadow who was standing outside the cave as if he was looking for something. She picked up the Chaos Emerald, put it on her pocket. Amy stood up and went over to him. The sun was already coming out and it was so peaceful, you could hear all the life around the forest

“Ready to-?”- Amy wanted to asked but suddenly she felt Shadow’s hand on her mouth, the movement made her be in front of Shadow’s body. With his other hand, he put one finger on his mouth as to indicate her to be silent. This surprised Amy and could not think about moving away from him. Shadow went closer to her and whisper in her ear.

“We are being followed, don’t make a sound, I’ll carry you and we will get out of here.”- Next movement, Shadow carried Amy bridal style and left the cave running at his fast speed. Amy knew it wasn’t the moment to be thinking about it but… Shadow looked so cool. Amy then reacted and saw air missiles coming their way.

“Shadow there are missiles following us!”- Amy said as she moved her way to be position in Shadow’s shoulder instead, Shadow was now carrying Amy with one of his hand around her waist and even if he didn’t want to, he needed to put one of his hands on Amy’s tails, in order to prevent her from falling.

“Heeeeyyy!!!- Amy yelled embarrassed.

“Just focus on tackling those missiles down Rose!”-  Shadow said as he dodge several trees with his speed.

“Got it!”- Amy said as she pulled out her hammer and began to hit missile by missile, however, that didn’t seem to work as more missiles would come out of the trees, bushes and sky. 

“There’s too much of them, I won’t be able to keep up for long!”

“We gotta jump Amy!”

“Wait wha-”- Amy couldn’t even finish her sentence as she notice that Shadow was heading towards a waterfall.

“Hold on tight!”- Shadow said and without hesitation he jump in towards the waterfall.

Amy felt how quickly Shadow moved under her in order to protect her in case the deepness of the water wasn’t enough to soften the fall. As both Shadow and Amy came out of the water to take a breath, Shadow saw how one of the missiles successfully sensed them and how it came towards Amy at an incredible speed and so, in order to protect her, he embraced her and received the attack instead. It wasn’t the fall that injured Shadow, but it was the missile who got to him.

“Shadow!!!”- Amy yelled, still so taken back by Shadow’s action. The last thing Shadow saw was Amy’s worried face. 

Sonic finally decided to go inside Amy’s house today. It wasn’t like he wanted to invaded her privacy, he just wanted to make sure that there no thief in Amy’s house. He looked through a window and everything seemed to be fine, except that a letter with the header of “Team” plastered on the paper caught his attention. And so, he went it. He cautiously looked around the room, and grabbed the letter that was clearly meant to be read by the team, he open it and began to read it.

“This doesn’t make sense”- Sonic said, but his thoughts were interrupted by the communicator that he has on his wrist.

“Sonic, we need you right now!”- Tail almost yelled.

“On my way”- and with the letter on his hand, Sonic left Amy’s house.

Tails, Sticks and Knuckles were all motionless by Eggman’s threat. They couldn’t really say or do much. Watching the scared villagers running without scape was really a painful sight to see. They turned around as they saw the blue fur coming their way.

“Well it seems like you are ready for your daily beat up, Egghead”- Sonic said as he arrived at the scene.

“I think today is going to be different blue rat”- Eggman had that malicious smile, meaning he was up to no good.

“What do you want Eggman?!”- Tails yelled at him.

“Oh its something very simple, I want Sonic’s Chaos Emerald.”

“Sonic does not have a Chaos Emerald, right Son-” Knuckles began to said but as he saw Sonic’s expression change, he knew that he was wrong.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t want to tell you…I thought I was protecting you”

“Hurry up Sonic and give me that emerald!”- Eggman said as he showed Sonic a small box containing a red button.

“Who told you?! There’s only two other hedgehogs besides me that can sense Chaos energy and that’s Amy and Shad-!”- Sonic realized that there was only one person capable of sensing Chaos energy from a great distance.

“Sonic, where is the Chaos emerald?”- Tails asked.

“Its hidden, I am the only who knows the place, meaning that it couldn’t be Amy since she can only sense Chaos Energy when she is really close to them. The only other option, is Shadow”

“Shadow? But what? I thought he had left with Amy for a mission!”- Tails said surprised.

“Yeah… A mission to find the Chaos Emeralds.”- Sonic said as he looked at the letter Amy wrote for them.

“That doesn’t make sense, why didn’t Shadow asked to have your Chaos Emerald?!”- Sticks was smelling something fishy about the situation.

“HAHAHA I just love seeing you breaking your head to figure this out.”- Eggman interrupted, the small brain storm.

“Speak at once Eggman!”- Knuckles told him, already wanting to break his face.

“Just like you said, there are only three hedgehogs that can sense and transfer Chaos energy. You don’t trust Shadow, so you wouldn’t help him, unless you had your friends around. The only other option was Amy Rose to work as the Vessel to transfer Shadow’s immortality to Lyric!”

“What?!!”- All the team yelled surprised at Lyric’s uprising.

“You took advantage of Amy’s good-nature, all of this time… Shadow was working for you!”- Sonic screamed, he was infuriated.

“Exactly, all of this time Amy spent with Shadow was just a farce planed by us. Everything, from finding Shadow injured on the woods and finding the Chaos Emerald, to the missiles that followed them just a day ago…and now Sonic, since Shadow already has the Vessel,and will soon find the last Chaos Emerald needed in order to complete our plan, the only thing left to do is for you, to give me the Chaos Emerald you were hiding!.”- Eggman smile became even bigger as he knew he had the blue hedgehog where he wanted.

“I won’t give it to you unless you tell me where Amy is!”- Sonic began to feel paranoiac. 

“Oh is that how you want to play?”- Eggman said and he click the red button that was inside the small box. Suddenly, the house of the villagers began to burn in fire, explosion were happening all around the village. Sticks and Knuckles were fast to go and help the villagers in need.

“and that was only one click! I wonder what a second click will do!”

Tails looked at Sonic with pleading eyes, hearing the villagers screaming in terror, he couldn’t do anything but to agree.

“Tails, go and help, I’ll bring the Chaos Emerald.”

Shadow doesn’t remember much, he honestly couldn’t bring himself to think in what place he was in right now. Shadow slowly opened his eyes, even-though he still has the pain on his stomach, he managed to stand up. As he did he notice that he was in a small room, probably someone’s guest room from a near by house. He stopped thinking about the room, and directly looked at Amy, who was in a chair sleeping next to him. In order to not wake her up , he made sure he did every movement carefully. He successfully got out of the bed without making any noise and took a blanket and put in top of Amy. Then he slowly went to the door, open it and close it behind him. He could smell some “pancakes”, or that’s what Amy called it whenever she made them. He followed the smelled and found himself in the kitchen. The sunlight blinded him for a second, the window was facing him and he couldn’t make out who was the person making breakfast. It took a few seconds before his eyes could adjust to the sudden brightness. 

“Good morning, how was your sleep?”

Shadow notice that it was an old lady, she had feline features. She was wearing a long yellow dress with purple flowers, a white bow that went around her waist and ended attached at her back.

“My name is Ana…Please have a seat, I’ll serve you some food”- She sweetly said and Shadow did nothing but to agree and did as she asked. She proceed to serve him some pancakes and some orange juice. He began to eat rapidly, it felt like ages since he had eaten anything.

“Seems like you are really hungry, I don’t blame you. You were actually sleeping for two days”

“Two days?”

“Yes, your girlfriend brought you all the way here carrying you on her back, she was exhausted. But even so she wouldn’t leave your side, not even to eat.”- Ana said as she began to eat as well. In that moment Shadow thought that he really needed to do something for Amy in order to pay her back after all she did for him.

“Miss Ana, I can’t find Shad-”

Speaking of the devil.

Amy sighed in relief as she saw Shadow in the table eating with Ana.

“I am glad you woke up”- Amy smiled at him and Shadow felt…weird?


“It seems like you are hungry miss Amy, please take a sit.”

And just like Shadow did, Amy did the same thing. All of them ate quietly, after a while, Shadow notice that all were done eating and had to say the following.

“Amy and I have to leave soon, but if there’s anything you need help with, please let us know.”- Shadow said as she looked up to Ana.

“Oh I thought you could do some shopping for me?”

“Shopping?”- Amy asked curiously.

“There’s a near by village around here, but I am already too old to be walking and carrying heavy things around. I’ll be having some guests today, and I will like to prepared a great dinner. Why don’t you stay to eat and then leave tomorrow morning?”

“We can’t afford to waste another-”

“We will do it!”-Amy interrupted Shadow and he already knew this was going to be a long day.

The village wasn’t so far away, but Shadow could see how the distance could affect an old lady like Ana.

“Let’s go Shadow, we are almost done.”

 Amy turned around and notice that he stopped mid way looking at a store. He then looked at her, his expression changed a bit.

“Why don’t you go ahead? I need to get something from here, it’s from the list.”- Shadow said but didn’t pay much attention, after all they will finish sooner if they spread apart.

“Ok then, I’ll see you at miss Ana’s house.”- Amy then took her leave and heard Shadow said “Got it”, before entering the store.

Sonic felt defeated. Even after giving Eggman the Chaos Emerald he protected and hide so much, he still couldn’t do anything when Eggman decided to not follow his word and click for a second time the red button, which cause many robots to come along and destroy anything in their way. It took a while to beat them and put the fire down. 

“Now, what should we do?”- Sticks asked as she looked at her team.

“We need to find Amy.”- Sonic said, however he knew he couldn’t leave the villagers without home nor protection.

“You need to look for her Sonic..wait what about her communicator?”- Knuckles said, looking over at the villagers.

“I tried that earlier, but it seems like it doesn’t work.”- Sonic confirmed

“Sticks, Knuckles and I will stay here and help the villagers, you need to go find Amy and stop Lyric.”- Tails looked at Sonic, with such confidence and strength that it impacted him.

“I’ll leave it to you all then, I promise to bring Amy back.”

All the team nodded and went back to help the villagers search for their values among the ashes as Sonic went into the woods, ready to fight anyone who cross his way.

As Amy made her way back to Ana’s house, she notice that it began to snow. Which was bizarre, since in her village it does not snow as often. The village was very lovely, she noticed couples passing by, drinking hot chocolate together and wonder when would it be the day she will be able to enjoy something like that. Then in her mind it crossed a picture of her and Shadow holding hands and enjoying each others company.  She stopped mid way and realized that the hedgehog she didn’t think all of this time was Sonic. But why? Was it because she had other more important things to think about? Or may be.. may be she had began to feel ‘something’ for Shadow?. Amy shook her head and decided to not think about it in the situation they were in right now. She could only think of making her way to Ana’s safely.

Amy made it to Ana’s house, as she opened the door she was greeted by Ana who smiled at her. As soon as she entered she recognized that smell.

“Are you baking cookies?”- Amy asked as she went along with Ana to the kitchen to place the grocery she bought.

“Oh not me… but your boyfriend is”- 

As they made the turn to go into the kitchen, Amy was surprised as Shadow pulled out some cookies out of the oven.

“You taught him well.”- Ana said and she gave Amy a small touch on her shoulder.

Amy smiled again and Shadow notice and once more that feeling… he felt so strange.

“Well if you all can help me with the food, I will be very grateful.”

And so they did, Shadow got to admit that in reality he was enjoying the time he was spending with Amy.  He really wished his life could be simple like this. Getting home after work, helping Amy cook, eat together and just fall asleep in each other arms… Wait what? Why was he thinking-


“Oh, the guests are here, I’ll go open the door”- Ana said and left Amy and Shadow alone in the kitchen. The air around them was getting tense, Shadow notice that Amy was blushing for some strange reason and this made Shadow feel.. nervous? That’s when Amy noticed that Shadow was missing both of his wrist rings, she was about to ask when-


Oh, so that’s what they were celebrating.

Amy left Shadow in the kitchen in order to greet the guests, which were coming one by one until they filled up the whole living room, it even seemed like she recognized some people from the near by village. 

“Oh hello cutie, would you mind becoming my love tonight.”- A fox arrived near her and put his arm around her shoulder, Amy was surprised at his action as other males were coming on her way, all of them courting her.

“Tsk… Amy?”- Everyone looked around and notice the black hedgehog. Which was not alone for too long as many females began to form a circle around him. Both seemed to be trapped.

“Hehe children, I am sorry to say this but they are both taken by each other.”- Ana said but  everyone didn’t seemed to care as they continue to try and talk to both hedgehogs.

“You see dear, here we have “Love Fest” is a tradition in which single youngsters come to the oldest person’s house, which is me, and they try to find love here.”- Ana said loud enough for Amy to hear. However, Amy looked distracted as she saw a girl give Shadow a small kiss on his cheeks. For some reason Amy was..angry.

“Oh so, you all are single? Let’s have some fun tonight.”- Amy had flirty eyes and smiled to all the boys around her. She went as far as giving a kiss in the cheek to the guy who had his arm around her shoulder. It was all fun and receiving compliments from guys was nice, until she felt someone grab her by the wrist and drag her across the room up the stairs.

Amy had never seen Shadow act that way. She didn’t actually think Shadow will get… angry. Shadow open the door and put Amy inside and locked it behind him.

“Hey, we need to help Ana serving the guest-”- Amy began but was interrupted by Shadow.

“No, I have already put the food on the plates.”

“But Shadow, I want to-”




“Oh so you can go and flirt with girls but I can’t?”

“I wasn’t”

“Yes, you were!”

“At least I wasn’t kissing them”- Shadow went over to take a sit next to Amy who was sitting on the bed. Amy didn’t really have anything else to say. She looked over to Shadow and her eyes went over to his hands. Shadow knew that she must of notice that he was missing both his ring. Shadow sighed and open the small compartment from the small cabinet that was next to the bed. He pulled out a small box and gave it to Amy. Curiosity won the best of Amy and she took the box from Shadow’s hand and open it carefully. 

Amy was awe at the gold and blue wrist ring Shadow gave to her.

“ I stopped at the smelter shop today and I asked for one of my rings to be melted with a crystal, one that Lyric wanted some time ago. If you use it, it will make you stronger.”- Shadow said and he looked at Amy.

“And your other ring?”- Amy asked, a strange feeling raise from her insides.

“I didn’t have any money, so I had to give up my other ring in exchange.”

“Shadow.. you didn’t have to.. I-”

“For everything that you have done… Thank you.”

Amy smiled at him and looked at her own rings, she took one out and put instead the one Shadow gave her. She then grabbed Shadow’s hand and put her old ring into his wrist.

“Thank you Shadow, for making me choose the right decision.”

Amy couldn’t do anything but to look at him. Their faces were getting closer, the moonlight shining on them, making  everything look so beautiful. Shadow’s eyes capture hers and Amy’s eyes did the same to him. Shadow began to do the same thing that he did to her when they were in the cave. Caress her, showing her that she did in fact, matter to him. 

And they kissed.

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shamelesswampus  asked:

So I'm a slytherin, but my ravenclaw friend who loves giving me an identity crisis says im a ravenclaw. so I make another account and retake the test and i get slytherin. He accuses me of cheating and knowing he wont let it go, i make another account and take the test, which has questions on it i've never seen and I get ravenclaw. Now, I'm not going to ask you to sort me, but what should I do to confirm my real house, because I'm honestly confused now. Which Tumblr blogs would be helpful, i gues

The only account that I’m aware of that you could check out is Hogwarts House Habits, they have sorted a bunch of characters and you could maybe take a look at those. I think that your real house is whatever you think it is. If you took the test and said Slytherin and you agree with that then that’s what you are. It doesn’t matter what your friend thinks you are as long as you are comfortable with your sorting.

I remember when my mom died back in 2012, they held a wake for her

EVERYONE was there tbh and the coordinator of the wake saw me come in and she happened to be a substitute teacher of mine as well so she knew I was the daughter of the deceased ™

So she sees me just kinda looking at my mom and thinking and she asks me if I would like to be left alone with her to say a few last words

But before I could say no, she flippin yells “EVERYONE COUKD I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION. the daughter of the deceased would like to have a few words with her mother alone, so could you please exit the room!”

And everyone looks at me like “awh its okay sweetie” and begins to leave

And I just nervously said “oh uh I actually didn’t wanna say anything to her lol they don’t have to leave but it’s okay I gue-”

And before I could finish, she YELLS again “oh okay everyone, NEVERMIND.” and they all walk back in like “uh…. okie” and resume talking to each other like nothing happened


((i’m sorry guys i’m on mobile so i can’t make a read more :((( but please please read this))

i have wanted to say this for a long time, but i have been so, so scared of feeling like i’ll be considered invalid.
but i hope hope hope i’ll find acceptance, because i need to be who i am. i don’t want to hide anymore.
ever since i was a kid, i’ve always felt as comfortable in masc clothing as i’ve been in fem clothes. i’ve felt comfortable around boys and girls equally. and now that i know people of other genders, I realize there’s not one i’m the most affiliated with. a lot of my mindset has nothing to do with my gender, and i don’t think i’ve noticed that for a while. but now i do.
what i’m trying to say is: some part of me is nonbinary. i don’t know if i’m a demigirl or if my being called a female for 16 years is still lingering in my mind. but i don’t fully identify as female. i don’t identify as male. i identify as me, austin, and that’s all i need to be to be comfortable with myself.
i’m still going to use she/her pronouns because those are comfortable to me, but i wanted to say this, because people need to know.
i’m so glad i could get this off of my chest, because i’ve struggled with who i am and i’m hoping now i can come to terms with myself.

Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel
Voice Doge
Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel

splaaartttt & askjinxandco submitted:

Crappypasta 2 - The squeakquel

I was shitting in teh car, coz i had 2 move house, coz there was no school anymore. (I eated it in teh last story coz slenderman ate me and… Y’know what, i cba to explain this shit 2 u, go read teh other stroy if ur that bothered)

So my mum sayed “yo u little shit, wtf are you playing at, eating teh school and killing all teh peeps?”

“well, slendaman eated me first.”

“YOUR FATHER!” she screamed. There was a strong smell of poop. I gues she sharted a bit.

“Yeah lol” i retorted.

“Weel, I guess if you know, then thats that.” she sayed, driveing on still.

We got to teh new house. We had to rent coz we needed a plaice asap but watevs. Anyways, we rang teh doorbell, and teh landlord came out. It was…


“OH SHIT” me and ma mum said together.

“jinx” i said.

“shut da fuck up biatch.” my mum said.

Then sleenderman eated her. “lol thanks slendy” i sayed.

“who da fuk said you could call me dat!” he screamed.

“we still never established how the fuk you can talk since u don’t hav a face” i replid.

“why da fuk don’t u ask yourself. U dont have a face either you little shizzle.” he said, shooting a tenticle out his face and then doing a flip 4 no reason. “anyway, go away. I’m having a rave in ma house.” he turned back to shout into da house. “yo guys, trun up teh music!” he screamed.

Loads of swoggy dubstep flew out the house, then slenderman spontainiously combusted. Lolwat. I walked into da house and mutant potato was doing a dance to the dubsteps. I danced too, and we feel in loove. Yayyy.

Later, we got married and had lods of potatoes kids and then killed them and had potatos 4 dinner.