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more foreteller headcanons because my brain cannot create anything else also, they’re fun

  • Ira: “when have I ever led you guys astray?” Gula: “would you like a list? it’s alphabetized”
  • Aced: “there shall come a day when the strength of men fail… But it is not this day!” Invi: “you’re going to ask ira to let you lead group training this isn’t a final boss battle”
  • Gula is The Prankster™
  • Ask him to help you get back at someone. No questions asked just “yeah sure do we need the saran wrap or the flamethrower”
    • Him and Master would pull the stupidest things lemme tell you
    • That time they replaced all the curtains with aced’s underwear
    • The time they switched out all of invi’s books with childrens picture books
    • Luxu once woke to find every single one of his souvenirs had been moved to separate shelves
    • related to this, they once switched everything in invi and ava’s rooms (which were across the hall from each other) while they were sleeping. how’d they do this without waking either up. no one knows.
    • That other time they replaced all the curtains but this time with sequins
  • Oh but if Gula’s the prankmaster
  • Invi is The Blackmailer™
    • You need something to make Ava blush for an hour straight? The third bear incident. Something to stop Aced from ratting you out to Ira? Remind him of that time he wore high heels and managed to break three stairs and a door
  • Luxu probably hoards photos. He’d be the best scrapbooker you’ve ever seen. No one knows why.But he has at least fifty candids of each of them, even of Master. Invi probably teams up with him for incriminating photos.
  • people try to keep secrets in the castle but like?? they never stay secrets
  • Invi knows about it like immediately, either from deducing it or because someone told her (they all tell her like everything) and no one knows how but Gula knows, and Master probably knew even before it happened. Luxu will figure it out sometime after too
  • Faced with seemingly impossible circumstances:
    • Aced grits his teeth and inspires himself with some impassioned speech and does it anyway
    • Gula rolls his eyes and walks away
    • Invi had already prepared for this what are you talking about nothing surprises her
    • Ira panics internally but comes up with a plan
    • Luxu probably sighs because again, Master, why did you leave me alone with the giant monster again, but doesn’t back down even as he’s freaking out
    • Ava probably calls for help and in the 0.5 seconds it takes for the other Masters to show up she’s probably already killed it (oh, sorry, guess I didn’t need the help but thanks anyway guys! You’re the best!)
  • Ava: “You’re smiling. Did something happen?” Gula: “Can’t I smile just ‘cuz I feel like it?” Luxu: “Aced tripped and fell in the parking lot.”
  • Master, at some point: “No instructions, you die like men.”
  • you know the part in the movie where Invi’s like “no, let me do the talking” to Ira? Yeah, that’s not because he and Aced would butt heads. No, it’s because Ira is really bad at subtlety. Like, really bad. he couldn’t be subtle if his life depended on it. Can’t keep secrets. you know the parks and rec scene where it’s “look behind you but don’t be obvious”? yeah, him obnoxiously obviously turning around is Ira to a T

thanks for listening to me ramble about these kids


Kousuke is happy because yesterday event with Yuuya was successful and today’s practice went well :)

astronautgeckos  asked:

I mean shinsou can't be a villain in byaggulin cause that goes against his whole character concept..right? The central idea of him is that there's this huge stigma against kids with villainous quirks like brainwashing. It makes me think how himiko toga and Stain got treated cause both their quirks involve ingesting blood, which basically screams "villain!" To this society. So writing shinsou as an actual villain breaks that.(;-; this is just me not accepting the possibility. don't Hurt my boyy)

yeah you got me. i love shinsou and his dreams too much to make him a villain. don’t tell anyone

me, getting home after a long day of thinking everyone can read my mind and that there are camera’s tracking my every move: ahh im so happy to be able to relax now that I’m away from all the paranoia fears :^)
Them™: hey.

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