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In case no one told you growing up

Many wonderful additions have been posted in the reblogs if you care to look through them (the post would be a giant if I added them all, plus I don’t see them all myself).

An anon asked me for a version of this specifically for feminine hygiene. You can see it here.


  • Bras last longer if you let them air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer.
  • If you have a problem with frizzy hair, don’t dry your hair with a towel. It makes the frizzies worse. (I recently read an article that said to use a t-shirt? I brush mine out and let it air dry.)
  • Whites wash best in hot water. Everything else can be in cold - save on your electricity bill.
  • You can kill 99.9% of germs in a sponge by putting it in the dishwasher for a cycle or by microwaving it for 2 min (be sure to make the sponge damp before microwaving and to put a cup half full of water in with it and please DO NOT squeeze the sponge until it has cooled off)
  • Airing out your room/house and letting sunlight in every so often can decrease the number of household pests like silverfish and ants.
  • Black underwear is best during your period as stains are less likely to be visible.
  • To save money, put aside 10% of each paycheck into a savings account. It’ll add up.
  • Unless your hair has something on/in it (like grease or mud or something), using conditioner first can actually be the better choice. The conditioner holds in the good oils that help you hair look sleek and beautiful, which shampoo would otherwise wash away.
  • Speaking of shampoo - if you have long hair, washing just the bits that touch your scalp is generally enough. The rest of your hair gets cleaned with just the run off from your scalp.
  • If you put a tampon in and it’s uncomfortable/you can feel it, you didn’t do it quite right. A properly placed tampon is virtually unnoticeable by the wearer.
  • Apply deodorant/antiperspirant a couple hours in advanced of when you need it. This gives the product the chance to block your sweat glands. Using deodorant just before going somewhere where you’ll sweat (this means walking outside for people in high humidity places) results in your sweat washing the deodorant off and starkly limiting its usefulness.
  • After running the dryer, use the dryer sheet from that load to brush out the lint catch - it gets everything off in a fraction of the time it’ll take you to get it clean with your bare hands. Paper towels also work well.
  • Wash your face everyday, or as often as possible. Forget which brand of cleanser is best. Just washing your face everyday will guarantee you clearer skin. And do you best not to pop pimples, as tempting as the urge may be.
  • Fold laundry asap after taking it from the dryer to avoid wrinkles. This may seem obvious for dress shirts and silly for things like t-shirts, but you’ll notice the difference even then once your shirts stop looking like unfolded paper balls.

deleted scene from x men first class



what you gon do now charl

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I'm not sure who it is but someone on our sales floor at my work is telling customers that the return policy is 30 days when it is NOT. By default it's 15 days, unless a customer has a loyalty account with us then it might be 30, or 45, depending. So it makes it hell when customers come in and say "I was told the policy was 30 days??? Y can't u return this??" And since someone on the sales floor gave them the wrong information if they complain they're basically guaranteed to have the return done

Maybe that’s their plan. No one told them but they say they were told so you feel compelled to do the return anyways.


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Oh my God! I am SO ridiculously happy that I found your blog at long last! *bows down on her knees and raises hands to the sky* Thank you, internet gods! I've been seeing your work all over the place, but I could never figure out just who the heck this fantastic artist was, but now I have and you have a guaranteed follower for life. Please keep making the beautiful art that you do! I just adore your work. I can't even believe that I'm writing you a message! I'm fangirling so bad right now! ajkjd


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Since several people, myself included, noted similarities between your fic and P&P, I'm just imagining Viktor confessing to Yuuri, and Yuuri having the same shocked/confused expression as Elizabeth in the 2005 movie when Darcy first confesses to Elizabeth. Like "I can't process this, what's happening???"

I still can’t believe it took me so long to notice the similarities between Rivals and P&P aka one of my all-time favourite books (the dancing Rey, you even had dancing! How did you miss that jfc). But I can guarantee if a confession from Viktor had gone down in an earlier chapter Yuuri’s reaction would have played out almost identically to Elizabeth’s.

And for people who haven’t read/seen P&P I’m talking about between 0.42- 0.52 and 3.27- 4.00 in this video (the scene doesn’t fit exactly but those bits pretty much do)


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All these people having nasty dreams of Zen, meanwhile the most I've had was that strip poker dream and then... the cream of the crop. The Zen cuddle dream. (100% guaranteed to give you the best night sleep of your life, I can attest to it)

Man, you already know this but I wish I could complain about MM strip poker dreams too xD I can never remember anything when I sleep 4 hours a night (=always), and when it finally happens the dream is about me growing patches of MOSS all over my body and pretending that everything’s under control. Eventually my belly turned into a fucking golf camp and that’s where I panicked and woke up 😑

[F]eminism is not about dressing for success, or becoming a corporate executive, or gaining elective office; it is not being able to share a two career marriage and taking skiing vacations and spend huge amounts of time with your husband and two lovely children because you have a domestic worker who makes all this possible for you, but who hasn’t the time or money to do it for herself; it is not opening a Women’s Bank, or spending a weekend in an expensive workshop that guarantees to teach you how to become assertive (but not aggressive); it is most emphatically not about becoming a police detective or CIA agent or marine corps general.
—  bell hooks, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center
My wishlist for this coming trailer for TLJ:

- Rey learning to use the force

- Finn doing anything as a resistance fighter (but preferably learning to fly!!)

- Poe being beautiful (guaranteed)

- Mark Hamill. Speaking. Literally anything. Just. SAY SOMETHING LUKE.

- Kylo’s new outfit


- Leia’s voice closing out the trailer with some poignant line that will INEVITABLY LEAVE US ALL IN TEARS. (I would stake my life on this one being the case.)

I’M NOT ASKING FOR MUCH HERE LUCASFILM, MY NEEDS ARE SO SMALL. (For the trailer, at least. Come movie time, I’m turning the dial up to 11.)

we’re only 7 days into 2016 but I can already tell you that Hidden Figures will be the best and most important movie you see all year

These women, strong, educated, independent women- each in their own way- are what we should all aspire to be.

Their ability to ever back down, to stand for what they know is right, what they know is good, propels their story higher than any other I’ve ever known.

Katherine wasn’t afraid to take credit where credit was due.

Dorothy wasn’t afraid to take initiative and stand up for the work she had done.

Mary went through hell and back to make sure she could live her dreams

These women can do it. These women paved the way so you can do it.

This bullshit doesn’t help anyone. She’ll never know that I was trying to get healthy. I was trying to learn a form of exercise to improve my body image. Think before you react. Your judgement does far more damage than you’ll ever realize. Also, I guarantee she didn’t even look at my blog.

gothchanbaek replied to your post “it just hit me really fucking hard that i’m going to see exo in a few…”


i saw them in newark last year too !!!! but like i said i’ll try to post stuff ?? i can’t guarantee i’ll get good videos or even decent shots lol orz;; i never do 

The difference between Trump and Clinton is that if Clinton had been elected, Trump supporters wouldn’t be fearing for their lives, their safety, their family and friends, their rights, their home. They would be angry, sure, but there’s no direct threat to them. I wouldn’t go to their inbox and spew racial and gendered slurs at them just because they disagreed.
But Trump was elected, and I have received so much hate for being afraid, I feel weak and sick and vulnerable and threatened. I genuinely do not feel safe. I can guarantee you if Clinton had won Trump supporters would not be feeling this.
So that’s the difference. That’s why this is more than just having different opinions. This isn’t about having a small disagreement. What’s so hard to understand about that?

  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: Dad?
  • Sherlock: *at his kitchen lab* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: *fiddling with his hands* Are you and Mum fighting?
  • Sherlock: *glances at his bedroom door; smirks* Oh, no...far from it.
  • Baby Holmes: *relieved* Good.
  • Sherlock: *returns to work*
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: Dad?
  • Sherlock: Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: *fidgets* Is Mum ill?
  • Sherlock: Not that I'm aware of.
  • Baby Holmes: She's eating a lot.
  • Sherlock: *abandons experiment; lifts his son into his lap* Yes? What else?
  • Baby Holmes: Uhmmm...she's sick sometimes. And tired a lot. She had to get lots of new clothes.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Yes...
  • Baby Holmes: *grimaces* She keeps wanting you to rub her back and stuff...
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* She certainly does. Why would that be?
  • Baby Holmes: She has to bend over at work...and it could hurt.
  • Sherlock: *prompting* Carrying something, too. That could do it, right?
  • Baby Holmes: *nods*
  • Sherlock: *grins* So...deduction time. We have morning sickness, weight gain, mood swings and sore muscles *gestures encouragingly* You've seen this before, haven't you? Rosie Watson's little brother...
  • Baby Holmes: *gasps* Is Mum having a baby?
  • Sherlock: *affectionate smile* And you said you'd make a terrible consulting detective.
  • Baby Holmes: *beaming; hugs his Dad*
  • Sherlock: *proud smile* I can't guarantee you'll have a brother, though.
  • Baby Holmes: *shakes his head; mumbles into Sherlock's jacket* I don't care.
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: Dad?
  • Sherlock: Yep?
  • Baby Holmes: *looks up; innocently* How did the baby get there?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *raises his voice* Oh, Molly, dearest? *picks up his son; moving to the bedroom* We have a question for you!

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I adored your Magic Works in Mysterious Ways fic on ImagineTonyAndBucky blog. Will you be posting it on ao3?

Thank you, nonnie! I’m so glad you liked it! <3 

And yes, I will be posting it on AO3 as well, as soon as I have the time to sit down and do the formatting. And figured out a summary. GOD I hate summaries. It will be posted as a long oneshot, anyway, since the fic is roughly 12k in total. Just give it some time and it’ll show up, I promise! :D

Should You Fight the Vampire Chronicles Characters?
  • Look man, I'm just gonna say that you, as you're standing there as a human being, will not win with any of these guys. But, just for fun, let's assume you have super strength and preternatural speed, and might stand a chance.
  • Lestat: he'll humor you for a little while. But after a while, he'll probably get bored and just end it. You will not win.
  • Louis: you'll want to. You will really, REALLY want to. But what's the point? What's the point? What will you gain from this? Nothing. Don't fight Louis.
  • Armand: FIGHT ARMAND. PLEASE. He'll put up a fight, and I can't guarantee who will win, but please. Fight Armand.
  • Daniel: no, wtf? Why would you want to fight Daniel? Why would you want to fight that precious one? Don't fight Daniel. Shame on you.
  • Marius: Why would you want to fight Marius? What has he done to you? What will you gain from this? He probably wouldn't even fight you, anyway. No one wins. Don't fight Marius.
  • David: you'll probably win, but you'll feel bad about it. What did he do to you? Don't fight David. Just don't do it.

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how do you change the color of black lines in sai to match skin tone and all that?!?! i can't find a tutorial for the life of me ugh

in short i just lock the lineart layer and use airbrush to change the colours! in detail:

you can do this with lineart on normal as well, but i prefer multiply, it guarantees that your lines are always darker than your colours.

i think photoshop calls it “lock transparency” instead of “preserve opacity”. my ‘logic’ for picking the colours is similar to here. u can see below i used some purplish colours to shade blue