i grinned like an idiot

nothing gives me joy quite like a subway “showtime”. i no longer pretend like I am too cool to watch it or somehow inconvenienced. this morning I grinned like an idiot at the sole of a sneaker whipping by me within half an inch of my face.

Remedy (10)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smutty, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.


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“So, you and her? What’s that about?”

I catch myself on a smile that keeps creeping up on me whenever she’s mentioned.

“She’s doing good” is all I can muster up without grinning like an idiot.

“That’s not what I asked, Buck” Steve smirks knowingly.

“She’s.. I love her”

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How the loft scene really went down
  • Simon: We?
  • Magnus: *sighs* I promised myself a long time ago that if i ever saw someone in the same position I found myself in all those centuries ago I would try to help
  • Simon:
  • Magnus:
  • Simon: Hold up, so you'll look after me?
  • Magnus: ...yea-
  • Simon: Wait so basically you'll be like a downwolder mentor??
  • Magnus: *raises eyebrow* I'll tr-
  • Simon: my dowNWOLDER MAMA???
  • Magnus: *rolls eyes* well if yo-
  • Magnus: *scoffs* I take it back, all of it, I take it back
  • Simon: *whispers* the Darth Vader to my Death Star
  • Magnus: *mumbles while walking away* the only person I blame is myself
  • Simon: *grins like an idiot*

death note is so good. you guys, i forgot just how goddamn fucking good death note is. what the fuck. honestly it’s just legendary. i know L’s introduction by heart and it stil had me grinning like an idiot as i watched light getting publicly shamed on national television for about the hundredth time. the script is so well done. the voice acting is spot fucking on. i love light yagami so much and i’m still in awe at the sheer amount of development he goes through in the first two episodes. god, what an amazing show. holy shit.

Last night I sat in front of my mirror with just my underwear and bra and was looking at my belly and my arms and my legs for a really long time until finally I started to smile and laugh and it was genuine because I finally learned to treat my body the way I should. I smiled like an idiot and grinned at myself in the mirror and I’m just really glad that my new year started off well.

Today was an interesting day at work.

First, i wished a lady Happy Holidays only to be snottily corrected, “It’s Merry Christmas.” Like, no it’s not? It’s December 4th and we have a whoooole lotta holidays to get through before Christmas rolls around. Calm yourself.

Second, a chick in a crossfit tanktop pointed out my pentacle necklace and said she really liked it. I thanked her, and we exchanged knowing looks. As she left, i told her to have a great night and she replied, “Blessed be!” I am so glad no one else was in my line, because I literally stood there in mild shock for a second, and then began grinning like an idiot. It’s not often I encounter other Wiccans in the wild, and it kind of made my day.

Bones is exhausted and trying to sleep in, like the first chance they get to relax after saving Yorktown, and Jim Kirk probably drags him out of bed to go shop for matching leather jackets because their old boyfriend jackets got lost with the ship (they’ve had them since the academy).  And Bones can’t say no to that, especially when he knows they’re gonna be ridiculously cute together at the surprise party.


Finish the heart~💛💛✨ I’ve been asked by a couple ppl so here for anyone that wants to~ Tag me if you end up doing this I’d love to see it~!

I already did one with @bskizzle as Yuuya~ I’m still grinning like an idiot the best Yuuya honestly~! YuuJo is a good ship lemme tell ya…

Bruce & J Valentines Headcanons

how do you guys think Batsy and J would celebrate Valentines Day because I think it’d go down kinda like this:

- Bruce hasn’t seen J in like a month because the clown has been in Arkham again, but two days before Valentines Joker, Ivy, and Harley escaped from the asylum

- Joker hasn’t been sighted or heard from but Harley’s been seen raiding anywhere that sells fireworks

- Bruce has been super Stressed trying to find out what his clown bf is up to but whenever he’s close there’s always a bunch of thugs there to distract him, so Bruce assumes J is pissed at him for something

- He’s pretty down too because he secretly had a fancy dinner planned but he doesn’t know if thats possible now that J is pissed/missing

- Bruce wakes up on Valentines day to find his dumb clown boyfriend sat on his lap grinning like an idiot

- did I mention the dumb clown is wearing nothing but one of Brucies giant sweaters and heart-covered boxers because thats a thing

- Anyway Bruce is naturally like “how the Fuck did you get in here?” and joker’s just like “Alfie let me in!!!!!” and Bruce feels like he should be pissed at Alfred but dammit his boyfriend’s cute when he’s excited

- Alfred brings up a breakfast of heart shaped pancakes like an hour later and Bruce has his suspicions that the butler has been helping to plan this for a while

- they spend the morning watching cheesy movies and fucking or whatever before its time to go to the restaurant (with J in some fancy ass purple suit that Bruce bought him but unfortunately a lot of makeup as he’s, y’know, a wanted murderer)

- the press are like “Mr Wayne who is that mysterious man you are with are you discussing business plans? haha there’s no way Bruce Wayne is anything but straight :)”

- to which Bruce becomes a blushing mess and J starts screaming about “I’M HIS BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB FUCKS!” and “SHOVE YOUR HETERONORMATIVITY UP YOUR ASSES”

- The two are left alone after that and the date is v cute. J bought - actually bought, not stole (Bruce is proud) - his bf some snazzy cuff-links and bat patterned socks, Bruce got J the previously mentioned suit and a sparkly green wristwatch

- Yea its going great until joker gets a phone call, excuses himself, and then a MASSIVE FUCKING CRASH IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE

- so it turns out Joker had Harley and Ivy steal a load of fireworks and different colours roses to make what is basically a parade exclaiming his love for Batsy

- Bruce kinda stands there dumbstruck as his smug-ass boyfriend (now in his normal green hair and less fancy suit) is carried along on a bed of roses, waving and blowing kisses

- The bat-signal goes up, only for the commissioner to find its been vandalised to spell out “JOKER <3 BATSY 4EVER”

- Bruce would be impresses and touched by the effort if it didn’t mean cutting the date short to get into the bat-suit and put his dumb clown in handcuffs (it wasn’t hard though, at this point the joker is more than a little tipsy and giggling at his boyfriends exasperated expression)

- Bruce isn’t so pissed off that he would send J back to Arkham though, so after driving for about five minuted he stops the car and tells the clown to go back to the manor whilst Batman tells Gordon that “the joker stole the batmobile and escaped, and is likely half way to freedom by now”

- Bruce gets back to the manor to give J a Stern Talking To which is definitely not what happens when he find his bf sat on his bed, half asleep and watching another dumb rom-com



“Honestly I think you two would be so great together.” 

I kept writing my paper as Lily rested her head on her hand and smirked at me. Ever since I told my best friend about my crush on Remus, she (and the other boys) hadn’t stopped trying to get us together. “But y/n!” She’d whine and shake my shoulder, “I want to go on double dates with you and Remus! Come on!” They did everything from locking us in rooms together, making everyone leave the common room so that we were alone, leaving us at Hogsmeade, all the things. 

“I know, Lil, you’ve told me that multiple times.”

“Actually, I agree.” Sirius set down his wand and plunked down in the seat across from me. I rolled my eyes at both my friends who were grinning like idiots. Knowing that arguing would only make them grin bigger and tease me more, I shut my mouth, little giggles slipping out, and hunched over, pretending to not hear them as they continued to make kissing sounds in my ear and act like little kids.

“Remus and y/n sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-”

“Excuse me?” Remus materialized in front of the three of us, and it was clear that he had heard quite a bit from his pink cheeks. My eyes widened and I felt my face heating up.

“Remu– how much did you exactly hear?” 

“I– no–” He stuttered and twisted his hands, refusing to look me in the eyes. 

Suddenly, I noticed that Sirius and Lily had disappeared, just like I had expected. I managed to gather myself and calm myself down, although my heart was still racing at a thousand beats per minute.

“Do you need to do studying?” I patted the spot Sirius had been sitting in just a minute ago.

“Actually, yeah. Thanks.” We smiled at each other and I patted my cold hands to my cheeks when Remus looked down and rummaged through his bag. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I just a flash of red hair and swiveled around to see Lily and Sirius peering around a bookshelf at us, flashing me a thumbs up. I grinned and waved them away, then turned back around to Remus, who, with sparkling eyes, was smiling at me, making me melt in my chair.


I woke up grinning like an idiot. I’m pretty sure I was smiling in my sleep, the little I had after staying up and watching that episode three more times.  I still don’t know what else happened because my mind was a blur.  I think Maggie ran over somebody with a tractor, Sasha and Jesus were dancing to some loud music, and Carl and Enid were roller derbying down the road, lol!  I’m not going to get anything done today because those two have wrecked me for good, and we haven’t even gotten to 7.12 yet which is Richonne heavy.  I’m not gonna make it, y’all *sighs*  

But that look at the end and the forehead rest was the cherry on top of a sundae of Richonne goodness.  Rick needed that kiss like he needed air to breathe and so did we.  If anyone can give Rick Grimes his mojo back, it’s Michonne She’s A Freaking Goddess Grimes!  Rick said thank you for all of us:0 

I need more puzzleshipping on my dash so I made sum! :D And I was grinning like an idiot the whole time I was drawing this. And I am STILL grinning like an idiot. I’m actually an idiot, okay? I just love them. I love this. Let me have this. There was plenty of other things I could have worked on today but I couldn’t resist. I have actually been showing some restraint because I COULD BE DRAWING OTHER THINGS, but I gave in to weakness.

This was one of those times I was afraid to go anywhere near this with clean lineart and actual colors because the sketch looks so nice and it was going to lose some of it’s charm. So I left it alone for the most part lol

i am puzzleshipping trash just throw me in the garbage where i belong 


I ended up against a wall with my crush…

I was walking by her and she turned around to go somewhere, but her foot caught and she fell into me and yep, there we were. And my dumb ass had to laugh and say, “This is all happening so fast…” because humor is my automatic defense mechanism. But she laughed back and said, “Well when you feel it, you feel it… and my foot was feeling the floor apparently.” And then I was like, “Better your foot than your face.” (At least I didn’t say “PRETTY face” okay, because I kind of wanted to.) And she said, “True, thanks for the save.” and smiled and I said she was welcome and we parted ways, with me grinning like an idiot.

Now I have to say her eyes are MUCH prettier up close and she smells amazing.

So yeah… that happened today.

Ji Eun Tak’s (Park Soo Min) Graduation


In Episode 11, Samshin gave Eun Tak a bouquet of cotton which symbolizes luck, success, protection and healing on her graduation day.


Her parents, classmates & teachers will probably be judging them but at the same time they will be so freaking jealous and like neither Kim Shin nor Eun Tak will bother about them cause they will be so engrossed with gazing at each other and grinning away like idiots omg I can’t here comes the tears. *gets on writing chapter 2 of Dokkaebi fanfic*


Player 3 joined the team!

Had to draw another teeth-rotting cuteness again! I just adore the “Older Frisk and younger skeleton brothers”-AU a bit too much, I guess. Haha.

Frisk can be quite entertaining, no? Well, at least to a toddler. ;-D

Sans enjoys it nonetheless, especially naps!

Have fun! :-D

I started thinking about a highly-possible appearance of Jason Todd in Young Justice and he is done well, not a whiny brute, but a well-written, complex and compassionate character with PTSD struggling to trust people. I thought about this on the bus and grinned like an idiot for several minutes before I realized it