i grinned like an idiot

I just finished the final episode of the Balance Arc and like, I can’t believe how kind the narrative of the whole thing is. 

  • Their interdimensional ship runs on love! 
  • The real magic was literally the friends they made along the way! 
  • The found and lost and found again family repeatedly chooses to stick together against all odds! 
  • The character growth is grounded in learning to accept help and strengthening relationships instead of tearing them apart! 
  • The romances are born out of mutual respect and not needlessly complicated with miscommunication for conflict! 
  • Happiness and hope aren’t seen as naive, but as desirable states of being! 
  • Characters are allowed to be vulnerable and feel pain and aren’t mocked for it!
  • Not only is death not a vengeful, capricious, or malicious entity, but he’ll probably make you pancakes in the morning! 
  • They got called out for playing into a gross trope by killing off some of the women who love women and instead of being defensive about it they brought them back to life as BENEVOLENT, PROTECTIVE, STREET RACING DRYADS. 
  • LIKE. 
  • LIKE???

It’s not perfect. Pobody’s nerfect. But it was created with love at its core. Those dumb boys set out to kill some time and ended up sending more love and general good feelings out into the world than I think they’ll ever realize. They did good and I hope they feel good about it.


INDIRECT KISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎

Actually, screencapping the entire scene was too much of a hassle so I decided to upload the whole thing cuz why not?

*giggles furiously* (。 ^艸^) 


Monthly Kanamari Day comic featuring The Lift © ╰(*´︶`*)ﻭ

  • Keith: I've got to go.
  • Lance: Aren't you forgetting something?
  • Keith: Uhhh... *gives Lance a quick peck on the lips*
  • Lance, blushing furiously: I-I meant your jacket, you mullethead! You forgot your damn jacket!

taeil said he keeps a diary where he notes even the minutest of events like the food he ate and he said that keeping track of things helps him with his confidence and i find that. SO endearing and he said if his voice had a color he thinks it’d be blue because he wants it to have a calming effect. I SAID IT GUYS. I TOLD U BLUE IS TAEIL’S COLOR I KNEW IT I CALLED IT HE’S SO SOFT HIS VOICE IS LITERALLY. the deep blue ocean. cloudless skies.

“I wanna open up my eyes, and see you on the other side”

wanted to draw a scene where they all kinda have this happy moment after they complete their first mission without shiro!!
It’s not as a sad as I made it sound, i swear lol

Yuuri’s status as a fan

Remember how we all headcanon the idea that Victor eventually will stumble upon Yuuri’s huge stash of posters?

I’m pretty sure it already happened. Just not with posters. In the first episode, when Yuuri returns to Ice Castle to skate Stammi Vicino, if you look at the bottom left corner, you’ll see a piece of striped cloth.

In episode 4, we are clearly shown what it is. 

That’s right. It’s a bag of some sort (to hold a water bottle or his skate guards?). The haphazard stitching/outline of the cloth suggests that it was done by an amateur (maybe a gift from Yuuko or Yuuri made it himself?). It then also implies that this was an item gifted/owned by Yuuri for quite a while. It is an item that Yuuri treasures. I’m just taken aback by how bold it is. Victor’s name is stitched right in the center. This bag is placed along with all of Yuuri’s clothes and equipment out in the open. Victor would’ve undoubtedly seen this cute creation that Yuuri never tried to hide. 

I can just imagine Victor picking it up and grinning like an idiot. 


+disclaimer: please don’t take this too seriously.

We were on a ship that had been caught in a storm. All of us had lifelines tied around us. Also of note, our satyr fighter has a habit of doing things that seemed almost suicidal. A great wave had just crashed over the ship, knocking me (tiefling bard) and the satyr overboard.

DM: Roll dexterity.

Me: 16.

DM: You manage to catch the rail of the ship and start pulling yourself up. *Satyr’s player* what did you role?

Satyr: Can I cut the rope?

DM: What?

Satyr: I want to cut the rope.

Monk: This is it. This is how he finally dies.

Satyr: I have a hunch.

DM: …Fine, you cut the rope. *Tiefling bard* and those who came to help watch as the satyr cuts his lifeline with his sword and goes plummeting into the vicious waves, immediately vanishing from sight.

The storm continues for a while and then we see a huge face under the water and hear a vague voice. The next moment, the storm completely clears.

DM: As the water settles, you look up and see that the clouds have dissipated and the sun has come out. You look out over the sea, and there is a dolphin swimming towards the boat with the satyr on his back.

Players: What?!

Satyr: *Grinning like an idiot* I had a hunch.

We still don’t know what happened. We’re determined to find out.


Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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you know youre whipped af when you smile back at her

  • Now: whenever I read or write a sentence that starts with "Harry, however..."
  • Brain: "...had never been less interested in Quidditch"
  • Me: focus, damn it. now, where was I? oh yes-
  • Me: but-
  • Brain: shush! you're enjoying this!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: yes I am.


As soon as Arthur stepped into his chambers after his training, he said, “You’re dismissed Merlin, you can have the night off.”

“Seriously?” Merlin didn’t sound at all convinced.

“Yes. You may go.”

“You sure? Because you’ve been in a bad mood all day and I feel like you’re joking.”

“Yes, go spend time with Guinevere or something.” Arthur said between gritted teeth.

He was trying to be nice. Apparently it hadn’t been working because Merlin was right, he had been in a foul mood all day. He had heard Guinevere whispering to Morgana about Merlin, and something about a kiss, and for some reason it left Arthur discontent. Maybe a bit more than discontent. After all, Arthur had risked life and limb for a stupid flower, been thrown in the dungeon, and practically disinherited all to save Merlin’s life. All he had gotten was a ‘thank you’ from a blanket-wrapped-Merlin who looked like a drowned kitten, and apparently Merlin had kissed Guinevere for some reason. Not that Guinevere wasn’t adorable and deserved affection, but he had hoped Merlin’s personal affection would go to him instead.

“You are serious.” Merlin smiled, looking far too delighted about having a night away from Arthur.

“Yes, go before I change my mind.”

Merlin perked up. Grinning like an idiot, he dashed out of the room like it was on fire.

Arthur sighed. He wished that Merlin would think of spending time with him, without thinking about work. But he knew that he couldn’t become friends with his servants. After all, it was the lesson his father had tried to give him only the week before. Perhaps he should have listened.

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clexa au
A Soccer Love Story by @onebigroughdraft

Meet Lexa Woods: star of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, trying to lead her team to another Olympic gold medal. Meet Clarke Griffin: new team doctor, and the only one capable of turning the world-class athlete into a stuttering, clumsy fool. It’s a soccer love story, ya’ll.