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Really quick Danny Phantom theory I just thought of

So a lot of people think, “how does no one know Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton are the same person?? They look and act exactly the same!!” It was really obvious to me as a child, but as I grew up, I realized that a person with the ability to turn into a ghost was a really unique concept. I mean, how exactly would people think of it if they hadn’t known about the portal story? So, that made me realize something.

What if Jack and Maddie Fenton were aware that Danny Phantom looked just like their son? They were aware, but they had no way of knowing that anyone could actually transform into ghosts at will, so it had never occurred to them that the ghost was actually their super-powered son.

What if they thought that this ghost was taunting them, taking this form to imply that their son was going to die?

I can see why they’d hate that ghost in particular.


John Shepard // Earthborn // teenage years

“I was an angry kid - angry at the world, angry at myself. I dunno if I tried to prove something, the only thing I liked to prove was that I was stronger. Mother Nature gave me a gift so I used it, in a wrong way of course. I was street trash - dealing with drugs, going to nightclubs, getting drunk and getting into street fights. The only reason I was doing that was to escape the reality that I was just a fragile little boy who never knew what’s it like to have a family and compassion. So I let others use me as a weapon - as long as I got food, money, bed and a distraction from my real problems, it worked for me. Until my 18th birthday was getting closer and I was starting to wonder if that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. The anger never really left though, it’s still there.”

Memories of Us - Chapter 1

A/N: Back at it again with a new series! I had this idea a while back, but never wrote it until now. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Let me know what you think. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning(s): Fight, Death, Blood and Angst
Word Count: 1,856
Summary: Soldier Reader looks exactly like Linda, a woman Bucky used to love. Little by little, she uncovers his past with Linda and what had happened between them through her visions. As she does, her feelings for Bucky grew as well. But, one question remains: if Bucky returns her feelings, will it be for Reader or for Linda? 

★ ★ ★

“We need back-up immediately! Three soldiers down, I re—” I cover my head as a small explosion goes off several feet away from me. The debris rain down on us, as another one goes off soon. I scream into the radio again.

“I repeat! Three soldiers down! We are outnumbered. Enemies have—” A bullet pierces into my shoulder. The pain from the shot sent alarms blaring in my brain. I scream out as the blood gush out of from the wound. I press onto in, dropping my radio on the ground. I push myself down deeper into the wall.

This will be the end of us.

“Y/N!” Mike calls out to me as he presses onto the wound. He peeks up. A bullet bounces off his helmet before he dives back down behind the crumbling wall.

“We need to get the hell out of here!” Another soldier, Jeremy, yells. He is shooting at the terrorists through the small hole on the wall. The three wounded soldiers lay limp against us. Conscious but unable to move at all. Blood and dust fill up the air as we hear the gun shots approaching.

“There is no ‘out of here’! We’re in the building and they have surrounded it! We’re trapped!” Mike yells out as he grabs a powder to pour over the bullet wound on my shoulder. I yelp out in pain before grabbing onto my rifle.

I move my attention the other door that we have barricaded with broken stone wall pieces. The terrorists are trying to come through there as well. But, we have secured it enough to hold them off for a little while longer.

“We have to fight through no matter what. We can find another way!” I say while quickly looking to the side of the wall to shoot at the terrorist. I manage to shoot two before retreating back behind the wall.

“Y/N! Any grenade??” Mike yells out over the top of the wall before ducking back down. I quickly reach for the only one left on my belt. He takes the key off before tossing it over the wall. The blast was enough to rock the wall protecting us. I can feel the weight of the wall slowly increasing as it loses its integrity.

I hear a scream followed by a thump next to me. Time suddenly slows down. Mike’s body is shivering and blood was coming out from his mouth.  

“MIKE!!” I yell while throwing myself towards him.

Mike clutches on the side of his neck. Blood spurting out of the wound. I rip a piece of my uniform to stop the bleeding. His eyes arewatering as the blood in his mouth slowly suffocates him. I feel tears escaping my eyes.

“You’ll be fine, Mike! You will be fine!!” I yell over the firing guns. I look around to find any escape route, but the only way down is to jump down from the window. I press the cloth on the wound, but there was too much blood.

“E…Emily… S…Simon…” He gurgles out with the blood in his mouth. I feel tears streaming down my face, watching Mike’s eyes pleading me for help. I watch the fear in his eyes as his hands clutch onto mine desperately. Blood was everywhere around us.

“You’ll see them again, Mike! You will!” I yell while pressing the cloth into the bullet wound to stuff it. I need to stop the bleeding no matter what. There is still a chance to save him.

“K…Keep them safe for me, Y/N.” Mike says with the blood in his mouth. I shake my head while looking at him. His eyes seemingly to be accepting his fate.

“No! You will survive this! You will!” I scream at him when his eyes are starting to flutter. I can’t let him die! I can’t lose him!

“We’re done for, Y/N! I’m out of ammo.” Jeremy says while tossing the empty magazine to the side. He fishes through the other soldier’s uniform to find if they, by a chance of miracle, might have extra bullets left.

“Please, don’t let anyone harm them…” Mike’s voice grows weaker. I cry out but my voice was stuck in my throat.

Another bullet shoots right into my abdomen. I yell and fall backwards to clutch onto it. My hands momentarily letting go of Mike. I feel the blood soaking through my uniform as I miserably try to stop the bleeding. I push against the wall, listening to the bullets attempting to penetrate through the wall. I watch as Mike’s eyes stare into mine with his hand out reaching to me.

I look up and hear the sound of rocks crumbling on the other side. The terrorists had gone through it. The bloody hands stop moving and Mike’s body grows limp. My whole world stop and I can feel everything around me collapse.

This is it. This is the end for us. I close my eyes as Jeremy lay helplessly against the wall. The other soldiers are also slowly starting to lose it. We are done for. No bullets, no grenades, nothing.

There’s no way we’d survive out of here. I have to accept this. Our fate. Our deaths. This is the last thing that my team and I would do to protect the country we love. The bullets never stopped firing at us.

At this point, we’re just for the very bullets to distinguish the light within us.

Out of nowhere, we hear a loud crashing noise followed by the powering up of a machine. Blasts after blasts rocks the crumbling building from the other side of the wall. I open my eyes to look up at Jeremy. He’s wearing a surprised expression.

“It’s IronMan and Captain America!” He yells while looking at me.

I look over the wall to see them for myself. Sure enough, there they were, saving us from death’s trap. When I turn to look over to the other side, the terrorist had found our hiding place. I let out a gasp and grab onto Jeremy’s uniform. Our blood runs cold as we see the terrorists pointing their rifles at us. I close my eyes to wait for the bullets to end us.

Instead, we hear yells followed by another explosion.

When I open my eyes, there was another man standing in front of us. He had a metal arm and is fighting off the terrorists effortlessly.

“You are safe now! We have come to help!” Captain America says as he shields the rain of bullets away. IronMan and the other fighter finishes off the rest of the terrorists. When the bullet and screams stops, all that’s left is the collapsing building.

“Let’s get you out of here!” Captain says as he helps me up. Dust and rocks raining down on us. I can see the walls struggling to keep itself up.  

“No! These soldiers need medical attention immediately! Help them first!” I insist as I sit myself back down.

My senses had come back. Hope for another day to live returns within me. My teammates are of priority right now. Jeremy picks up one of our comrades while Captain nods understandingly.

“FRIDAY, building integrity?” IronMan says behind his mask.

I move over so the Captain can help the other two soldiers first. The blood was completely soaking their uniforms. It’s a miracle they are surviving, but if they don’t get treated soon, their lives too would crumble like the building.

“Cap, we have 80 seconds before this whole building collapses.” IronMan says looking at the structure. The dusts were raining on us little by little. The walls practically shaking harder by the second. I weakly crawl over to Mike to close his eyelids.

“The window. We’ll get out there!” Captain says while looking down with two men on his shoulders.

“We can’t jump down that high, Captain!” Jeremy protests while holding onto the injured soldier. I clutch my abdomen when another wave of sharp pain surges around my body.

“No need to. Natasha, bring the chopper over.” IronMan says. Not too long after, the chopper flies over to the side towards the window. But the chopper’s arrival has caused for the building to rattle even more. Debris falling off from the ceiling with dusts becoming like thick fogs around us.

Gunshots from below ricochet against the chopper as it approaches closer. There are still terrorists down there, I almost forgot. My breathing turns more rugged when the pain from both bullet wounds are too great. I can actually feel the lead between my flesh and muscles.

“Out, now! Bucky you get the other two!” Captain says as he jumps out from the window into the chopper.

“Come, Y/N! I will not leave without you.” I look up at Jeremy before over at Mike’s body. I nod at him as he waits for me to get up.

“No time! Go first!” IronMan orders Jeremy.

He hesitates but ends up jumping into the chopper with the soldier on his back after IronMan pushed him towards the window. I stand up, but my body was too weak from the blood loss. How am I going to carry Mike like this?

Out of nowhere, someone sweeps me off my feet and dashes right through the window. IronMan emerges out of the collapsing building while holding Mike in his arms. When the man sets me down, I clutch onto my abdomen in pain. He pressed right into my wound when he pulled me out of there.

I watch the building crumble down into the ground as the chopper flies away. I hear screams coming from underneath. The building must’ve collapsed on the rest of the terrorists. One more second there, then we’d all be dead. Maybe not Captain, IronMan or the other fighter. But us. The normal soldiers.

Dust and blood are covering all of us. I cough out the dust from my lungs while holding onto my wound. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak. I still can’t believe we lived through that. At least… the four of us…

I glance over at IronMan as he sets Mike down on the chopper. I wanted to crawl over to him. I wanted to wake him up again. He can’t die on me. He can’t. He shouldn’t. But I can’t move. I was in so much pain. I was losing my consciousness.

“Let me see your wounds.” The man says. I watch his dusty hair covers his face a little as he rips my uniform off where my wounds are. I rest my head against the seat as my visions fade away.

“Steve, I need some of those powder. She’s got another wound on her torso!” The man’s voice calls out.

A pang of familiarity. My eyes flew open as I watch the man in front of me press his hands into my shoulder and torso. When his blue eyes meet mine, I see a flash of images running through my mind. Even he stopped and stare at me too.

“Linda?” He calls out to me.

But before I could process anything, I blacked out. 

★ ★ ★

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A/N: All right. I hope you enjoyed that! Let me know what you think. I may not post up chapters as often as I used to, but they are there. No worries. Assignments and classes are delaying my writing sessions, so please bear with me. 

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This year we’re gonna stamp out the sorry feeling. (Wedding Singer)

Modern Baseball’s Holy Ghost (2016)

I just love this band to pieces. I was very excited for a new album from them, as I always am, and I was not disappointed at all. They’ve got such a recognizable heart. They straddle the line between indie stylings and throwback pop punk, which is exactly my type. Their songs feel like time capsules - someday, people will look back on them and know what it was to be a 20 something in the 2010s. They’re witty and self-aware. They use their music and personal experiences as a vehicle to reach their audiences in a very real way. As a kid who grew up in pop punk, I can tell you this is exactly on brand and yet so very rare at the same time. But anyway, this album is great. 

Wedding Singer has the monotone vocal, driving guitar, and pessimism that is so very typical of this band, but it’s crafted to make you feel hopeful anyway. It still sounds like a love song, even with the lyrics being what they are. It’s longing and wistful and high energy. 

Other Notable Tracks: Apple Cider I Don’t Mind, Everyday, Breathing In Stereo, Just Another Face, Hiding, etc etc etc.

“yeah but what if they grew up and looked exactly like their dads” (hunter x hunter)

I drew this to entertain some friends and wasn’t going to share it publicly.  But I dunno, I hope it can entertain some of you, too.  Have a good weekend, my friends ♥

fast food gothic

- the employees are feeding fries to a possum on the counter. you didn’t know possums grew that big.
- the person who walks up to claim your food order as their own looks almost, but not quite, exactly like you. you wish the employees would stop spelling your name wrong.
- the floor is very, very sticky. it sticks to your shoes and underneath the peeling tile is a flat grayness. you drop a chicken nugget in one of the gray spaces and don’t hear it hit the bottom.
- you laugh at the “children must take corporeal form to enter the playspace” sign but the attendant seems pretty serious about it.
- you can drink more soda out of the cardboard cups than seems spatially possible. after a while it doesn’t taste like soda anymore.
- contrary to popular belief, it’s totally safe to eat the meat. it’s just some of the customers have a broader definition of “meat” than you’re accustomed to.


Modern Day Greek Gods

This is the girl who grew up feeling insignificant in the light of her twin brother’s infinite creativity and curiosity. The girl who found solace in the quiet of the forest, who wished to run among the trees, swift as the deer, ferocious as the wolves. The girl who picked up a bow at the age of six and taught herself to hunt. The girl who walks barefoot through dewy grass, who takes her homework into the woods because she likes the quiet and the simplicity. She swore off boys as a pre-teen, and she fell for a girl only a month later. The science-savvy girl hungry for knowledge. She wants to be a midwife, she wants to document nature, she wants to fight for the conservation of wolves and other wildlife. The wild girl tamed by a gentle silver flame of a girl, who is more than willing to spend hours in the damp autumn woods with her. This is the girl who can’t wait to grow up so that she can make a difference in this world.

eh… i think the xmcu missed an well good opportunity not having wanda be, like, a proper character… because like, what with the events of apoc, i feel like it’d mean a lot to erik to know that he a daughter out there, man

anonymous asked:

is it really that racist to associate gasolina with lance? i headcanon that he likes the song but that's me projecting because i grew up on the song but i don't want to like. offend anyone with it. sorry if this is dumb

No no it’s not dumb, I’m glad you asked. It’s not /racist/ exactly I mean it’s just a song.

Where the aversion to Lance & Gasolina is because very early on in this fandom there was a fic (a p racist fic) that used it with out bothering to look for like a specifically culturally appropriate song. Or literally anything else.

The running issue in this fandom is that a lot of artists/writers just kind go “ehhh ok this is the first ”“”“”“Hispanic”“”“”“” thing I thought of so I’m just gonna use it because all Hispanics are the same.“ And it causes a lot of issues.

But I’m guessing your hc was made outside from that drama since you didn’t know lol don’t worry.

When you think about it Arthur Maxson’s life sucks.

He’s born from a holy bloodline in such a quasi-religious and fanatically traditionalist order that they claim his ‘soul was forged from eternal steel’. Wow, no pressure there. Imagine if he wanted to be a scribe when he grew up; ha ha, no sonny, you’re going to be a killer just like your honored ancestor.

Then he’s taken from his mother to cross the entire country, with no idea if he can ever go back home, as a trial to toughen him up. But he’s a sweet little kid who writes poems and silly kid’s stories and says ‘see-ya later alligator’ to a fully armored paladin. Not exactly holy leader material.

But then Owen Lyons and Sarah, the man who has raised him and the woman he looked up to, both die. I’m of the huge opinion that Sarah’s death was no accident and that other misfortune fell on Star Cross and the rest of the Lyon’s Pride. So Arthur’s just lost his closest adult carers and friends just as there’s a huge power vacuum in the BOS.

So in the next ten years or so year this kid is going to be groomed and trained to be the next Elder. All of that crap about ending the civil war and fighting the deathclaw? Bullshit. They need hundreds of seasoned adults to be unquestionably loyal to a teenager so the other elders start weaving this false narrative to make a nerdy little kid into a god among men. What Arthur wants is irrelevant.

(I personally headcanon that Arthur named the Prydwen as a underhanded jab at this and to make a reference to the medieval fantasy books he’d loved as a kid.)

In the end it’s no surprise that he’s a iron-fisted fascist; he has to be. If the elders were willing to bump off Sarah Lyons and make lies in order to put him into power then he’s just as expendable; if he’s martyred then they can use his death to excuse anything. That’s why he has no sympathy towards synths or even Danse; any weakness, any allowance of doubt, could cause his power to come apart at the seams. And that’s why he’s so adamant to destroy the Institute because it’s so much easier to control an army when you have an enemy to point them at. It’s ingenious and sad at the same time.

I ain’t excusing any of his actions; I just pity him. The whole goddamn deck was stacked against him the second he was born and he’s had every adult control his life. The only person to show concern about his upbringing was Owen and who knows what Arthur would be like if Owen had lived a little longer. Maybe someone allowed to be a nerd, damn it.


You were lay across Klaus’s couch, waiting for him to come and sit down. The two of you were enjoying a nightcap after a late night dealing with the vampires of the quarter. You loved evenings like this, Klaus really opened up to you and hearing the stories of his past were one of your favourite past times.
“Nik, without running the risk of sounding like a child, what you were saying the other day, I want to know more.” He looked up at you.
“Ahh, intrigued by the mysterious lives of all those old stars you’ve heard so much about?” Klaus leaned on the arm of the chair.
“I like knowing what they were really like.”
He sighed but continued.
“Most of them were exactly like you would expect.” You nodded, you thought at least some of them must be true.
“There were few whom I grew attached too over the years, their deaths were far more emotional than I thought they would be.” You sat up at this, you knew the start of an interesting story when you heard one.
“Ms Monroe was one in fact. Her death had a most profound effect on me.”
This information excited you beyond belief.
“You liked her!” You exclaimed, a smile across your face.
“I was one of her many hopeful suitors, yes.” Klaus too smiled at this.
She was always remembered for being special but to melt the heart of Nik, she must’ve been incredible.

Died Holding Hands

Last one for exr week! Sorry i’m a bit late posting, I was traveling all day. Enjoy!

When he was little, Grantaire had played soldier in the street.

The crude wooden guns, some carved by hand and splintering in the children’s grips, had seemed like deadly weapons to him then.

He thinks of this time now, as he steps towards Enjolras, turns to see the soldiers. They are very real, with very real guns, and yet there is something so child-like about this.

Perhaps it’s because that’s exactly what they are. Children who grew up too fast.

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//That’s certainly true. You have a great point :)
However, I was simply looking at it through Boruto’s perspective ^-^ As we know, young children have a tendency to dwindle down the reality of the world to themselves and their problems.

We saw some pictures in the background of Naruto and Boruto (that were taken prior to the movie) where they looked happy together. They’re relationship became strained after Naruto became Hokage because all that attention and family atmosphere that Boruto grew up in was suddenly gone. He also doesn’t know exactly what it entails to be someone in a position of power. Granted, Boruto should have taken the time to understand and try to give Naruto a chance, express respect, but Boruto finds justification due to his want of something that was taken and morphed. He was hurt that his own father stopped coming around and didn’t supply attention to things that mattered like his litter sister’s birthday or talking to him in person (despite Naruto being exhausted and overwhelmed by his work).

Overall, I completely agree on both ends. Naruto’s generation certainly had it worse and he behaved better. But we can’t forget that he hated the villagers, and himself until he matured more too. Sasuke, on the other hand, handled his struggles extremely unreasonably until way later in the series.

So, perhaps it’s not about weighing who had it worse and the course of action they took, but more about personal means of discovering what it meant to achieve a sense of self and acceptance of others in life that either hinder or excel one’s understanding.

    [I’M LAUGHING I think Eva likely the ONE kid who is exactly like her father in that regard - well grew with that kind of influence that she had to take responsibility for everyone? Including her older sister Mirai - and her cousins.

Given Mirai probably live a LONG time with my muse - Eva views Mirai as her big sister rather than another cousin. She likely looks up to Chiyori too given she tends to try to follow rules - haha.. this kid got influence all over the place! ]

@kelly-sharpe || prompt || million years ago - adele

When I walk around all of the streets/Where I grew up and found my feet/They can’t look me in the eye

She could hear people talking when they saw her. Feel their eyes on here even though they’d look away if she tried to actually catch them in the act. Though there were many people who had been very nice to her, who welcomed her back to town and didn’t treat her like just another gossip token, there were also still those that she knew loved to talk about her family. Her mother, specifically. It was…well, more irritating than anything else. “It’s been two years.” She muttered, not really paying attention to who was nearby that might hear her (because if she had, she might have stoppered herself from saying anything). “Is that seriously still one of their best topics of conversation?”

There’s one thing I’m confused about. How exactly do seraphs age? Mikleo and Sorey grew up together, so Mikleo aged “normally”. But Edna is hundreds of years old but looks like she’s 12. Lailah is presumably even older, and looks like she’s in her mid 20′s. Then you have Zenrus who is probably the oldest we see besides Maotelus. So is their appearance strictly up to themselves? Like is the only reason Zenrus isn’t some hot lightning dilf because he likes the old sage look? Was Edna the bustiest seraph in the world, heard Zaveid make one pass at her, then instantly de-aged herself? I need answers to these questions.


Most of the responses I’ve seen to the crossover have been positive. I for one liked it. But some of ya’ll. Man. You grew up and forgot exactly what a cartoon is. Uncle Grandpa is the most cartoony cartoon on Cartoon Network. I hated it at first myself, but it grew on me, and I was really looking forward to this episode. I was laughing every minute of it.