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Where the Worried Dads Are // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, fluff, parent!phan

Words: 3.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: For Dan and Phil’s wedding anniversary, Phil decides the two of them deserve a holiday to themselves, which means leaving their three-year-old daughter with Dan’s parents. Dan’s over-anxious side comes out as he can’t help but constantly worry about his little daughter.

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In Defense of Bopal

This essay was written with the input of korrastorian

Even though Bolin and Opal are not as contentious of an endgame pairing in the LoK fandom as Korra and Asami, I do see a fair amount of criticism aimed at Bopal. The most common criticism is that Opal did not treat Bolin well: that she was too hard on/unfair to him in Book 4, or that she’s too controlling. Some other criticisms are that he had more chemistry with either Eska or Korra (I’ve never seen it argued for Ginger, thankfully), or conversely that Bolin doesn’t bring anything to the table for Opal.

It’s certainly not going to be the most compelling ship to everyone, but in my opinion, Bolin and Opal are as perfect for each other as Korra and Asami. They both push each other in ways that’s needed for their personalities, and at the end of the day are quite clearly caring and protective of one another.

I actually had originally intended to make this a light-hearted analysis, but there’s something that makes me a little uncomfortable about the charges levied against the ship. They just seem to be largely guided a bit by the mentality that Bolin deserves the affection of women or that Opal should go easier on him because he’s “a good guy.” And…that’s sexist. Look, we love Bolin. He’s kind of the best. But he also messes up, quite a bit actually. The fact that Opal directly challenges this and doesn’t automatically swoon into his arms the second he finally realizes the error of his ways is a very positive thing. It’s also fairly transgressive in terms of how romantic arcs with the “doofy, lovable guy” are normally portrayed.

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Realm of Eternity: Part 15

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The wind gusted through Manon’s hair as she soared over the edge of the Bordano Jungle on Abraxos’s back. The small Crochan Aellai was seated in her mount ahead of her, but she had been blissfully quiet since they’d found the rest of the Thirteen and set off. Manon was not in the mood for chit-chat, not when her mind was distracted with the thought of Dorian. Every bone in her body cried out for her to turn around, don’t leave him. But Aellai had been right–she couldn’t face down the other Crochans without making even more enemies, and she had enough of those to go around right now.

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Running Emotions

I realize I’m day late and a dollar short with this post but here’s my contribution for Day 3 of Cherish the Peanut week: Mother Knows Best. @cherishthepeanut

Day 2: Tumblers

Day 4: Klepto Cupid

Regina tries to help her daughter when a flash of envy leads to physical side effects. Part of the Together-verse.


Regina let out a low groan as she crossed the threshold into her home and stepped out of her heels. It was barely four in the afternoon and the house was silent. Free from the rumblings of her teenage daughter and her tinkering husband. Some days she’d lament the silence that could fill the mansion these days. She’d yearn for the afternoons when she’d come home to the sound of her three children running around filling the halls with their laughter and shouts but today was not one of those days.

Work had been particularly draining this past week. Perhaps it was the effects of a full moon or some other mystical affliction but Storybrooke’s citizens seemed more demanding than usual. Apparently everyone down from the highest royal to the lowest dwarf seemed to have a complaint they deemed worthy to lodge her way. Today’s town meeting had practically been nothing more than an excuse to scream at her in an orderly fashion. Not having the energy to pour over paperwork for the rest of the day, she’d headed home immediately afterward. Hopefully she’d be able to take a brief rest before Dawn returned home from track practice.

She was walking past the bathroom when she first heard them. The whimpers.

They stopped her dead in her tracks. Straining her ears as she leaned closer to the door she could hear soft panting and sobs coming from behind the wood. Dawn?

It didn’t make sense. Track practice was never over this quickly. Dawn shouldn’t have been home for at least another hour.

Regina gently rapped her knuckles against the bathroom door. “Dawn? Honey? Are you alright?”

Immediately the soft cries ceased. A silent moment passed before she heard her daughter choke out, “I’m fine Mom.”

A line appeared between Regina’s eyebrows as concern began to color her face. She’d told that lie enough times to recognize it.

“Dawn… could you let me in please?”

For a moment she feared her daughter would refuse but soon she heard the tell-tale click of the bathroom door unlocking. She opened it to find Dawn, still in her practice clothes, kneeling on the bathroom floor surrounded by ten open bottles of skin products. Her cheeks were still streaming with tears and her chestnut hair was tangled beside her neck as she looked up at her mother with frightened eyes.

Careful not to knock over any of the bottles Regina immediate kneeled beside her. “Sweetheart what are you doing in here? What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to get it off me,” Dawn whispered in a trembling voice.

“Get what off you?”

With shaking hands, she reached up and swept back her hair to reveal a large patch of green skin that was currently growing up the side of her neck.

Regina gasped before she could stop herself. She could see the skin around the edges of the patch had gone red and raw where Dawn had attempted to scrub it away. Her throat went tight as she brought her fingers up to examine it better. It was drier than the skin around it with flecks of gold shimmering as Dawn stretched her neck. So similar to the shade that defined Zelena’s skin. She could feel the magic pulsing from it. Oh no.

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