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hey guys, something really, really shitty happened out of nowhere. my mom was brutally assaulted last night by a completely worthless excuse of a man that she used to call a friend. she just got back from the hospital and has a huge black eye, broken nose and messed up chin.(id prefer not to post pictures out of respect for her privacy but i guess if you really want proof you can message me privately) it’ll take weeks to heal up and it really sucks because she was trying to get a new job and now she doesn’t feel confident enough to even leave the house. 

I’m also trying to get a job but in the meantime i would greatly appreciate some commissions, or if you have just a few dollars id happily accept donations to jen.fosnight@gmail.com. i just want to be as helpful as i can while she recovers and i know money cant “fix” things but it really helps to at least be able to like…get food when we’re hungry and do laundry when we need to and stuff. you know how it is. thanks for reading

What to do when you’re stuck with a lazy group? I’m with two guys and we still haven’t chosen a topic. We have to present in two weeks. Nobody replies to my messages and both left after class this week. I just wanted to choose a topic and leave!!!! So I booked a study room today and they all made excuses. Ugh. I’m gonna be the one who’s doing all the work. This is worth 40% of our grade. Same as the exam. FML

Hi there, thank you for asking, as this is a super common problem in high school, university and the workplace! I’ve never seen this question answered in depth on studyblr, so I’ll give it a go! 

NB. It depends on your personality as to the approach you want to take, so let everyone who’s reading this not pass judgement upon others in such a situation~ Remember in all of this to be polite, understanding and gracious no matter how much you want to flip tables. The following 5 Options go in order of how many bridges you want to burn :’)

Option 0. Wait for a bit longer and try communicating with them again.

I have seen a similar question asked once on tumblr where the studyblr blogger answered “two weeks is plenty of time, you’re probably over-reacting”… Obviously, I’m not going to trivialise your answer by giving you just one option like that - I frankly thought that studyblr was quite rude for answering so shortly to someone who took the time to ask them a question.

How to do it: The way you communicate with them now might not be effective, so make sure that you’re ticking off the following boxes if you choose this option, rather than just letting nothing change: meeting face to face, setting mini-deadlines for each part instead of just allocating once at the beginning, and make sure each member knows what and when they have to complete something.

This option is best suited for people who:

  • really don’t want to create a commotion and would rather wait a little longer and reduce the time available for them to do the project,
  • or people who would answer ‘Strongly Disagree’ to “Being organized is more important to you than being adaptable“ and “In a discussion, truth should be more important than people’s sensitivities.” in a personality quiz (a strong prognostic factor for Option 1 tbh),
  • or people who know they can tackle everything in less than 1 week,
  • or people who just realised/kind of know they’re actually overreacting,
  • or have just realised whilst reading this that maybe they didn’t actually try contacting the other group members all that well (i.e. don’t have enough evidence for Option 3).


  • Nobody gets angry at anyone, and it doesn’t reflect badly on you either (because no one finds out if you don’t say anything - people tend to be judgemental if you pick one of the three options below).
  • Less stressful for some people than confrontation.
  • You might get eventual cooperation.


  • You might not get eventual cooperation, and end up being stuck with all the work anyway (hence resulting in options below).
  • More stressful for other people as you feel time is ticking away and nothing is changing.
  • The time you spend waiting for the others will result in less time for you to tackle all the actual work.

Pro-tip: doing as much individual work as possible sometimes will egg those team members to finally start pulling their weight, or can help you with Option 3 if you do end up going for it.

Option 1. You make all the decisions and do all the work.

Best suited for people who: are academically gifted, like doing work independently, have excellent time management skills.


  • You can ensure the quality of the work will be excellent.
  • You get to choose what topic to do and direct the overall project turnout.
  • No one hates you for anything, but NB. your friends and family relationships that suffer as a result of the time you have to sacrifice might not have anything pleasant to say about it all.


  • You need an extraordinary amount of time.
  • The other people in the group get a free ride and in nastier words, some would say you get taken advantage of for your goodwill.
  • Lack of group opinion may make the quality of your work suffer.
  • Other subjects you’re taking may suffer.

Option 2. Badger the other group members until they do some work.

Best suited for people who: don’t want to be stuck with Option 1, but don’t want to escalate to Option 3. Give them an ultimatum about the work, or just decide the topic by yourself if they don’t step up.


  • Very similar to Option 0 in that you wait a bit longer before taking drastic action, so you might get eventual cooperation, and you don’t bother your professor.


  • You stress yourself out badgering other people.
  • Other group members get annoyed at you, and your classmates that happen to watch you badgering have a not-so-great impression of you.

Option 3. Document a significant amount of evidence that shows your effort to get them to contribute and contact the professor about it.

Best suited for people who: would like to do things independently but just cannot afford the time because of other commitments.


  • Professor can step in and (hopefully) offer some sort of alternative solution.
  • Your other subjects won’t suffer.
  • Sometimes you have a really great professor and they end up taking into account that you’ve done the project by yourself and mark super nicely/give a bonus mark, or even penalise the other students.


  • Professor may snuff you and say “the purpose of this project is also to learn about team cooperation”. Had a prof before who told us straight up at the beginning of the project that “you work it out, not me”
  • Professor may help you out, but in a way that doesn’t really end up helping e.g. he just emails the two members of your group to tell them to start working once and that’s it.
  • Other group members hate you for life (and I know this bothers some people enough not to go through with it, again pls remember no judgement fellow readers)

How to do it: Email should be along the lines of the following:

Dear Professor _______,

I am a current student undertaking [course code]. I am sorry to contact you in unfortunate circumstances, but I have been having severe difficulty convening with the other members for the remainder of the _____ project. While I am aware that group projects have a dual purpose to both educate us on the academic topic as well as to improve our cooperation and communication skills, I have tried [insert whatever means you attempted to contact them by, attaching evidence is up to you]. I have already completed the intro/background research/other individual task, however I cannot complete the ______ by myself/without group input.

I would appreciate any guidance you could offer/I would greatly appreciate your help/If it is possible, could you please [insert action depending on how desperate you are - don’t ask for anything unreasonable!]?

I apologise for having to inconvenience you, and thank you for your understanding on the matter.

Kind regards,

[Name and student number]

Option 4. You do all the work and then leave their names off the work.

Best suited for people who: work independently, don’t mind burning a few bridges. I won’t actually recommend this option, but I’ve seen this happen in real life.


  • Sense of self-satisfaction for some people when the lazy members don’t get a free ride.
  • Again, you make sure the project quality is exactly what you want.


  • Similar to Option 1 minus the free ride bit.
  • Not only do the other group members hate you, but their friends in your cohort will too. At least in Option 3, those guys can’t try and gossip behind your backs because whoever they tell will realise that they didn’t do the right thing either.
  • Do this at your own risk, as it can backfire depending on the professor - if anyone’s watched Cheese in the Trap - the main character does all the work but the professor managed to suss out that the other group members didn’t do anything, and as a result penalised her with a D grade for failing to make it “group” work despite the fact she would’ve gotten an A. Some profs are really… they just don’t see it your way :/

Hopefully things don’t have to escalate to Option 4, but whatever you choose to take, I’ll wish you the best! I’ve given quite detailed instructions and written comprehensively, but feel free to contact me any time if you need any more help :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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I can post these now! These were my contributions to the TF fan calendar.

I am so so happy I got to work alongside a team of good beans, wonderful people who all did stunning artwork for this project, it was a lot of fun and exciting to do, and I hope everyone who got a calendar is happy with it, thank you all so much again for getting one! We greatly, greatly appreciate the support, it means a lot to all of us ;w;

Monbebe keep going! Stay strong for the boys! To any other fandoms who are also voting for our boys, we greatly appreciate your assistance and efforts as well! We can do this! I love Got7 just as much but I honestly just want to see the smiles, tears of joy, and pure happiness for these boys getting their first win. They are working so hard.

Just to make it absolutely clear that I’ve been nothing but polite about this whole incident since the very beginning, this is the ask I sent to Cookie Translation before any of this drama (thank god for x-kit and outbox function):

This is the comment I left on their Youtube video in reply to someone else’s comment:

As you can see, no malice whatsoever.

What happens next is that my comment quickly gets deleted and Cookie Translation replies to Saygin with this comment, clearly saying they did the work:

And still with no reply to my ask. This is the first time I felt it was completely undeniable that Cookie Translation’s videos were made with ill intent and was going to continue to claim my translations as theirs without any remorse for what they’re doing.

I think you can understand, I was angry. I continued to delete all my other translations and left this message on my Google Doc:

And also made this post, copy-and-pasted the message from my Google Doc, and inserted a link to Cookie Translation’s video so people will understand why I’m doing this.

This is probably the most malice I’ve ever made in my comments (if you can even call this malice). But I was understandably very angry at this time. Still, not a lot of people even knew about this. Just look at the number of notes my original post has as of this moment. Six. And that’s counting the notes I got after this became such a public issue.

The truth is, barely anybody even knew about my accusation of Cookie. Yet, the next thing Cookie does is immediately make this 7-second video, which reads:

And pinned this in the comments section:

Does it really sound like I’m “shit talking”? Does it seem like I’ve done anything that would lead to Cookie being “backed up into a corner”?

Also, you know, I’m a stereotypically shy and passive tiny Japanese girl with social anxiety myself, but I don’t use that as an excuse for anything. I’m still mature enough to stand up for myself or apologize for wrongful behavior.

If any of my little amount of followers were malicious, assuming this isn’t a lie, then I’ll apologize for that, since I don’t condone that kind of behavior.

However, it’s very clear to me this video was made just to garner pity from your subscribers. Going so far as to say “I will delete everything on here now” to make them angry. This is when it became a public issue. Cookie put a spotlight on their wrongful behavior and got their subscribers involved themselves.

Which is when I started getting a bunch of accusations sent to my ask. Of course, I had no choice but to thoroughly respond with all the evidence to back me up. So please don’t blame me for all this drama.

@cookietranslations - I just want to talk.

Still, Cookie Translation has yet to reply. Why is that? I’m trying to work this out with them. Why isn’t Cookie reciprocating? Assuming they don’t just feel bad about getting caught, don’t just want to make themselves look even worse, or think just ignoring me will solve the issue - Do they feel guilty about what they did? Are they afraid of what I’ll say? Do they really not know how to handle these kind of situations? In that case, don’t be scared, I just want to work this out.

I believe I’ve thoroughly and completely debunked Cookie’s claims with all the evidence I provided in my previous posts. Now all I want is for Cookie to apologize and give credit where credit is due.

If any of Cookie’s friends or subscribers can get them to talk to me, that would be greatly appreciated. Of course, be respectful and polite. Thank you.


THANK YOU GUYS FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS! You all inspire me to do better and to work harder! I made these icons as a token of my thanks (and because they were really fun to make! haha) Please feel free to use them! I’m not really a graphic designer or anything but I hope you guys like them hehe.

If you want, you can message me to change the background color or add your username somewhere! Don’t be shy!

Please reblog & like if you use them (or if you just like them in general! It would be greatly appreciated hehe). Thank you! Love you all hehe

~ dee


Schools out for the summer so that means I can open commissions publicly again! I will opening 6 new slots for commissions and I’m going to be opening them in the same manner I did last time.

Instead of accepting on a “first come, first serve” basis, I will be opening submissions for commissions for the next day or so. From the time of this post to Saturday May 13th at 10 pm central I will be taking in emails and after things close back up I’m going to dig through what I have and pick 6 to accept from the pile!

Now on to the details :

- All commission info MUST be submitted through email to shadowrabbits.art@gmail.com. Simple inquiries can be sent through Tumblr asks or messaging system for quicker replies, however.

- I don’t have a strict form to fill out! Format things however you’d like but just please, please be thorough. References are majorly important, even if they’re pieces from here and there. You don’t need to have personal art already done for your character, you can simply Google image search references and send them my way. Send me tons of info! Seriously. Some people don’t like getting too much but I’m not that way at ALL. 

- I can and will happily do many different things that aren’t strictly listed on my commission info sheet including :

  • NSFW
  • Landscape/environment/scenery work
  • Design (armor, clothing, weaponry, etc)
  • Non-World of Warcraft characters
  • Basically if it isn’t a hard NO, I’ll likely do it.

However, I will NOT do:

  • Furry or animal centric
  • Mecha or machine heavy work or designs

If you have a question concerning what I will and won’t draw, just ask!

- More of my art can be found HERE.

- My TERMS OF SERVICE must be read and understood before commissioning me.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!

anonymous asked:

I've always admired your drawing style, any tips for improving at drawing anatomy/perspective in comics? I draw all the time given that I'm going to school for illustration, but I haven't really noticed any improvement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

While I really don’t feel like I am not any kind of authority when it comes to art, I do have a lot of insight on improving and art.

The tip to improving, anatomy or perspective, or anything else that you might want to do, is not actually how many hours you put into it, but how much focus you give it.

I had a period where I was drawing a lot over a long time. I didn’t improve at all. Because it was work, and all I was focused on was the deadline I had to keep and not the art itself.
If you are doing art just to turn in a finished assignment, you’re not gonna improve (except maybe your deadline hygiene, which is important in itself, but off topic at the moment).

Basically, 1 hour of focused work will be a lot more productive than 10 hours of unfocused work.
You wanna learn anatomy? Draw anatomy gestures and then turn it into your favorite characters. Wanna learn perspective? Trace photos and put characters in them. Wanna learn comics? Read comics! Draw comics. DO the thing, but feel motivated to do it. Give yourself a carrot at the end of your hard work.

Fanart? OC stuff? Fluff? What motivates you?
Use the thing that you like to further the things that you need and want.

I realize this answer is all over the place, and I can clarify if asked. But:

Trick yourself into focusing on your art. When you focus, you improve.

hello, this blog as the description says : is a platform for trans content in the fallout fandom (trans artists, trans ocs, trans headcanons, all the good stuff !) both for finding community and for promoting work involving trans characters and by trans content creators. a major point also is this blog is primarily lgb focused as well.

I greatly recommend reading the about and faq if you havent already. I’d appreciate it if you were over 16 if you plan on following this blog, just because of nudity that could end up on the blog, and because this blog is ran by an 18 year old.

this blog is here to share trans content, so do not be afraid to @ this blog when posting trans stuff on your blogs ! submissions are also open as well, and so is the ask box for discussions and talking shop about fallout.

thank you, happy trans-xing

3 Classic Novels Daria would absolutely Love

Throughout the series its not uncommon to see Daria reading novels of high literary merit. Here are 3 books that I personally believe Daria would love.

1) As I lay Dying

As I lay Dying by WIlliam Faulkner is the story of Addie Bundren’s death and her families quest to carry her dead body from their rural farm home all the way to Jefferson , Mississippi. The non-embalmed body begins to decay on their travels and its revealed that Addie’s dying wish of being buried in Jefferson is purely just a way for her to torture her family.

Daria would love this book for many reasons, the playful literary style, the deep symbolic nature of the subject matter, the dark tone, and of course the unique and disgustingly macabre story. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested please note that it is an extremely difficult read.

2) The Stranger

For many The Stranger by Albert Camus is one of the quintessential existentialism novels. Meursault, the main character, is a French Algerian man who does not cry at his mothers funeral. Days later he kills a man. The book follows Meursault before and after the murder and his inevitable death sentence. As Albert Camus wrote, “in our society any man who does not weep at his mother’s funeral runs the risk of being sentenced to death.’ I only meant that the hero of my book is condemned because he does not play the game.”

Meursault in a way would probably be relatable for Daria. I also would  like to believe that Daria is a fan of existentialist ideas.

3) The Sun also Rises

The Sun Also Rises is one of Hemingway’s most popular literally works but more then anything this is more of a place holder for all of Ernest Hemingway’s impressive stories and short stories. It’s not hard to believe that Daria would greatly appreciate the works of Ernest Hemingway with his straight to the point nature and his expertly crafted use of syntax.

What classic Novels do you think Daria would enjoy? With Daria’s love for reading I am definitely sure there are many more.

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“Like a Glove” - Oneshot

“Like a Glove” - Oneshot

My Masterlist - Here

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Brother! Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2,500-ish

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Skin Picking (Dermatillomania), Anxiety, Cursing, Slight Mention of Blood

Summary: Reader picks skin a lot when stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, et cetera. She wears gloves to help her not pick as much. But when her gloves get damaged during a mission, she isn’t sure what to do. Bucky to the rescue.

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Author’s Note: So this is one of my many selfish pieces. I got this idea because it’s something I personally struggle with and wrote this to make myself feel better. I haven’t been doing too great in the mental health department and my skin picking has been flaring up really badly. 

I hope you still get enjoyment out of this!

I promise I’m working on requests and the different series I have going on. Things are very hectic for the next week or so. I will be back to somewhat normal in June! Thank you for your patience!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

You had a problem. You pick the skin around your nails and along your fingers. It had been something you’d done since you were younger. Your brother, Tony, noticed it was usually when you were in overwhelming or stressful situations. You lived with him and the other Avengers in the tower. Now being good enough to actually join them on mission and be an integral part of the team. Even being in a better position in your life, you couldn’t stop the skin picking. So, being the good older brother Tony was, he crafted a gift for you.

You came into the kitchen one morning to see him pouring two cups of coffee. He handed one to you and sat you down before turning around to grab a small box. Inside were a pair of black gloves. You were confused at first, but then he explained. They were to prevent you from scratching yourself and such. They had thermal pads around the fingertips, so you could still use your phone and other touchscreen devices. He also designed the band around the wrist to work like his suit. So when you pressed the softly glowing blue buttons on the sides and pulled out, you had gloves like his suit.

You were in tears and instantly got up and hugged your brother. He always took care of you when you needed him and even when you didn’t know you needed him. This was one of the best and most thoughtful things you had ever received. It was rare to see you without them on. Even to his parties, you didn’t care if people knew. You felt more in control with them on.

And with one wrong move, they were busted.

Keep reading

KBTBB - Bidders Finding Divorce Papers (Ota) Happy Ending

I’ve received multiple requests for me to make a happy ending for my Bidders Finding Divorce Papers fics, and I finally finished one. Yay!
I never really had the intent to write a happy ending for this series, and judging by how long and hard I had to work on this fic (and I’m still not 100% satisfied with it), I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any for the other bidders. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! Hehe :)

Link to Part 1

**There’s still mild angst in this fic. Just a warning :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


      Bam! The loud slam of a door immediately caught all the bidders’ attentions. “She’s gone!” Ota exclaimed. Their eyes fixated on him; out of breath, panic and desperation clear in his eyes. They’d never seen him like this. He always tried to keep his cool, especially around them. Now, however, there was no façade shielding his emotions.

      When no one immediately reacted, he spoke again, “_______’s gone.” Despite their silence, everyone already knew who he was referring to. They just didn’t know what to say. At least, they couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t insensitive.

      Although, seeing that he wasn’t going to stop until someone responded, Baba stood up, “What do you mean by ‘gone’?” He asked, feigning confusion and surprise.

      “She left!” Ota handed him a small, crumpled piece of paper. Baba read her departing words to her husband. Not waiting for him to finish, the artist scurried further into the lounge, standing before the others. “I need to find her. Help me find her.” He demanded.

      “I’m not sure that’s the best course of action, Ota.” Eisuke stated calmly. The way he just sat there, arms folded and legs crossed, not an ounce of decent concern on his face, pissed Ota off.

      “Why are all of you so calm?! Don’t you care even a little bit?”

      “Of course we care about _______.” Baba said. Ota bit his tongue at that statement. 'So you care about her, but not about me?’ His mind spat, but this wasn’t the time for snappy remarks.

      Soryu seemed to pick up on the thief’s phrasing and added, “In all honesty, you kinda treated her like shit, Ota.” His face remained stony as always. The blond man felt his blood boil at that one. They’re accusing him of treating his wife, the most important person in his world, the woman he loved more than anything, like 'shit’?!

      “What did you say?” His tone turned venomous. He didn’t speak as if he were asking a serious question, more like he was daring the mobster to say it again.

      “Let’s face it,” Mamoru took the cigarette out of his mouth, “Ya nicknamed her after your dead dog, treated her like a dog, chose work over spendin’ time with her, didn’t reject the models who came onto ya-”

      “Shut up!” Ota interrupted, not wanting to hear anymore.

      How was this possible? How was something that good-for-nothing, slacker detective said making sense? How was it actually affecting Ota? Usually he could just tune him out. After all, all that came out of Kishi’s mouth, according to Ota, was smoke and meaningless, lazy words. But listening to him list off the sadistic things he had put _______ through….they made sense. They made Ota see, for once, how twisted the things he did really were. He started to see everything for what it was - He wasn’t treating her right. Not at all. No wonder she left.

      'No wonder she left me.’

      “Ota?” Baba called out to him, as the man had been silent, staring off into space for quite some time.

      Without looking at him, Ota said quietly, “I need to find her….I need to apologize.” For a moment, he forgot that he was in front of the other managers.

      Eisuke stood, moving to be beside the determined artist, “Ota, did you ever stop to think that maybe she was tired of you?” Ota glared icily at the cold CEO. Not fazed, Eisuke continued, “Do you really want to cause her any more trouble?” To Ota’s surprise, he wasn’t smirking. His face had that business expression as always. Ota stared hard at him for a moment.

      “You’re in on this, aren’t you?….You helped her leave, didn’t you?!” The volume of his voice increased on the second accusation. He could practically feel the knife wound from where he had been stabbed in the back.

      “She asked me to.” Eisuke responded calmly. “I had no reason to deny her of her wishes.”

      Ota glared furiously at the traitor, “You bastard!” He began to lunge at him, but was held back by Baba.

      “Ota. Calm down.” He said seriously.

      “You know how much she means to me! How could you just let her go?! You heartless asshole!”

      Throughout the verbal, and almost physical, assault, Mr. Ichinomiya just stood and watched, his face unchanging. Inside, he did feel bad for the artist and there was a slight ounce of guilt for sending the best part of his life away, but he couldn’t just neglect _______ when she was in that situation - lonely and wanting to escape. He reminded himself that he did it for her, and he had meant what he said, he had no reason to deny her freedom.


      Once Ota composed himself, and was placed a safe distance away from Eisuke, he once again asked the managers if they would assist him in locating his wife. To be blunt, it took a little consideration. They were all aware of _______’s desire to leave her husband. They knew of the neglect and what she began referring to as emotional abuse.

      The way he would return flirtation from models day after day at work, then come home and have the audacity to tease and mock her for juvenile things such as her cooking or how much she resembled a late puppy. How he would, despite the attempts to talk to him about her concerns and sorrows, place her feelings to the side; on reserve so that he may toy with them later. The nights spent sleeping alone in a cold bed, the meals going uneaten from both parties, the decreasing amount of intimacy in their lovemaking.

      They knew of it all. They saw the physical toll it took on her. Lifeless eyes, weight loss, falsified smiles, and a lonely aura. It was, honestly, a tough choice. But eventually they agreed to help Ota. With a condition.

      “Ota, you have to swear something to us.” Baba demanded.

      “What?” The painter was willing to promise anything if it meant retrieving the love of his life.

      “When you see her,” He spoke slowly, “And you ask her to take you back, if she rejects you, you let it go.”

      'If she rejects you’ The very words sent a stab through Ota’s chest. He merely blinked at the thief, unable to say anything in response.

      “Don’t insist. Don’t give a monologue about how she needs to come back. Don’t take up any more of her time. She’s been through a lot. Whatever decision she makes, you need to accept it. And let her live her life.”

      This speech felt as if he was being prepared to receive a no, which bothered him deeply. He couldn’t accept the fact so easily. He needed to at least hope that she could find it in her heart to forgive him. But, in order to appease Baba and the others, he nodded his consent anyway.


      Ota stood in front of the door, feeling a rush of emotions overtaking him. You were just on the other side. Just this single rectangular block of wood brought on intimidation, fear, anxiety, and hope. All at once. Then again, who could blame him? The rest of his life was beyond that door. When he came back through it, he was either going to be the happiest man in the world, or a broken shell of a man. His heart was beating so hard he was afraid it might shoot out of his chest. Then his fedora-wearing friend nudged his arm.

      “Go ahead.” Baba urged with a gentle smile.

      With a gulp, Ota Kisaki turned the knob and walked in. He didn’t knock for fear that you would slam the door in his face, refusing to hear what he had to say.

      “Is someone there?” A feminine voice called out. Ota froze, gulped, then resumed walking.

      He went around a corner, finding you seated at a small table in the bedroom. “Just me." He said. Your eyes widened drastically as you met his.

      God, you were as gorgeous as ever. Your hair shiny, your face decorated with subtle makeup that brought out your natural beauty. The clothes you were wearing accentuated that perfect body. Even in shock, he still found your expression so lovely. Any other day, any other time, he would be able to pick out a single flaw to expose and tease you about. Now, however, he could find none. Nothing. You had never appeared so flawless before. Like an angel right before his eyes.

      He, on the other hand, had never looked more of a mess. Those golden eyes carried light bags underneath them, obviously from lack of sleep. His clothes were mildly disheveled. His shoulders, normally held back, displaying confidence, were slightly hunched forward. He twiddled his fingers nervously, something you had never witnessed him do. You also noted the wedding ring he still wore.

      "Ota…w-wha..” Your mind went blank, your mouth unable to form a complete word.

      He rushed forward, dropping to one knee before you. Taken aback, you just stared as he took your hand, planting a brief kiss on it.

      “_______, please come back to me. I’m so sorry I let you down. You didn’t deserve the hell I put you through. I promise I won’t do it again. You have to…” He trailed off, recalling his promise not to demand your return.

      “Ota..I…I-I just don’t know…” Your eyes watered.

      “I’m sorry,” He apologized before speaking quickly, “I was stupid. So stupid. But I love you more than anything and I can’t let you go again.” Another kiss on the knuckles. “Please. One more chance? Just one….I swear.”

      Ota was just as shocked at these words as you were. He never dreamed that he could become that guy in the romance movies. Who gets down on his knees and begs for his lover to come back to him. Normally, he would stick out his tongue, throwing some sharp words at that character, probably something about how embarrassing, degrading, or pathetic that would be.

      And maybe that’s why it made his proposal so convincing.

      Ota Kisaki would never embarrass himself like this unless he absolutely meant it. And of that, you both were aware.

      “….Okay.” You said as a tear ran down your cheek.

      “Okay?” He asked, not quite sure he believed it.

      “Okay.” You reassured. Identical smiles crept up on both your faces as Ota stood, enveloping you in his arms, squeezing tightly. So tight that it hurt. His hands moved to your waist. He lifted you up so you could wrap your legs around him. He wanted to be as close to you as possible, so grateful to have the best thing in his life back.


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“Dangerous Game” - Requested Oneshot

“Dangerous Game” - Request

The song “Dangerous Game” -


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Edward Nygma x Reader

Word Count: 2222

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: A bit of violence towards reader, Murder, Cursing, sort of panic attack type thing,

Summary: After an attacker tries to get the reader in an alley, she is introduced to the dangerous game that her boyfriend is a part of.

Your thoughts are in italics, Normal Edward’s thoughts are in [ Brackets ] ,Dark Edward’s thoughts are in { Fancy Brackets }

Author’s Note: I hadn’t listened to the Jekyll and Hyde musical yet, but now I’m in love with it! Thank you so much for this request. I realized that I did it differently from how some song inspired fics go because I haven’t quite figured out how to do them like the others. Also, I got this inspiration at like 1Am, so it may be a bit wonky. But I tried my best! 

All of the lyrics I pulled from the song are in bold! 

Hope you enjoy! Please let me know how you like it!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @high-functioning-fangirl473 @luciebell-writes

You considered yourself a pretty lucky lady. You had a wonderful man to call our own, you had a sustainable job at the local bank, and you lived in Gotham but haven’t had any bad experiences like break ins, attacks, or even as much as a cat calling. Sure you’ve seen it being done to others, it is Gotham after all, but you had never been the victim. That is, until tonight.

You were on your way to go meet your boyfriend for dinner. He had called earlier to try to insist on picking you up from work, but you thought it was ridiculous for him to go out of his way when you two could just meet at the restaurant. You gathered your things and locked your office for the night.

You were about halfway from the restaurant when you felt a painfully strong grip on your shoulder pulling you against the wall of the alley, causing you to hit the back of your head pretty hard. Not enough to do substantial damage, but it definitely was gonna hurt for a while.

It was dark but there was enough light from the lamp post that you could make out a face. It was no one you knew. They were grimey looking and bitter about something. You realized what situation you were in.

He leaned closer until he was inches from your face.

“You Nygma’s bitch?” His breath smelled like cheap beer and cigarettes. You knew better than to answer any questions or do anything he asks. When he doesn’t get a response, he slaps you across the face, pulls you back up, and pushes you hard against the wall, his hand around your throat.

“That’s no way for a lady to behave. Now tell me where the fuck that bastard is!” You tried your hardest not to burst into tears. Instead staying quiet again while tears welled in your eyes and your lip quivered. The man laughed before raising his hand up and getting ready to strike you again. But then a voice stopped him. A familiar voice.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” 

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Imagine Paul Lahote

A/N This is my very 1st imagine so go easy on me. 😁

{Your a human Cullen with the power of the elements and Paul imprints on you.} 


You waited with your adopted siblings for the wolfs to show up in the field to train. As you waited you manipulated the water in the air and formed it into a small ball of water in between your hands. You were in your own little world when the wolfs decided to show up. None of the wolfs had seen anything like that knowing a human can have an ability like that.

Originally posted by fantasysystem

Your hands moved upward up and over your head you dispersed the water over your head so it felt like it was raining. It was really a beautiful sight to see and for the first time in a long time the vampires didn’t fight with the wolfs. Well until Paul decided to imprint on you and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Jasper felt the sudden wave of emotion coming from Paul then the packs sudden need to protect you. Edward decided to read their mind as to why Jasper reacted that way.

Originally posted by ronunkaymakbirasi

“Jasper whats wrong” Alice asked “Ask Edward I’m sure he already figured it out” Jasper responded calm deadly too calm for anyone’s liking. You were especially close to jasper as you helped him get distracted by using your powers instead of him consuming someone to death. Alice liked how you helped him when she wasn’t able too. You and her shared the same fashion sense so you bonded through shopping.  

The family appreciated the fact you were care free and be able to protect yourself if something were to happened. Rosalie and Emmett were protective of you because they always wanted a child so you were the closest thing to them ever getting one. 

Alice looked over at Edward at this point the whole family and you became focused as to what they were talking about. 

“Paul Lahote imprinted on (Y/N)”

That’s all it took for them to start growling at each other you became deathley aware of the situation real fast you quickly ran in between them and put your hands up as if that were to stop them.

Paul walked over in his wolf form not liking that his mate was dead smack in the middle of a very dangerous situation he growled at your family then at his pack mates. “Alright everyone stop right now” you spoke. 

No one listened “Guys seriously stop it right now I’m sure we can try to talk this over” again no one. OK you were seriously getting ticked off that no one listened to what you had to say. So you did the only rational thing you thought of.

 You used your powers.

“Ok vampires don’t like fires well because you know you die and wolfs I’m sure your very flammable especially in that form” you said TADA it worked, they stopped growling but still continued to glare at each other.

Originally posted by rpmemesandthings

“You see that’s way better now why don’t you wolfs change back and we will have a very civil discussion”


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New Family

Title: New Family

Word Count: 1658

Warnings: Sorta angst. Fluff at the end

Pairings: All Platonic. Sam, Dean, Reader

Summary: Luck has not been in your favor recently and you don’t know what to do. Two people from your past appear and you hope you can hide the fact that you need help.

A/N: I’ve had this in my WIP folder for a while and I kinda worked on it a little. (Because I’m horrible and I can’t write a coherent thought to save my life.) I’m so behind that it isn’t funny. Hopefully y’all enjoy thus until I come up with something else. Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

     You trudged down the street and braced yourself against the wind. The weather had been getting colder and you had no idea what you were going to do. You had been on your own for about a month and it wasn’t going so well. You pulled your jacket tighter around you. It was the one possession you still owned besides the pocket knife in your boot. You passed the store and saw the newspaper setting in the window. There had been another murder. This made 4 in the last two weeks. You decided to take a chance and go to the scene. Maybe you could figure out what was killing these people. Making note of the address, you started walking across town.

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“Better Hands” - Part 2

“Better Hands” - Part 2

Part 1 - Here   

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 3693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @theeactress @the-witching-hours12-3 @amyapathetic @pokeharvest @iwillstaywiththemforever 

His grip was tighter than you thought possible. The cuts were deep and your body screamed where he kept punching and kicking you. You couldn’t do anything. You were too weak to fight back or even try to call for help. But you tried.

You managed to get one little squeak out of your vocal chords before they were clamped shut by the same grip that had your arm moments earlier. You clawed and struggled to breathe as you looked at the face of your ex looming over you. Whatever he was saying was muffled as everything became darker and darker.

You shot up out of bed and reached for your throat before jolting from the pains of the real cuts and bruises that littered your body. It was just a nightmare. At least that beating was. You looked at your alarm clock and read 7AM, only 15 minutes before you had to really get up. But there was no point in trying to go back to sleep, so you got up and tried to get ready for the day.

You went into your bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet and searched for a specific medicine, one that would help ease the pain even a little bit. You found a generic pain killer and took two before going to the kitchen and putting a bagel in the toaster.

“I guess I’ll be wearing long sleeves for awhile now.” You muttered to yourself as you found a suitable shirt to go along with some looser fitting pants and your boots. As you were finishing up lacing your boots, your communicator rang.

“(Y/L/N) speaking.”

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Good Enough?

This one is a bit long - sorry if it seems long winded! I tried to edit bits out too, it was originally closer to 1500 words lol. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy regardless. Feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed, as always thank you for reading. <3

Requested by: Anon - “74 62 56 and 51 with tony dinozzo please?”

Word Count: 1,187

Pairing: Tony x Reader

51. “You deserve better than me.”
56. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
62. “Please don’t cry.”
74. “I didn’t mean what I said.”

“I don’t want to argue about this. Just leave it, we’ll talk about it later.” You mumbled and dropped your head with a thunk onto your desk.

Tony stood and rounded his desk to stand in front of you, “Neither do I, but all I’m saying is maybe this isn’t working out..” He leant forward, placing his hands on your desk.

Your head snapped upwards and you narrowed your eyes, “You really want to talk about this now? Here? At work?” You asked, your voice hushed.

“It’s because of this place that I want to talk about this.” Tony insisted, “I just…” He paused and looked away, seeming to have an internal battle with his words, “You deserve better than me.”

You blanched at him, your mouth opening and closing like a fish, “How-How does that help? How could you even say that?” You raise your voice a bit, thankful Gibbs was down with Ducky and McGee was in Abby’s lab.

“I have my reasons.” He said sharply and stood straight.

“Then please share with the group Tony.” You pleaded with a frown, standing too, “Why are you suddenly coming out with all this? And bringing it up here?”

“We…we hardly see each other…”

“Tony we see each other every day…all day every day-”

“-not outside of work. As soon as we’re done here we’re either to whacked to do anything or there’s something else…errands to run, appointments…” He explained, taking your hand when you rounded your desk, “I’m not saying this to be mean, I just…”

“That’s the career we both chose, Tony.” You said softly, squeezing his hands, “Are you really wanting to end this?” Your voice broke a little and you blinked to keep the tears at bay.

Tony’s face fell and lifted a hand to your cheek, “Please don’t cry.” He whispered and kissed your forehead, “I don’t mean to bring it up here, I just wanted you to know-”

Tony was cut off. He didn’t get to finish his sentence as a large blast ripped through the windows of the NCIS bullpen. It knocked both of you off your feet. The whole building shook. Alarms were blaring, red lights flashing. You heard people screaming and shouting through the ringing in your ears.

Coughing violently, soot and dust in your lungs you manage to kneel up, finding yourself just next to Gibbs desk. You must have flown. Remembering why you were stood before all this happened you cracked out Tony’s, dissolving into coughs.


It was faint and you struggled to hear it but it was definitely Tony. In the mass of voices and alarms, you made your way to just behind McGee’s desk. He was there on the floor, “Tony..” You gasped out and placed your hand on his cheek, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? Oh my god, your bleeding, why are you bleeding?” You rush to move his suit blazer out of the way and with trembling hands your unbutton the once-white shirt to locate where the blood was coming from.

“[Y/N] look at me.” He requested quietly, pain evident in his voice, “Please look at me…” Once he had your attention for a second he offered you a painful smile, “I didn’t mean what I said.” He shook his head, “I was being stupid - again.”

“Shhh, it’s fine. Just shut up and let me check you.” You instructed after kissing his forehead you moved back down to find glass shards embedded in his torso, a very large one causing all of the blood, “Okay, you definitely need a hospital.” When he didn’t reply straight away you call his name, still examining the wound, “Tony?” You look up his boy to his face, to see his eyes closed, a little blood trail from his mouth, “No-no-no-no-no-!” You panicked and slapped his face gently, “Tony please!” You struggled with your emotions and tears started to fall, “Don’t you dare die on me!”

“[Y/N]!” Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy came running from the stairs, just as McGee came from the other side of the room, “[Y/N]! You in here?!”

“Gibbs!” You cried out, your voice sounding so scared and pathetic, “He-he’s not-”

“Come out of the way, sweetheart.” Ducky instructed softly, you were deposited into Gibbs arms while Ducky knelt beside Tony, “Anthony, Anthony can you hear me?”

“Tell me what happened.” Gibbs asked firmly but gently.

“I-I uh..” You ran a hand over your forehead, the blood from Tony now smeared over your skin, “It just happened…I don’t know, a bomb? How is everyone? Abby?”

“Abby’s fine. She’s with everyone outside.” McGee assured you and then glanced down to see blood coming from your arm and hip, “Uh…[Y/N]…you’re bleeding?”

Before you could protest, however, the paramedics had made their way in to get to Tony and now you. Both of you were taken out, Tony on a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance. You weren’t leaving his side.

You were given the all clear, a few stitches later you were waiting to hear back from Tony’s surgeon. Had been for the past three hours. McGee and Gibbs, along with Abby had come to stay with you. You were sat with your legs up in front of you in the waiting room. Gibbs moved his arm around you and you slowly leant against him, burying your head in his shoulder willing yourself to believe that Tony will make it.

It couldn’t come quick enough, the surgeon had come out still in his surgery scrubs and asked for the family of DiNozzo. You all stood, much to his confusion - he didn’t understand, you were a family. He told you all that it had been a success, they’d stopped the bleeding and he would make a full recovery.

You didn’t wait for an invitation, you moved passed the surgeon, into Tony’s room. It was dimly lit, he looked somewhat peaceful. You were glad to see there were no big wires or tubes coming from him, only the essentials. You took a seat, moving it closer to the bed and took his hand. You stayed like that while he slept. Eventually, everyone went home after making sure he was okay with their own eyes but you wouldn’t leave.

“You’ll get bad posture if you stay like that.” He said with a gritty voice, observing your slouched position with your head on the edge of the bed.

You head shot up, blinking a few times you couldn’t help the grin that came to your face, “You’re awake.”

“Either that or we’re both dreaming.” He quirked a half smile and you stood, leaving over, you gently kiss his lips, “I’m sorry. About before the explosion. I was being stupid. Extremely stupid.”

“Shh, it’s fine. Don’t worry. I’m just glad you’re okay.” You whispered, stroking his cheek, “I love you - despite you being stupid.” The laugh you were rewarded with turned into a grimace on both of your faces, “Sorry.” You mumbled for making him laugh.

“I love you too [Y/N]. More than you’ll know.” He murmured and squeezed your hand.

Tag list: @imagicana @lestradeslover @octxgonxl @irishavengersassemble

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 2

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 2

(Part 1)

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Bruce Wayne x Reader - Romantic Relationship

Jim Gordon x Reader - Father/Daughter Relationship

Jerome Valeska x Reader - Past Friendship

Word Count: 2868

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing, talk of murder

Summary: With the return of Jerome, it’s time for your boyfriend, Bruce, to finally hear about your past.  

Author’s Note: This is going to be a 4 or 5 part story, and I hope I can do it justice! Please be patient with me! These are also all going to be a bit lengthier, but I will try my best to not make them insanely long! I also made Bruce and the reader college aged. Not too old though. Maybe 17 or 18? I figured it would make more sense this way.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

4 years ago, you’re parents disappeared. They were times you heard them with people who were from the bad parts of town. You knew how bad the foster system would be, so you packed a backpack full of essentials and went on your own. It wasn’t until after you ran away that you found out just who your parents really were. They worked for one of the gang leaders in a city about an hour out from Gotham.

You didn’t really have any destination in mind. You just wandered for a while until you saw a flyer on a newsstand for Haly’s Circus. It was a traveling circus that was setting up for a weekend of shows at the local fairgrounds. You were able to crack into your parent’s lockbox and take some cash, so you weren’t worried about money yet. Why not go to the circus? Maybe it can be a movie moment where you actually run away with them.

You didn’t expect that last part to ring true.

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