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don’t ask me to say that i don’t love you


endless list of favorites relationships: Corvo Attano and Jessamine Kaldwin from Dishonored

Corvo, if only there was someone else I trusted to send so that you could remain near. When you are near my heart is at peace… Hurry home, and bring good news.


We change up, change up, c h a n g e  u p.

Emma nodded like that made perfect sense. Like you could feel the absence of someone.

You could. Sometimes, even when they were still there.

Killian shifted to face her, drawing his knees up. His robe was still upstairs, tossed carelessly at the side of his bed—he hadn’t exactly meant to set up down here. With a roll of her eyes, Emma tossed one end of her blanket to him, allowing enough slack that he could draw it over his knees too.- Chapter 5

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived

HP!Captain Swan AU by the lovely @thegladelf

Summary: Every young witch or wizard’s first year at Hogwarts is life-changing, but Killian doesn’t know just how life-changing it will be until he meets Emma Swan. OUAT/Harry Potter AU following Killian and Emma’s first year.
Word Count: 4.1k
Rating: G

First Chapters:AO3FF , & tumblr

More art for one of my collab for the @captainswanbigbang ! I have never studied hogwarts common rooms so closely before the pic. Also check out the artwork done by @prongsie for the fic.