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Fresh Start - Part 11

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon

Words: 2501

Warnings: none I think

Request: none

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Note: hello! I know there is no way to say how sorry I am and there’s no way to make it right for all this time. I really am sorry. As some of you may know Im at college and I’ve been doing exams the past month and I’ve been completely disconnected from Tumblr since it was a big distraction I can’t afford. Somehow  I’ve managed to finis this chapter which I hope you like if you’re still interedted n the series! My last exam is tomorrow so I’ll have some time off until Friday but Iwill be off during the weekened again because on Saturday is my graduation but I think next week I will be here again so thank you so much for your patience and I’m sorry for all this time without any update!

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That night you weren’t able to sleep. That sound The Flash has made really got stuck in your head. It sounded like Barry but that was impossible. Barry Allen couldn’t be the scarlet superhero, it just didn’t make sense. Plus, he would have told you right? You were his girlfriend after all and being a superhero was kind of a big deal. He wouldn’t keep something like that from you.

But what if he did?

At 4 a.m. you just couldn’t stay in bed any longer so you got up, made some coffee and sat at the table with your laptop to start digging now about Barry. You felt bad doing this. Asking him would be easier but you knew he would never tell you anything. He would just tell you to stop searching and that wasn’t an option.

Looking into Barry turned out to be even more frustrating than looking into The Flash. He was just a guy working for the CCPD, there was nothing about him except some news about some police cases in which he collaborated. Nothing else. When the sun was already up in the sky you were just exhausted but it was then when you found something you didn’t expect to find: Barry Allen was struck by a lightning the night the particle accelerator exploded.

When you read that, you changed your searching pattern and searched information about that night and about the boy who was struck by lightning. Indeed, that had been Barry and he had been in a coma for months. Apparently, when the accelerator exploded he was working in his lab. After a time of being treated at the hospital, STAR Labs took him in to take care of him and it was there where he woke up six months later. According to all the sources, he felt fine when he woke up, like nothing ever happened and he just went back to his life.

That was weird. He got struck by a fucking lightning and no side effects? Nothing? You could have kept on digging but you knew there was only one person that could answer your new questions and he wasn’t going to be happy about them. You got up from the chair, feeling sore after all those hours sitting down, and took a shower, got dressed and headed towards Barry’s house, ready to question him once and for all. He knew something about The Flash, you knew it, you felt it, and he was going to tell you what he knew.

Fifteen minutes later you parked in front of Barry’s house. After taking a deep breath, you got off the car, locked it and headed towards the door. You had to admit you were a bit nervous when you knocked. Barry wasn’t going to like it when he knew you had been investigating him but you really needed to get to the bottom of this. You just couldn’t let it go now.

“(Y/N)! What a nice surprise” Joe said with a warm smile when he opened the door.

“Morning, Mr West” you smiled back.

“Oh please, call me Joe and come in. We were just having breakfast so you can join us” he said stepping aside so you could walk in.

“Thanks Joe” you smiled walking in and looking around. You loved this place. It looked so familiar, so cosy, so…home.

“How’s everything at college?” He asked leading you towards the dining room where Barry was. “Look who showed up for breakfast” he announced.

Barry looked up from his phone and immediately he smiled before getting up. It looked like he just got up since his hair was all messy and he was wearing his pj’s. He was adorable.

“What are you doing here?”  He smiled wrapping his arms around you.

“I came to…” for a moment you considered just telling him but you didn’t want to cause a scene in front of Joe so you just looked at Barry and pecked his lips. “I wanted to have breakfast with you” you shrugged.

“Then join us” he smiled pecking your lips again. “I can assure you Joe’s pancakes are the best in town” he winked while you took a seat.

“He’s lying” Joe said. “They’re the best in the country” he added making you laugh.

“They do smell like they are” you laughed. “Where’s Iris?” You asked curious.

“She had to go to the paper this morning” Joe shrugged. “News never rest apparently”

he joked making you smile. It had been such a long time since you had a breakfast like this one. Back in Star City everything was too messy and busy to have such things like family breakfast. And you really missed them. You could remember those times at the old Queen mansion, before your dad and Oliver went missing, when the five of you used to sit all together to have breakfast almost every day. You used to think it was a bit boring and dull but now you would give everything you had just to enjoy one more breakfast with your family.

When you were finished, you insisted on cleaning up the table, ignoring Joe’s and Barry’s protests. It was the least you could do. Once it was done, Joe excused himself saying he had to go to the grocery store so you two sat on the couch.

“Those pancakes really were good” you admitted.

“I know” he smiled at you. “It was really nice having you here” he added stroking one side of your face.

You smiled warmly at him before leaning in to kiss him slowly, just enjoying the taste of his lips for a while, the feeling of his hand on your waist, rubbing it up and down, pulling you closer.

“Actually…” you mumbled pulling away. You had to do what you had come to do. “I wanted to talk to you” you said. He frowned a bit at the sudden seriousness and sat up straight.

“About what?” He asked.

Biting your lip you took your bag and took the new about him you had printed before going out of your apartment. It was the best one you had found about the lightning struck. He took the paper and unfold it to read it. His frown was even bigger as he saw what it was about. Seconds later, he looked up.

“You’ve been looking into me?” He asked.

“I…” you didn’t even know how to explain. Accusing him of being The Flash was just crazy but there was something in your stomach telling you they were connected. “Last night The Flash paid me a visit” you told him. His expression didn’t even change, like he already knew. “Did you have something to do with it?”

“I may have contacted him, yes” he shrugged. “Why look into me?”

“Because…” you bite your lip. “I think you two are connected and then I found this, which you never told me about, and…” with a sigh you closed your eyes. “Okay, I know this is crazy. But are you connected to him? Somehow?”

“The only reason I never told you about this is because it never came up and it’s not something I use to talk about” he shrugged. “But why on earth would I be connected to The Flash?”

“You contacted him last night” you said.

“The police has a way of contact him” he quickly replied. Too quickly.

“That’s bullshit” you snapped and you made him snap too.

“Stop! Stop looking into this! There is no connection! There is nothing connecting me and that guy and the only thing you are going to get is killed, don’t you understand?” He said getting up. You could see how frustrated he was with this. “He’s just a fucking superhero doing his job! Leave him be!”

“You know I won’t” you said getting up as well.

He looked down at you, almost intimidating you by how tall he actually was, but you managed to remain calmed.

“We can have this fight all the times you want, Barry, but I won’t stop until I find the truth. And I will find it” you assured him before taking your bag, the paper from his hand and heading towards the door. “Call me when you accept it” you said before walking out of his house.

Once you left the house, all Barry wanted to do was break something. He was too angry, too frustrated and too worried. He didn’t know what to do anymore. Maybe telling you was the best option but he just didn’t want you involved in that mess. You had a good life and he didn’t want to ruin it.

Since he was going crazy into the house, he got changed real quickly and ran off to STAR Labs, hoping they would be able to help him.

“You have to tell her” Cisco said as soon as Barry exposed the issue.

“I knew you were going to say that” Barry laughed shaking his head.

“It’s the most logical answer” Caitlin shrugged. “What has happened to your previous relationships?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“That’s low” Barry mumbled crossing his arms.

“That’s the true” Caitlin said with a shrug.

“I’m aware that telling her would make this easier but it would also put her in danger” Barry explained.

“She’s more in danger looking into The Flash without any warning” Cisco objected.

“She’s been warned a million times already!” Barry exclaimed.

“But she doesn’t know why she’s been warned. For her, your ‘warnings’ are an overprotective boyfriend move to ‘keep her safe’”, Caitlin said. “There’s no real danger for her” she added.

Barry frowned looking at the friends. They were right. Utterly right but still, he didn’t want to tell you. It was too dangerous.

“What if a new villain comes, finds out about her and attacks her?” Barry asked.

“If she knew you were The Flash, she would be able to call for help” Cisco replied. Right again. With a sigh, Barry shook his head still not knowing what to do even when he knew what was the right thing to do. “Enough of this. Barry, the police needs you” Cisco said looking at his phone. “Robbery in progress” he added. In a second, Barry was into his suit and running out of the laboratory.

Meanwhile, you were back in your apartment. You knew you should be doing some college stuff but you were really getting obsessed with The Flash. You weren’t going to stop until you found out everything about him. He had some explanation left about Black Siren and you were to get it, even if you had to do it all by yourself. You were going through every single web site that talked about The Flash. It didn’t matter if it was just a sentence mentioning him. Everything could be a lead and you needed everything you could find.

“Where do you come from?” You asked yourself. He just appeared out of nowhere but he had to come out from some place. If you found that place, you could go there and wait for him. He would have no way out.

Frustrated, you got up and went to the kitchen to pour yourself another cup of coffee. There had to be some hint, anything trail that lead you to him. He wasn’t a ghost. He was a real person.

“A trail…” you mumbled frowning. “Of course!

”You went back to your laptop and looked for Iris’ blog about him. She used to say there was a lightning trail when he ran somewhere, like it followed him. That was the key. It had to be. Finally you saw some photos and smiled. You couldn’t see him but there was that strike just behind him. If you could find out where that strike started you would find him.

It wasn’t an easy job. You had to find every single photo related to The Flash and put it all together, trying to make a puzzle. Most of them just got lost in random places that made no sense, like Jitters or CCPD. But then, you discovered a new place. One you never thought about and you definitely should have done it. STAR Labs.

It was an article about Harrison Wells. He used to work at STAR Labs. He had been the inventor of the particle accelerator. He worked in STAR Labs. He had treated Barry and he had been interviewed about The Flash a couple of years ago. According to the article, Wells denied any connection to the super hero but admitted he must had been affected by the particles explosion. That was it.

The Flash was connected to STAR Labs. Whoever worked there had the answer you had been looking for.

Immediately, you took your car keys and ran down to your car. There was no time to lose. Luckily, STAR Labs were easy to find: it was a huge ugly building on the other side of the river. Easy to see. When you parked outside of the building and got out of the car you looked around. There was just a car. Nothing else. According to what you read, the Labs had been closed since the accelerator incident so you didn’t expect many people in there.

Finally, you gathered the courage to walk into the building. It looked completely abandoned, like no one had been there in years which was possibly true, but your instinct told you to keep walking. At the end of the hall, you saw an elevator. Would it work? Biting your lip, you pressed the button and soon the doors opened. It looked almost new and it definitely had been used before. There was just a button that would take you to the basement so you pushed it without thinking about it twice.

What you found out of the elevator didn’t look abandoned at all. Someone worked there and you could even hear some voices down the hall which made you nervous. Maybe you were about to meet The Flash.

“Wow, you really were fast this time” a male voice said when you walked in a room where two people were in front of very advanced computers. The guy that had talked turned around in his chair, but his face went pale when he saw you. “Security breach” he said, making the girl on the chair turn as well.

“Oh shit” she said.

Then, there was a strong gust of wind all around you. The guy and the girl didn’t even flinch, like they were used to that but when you saw the scarlet strike running by your side you gasped and looked up. You had it right. But you never expected what you saw.

“Barry?” You whispered when you saw the guy under the hood.

It wasn’t until you said his name that he noticed your presence and, when he did, a billion expressions went through his face in one second: confusion, shock, surprise, anger and finally fear.

“(Y/N)” he mumbled. 

Checking In

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and especially my mom, I love you!

Reece graduates from high school next Saturday, he’s valedictorian and I’m so proud of him.

I used to share all my thoughts here, now I write them all down in a journal. I find writing everything out is a lot more enjoyable. I usually write in the journal 5 days a week, I’m writing my thoughts on my life now and my memories from my life. I’m hoping whoever finds them in the future will enjoy them.

It’s been 6 years since I started Tumblr, a lot has happened in these 6 years. Ups and downs but I’m very happy. I miss talking to everyone but it feels good to have a life that’s not on the internet.

So I had my highschool graduation ceremony this Saturday! (I don’t actually graduate till next month, though …) So here is me in my grad dress (`・ω・´)

Hopefully now I’ll have a bit more time to draw before finals arrive 10/10, but yeah! I usually don’t post off topic things here but why not, it’s a thing to celebrate

Hey Tay, it’s Lauren! I wanted to tell you that I miss you and love you so much it’s unbelievable. ALSO I graduate nursing school next Saturday and it’s important that you know that! Glad you’re having a blast in Australia, I’m super jealous you got to visit the Steve Irwin zoo!!! Love you!!