i gotta print this on the wall

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tbh you (and others) need to stop making such amazing art bc i don't have enough devices to have everyone's stuff as backgrounds. tbh i'm just going to have to start printing things and putting them on my wall at this rate (lol jk, please keep up your amazing work!!)

print them all out anon. make a wallpaper. plaster it on everything u own. if you’re passionate about something u gotta commit sir 

I love this spoiler image because

Jean’s like ‘gOTTA SAVE EREN’

Levi’s like 'gOTTA SAVE EREN’

And Connie’s just like *nervously grabs abs*

Starting a photo collage section of my wall in my bedroom, featuring a framed print of @drisrt’s Shiro (aka a very beautiful piece of artwork that I have issues tearing my eyes away from) ❤️

Dude you gotta keep drawing so my eyes can appreciate something like dude you’re amazing and I love you and your artwork just I have no words like dude. Much appreciation.

· [ friday, september 9th ] ·

Am I cheating if I post this on Saturday? Nevermind haha, yesterday I decided to print out some art to put it up on the wall and I couldn’t be happier with all the drawings and paintings I found. Also, cheeky bottle of water making an appearance! I’m quite surprised there is just one bottle, because I normally have them all around, you gotta stay hydrated right? 


Finally can post these, gah! it took forever for those frames to come in and I’m glad they arrived.

This is all JitterbugJive’s artwork framed and on my wall, specifically my Dr Who section of the wall.

And I’ve gotta find a new place for one of the others, either the matt smith piece or the sonic blueprints as I’m buying something else Whovian related that I want.

And I just had to do that Luna/Nightmare Moon bit, knew when I bought the Luna one that I had the Nightmare Moon alternate-if he does it in larger size I’d get that so it can look proper yin/yang.

Anyway here’s his redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/shop/jitterbug+jive+t-shirts

His Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JitterbugsCorner

And if you’re a fan you’ll know the plethora of his tumblrs and dA page he has.