i gotta play it again sometime

  • Snow: 8 inches? 9?
  • Temperature: 19 degrees and falling
  • Baby: Staying put for a few more weeks. Currently snoring into my armpit with avocado squished in her neck fat creases. Oops.
  • Grace: Feisty. We might have paid Pete to take her outside in the snow. Our adventure duo.
  • Smash: Refused offers of playing in the snow. Put on his slippers and disappeared into his bed-tent to binge watch Mythbusters.
  • Pete: Up at 5:45. Lied about it, claiming he thought it was 7. Yeah, ok. In the snow by 8. Back out with Grace at 10. Good kid. Sometimes.
  • Wife: Won Yahtzee. Again. Always.
  • Me: Napping with the baby. Gotta create bad habits before she leaves, right? Sigh.
  • Also me: Pretending grad school doesn't exist. What's a thesis?
  • Young dog: Spending the day whining about cold toes, eating chunks of snow off kid snow gear, and taking extra naps.
  • Old dog: Loves snow more than life itself. Sore from attempting romps. Staring longingly out the window while also positioning self over heat vent.
  • Cats: Cold. Pissed.
  • Chickens: Cold. Pissed.

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Can I see some angst?

Why, my dear, sweet anon. You have come to the right place! I’m not sure what AUs you want, but I’ll just go with basic Undertale. That alright? 


- There was several runs, once upon a timeline, where only Papyrus was killed. Over and over and over and over. He’s gotta say, that’s worse than the genocide runs.

- Sans, once on the surface, is even more terrified of resets than before. Because, he knows one day, he’ll just wake up in Snowdin. It’s not just a possiblity. It’s a fact. 

After all

You’ve done it before, haven’t you?

Just to play it over again and again

Sometime to just keep giving us that happy ending

Before taking it away again.

- And the worst part? He gets this feeling, sometimes. That maybe, maybe. Frisk isn’t real. That they never were themselves. That it was just someone pulling the strings, just like how Chara kept reseting.

- So, what does that mean? If their savior and their murderer is not real? Then who does he blame?

Is there anyone to blame?

Is-Is it his fault?

Did he do something, in one timeline, so horrendous that he deserves this torture?


- That small flower is so nice to him! Telling him all these compliments! But.. The way he talks.. It’s not like anyone he’s ever known! Does this mean…

He finally has a friend, other than Sans?

Does someone like him?

- He started making spaghetti because he heard a healthy meal can help people get stronger, and since Sans only has 1 HP he needs a lot of healthy meals!

- But Sans HP hasn’t risen! His spaghetti must not be good enough! He’ll just have to keep trying for his brother! He’ll… He’ll fix this. He’ll do this right. Something right, for once.

- Sometimes if he hasn’t seen Sans in a while, Papyrus will do something embarrassing so Sans will plague his life with incidental music. Just to know he’s okay.

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oOOHH GOOD LUCK WITH THE BLOG! Do you mind if i send a vERY long matchup? I'm a INFP, aquarius, i'm curious and daydream a lot but i'm also quite pessimistic and have a bad temper. I'm quite shy but try to play it cool and it comes off awfully, i'm actually pretty friendly! I just sometimes look scary and like i'm angry but i'm not! Not always at least lmao. I love plants but everytime i have one they always die and that makes me sad :( i'm loyal to death, and i love feeling protected. (1/2)

“ (2/2) sometimes i’m quite oblivious, especially towards romantic stuff. Unless someone tells me things straight as they are i probably won’t get it! I like playing video games and drawing and playing the piano and guitar. I’m also a lil bit smart but i’m too lazy to actually make an effort, but sometimes i do! i pet all the dogs. I also make moutains out of molehills sometimes. I AM A MEME LORD AND I LOVE FEELING PROTECTED. Again good luck my friend<3″

Thanks for your wishes! So far things are going quite well and I’m having alot of fun:) Anyway after some thought I’m thinking that….

Potential Match could be: Giorno Giovanna! 

Originally posted by i-kick-ass-for-the-lord

- Due to your romantic obliviousness and Giorno’s determination to reach his goals, the two of you wouldn’t realize that you both had romantic feelings for each other until practically everyone in the Passione Gang had to lock the two of you in a spare closet

- When the two of you finally get together Giorno, knowing your love for plants, will bring home different flowers and rare plants that he finds just for you. And the best part is if you accidentally kill them, he’ll have no problem using Golden Experience to revive them! (sometimes making them even better than before)

- Much like you, Giorno also can appear to be intimidating or scary to people who don’t know him. So when you and Giorno go out its actually quite funny to see how some people react. But if coming off this way is something that bugs you Giorno is quick to reassure you of your kind spirit and that if others just judge you by appearance before even knowing you, then they are “too stupid for your time to begin with Y/N”

- In his free time, loves to sit with you and either listen to you play guitar or sit with you as you play on the piano bench. This peaceful alone time usually turning into a passionate make-out session if the mood is right, and if no one (like Mista) interrupts the two of you lol

- Also it’s well known that biologically he is technically the son of Jonathan, but oh man you can really see DIO in this boy if someone trys to harm or insult you! Besides his Gangster-Star rep and his fearsome stand, Giorno has always been a loyal friend willing to lay down his life for those he considers to be family and friends if need be. And for you it’s no different. He’ll show no mercy to the one who try’s to attack you. Seriously, it’s all “MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA! from there!

Hope this is ok:)

Mod Golden


At least 150 or more to see
To be a Pokemon Master is my DESTINY!

I finished these guys sometime in August last year and finally got around to putting them all together in one post. Pokemon was a HUGE part of my childhood. It feels good to finally draw ‘em all. ^_^

not too sure if I’ll ever take on a set this big again but I did love playing Pokemon Gold… we’ll see.

PS. I’ve got some sticker sheets of these guys. I’ll get them up online somewhere if anyone out there is interested.

Lyric Sentence Starter

I fall asleep with the lights on.
You gotta be open minded.
Hey, sweetie. I hope you’re good tonight.
Sometimes I think I’m going crazy.
Don’t blink. They won’t miss you at all.
____, don’t cry.
I’ll be there just to watch you fall.
And now you wish that you meant something.
You know you’re just another one of my mistakes.
Heart means everything.
I hope you make peace with your pain.
Lazy lover find a place for me again.
You know I would wait forever.
God, I’m sick of sleeping alone.
Am I messed up?
They keep playing sad songs on the radio.
Whiskey princess, drink me under, pull me in.
I woke up in a stranger’s bed.
You’re salty like a summer’s day.
I’m dying to live.
I’m trying to clean up the mess I’ve made.
Tell my friends we won’t be long.
Give me one good reason.
Baby, I’m a fucking waste.
If you feel the same way then how can we be friends?
You’ll be the end of me.
I’m a cliche in a song.
What’s so good about picking up the pieces?
I’m thinking something’s gotta give.
I’m over getting older.
Turn a page, I’m a book half unread.
Stop fucking around with my emotions.
I have the hardest time resisting you at all.