i gotta lose weight now

I am going to once again attempt to watch what I eat through weight watchers. The holidays are coming up and the season feels are getting here, which means my dad wants to make pudding pies and my sister makes cookies and my mom buys ice cream and hot cocoa and I’m like !!!! Not being successful when this is all around me. I really hope I can stay consistent since I can’t work out.

okay so i knew i’d lost weight from how sick i’ve been during this month but wow… checked my weight today and 8 kilos. i’ve lost 8 kilos

21/11/17 - 10:20pm

So I’ve only had 200cals?!

I just haven’t been hungry

I was gonna go home and have tea but I think I might just sleep?!

Also I have a hella crush on someone so I gotta lose this weight more than ever now