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messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this

A Ghost at the Back of Your Closet 

In which Framework!Fitz is confused about her motivations, and Jemma is trying, really, she is, but her body is still operating like it thinks he’s the enemy.

2352 words 

cw for a mention of childhood abuse, and discussion of the attack in 4x15 

read on AO3 

“I need a shower,” Daisy groans out, rubbing her hands down her face. She flops back on the seedy motel bed, eyes pointed toward the white, popcorn ceiling in a withering stare. “Why do I even need a shower? We’re in the fucking Matrix, none of this is real. Yet still, I smell. It’s completely unfair.”

Jemma sits at the foot of the bed, inspecting the map they’ve drawn on the wall (it’s not like it’ll matter, once they shut the framework down. What’s a little destruction of private property in the grade scheme of things?). Each of the team’s locations are marked with pushpins, along with lists of all the information they’ve managed to gather on them. It’s not enough, Jemma knows. They need more.

“You do smell a little.”

Hey,” Daisy whines.

Jemma turns back to her, blinking innocently. “What? I said ‘a little’.”

“Whatever.” Daisy pushes off the bed, walks backwards toward the bathroom. She raises an eyebrow at Fitz, who’s sitting on the other bed. “You two gonna be okay without adult supervision for a little while?”

Jemma freezes. She and Fitz, this Fitz—Leo, he’s called here, though she refuses to call him that, even in her head—haven’t been alone together since they finally managed to convince him to come along. She knows what Daisy’s implying, and Jemma wishes she wouldn’t. She’s more than a little uncomfortable with the idea. This isn’t Fitz. Her Fitz. That’s what she tells herself is the problem, anyway.

“Yeah- uh- yeah, we’ll be fine,” Fitz says when she doesn’t speak, when it’s gotten just a little uncomfortable.

Daisy eyes them both, then holds up her hands, retreating to the bathroom.

Jemma doesn’t turn around to look at him. She knows what she’ll see. He’ll be sitting there, looking so much like Fitz but so not, so, so out of place in his posh suit and scarf. Looking like a person who would never set foot in a motel of all places, which he’d voiced when they’d arrived. He’s close, but he’s not Fitz. So she doesn’t look.

Plus, he might be looking back at her. She doesn’t know exactly why, but that’s the last thing she wants.

So she just focuses on the work in front of her. Not that she’ll figure out anything new just by staring at the same slips of paper they have been for the last two days, but still. The effort matters.

He waits until the water is running in the shower before he speaks. His presence alone is stifling, but his voice is something even more jarring.

“Why do you want me back?” he asks, and of all things it’s not what she expected. It confuses her enough that she looks back at him. He’s watching her carefully, thoughtfully, not really looking at her eyes but lower on her face, and it’s so Fitz-like that she wants to cry.


“I- He- obviously wasn’t very good to you. Why do you even want him back?”

Her eyebrows draw together, mouth popping open in confusion. “Where are you getting that? Fitz is never anything but good to me.”

“You flinch.”

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So @prezdabeast and @porkcutletfatale and some of our other friends watched Love Actually tonight and it was. Well. It was something. Like, it was Heterosexuals: The Movie. And then @prezdabeast got upset that they used a Beach Boys song in the airport reunion scene so I said I’d fix it for her.

So here it is.






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love is coal | the missing pieces

or, an entirely un-necessary  companion in Hobi’s perspective to “the constant changing state of us.” perhaps read that first.

3,006 words | A TRIFECTA (comedy/drama/romance)
featuring bff yoongi
warnings for language

in case u wanted more dialogue idk sorry guys

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Hoseok blinks at Yoongi, the cogs in his head unmoving.

“But she hates me,” he finally says after a long silence.

Yoongi sighs. “No, she doesn’t hate you. I think she thinks she does, but I know she doesn’t. She hates that stupid shit from high school and she holds a grudge like no one else. If she hated you, she’d never even do me the favor of being in your presence when I want to hang out with both of you.”

“She told me my laugh sounds like two pieces of styrofoam squeaking against one another.”

The simile makes Yoongi laugh and roll his eyes. “She’s dramatic.”

“She should have majored in theatre instead of business,” Hoseok responds dryly. “If she doesn’t hate me, I’ll eat my hat.”

“Well, let it be one of your bucket hats, then, you’ve got too many of those.”

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If I Never Knew You (Jake x MC)

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Prompt: Round 14 of Choices Creates-Disney Songs! The song I chose is “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas (my fave Disney song ever).

Summary: Jake reflects on the time he’s spent with MC, and gives a final goodbye.

Warning: It’s sad, and I kind of hate myself for it.

*Author’s Note* I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this week’s ChoicesCreates so far! Your creative works and enthusiasm are incredible, and I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing, talented fandom! I also want to say a special thank you to the amazing and wondeful @hollyashton for creating this carnival and for giving me the opportunity to host this week! It’s been an absolute blast!!!!

This isn’t my best work, but I haven’t written anything in several weeks and wanted to do something for this week’s prompt. Feedback is definitely welcome and greatly appreciated! Thank you guys! I really hope you enjoy! :)


Princess/Boy Scout,

By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone. I know you don’t understand right now, and you gotta know this isn’t how I wanted this to end, but it’s for the best. I need you to know that I don’t regret any moment I’ve spent with you, but we both knew it was inevitable that our time together would come to an end and we’d go our separate ways.

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What I love about what is happening right now

I just gotta say: I know many on Tumblr are very disappointed with this season, but I love it. I love how this season shows everyone that Sana is really just a normal Norwegian teenager. Of course her religion is very important and a big part of her, but it does not define her entire being. And I think what is happening now is really important: Sana is actually struggling with her religion, maybe not consciously, but unconsciously. She’s doing bad stuff and betraying her friends, turning away from everything she said in “Det beste fra Islam”: about being a good person, caring for others, being thankful and helping others. She’s lost her focus right now, she’s lost an important part of herself and forgotten about some of her values, and this is happening during Ramadan. I believe part of the reason SKAM is not including much about Ramadan right now, is to demonstrate how Sana actually is struggling, but I’m sure we will see her grow from this. We’ll see her find herself and her relationship with Islam once again, and I believe we will see much more of her religion then, also Ramadan. I’m looking forward to it!

What went down in The Puppeteer
  • Manon: hey Marinette come play with these dolls
  • Marinette: why is there a small child in my room
  • Marinette: what did I do to deserve this
  • Manon: I'm here to play with dolls and also get akumatized and wreck literally everything in the most epic way
  • Marinette: well at least you're up front about it
  • Marinette: so can you get on that
  • Manon: nah, first I'm gonna spend ten minutes playing with dolls
  • Marinette: can I fast-forward to the epic fight scenes
  • Manon: nope
  • Marinette: and get the f**k away from my stuff
  • Manon: no, come play with the dolls!
  • Marinette: ok so this little guy is mr Rogercop and he says to get the f**k away from my g*****n stuff you little s**t
  • Manon: I need an adult...
  • Marinette: c'mon, that was a pretty good Roger impression
  • Manon: I'm literally five
  • Marinette: right
  • Nadja: ok Manon it's time to go
  • Manon: no I wanna steal Marinette's dolls
  • Nadja: no, stealing is wrong Manon
  • Manon: but Marinette steals phones all the time! is that wrong?
  • Marinette: huh um well idk what she's talking about
  • Nadja: hey where did my phone go?
  • Marinette: that was a close one
  • Marinette: now imma go ride a train with Alya
  • Manon: plot twist, I stole the Lady Wifi doll!
  • Nadja: this was to be expected
  • Nadja: and as such, the doll will be removed from your possession
  • Manon: dangit
  • Hawkmoth: hey Manon do you wanna get your doll back
  • Manon: isn't that stealing?
  • Hawkmoth: it's not stealing if you don't get caught
  • Manon: I don't think that's how stealing works
  • Hawkmoth: come on, just become the f**king Puppeteer already
  • Manon: I need an adult...
  • Hawkmoth: I am an adult
  • Manon: really? ok then, let's do this!
  • Marinette: why is Adrien on this train
  • Alya: I really have no idea
  • Alya: but maybe you should stop staring at him
  • Puppeteer: Lady Wifi, come to life!
  • Alya: *transforms*
  • Marinette: oh freakin no
  • Lady Wifi: *shoots internet at Marinette*
  • Adrien: welp better hide and transform
  • Plagg: where can we hide
  • Adrien: how about in the place where the engineer drives the train
  • Plagg: oh f**k yes
  • Plagg: *begins to drive the train at a worryingly high speed*
  • Adrien: Plagg, claws out!
  • Plagg: friiiiiiiick
  • Chat Noir: *stops train, Spider-Man style*
  • Chat Noir: aaaaaaaand, Lady Wifi got away
  • Chat Noir: I am good at this
  • Lady Wifi: *ascends to the highest point of the building*
  • Lady Wifi: *begins broadcast*
  • Lady Wifi: hey Paris! I'm Lady Wifi, coming at you live with NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
  • Bystanders: oh holy s**t it's a rickroll, run away!
  • Hawkmoth: maybe get back on track, Puppeteer?
  • Puppeteer: yeah that's what I've been trying to tell her
  • Ladybug: fite me Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: lemme steal these dolls first
  • Ladybug: stealing is wrong, Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: says the person who just stole my phone
  • Ladybug: admit it, I'm good at this
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly that isn't there which is defs a bad thing that means Lady Wifi is gonna wreck me now
  • Lady Wifi: *takes dolls and ollies outy*
  • Ladybug: that was unexpected
  • Chat Noir: *miscellaneous bad flirting*
  • Ladybug: yeah you were very helpful back there
  • Chat Noir: ikr
  • Ladybug: now let's follow Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: *rejoins Puppeteer and hands over the dolls*
  • Puppeteer: now I'm gonna win!
  • Chat Noir: *air guitar*
  • Ladybug: no that wasn't meant as a song cue, Chat Noir
  • Chat Noir: oh
  • Puppeteer: you're too late, Ladybug
  • Puppeteer: even now, I have reinforcements on the way
  • Ladybug: then I guess we'll have to stop you before they get here
  • Evillustrator: HEY GUYS
  • Evillustrator: hey Roger, did you see that? I got a dramatic moment! I finally didn't screw it up!!!
  • Rogercop: yeah of course I f**kin saw
  • Rogercop: it was decidedly mediocre
  • Ladybug: oh noes there are a bunch of them
  • Puppeteer: and also Chat Noir
  • Puppeteer: your luck's run out, Ladybug
  • Ladybug: I think you'll find I always have one last trick up my sleeve
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Puppeteer: wow so unexpected, we defs never saw that coming
  • Puppeteer: Chat Noir, do you wanna take that?
  • Chat Noir: cataclysm!
  • Chat Noir: *leaps at lucky charm*
  • Ladybug: *punches Chat Noir in the face*
  • Chat Noir: wow rood
  • Ladybug: don't f**k with my lucky charms
  • Ladybug: and it's a...power strip, thats useful
  • Puppeteer: maybe you could use it as a second yoyo?
  • Ladybug: that's not how a power strip works
  • Ladybug: whatever
  • Ladybug: I'll just fight you all on my own
  • Ladybug: and it's five against one, but I'll take you all down
  • Ladybug: because I'm the f**kin Miraculous Ladybug
  • Ladybug: and I am JUST
  • Ladybug: THAT
  • Ladybug: BADASS
  • Ladybug: *pulls Lady Wifi's phone out of her pocket and freezes Puppeteer*
  • Ladybug: *whistles her own theme song*
  • Ladybug: *breaks wand*
  • Ladybug: bye bye, little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: you know, your suit doesn't have pockets to hide a phone in
  • Ladybug: I really don't care
Undesirable // Part Two

I hope you guys like it, any feedback is appreciated!

Based off of this post.

Part One // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six

My Writing

Not much about Harry had changed after the war.

He was still the hero, the savior. He was still always looked at to take charge and solve everyone’s problems. He still felt like he wasn’t good enough, like he could always do something more, be something more. He still felt obligated to drop everything to help someone else, yet never thought to maybe take a break for a while to help himself. He was still damaged.

Harry was beginning to grow tired and having to live up to everyone’s expectations, though. He was sick of only ever being looked at as the Savior of the Wizarding World, The Chosen One, or any other titles people came up with for him. No one ever saw passed that. No one ever wanted to see who he really was. No one wanted to get to know Harry, just Harry.

He found it funny, actually. When he was young, he wanted to be anyone but Harry. He didn’t want to be the ordinary boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. He wanted to be something more, something special. But now, well the tables really have turned. He would give anything to go back and just be a normal wizard, rather than the one who had the responsibility of saving the world placed upon his shoulders at the measly age of eleven. He never truly got to enjoy his child, or his life, for that matter, and he still has yet to be able to do so.

All Harry wanted was to settle down with someone who loved him, truly loved him, and to be happy. He knew that wasn’t likely, though. He knew people only ever wanted to be with because of who he was, his reputation, his fame. He used to go out on dates, tried to find that person who really just enjoyed him, but he gave up when he realized he was searching in vain. No one cared about who he really was. Many of them just wanted to get in bed with him, to brag about the fact that they shagged the Savior of the Wizarding World, but Harry wouldn’t stand for that. He wouldn’t allow himself to be disrespected like that. So he just kind of stopped dating altogether.

He tried not to be bitter about it. Really, he did. But it was just so hard sometimes. It was so hard to watch people living their lives, being happy, not being forced to conform to how society wanted to mold them. It just wasn’t fair. After everything he had done, didn’t he deserve that? Just the smallest sliver of joy and contentment? Didn’t he deserve a break? Didn’t he deserve to have someone who loved him for him? Didn’t he deserve to be left alone for once in his life, to be able to go out and not be hounded by the press or have desperate men and women throwing themselves at him?

Harry thought he deserved that. To just taste a bit of real happiness. But he was still waiting. Waiting for when someone would come along and show him that it was okay to feel this way, to want to be happy, and to give him that happiness.

He had tried. Tried to make himself happy. But he just couldn’t. It was so hard, especially when he was just alone with his thoughts. But the idea of having someone who accepted his demons and still loved him gave him hope for happiness. It may not be close, but he hoped that one day he could find that person who would bring out the best in him, the Harry in him, rather than the Savior.

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Roman Reigns One Shot - The New Girl

I took a deep breath as I knocked on The Shield’s locker room door, wishing I was anywhere but here right now.  I had taken an offer from the WWE to head up their Social Media division and it was proving to be quite challenging already but for different reasons that I had expected. I had only been on the job for a month and already I dreaded seeing him. I heard footsteps on the other side of the door and when he opened it he just stared at me for a second, his grey eyes cold. “Yeah?” he muttered.

“We’re scheduled for a Twitter Q&A in an hour, just making sure you remembered since you didn’t respond to my text.” I looked him straight in the eye, refusing to back down.

“I’ll be there,” he grumbled as he turned away and closed the door in my face.

This had been going on since my first day on the job. When I was introduced to Roman Reigns he had taken me in from head to toe, stuck his hand out to shake mine and then turned on his heel and walked away. Ever since then, he had done nothing but ignore me or snap at me and I have no idea why. I’d done nothing wrong and it appeared that he simply hated me for existing, which seemed a touch ridiculous.  From everything I heard, he was one of the sweetest guys and a locker room favorite among the guys and the women but I had yet to see that side of him. The side that didn’t treat people like dirt.

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A Really Long, but Heartfelt Letter on Epilepsy

Just wanted to address self esteem and epilepsy. (This can apply to other chronic illnesses as well)

Anyway, there are going to be days where you feel like absolutely shit. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I mean you probably already know this.
There will be seizure days; post seizure days; medicine side effect days; and honestly, days you don’t really even know why you feel like crap, nor can you really describe it, but you just do, and it really fucking sucks.

You will be tired. You will ache. Your head will undoubtedly be contorting itself. And to top it all off, this will very likely effect you emotionally.

I mean, how could it not? No one WANTS to feel like this. It’s disorienting, disabling, and “uncomfortable” and a vast understatement. So yeah, it’s a little upsetting to say the least.

Cause you’re not lazy. If anything you’re the complete opposite. You work so ducking hard everyday to live the shit of your life (cause let’s be real here, if you didn’t love living life, you would not try so fucking hard everyday to keep up). You have you dreams, your goals, your aspirations. Hell, you probably have a lot more will power than your peers, but no one would ever know it, since you’ve got SO many obstacles to tackle just to get out the door. It’s completely unfair.

And what’s worse, is if you live with someone, you feel like a dead weight. Unless they really understand what’s going on with you (and really, how could they? Unless they’re a spoonie themselves?) there are so many times where you feel like you have to justify your exhaustion. Or explain -for the 50th time- how the side effects of your pills cripple you at times-but the idea of starting the grail quest of finding the next set of medicines is what has kept you from finding anything better.

Epilepsy sucks. As we all know. Not only for its initial medical reasons, but for the sense of guilt, fear, anxiety, and depression that it can bring with it.

Well let me tell you something else. You, my friend, are amazing. I know you’re best kept secret - that you’re in fact the opposite of “lazy” and kick ass on a daily basis. (Which makes you basically like batman, cause he was a superhero that never took much credit? So congrats. You’re batman, you bad ass, you.)

I know that you have a lot of things to take into consideration on those evenings you go out. It’s tough, it can be scary, but you nail it everytime.

I know that you’ve looked fear and anxiety in the face and said “no thank you. Hmm maybe later? I gotta finish this thing right now. Yes, yes, I know I’m having auras, but we can freak out later, thank you,” because you know that if auras scared you every time you had them, you could not finish school, or go to work, or have that date that you were looking forward to. And of course they’re scary, but the fact that you don’t let them get to you every time makes you the personification of bravery.

And there’s one last thing that I know for sure. It is super easy to get embarrassed over having seizures and whatnot. It’s really easy to feel weak. (Hell, I let it get to me way more than I could admit), but there’s no reason to. It’s medical. It has nothing to do with your character. Your seizures, your pills, those forgotten words or that bit tongue - none of them make you YOU: they are all things that exist along WITH you, but they are not a part of you. And if anyone gives you shit for it, they’re being an ableist prick. You’re not an epileptic. Your a person. A person with dreams, potential, strengths, and weaknesses-one of which so happens to be a lowered seizure threshold. That is all.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and an amazing November. Let’s make sure to spread the (self) love and knowledge this epilepsy awareness month. 💜

Captain Fantastic Spastic

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Sequel to the Barry one where Barry talks to Reader about Kara?

Originally posted by hawkwoman

Sequel to this imagine

“Hey! Y/N, wait up!” You stooped when you heard your best friend call after you.

“Hey Barry, what’s up? Are we ready to go take down sparky and shreiky?” You joked, remembering hearing him nickname them that.

He chuckled before continuing. “Uh, almost. I actually wanted to talk to you about something first.”

“Ok. Shoot.” You said as you sat down with him.

“What do you think about Kara? Do you like her?”

“Kara? Uh, yeah sure. She’s really nice and sweet, she has cool powers, she’s willing to help us get back home, why wouldn’t I like her?”

“No, not like that. I mean, do you like her?”

You sighed as you caught onto what he was saying. “Barry, we just met. Yeah, I think she’s cute, but-”

“Ah!” Barry interrupted. “You think she’s cute, that’s all I need!”

“Barry, you’re treading dangerous waters here.” You started to explain. “We’re from different worlds. Even if I were to go out with her, it would never last. Besides, she wouldn’t even like me like that. She’s straight and has a crush on that James guy.”

“Don’t worry about the different worlds thing right now. Who knows when we’ll get back.”

“We gotta go back, Bar.”

“I know, and we will. But, we’re not right now, so why not try it out? And don’t even worry about her not liking you, because I got on good authority that she does.”

“What? Why-”

Before you could finish, a bright red light and a siren began blasting throughout the DEO, making both you and Barry stand up and pull on your masks. Kara came rushing in at that moment.

“We found Livewire and Silver Banshee. They’re in the park and they got Cat, my boss.” Kara said looking at you, before blushing at seeing you in your full suit and turning to Barry.

Well, that’s interesting.

“Race ya?” You said to Barry after taking your mind off of Kara. You got a mission to complete after all.

“Always a competition with you.” Barry said before the three of you sped off.

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Hamilton/Burr, 20

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

“Yeah, Baby, I’ll see you later tonight. No, no, I can’t right now, I gotta ditch Aaron. Mhm, I know. I will baby, I will. See you tonight. I know, I know. Wear what I like, Doll. Okay, Goodbye.“

Aaron took a choked breath, rushing to quietly go to their bathroom and shut the door. He’s doing it again. Hamilton promised him he’d never do it again– that he could trust him.

“Baby? Hey, Sweetie? Hubby-hub? You in the bathroom?” Alexander.

“Yes.” Aaron said, pressing his back against the door and squeezing his eyes shut. The nicknames hurt. He wasn’t being sweet because he loved him, he wasn’t being sweet these past few months because he wanted to hang out with the boys and have a guy’s night out.

“The boss called me in, I gotta go.” Alexander said so casually. Aaron almost believed him. He tried forcing the logic into the phone call he listened onto– he tried to lace it all through each word. Alexander still loved him. Alexander wasn’t cheating on him with Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or even John Laurens– he wasn’t doing it again. He wasn’t tossing away their years of marriage for the same men he had long before said marriage.

“Okay.” Aaron said, forcing himself to be as calm as possible.

“See you tonight Baby– Maybe I can wake you up to something special?” He had the audacity to sound flirtatious.

“Yeah. See you tonight, Alex.” Burr said, swallowing thickly and slid down the door. He could hear Alexander chuckle and walk away, then the slight creak of the door opening and thump of it shutting. Aaron took a shaky breath, shakingly raising his hand over to pick up his phone from his pocket and dialed the first number he could make out through his tears. He raised the phone to his ear.

“Hello? Aaron? Do you need something?”

“H-Hey, M-Maria, can I… stay with you tonight?”