i gotta do something to alleviate the boredom

anonymous asked:

Are you always pleased with the work you upload? Because you do generate a lot of drawings, and I find I can't do that because I get very picky with whats good enough. ps youre great

not at all! I don’t equate generating a lot of work with being pleased with it. There is a lot of stuff I draw and keep private, I might not be pleased with the end result, might hate it, but the making of it gives me something groovy - catharsis or relief or just alleviation of mind-numbing boredom. You gotta teach yourself a certain level of disinhibition to overcome the ‘not good enough’ thing. Takes a bit of time, but if you continue to smash away at your perceived inadequacies wiv art by drawing over/around/through them, the pickiness will (hopefully!) become less prohibitive. 

ps you are fab