i got you all a bad homestuck joke

since this app is terrible im gonna makes this quick.

context: @therealjacksepticeye just uploaded his part 1 of hiveswap and i couldnt be happier for him, but theres some douchebags out there complaining that him doing this will somehow “ruin” the homestuck fandom

my counter-argument: the homestuck fandom has always been infamously bad. its a joke at this point! as we all know! no-one hates homestuck more than the homestucks! haa haa hee hee hoo hoo!!

my proposition/conclusion: if you dont want the new readers going down a bad path fucking step up and act like the fandom elder you claim to be!! you are not better than them!! you were them!!

tl;dr - we already got to ruin homestuck, dont you dare deny that right to new readers!!

anonymous asked:

camp camp literally makes nazi jokes r u for real

yeah it does and its awful. and homestuck makes racist jokes, and steven universe makes abuse jokes. literally every popular thing has something that just fucking sucks about it dude, if you refuse to let urself enjoy anything thats got bad shit in it you wont have a good time at all. i acknowledge it has bad content, and i dont forgive them for it, and i dont give monetary support for anything roosterteeth does. people are allowed to consume content critically.

You want to know why I cosplay Homestuck?

Why a ‘serious cosplayer’ would even bother with this stuff anymore? Why I still don the grey paint at cons even though the fandom has died down a lot, and the cosplay is generally not taken seriously by those outside the fandom?

It’s because when I am in Homestuck cosplay I. FEEL. GOOD.

I feel comfortable. I’m happy. I don’t feel like I have to try and impress anyone. I feel like no matter what someone is going to think my costume is the cats pajamas. Whether I’m one of the thousand Daves or in my Eridan cosplay, whether I’m a beta or an alpha kid, canon or Humanstuck or Steampunkstuck or another AU. I feel like I look great, like people will like me and recognize me and be friendly to me. The fandom may have shrunk but that just means some of the icky people who got us a bad rep in the first place have finally flown the coop. What’s left is the people who really love the story, the costumes, the characters, the friends they’ve made over the years. You guys are what got me back into cosplay, and you are still my favorite group to cosplay with.

I have done plenty of other costumes and never, ever have I felt as good as I do in a Homestuck costume. So joke and dislike it all you want, the grey is here to stay.