i got wifi for like two hours


FIRST OFF I AM SO SO SO SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING AND MISSING T W O BFSN’S AFTER NEVER MISSING AAAAAAAH SORRY I’VE BEEN THE BUSIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET (and I’m INFINITELY sorry for not getting to reblog selfies in that time too, @ everyone who tagged me and who posted selfies, yall are GORGEOUS HUMANS and you have my ETERNAL LOVE)

But hey, in return you get to see me last week wearing……..mAKeUp? And drawn-in eyebrows? What even? (It was for my musical, which was why I was so frickin busy two weeks ago. I was busy this last week because I was away from home and didn’t have wifi for my laptop and I cannot do selfie posts on mobile I don’t know why)

Also note that I’m watching tomorrow not today, so SHHHHHH YOU SPOILER PEOPLE I FIGHT U IF YOU SPOIL (ily <3)

But yes I love you and will maybe (m a y b e) be less busy so I can love on you guys more! Sorry for the rantyness I just got home like half an hour ago so I’m low-key high-key a mess rn lol

((((((Tell me if you want on or off tags, I’ve had sooo many people I thought were in here and weren’t or changed urls and I didn’t get the memo. Also tag me if you want I love your faces! <3))))))

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No, okay, but seriously. I want to tell y'all a little story.

The day RED came out, I was abroad in the Middle East, that morning about to fly to Dubai for the weekend. I got up super, super early and ran downstairs with my computer to use the wifi like some madwoman. My best friends parents (who I was staying with) looked at me like I had lost it, as I almost made us all late to the airport saying ‘Just a minute’ while I waited for it to download. I was so excited my hands were shaking; literally felt like a junkie… which I am: a Taylor Swift junkie. Anyway, it finally downloaded and then, two hours or so later, I sat down on the plane and pressed play and basked in being able to listen to something brand, spanking new for the first time, in order, on my own, I an environment where I had nothing else to focus on. It was like nothing else, I swear. Albums are meant to be listened to in order, like an audiobook almost, like a story. We forget that, when they’re not new anymore.

I then proceeded to listen to it to death for the rest of my time abroad and now can’t listen to any of it to this day without thinking of the sunny middle eastern sky.

What I’m trying to say is: I HAVE SO MISSED THIS, haven’t you? This 'Junkie about to get a hit’ feeling. And also… make sure you treasure when you first listen to TS6. Take your time, get your headphones, listen to it in order. Bask in the fact you have no idea what she’s about to say, what hook is coming next, what the secret message to match is going to say….

CAPTURE IT, REMEMBER IT, y'all. TS6 is coming™. I can’t wait to get on this ride with y'all again.

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this is just the ramblings of tired me, eyes stinging from makeup and tears

Like… what the fuck just happened. This past week has been a wild storm of emotions and things happening. Like, first I had to pull three all-nighters? Two of them in a row? During Saturday- Tuesday I got maybe between four hours of sleep total. TOTAL. I’ve never done anything like that before. Like, my professors just HAD to assign two presentations, two essays, an essay proposal,,, like? On top of that I had to do this FUCKING COSTUME for the school that was like a MASCOT COSTUME? I’ve never done anything like that before. I don’t do furry shit. I do ball gowns and dresses, that’s it. But they offered to pay me, so I said yes because I need the money. Little do my friends know but I’ve been very paycheck-to-paycheck the past few months. It’s been hard for my family and my dad is supposed to get a raise but the university is taking forever? I might have to go down there myself and scream at someone because my dad took over his old boss’ job like FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO and hasn’t had his salary raised to that of his former boss’ salary…. Like wtf. So anyway, this week has been tough. Then I find out Thursday night that this girl I go to school with was hit by a car at an intersection I walk through several times a day. It’s an intersection I worry about, my family worries about, and sure enough, something awful happened. She was walking across a SIX LANE ROAD and a car comes speeding through, most likely plowing a red light and on their phone, and books it and disappears. Luckily a bystander saw the license plate but like WHAT THE FUCK. Last I heard Thursday night was that she was in surgery and that she was going to lose an arm. The next morning she had passed away. Like. This is a girl I knew. We weren’t friends but does it matter? No. She was kind, though, and always smiled at me as we passed each other. She was a kind spirit and a good person. In every class I had with her she brought light to the class and joy to those around her. She is gone too soon. Too fucking soon. The school is hosting a grief session on Monday and I want to go with Kellen but also like… we don’t want to intrude on her close friends who are obviously grieving more than we are. But we still have emotions we need to work through. We’re still affected by her passing. I had a class during the session but my teacher said we’ll start late so people can go without missing class…. I’ll probably end up going and sitting near the back. I don’t know. I just know that I’m hurt.So, as for today. My school did this drag show and as anyone who knows me knows, I love costumes. Naturally I decided to use my Ursula costume from Halloween and sing Poor Unfortunate Souls. All was well. Rehearsal went okay, I was ready. My AMAZING friend Anna did my makeup, as she’s done twice before, and I looked flawless. Easily the most makeup on anyone there, the best makeup job too, like…. And my costume took over $400+ to make, TWO MONTHS, about 80 total man hours, during school mind you,,,, this costume was amazing. I got up there on stage……. And they DIDN’T FUCKING DOWNLOAD MY SONG. THEY WANTED TO STREAM IT ON THIS SHITTY ASS SCHOOL WIFI. I HAD TWO FALSE STARTS BEFORE THE SONG FULLY LOADED…… LIKE WHAT KIND OF UNPROFESSIONALISM. So anyway, I swallow it with grace, do my little number, sing my heart out and almost murder my larynx, and I go sit down. I wait until the end and of course I’m one of the two finalists. The other finalist is this girl, Alex? I think? But my friends and I call her Anime because she always wears anime wigs to school….. like literally she’s such a joke. Anyway, for her show she did like a fucking strip-tease dance? Where she takes off articles of her clothes and throws them around? Like none of us consented to watching that, I know I wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable during her performance. Like I don’t like seeing anything like that unless I’ve consented, which I obviously did not because it just made me feel gross and ALSO THEY DIDN’T EVEN ASK IF PEOPLE WERE OKAY WITH SEEING THAT. Like someone could have gone into shock for all I know. Anyway, so we’re the finalists and we have to lip-sync (which I DON’T DO. LIKE I CANNOT LIP SYNC AND I KNOW IT SO I DON’T????) but anyway I go up there, and wardrobe malfunction. My gloves slip down, so I fling them off. Applause and cheering. My wig flies off. SCREAMING. People are shook. Anyway, it comes time for the winner to be chosen and they do the fucking “cheer the loudest for who you want to win.” It should have been chosen by judges. The two finalists were chosen by judges, the winner should have been chosen by judges. You can probably tell from my salty tone but she one. I knew if I stayed there I would either attack that bitch, tear her apart, I don’t know… but something was gonna go down… so I just left. I went outside and walked around in the rain for a bit. It calmed me down. But fuck. FUCKING FUCK. This next week is going to be hell. And then I just have that week of finals and I’ll leave. I only have to make it like 13 days and I can leave. 

An open letter to Camille:

How dare you use Kellen as your messenger. If you knew her at all you would know how uncomfortable that would make her. It is incredibly disrespectful not only to her, but to me. As Luca and Moth said at the start of the show, Kelcie’s death has touched everyone at MCA, regardless of how well they knew her. I stayed it bed nearly all of Friday. Don’t think her passing is something I can just fling aside- it carries weight and affects all of us. It may have slipped your eyes up on that high horse of yours, but I recently made a costume for the school and was paid for it. Money is no object to me right now. Both I and my father have donated to the go fund me page for Kelcie’s funeral, but did you even think to consider that I was planning on donating the Moth scholarship to Kelcie’s funeral fund? Probably not, since you obviously think so poorly of me. I should have seen it as a red flag when you still were friends with Meredith even after I told her how she had emotionally and verbally abused me, how she had been such a horrible person towards me, yet for whatever reason I tried to see the good in you. Obviously there is no good in you. You’re too blinded by your own emotions to even consider that other people are hurting and OBVIOUSLY you think the worst of me, probably other people, despite the fact that we have never treated you badly or given you cause to think we are bad people. I’ve never performed before, this took a lot out of me considering my social anxiety. I’m not using that as an excuse for this day being hard for me, but it definitely took a lot of me coming out of my shell to put myself out there like I did. I was hurt, as ANYONE WOULD BE, when someone who basically did a strip tease on stage won. No one consented to that, it was vulgar and in poor taste, as is everything anime does (wig girl? What is her name anyway?). I am deeply hurt Camille. Hurt, and I’m done with you. Obviously you don’t care about my feelings or anyone else’s so I’m done putting up with you. Don’t ever speak to me again, don’t talk to me, just disregard my presence. Obviously you disregard my emotions and feelings, so you might as well disregard all of me. BYE.

so i was in bio lab when QBjack dropped and I got the notification but i couldn’t open it. But once I walked outside the building, all my texts popped up and twitter and all, because here at least, mobile data and voice are restricted in a lot of areas in the bio and chem buildings 

basically Ransom chiming in late to everything because campus wifi is being campus wifi, or thinking he sent a text but then he walked into the chem building and when it finally sends (like… in the middle of lab) the SMH group text is half-way confused to why they got a pic of ran’s bellybutton like, justin, the innie-outie convo was two hours ago and we’ve moved on to chirping dex for being in a supermarket commercial when he was nine and wondering if jack was ever in a spot as a kid but also Nice! another outie!!

and ransom’s phone just buzzes in his hand for like a straight 10 seconds every time he walks out of lab and he just sighs for the entire duration and there are goggle imprints on his face