i got v. emotional making this

Okay I’m usually not one of those “ha I’ve been a fan the whole damn time” people but I can honestly say that being a Sansa fan since s1 has been so damn rewarding as the seasons go on. 

Like obviously the writing isn’t great towards her (or any female really lbr) but what they give to her for successes are so satisfying. Sansa was criticized and hated for being too whiny, defenseless, too weak and ultimately too important. And yet, this “unimportant” character? 

Sansa gets to say the long-awaited “winter is here” line. Sansa gets to kill off Ramsay, arguably the worst villain since Joffrey. Sansa gets to rule Winterfell in season 7. Sansa is the first Stark sibling to get the initial reunion scene with another Starkling - all three times

It’s been years in the making and it sure as hell hasn’t been perfect but seeing Sansa get to do these iconic things after people have been calling her useless is the greatest payoff e v e r


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YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I was happy enough when Anjali let me send her the book, and I was not expecting her to make a whole video response when it arrived!!! honestly, thank you so much. ;u; (thanks for the people that told me about the video too!! after watching it i got emotional so i had to take A Moment, that’s probably why i didn’t respond…. 😂) I’ve never seen a VA be so appreciative and supportive about what the fans create, and i feel the ow fandom is blessed to have a person like Anjali with us!!! THANK YOU ANJALI YOURE AWESOME! LOVE U!!



what really happened during s5
they reunited and ducked out to go on a space roadtrip :DDD

Quick concept doodles of aqua’s old pearl on homeworld, teal pearl. Since aqua is a higher class gem I figured I would give him a pearl for a while now I just haven’t got to it till now.

Aqua and tp were v close, it was like a bruce and alfred sort of deal, a professional yet familial bond. They were separated during the gem war when there was a shortage of working gems on homeworld so tp was recruited to serve elsewhere despite aqua’s protests.

Tp is a major empath (making them highly emotional but they’re good at hiding it) and is always closely observing those around them even when they appear to be otherwise engaged or distracted. They had an especially strong appreciation for aqua and succeeded flawlessly when it came to brightening his mood and providing perfect company. Although a bit clueless and clumsy when not focusing on smth, they have a heart of gold and would go to ANY lengths no matter how far fetched or dangerous to appease and protect those they keep close. They’re incredibly adept at working under pressure and although not the best leader, they can execute any orders or plans given to them perfectly and excel at puzzles and problem solving.

Yoongi Scenario: I’ll Give You The Sun.

Request: I wanted to request a “proposal”, where Yoongi asks y/n to marry him. Thank you girls + I’ll put both my requests in one ask! My first request is a late night trip with yoongi (like he calls you in the middle of the night for a car trip and takes reader to the sea [and there he propose to her])

Genre: Romance.

You woke up a bit startled, not expecting Yoongi’s lips just above your right ear making you tingle and confused at the same time.

-What is it babe?-

He kissed your ear making you have goosebumps. -Wake up-

You opened your eyes completely and sat. -But what is it? Yoongi it’s like… the middle of the night- you said not even knowing what time it was.

-Come on, get up and get dressed- he smiled when he turned on the lights and then you noticed he was fully dressed, jeans, a black t-shirt that exposed his collarbones if he leaned forward and a denim jacket. 

You were on a little vacation retreat in Jeju Island, it was your second day on the island and you had big plans for the rest of week, several activities typical of Jeju and of course lots of sleep, both of you needed that. So it took you by surprise that Yoongi was so eager to go out in the middle of the night. But then it made you remember that you used to do it a lot when you started dating, late night trips around the city. A smile came to your face and you got up from the bed, your boyfriend was such a low-key romantic. 

-Give me a second then-

You wondered what you should wear for this night late night extravaganza Yoongi had in mind. You giggle at the thought, he’d frown and grumble if you told him that. You went for a a little summer dress, you were in an island after all, so you had brought mostly shorts and dresses, but you wanted to be comfortable so you threw on the pretty black dress with purple and pink flowers print, the sleeves were long but they got wider from your elbow to your wrist making the simple dress have a trendy cut, you saw the rather low v-neck and decided that you had to also throw on a jacket just in case the night was chilly.

-Where are we going Yoongi?- you asked when you walked out of the bathroom. You had rushed on the light makeup and your hair since part of the emotion of the late night trips was the rush and the unexpected, but you still wanted to look nice.

-It’s a surprise- he said not giving anything away.

You pouted. -I just want to know if I’m good-

Yoongi came closer to you, and this time his smile didn’t fit on his face, it was contagious as you found yourself smiling back. -What?-

-You are beautiful Y/N- he leaned down and pecked your lips. -Let’s go-

You went together hand by hand, the hotel was well illuminated this late, but it was lone aside from some occasional personnel you encountered as you walked your way out of the building, it was a chilly night as you had suspected, you walked through the gardens and the pools the hotel had just before you found the exit to the beach. 

-Yoongi, what is this? where are we going?-

He smiled more and squeezed your hand as you started to walk in the sand, it slipped through your sandals and it was all over his shoes.

-You’ll see Y/N, just follow me-

You laughed. -I’m following you babe, but this…-

-Are you nervous?- he teased and you pushed his shoulder making him laugh louder.

-Wait a moment- you said leaning down to take off your sandals. - Yoongi!- you nagged when he snapped a picture of you as you were taking them off. He laughed and you shook your head knowing it couldn’t be helped -You too babe- you said as he complied and took off his shoes. -It’s so weird you came here with those and not your beloved sandals-

-I forgot, I wasn’t thinking about my footwear for tonight-

You sharpened your gaze with a coy smile. -And what were you thinking then?-

Yoongi smiled like a fool and squeezed your hand again, was he nervous? -Come Y/N-

The sand was cold and it was very smooth to the touch, so it was like a having a little massage as you walked through the scattered umbrellas that were closed for the night and the dozens lounge chairs in which you had come earlier to doze off. The hotel was beautiful at day time, but at this hour it had another feeling, more so with your heart pumping fast at the expectation of what Yoongi had in mind.

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The (one eyed) owl ~


After spending most of the day crying (I was in an emotional mood today, so I binge-watched one of my no. 1 saddest movie and made a whole tissue box empty… ;_;) I thought, maybe, I should draw something… that makes me happy… but I don´t know T_T It makes me even sadder… and I have no clue why!!! Takizawa even SMILES!!! I mean… in a cute way! And than it got out of control … And I made a crying Takizawa as well. So that now I can say that there is some sad part, too. I listened the whole time this song while drawing :


I love that movie. So much. </3 even if it´s breaking my heart every time I watch it.~

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Thoughts on the new SU episode?

hmm I thought the first part when he got in the room was p funny like the speech about sports i juSt (and the charlie brown thing) some good Rose meme faces came out of that also lol

and then the part right before he tried to take a picture got pretty touching and emotional ;v;

I don’t think we got a lot of answers but I guess that was to be expected since it wasn’t actually her and couldn’t reply with anything Steven doesn’t know, I didn’t think he was doubting Rose’s motives for “making” him so at least he found himself an answer to ahh maybe he finally came to terms with the things he found out about her and the fact that there’s more to her than he initially thought too? and he’ll have to decide what to make of the things he knows

but yeah overall i think it was a nice ep!

Emma Swan Appreciation Week begins tomorrow, April 2nd, 2017, and will end April 9th!

For many of us, Emma Swan is one of the most important female characters to appear on our television screens in recent years. She is a complicated, flawed, amazing character that we’ve watched evolve for 6 long years. As things have been rather tense for our girl lately, some of us thought this might be a good week to spread a little love about the absolute awesomeness of Emma Swan.

This is a pretty loose event, of the “whatever-the-fuck-you-want,” variety. There won’t be any specific days devoted to specific themes, but you can refer to this post for possible ideas, dates, rules, and a nifty tagging system.

  • First, dates. As I mentioned above, this event will begin tomorrow (hmm, I wonder why), April 2nd and end April 9th.*
  • Posts for this event in particular should be tagged with #emmawk17.

Before we get into the fun idea portion of this post, a few rules. There are only 2** and they’re pretty simple.

1. This event is about Emma Swan. As such, all edits, fics, meta, etc., should be focused largely on her. Obviously, the relationships that we develop with those around us will inevitably impact who we are as people, but the majority of your focus should be on Emma Swan. Any and all relationships are allowed for exploration, but keep Emma at the forefront. If you have a question about whether or not your work meets this criteria, you’re welcome to ask me.

2. Keep the goddamn hate to a freaking minimum, don’t make me turn the car around.***

How might you participate this week?

  • Fic, obviously, and of any length. As this is a bit last minute, if you don’t think you have the ability to write anything new this week, you are, of course, more than welcome to re-blog or recommend some older work that does good by Emma Swan.
  • Edits, edits, edits. Got a good poem or song lyric kickin’ around up there that’s v Emma Swan relevant? Make and share with the #emmawk17 tag.
  • Playlists! idk about y’all, but I love me a good themed playlist.
  • Meta and essays. I hate to say it, but, some of us might be a bit nerdier than others. Put that brain to good use and write a short essay about Emma as a character, about Emma and sexuality, feminism, economics, whatever the fuck you want! Remember, keep it loose!

And that’s it! Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. Most importantly, have fun with it! Get emotional. I’ll probably get emotional.

*Although, tbh, y’all should be appreciating Emma Swan every damn day.
**There’s one more. Tag your fucking spoilers.
***I have absolutely no problem turning the car around.

The brain trust that you can also whine to if you have a problem with this perfectly harmless week of fun and feminism: @winterbythesea @mahstatins @the-reason-to-sail-home @swanandapirate@captainwiley @seastarved@ofshipsandswans


a comic about a message to toxic, abusive, and overall hurtful people in ur life …

it was originally a comic about how i thought yoosung letting his hair grow out into its original color again woulda been such a good show of character development and him making his own self without rika n all, but then i just got emotional and just. made it sorta about … the ideal ending in my head i guess ? 

probably bc i listened to this lmao it sounds like endgame music 2 me

more under the cut i guess if people wanna read my ramblin lol

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“Nature is smarter than people think. Little by little we lose our friends, we lose everything. We keep losin’ and losin’ till we say you know, ‘Oh what the hell am I livin’ around here for? I got no reason to go on.’”

I know this scene from ROCKY V has been posted 10000 times before but it’s for a reason. For Burgess’ entire 70 year acting career he put his heart and soul into every single project and I feel like this scene is such a perfect example of that (he was 82 when it was filmed). I find it particularily emotional because this was the Uncle Buzz that I knew and loved. Still, when I watch it to this day, it makes me miss him so incredibly much. ❤️

Hi, well I’m here to give you this…thing I made for you, Now you can judge how bad I am at drawing ;v; but I really tried my very very best ( I love smut by the way) oh and I think you would look beautiful with a flower in your wild hair

Oh my goodness! You’re not bad at drawing at all, dude this is amazing! I love this so much I’m making it my desktop’s background! Thank you so much for this, I’m so happy you sent this to me. Honestly I just got really emotional over it, all of this is just so sweet ;w;

BV2EP3 | Taejin theory masterpost: U ok Tae?

So it was highly requested by you pretty cupcakes (tks for the asks and messages!!!) the continuation of my Bon Voyage 2 Taejin masterposts with analysis, pix and my two cents on the Taejin cause. Let me tell ya, this will be a huge masterpost, so grab yourself some snacks and lets do this!!!

Even upset, VV looks like the most gorgeous creation in the universe:

If you read my Ep2 masterpost, Taehyung was really annoyed about the Namj*n bromance day and decided to go full possessive mode with Jin. We have been left wondering what would happen since our boy was clearly sad and jealous of Jin’s day with RM and about the exchange of gifs between them. The sculpted turtle that RM gave to Jin was something symbolic to V cause he and Jin went on a beach date by themselves on day 1 and saw the turtle. Perhaps this is why the turtle gift was so upsetting to V, he knew that this moment was stolen from him because to the grand public the turtle thing would automatically become a Namj*n thing. I put myself in VV’s shoes, and knowing his history with being overshadowed by Namj*n I understand why Day 3 was mostly about him sulking, avoiding Jin, sulking, possessive about Jin, sulking, annoyed with Namj*n and so on…

1. Matching red hats + close watch on Namj*n: BTS’s first commitment was the hike to the waterfall. V was wearing a red cap to match the red hat he gave to Jin cause ya know how Taejin has a thing for couple’s outfits right. And also V was legit breathing on Namj*n’s neck during the hike.

2. The Namj*n pas de deux: Poor V was jamming violently to Spine Breaker while being exposed to Namj*n’s happy dorky pas de deux.

3. Namj*n pose & jealous V: Taehyung’s torture continues as Jin and RM pose really close and cutely on the waterfall group pic. When the pic is taken the camera focus on V who looks straight at Namj*n with THAT FACE…a picture worths more than a thousand words.

4. ETS and V sulking: BTS decides what to eat and VV is sitting far away. V was tired and distant. And also kinda sad. On some moments it almost felt like he was about to doze off or cry. 

5. Taejin, together but apart: At the van Taejin was sitting next to each other as they often do, but not engaging any physical or verbal contact. As RM continued talking about the Namj*n friendship day, V blocked Jin and everyone else by wearing headphones. Meanwhile Jin was staring pensively at the landscape.

6. RM’s Bon Voyage reaction: it was Joonie’s turn to do the Bon Voyage thing so everyone’s reaction to RM’s cutesy hat flip was enjoyment but V gave that “not so amused” look, esp after Jin’s spontaneous compliment to RM.

7. Taehyung love sick over Jin: I had to gif this cause, come on, that’s just so freaking cute. The way V looks at Jin! His love sick expression, eyes dancing from Jin’s face to his “south area” than up to his face again. Taehyung’s bedroom eyes, sorry but that’s not bromance, that is not complimenting Jin’s looks, that is not even a boy crush. Grab that info, take into consideration.

8. V’s territory: As BTS walked towards their picnic spot, V obviously placed himself between Namj*n (yeah, that is a trend my people) making everything possible with his body movements to make sure there was plenty of space between Jin and RM. 

9. V’s territory part 2: At the picnic table of course V sat in between Jin and RM. With an effective angular body language, V expressed the desire to create a clear barrier separating his territory.

10. Happy meal together: Meal is ready and Eat Jin is celebrated with his expertise on the yummy food. V is happier being closer to Jin and, for the first time on the day, exchanges words with the object of his angst and affection.

11. Taejin’s domestic bliss: At the grocery store RM, Suga, Jimin, V and Jin got their food cash to spend. Soon as they enter Jin goes domestic mode and starts to talk just to Taehyung about the huge american apples. RM and Jimin go their own separate ways leaving Taejin alone.

12. Side by side: it’s no biggie but I find it extremely cute how Taejin always walk side by side or close to each other. When there is no fixed formation predefined by management, you can see that they are naturally drawn to each other like it’s their second nature. The couple matching outfit makes it even cutter!

13. Visual duo doing their visual thing: on that group pic, Jin was holding V’s shoulders so lovingly. And the way their heads lean towards each other, awww so cute how the body speaks. Ahhh, one romantic scenery can mend a jealous heart.

14. Jin is taking care of V: Remember last year on BV1 that iconic moment when V was so moody texting and sulking and Jin was carefully watching him from a distance only to back hug him for centuries? There is this season’s version of it. VV is again sulking, texting and turning his back to Jin, attentive loving gorgeous Jin is watching our angsty boy’s every move, his entire body facing V and even if he is speaking to J-Hope, his eyes don’t leave him. Wasn’t that the perfect moment and scenario for an iconic Taejin back hug?

15. Third wheeling Cupid Jimin: when BTS discuss their goals Jin says he wants to perfect his guitar technique. Our official third wheel angel Jimin said Jin sent him a video of his guitar practice. Although the rest of BTS was totally unaware of the video of Jin’s evolution on guitar, V promptly said (the video or Jin playing guitar) was so cool. Lovely Jinnie was flustered by Vmin’s double love.

16. I give Jinnie my stars: At the observatory V and Jin were together and V showed him the stars and planets. Only to Jin. He was so proud of his astronomy knowledge saying he studied it! My heart was touched by this moment cause we can see how important it is for him to please and surprise Jin, to make Jin proud of him, he was like a kid all excited to tell an adult he learned something at school. And Jin the sweetheart, the true gentleman showing genuine interest and excitement, making V’s planet naming sound as important as Galileu Galilei’s life work. Not to mention that Venus is the planet of LOVE…We see you Taehyung…we see you!

17. Taejin sleeps together funny drama feat. Hobi: at BTS’s lodge, the one filled with lizards, they were playing rock paper scissors (I swear the day BTS don’t play that game, catastrophe will fall upon us) for the beds and bedrooms. Jin was playing opposite J-Hope and won. V was the “MC” of the game and soon as he knew Jin would probably share a bedroom with Hobi or someone who was not him, he grew unease. Smiling but his body language touching the back of his neck, gave away his discomfort about the bedroom situation. When Hobi also wins and Jin celebrates him him, V’s instant reaction is to cover his mouth. In body language that means he cannot speak against awful news and his hands in begging position tries to reach for Jin, meaning he is begging Jin to come back to him. Notice that after Jin’s bedroom is decided the rest of the game with the other members runs smoothly and V doesn’t respond that way to the rest of BTS. The funny thing is that V ended up sleeping with RM! Well better sleep with RM than RM sleeping with Jinnie right Tae?!

That was it! What an episode that was!

V was obviously upset about something. Maybe it was just him being sleepy, tired or moody, but it feels very coincidental that the mood corroborates his behaviour towards Jin on the previous day. As I said on my last masterposts on Jealous V vs Namj*n, I don’t think this is about RM as a treat to his relationship, I don’t think he sees RM as a rival for Jin’s love. It is about his growing desire of Taejin being the stablished Jin love reality. He knows the ARMY ship Namj*n so add it to V’s constant need to express romantic affection for Jin versus Jin’s acceptance of the necessity for fan service ships then we have a recipe to Taehyung’s angst.

I think Taehyung wants to be as public as possible about Jin cause it is in his nature to be truthful, I don’t think he can perpetuate secrets. He’s not reckless and understands he’s an idol who cannot open up about everything, but there is this real sweet boy inside the idol facade that just desires to be proudly recognised by everyone he loves. His loyal friendship with Jimin, his admiration for RM and Suga and Hobi, his big brother protectiveness towards Kookie, his respect for his family, V wants all his emotional allegiances to be out there, so of course he wants his relationship with Jin to be seen and accepted. It’s still that same 4 years ago shy Taehyung who looked at Jin as he could not believe his luck to be living with the most handsome man he has ever seen. The same boy that everybody noticed from day one he had a crush on Jin. The same boy that has been crawling to Jin’s bed for years. The difference is that now he’s got hit by the intensity of conquered affection, he has won a place in Jin’s heart so it is upsetting for V to be contradictory to his heart just cause they are in public. I can imagine the frustration. It explains the mood changes, the introspection, the jealousy and possessiveness, his need to please Jin and praise/defend him to earn his love and respect and the passive aggressiveness when he feels that Jin denies him or promo another ship loudly in front of the cameras.

Because that adoration is so intense and he is so young, I think when it comes to Jin he even forgets BTS is their job and he’s got to separate what’s performance from what’s real. Someone as gentle and emotional as V is, really wants to wear his heart on the sleeve, he wants PDA, he needs to touch, hold, hug and confess to the four corners of the world that Jin makes him happy. So when he sees Jin being affectionate to RM, someone who is legit shipped with Jin by the fandom “stealing” his official role as Jin’s (visual BTS pair?, lover?, boyfriend?, partner?, platonic sleep together for years buddy? true ship?) number one interest, he snaps and shuts Jin out. It’s the same possessive-jealous pattern we saw on ISAC because of KenJin, Jin running around after V like a lost puppy while he ignored Jin like some sort of punishment. And we can notice that behaviour pattern only happens with Jin, he is not possessive with the other boys not even with his bestie Jimin.

Jin on the other hand loves to socialise with all the members (not only RM but also Kookie on this episode) and even talk to total strangers. He is comfortable in being social and he is aware of their roles as entertainers and how to separate business from personal life. Although he is not impulsive and explicit about it, he cares about V’s feelings more than anything even if that means the need to keep a safe distance to protect what they have. I feel like Jin tries constantly to shelter him, to create a safe haven when the innocent beautiful and delicate true Taehyung can be free and happy, even if the price is to have Taejin as a ship ignored by the fandom. It’s in Jin’s nature to protect and love all his boys but with V it’s like he is always walking on thin glass. There is deep affection but also Jin’s necessity for secrecy, not cause he is ashamed of V but cause he is protective of what they have.

Because the nature of their relationship in my perspective romantic, Jin doesn’t know how to behave in front of the cameras with him. Jin refrains himself to be engulfed by affection like on that iconic stage kiss or like when he shares too much information (we shower together, we sleep together and so on) so he prefers not to focus on V while on camera. Both Jin and V can’t quite behave bro-like around each other actually. Since the start there has always been awkwardness and tension between Taejin, it used to be polar opposites they were superglued platonic flirting or just pretending they didn’t exist. Although now things have changed and we don’t see that unrequited love tension anymore, I think both Jin and V go back to that pattern when things go a bit sour. They oscillate between “you are all I see" to “you don’t even exist” all the time, there is no in between “bro-like” Taejin. For a ship that legit doesn’t have promo at all (for instance there is never vlives with just Taejin like there is with jinmin, sope or jinkook) Taejin is the one pairing that despite of the lack of fan service push, do behave like two people who know each other intimately and really spend a lot of time together (notice that semi off-camera like on BV2 with their beach date, matching hats shopping, V picking Jin the shirts he wanted him to wear and off-camera like on their fancafe talks, secret dates, singing the same love songs of each other’s spotify playlists, sleeping together, matching outfits, walking around holding each other’s arms when they think nobody is watching, answering the same things about what they plan for their future…they act like well…like partners).

Jin being the business driven man he is, understands the responsibilities of being and entertainer, he gives his body and soul to BTS, he is professional about it and knows he is protecting V and the boys by keeping their thing (and all the boys personal relationships) private. With V’s emotional nature, RM’s introspection, Suga’s dedication to his craft, Jimin’s loyal heart and Jungkook’s innocence, Jin and J-Hope are the ones who really are conscious about the importance of protect their privacy, Jin being the entertainer one and J-Hope the practical one. This is why of all the members of BTS Jin is the one who really engages dynamic relationships with all the other boys constantly, regardless of the predefined ships and subunits management and the fandom has specified. He doesn’t exclude anybody and in a sense he is the heart of BTS, the loving glue that keeps them strong.

This is a study and analysis, I dunno the boys so situations can have a complete different meaning since no one knows what’s going on on their private lives. This is why rather focus on behaviour and body language, cause that is an unconscious way to express the truth and one’s emotions. So it doesn’t really matter the nature of Jin and V’s intimate emotional bond, we can see that Jin doesn’t need his personal relationships to be publicly accepted therefore understands the need for privacy while Taehyung is keen to make his affection known therefore he is often jealous of sharing Jin with others either by insecurity or by fear of non-acceptance. This is a pattern that has been going on for quite sometime and I’m afraid it’s the pattern we will keep seeing in the near future. 

Oh boy that was one huge masterpost! This episode was a full angsty trip on jealousy, understanding the dynamics and differences between Jin and V and the dynamics between ships. Regarding the ships, I still have not done the masterposts on some subjects I often got messages about like comparing Taejin to Vmin or Namjin and Jinkook (send me msgs of what ship you want me talk about first) or the rest of BV2 (gonna do those…weekly I hope!!!), tks for the patience dear readers. You can also read the first episodes analysis here:



Lots of love.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just read your HC where MC loses someone to suicide. Could you do one where MC is suicidal and the RFA + the Minor trio help? Thank you, love! Your blog is great 💙

Thanks, I’m so happy you liked it and think my blog is great!! I hope that you are doing okay, and I send out all the hugs to you if that’s not the case. I feel like I’m terrible at angst, so I’m happy you like it!!! Onto the headcanon!!!


  • The first time he finds out is horrible
  • You guys were sleeping when he woke up to you sobbing, screaming incoherently, hand over your mouth try and muffle the noise
  • Immediately concerned
  • You tell him about it, about how it’s getting harder and harder to wake up, to look at yourself in the mirror, to do anything
  • You just want to sleep, sleep forever and ever
  • You’re tired of constantly battling your mind
  • Extremely worried, calls a nearby doctor, but they’re closed for some reason
  • Wakes you up early in the morning to see someone
  • You resist at first, if there’s one thing you hates it’s medication
  • But he manages to convince you
  • He knows it’s going to be long, and sometimes painful
  • But he won’t let you throw away your life due to a preventable illness


  • He notices you stopped eating, you’re just not hungry it seems
  • But when he really gets it is when you leave your journal open on the coffee table
  • He didn’t mean to pry, but when you’re writing in bright red pen in all caps it’s hard to miss
  • Horrified he hasn’t noticed before
  • When you get back from work he sits you down, and you knows he’s found out
  • He talks to you about your choices, you aren’t anorexic, you don’t get sick, and you feel hungry
  • That’s not your problem
  • Your problem you tell him is that your stuck, you know that there should be a decision to make, but you really don’t feel like that because as far as you see it there’s only one option
  • He listens, but as soon as your done he drives you to the nearest clinic
  • You at diagnosed with severe depression, and PTSD, you were in foster care when you wee younger and have some horrible memories, that resulted in you being suicidal
  • He goes to all the sessions, makes sure you take your meds, monitors your eating, and begins to take classes about it
  • He’s determined to spread awareness of this


  • She notices you’ve been quiet for the past few months
  • At first she thought you were just going through something
  • But when you attempt to throw yourself off a building and are saved it becomes obvious
  • You tell her that you can’t think straight, you can’t think about everything else, that everything bad someone’s told you about you is constantly echoing through your head
  • That you just want some quiet, a clean slate, somewhere where no one will know you
  • Her heart breaks when she hears this
  • You’re so amazing, you’ve helped her realize her dream
  • So she’s going to help you, the whole way
  • She’s in charge of your scheduling and meds, but makes sure you don’t try to off yourself again and delete yourself, because she’d find life unbearable
  • You begin to smile again after a few weeks
  • And eventually the therapist is confident to take you off medication, and limit sessions to one every two weeks
  • It’s an amazing day, and also a day you’ll never forget
  • Because after months Jaehee asks you to stay with her for the rest of your lives
  • It’s the day you become engaged


  • He notices the scars the first day you spend the night
  • And the next day is ready for a talk
  • You tell him that you suffer GAD, and that you’ve been suicidal ever since your soon to be aunt died of pancreatic cancer
  • He listens, and hugs you when you begin breaking down and saying, you just want it all to end, you don’t want to worry about it anymore, that it’d be better if you just left, that you just keep blaming yourself
  • Hires A+ therapist
  • You suffer from depression triggered from self blame
  • Jumin listens intently and has Jaehee prepare a schedule
  • You tell Jaehee you’re sorry
  • He holds you when you’re in the middle of an attack and sobbing your heart out
  • You get better, but it’s evident you’ll be on meds for at least a couple of years
  • This upsets you, but he’s there with a glass of cold water, and a listening ear
  • High level medication, stuff that shouldn’t affect you too much
  • But most of all he understands that you can’t control your anxiety, and that you still have a hard time with self blame, he doesn’t think you’re being stupid, he doesn’t pity you in a patronizing way
  • He knows that you literally cannot help it, and whenever he hears someone speaking bad of suicide you have to make sure he controls himself
  • He cannot condone people delegitimizing this


  • He has dealt with this before
  • You feel bad that he has to deal with both you and Saeran
  • You feel like you aren’t doing enough
  • And what was minor depression, with occasional bad days spirals into constant suicidal thoughts
  • You can’t stop thinking that, you can’t stop think your life is pointless and meaningless, that people wouldn’t notice, that they’d be better off if you were just gone
  • That the pain of death is nothing compared to the immeasurable pain of staying alive
  • So you begin cutting
  • Saeyoung has been dealing with his work, so he actually doesn’t really notice until you end up in the hospital
  • Immediately guilty
  • You and Saeran are the light of his life, how could he neglect you?
  • Immediately asks forgiveness
  • You cry and keep blaming yourself, why didn’t my attempt work?!
  • You are very unstable, and he agrees to making you stay in the hospital
  • Makes sure you have constant attention
  • Visits at the same times you have to take meds, to make sure you take them and the correct amount
  • You try once more, but after no more
  • You can address you issues, and begin to live your life again
  • You see light, and the hope that was buried under dust and pain finally immerges again
  • Saeyoung is so proud of you and Saeran’s improvement


  • You two were grumbling and bickering about the surgery for a good long time
  • And somehow Rika kept coming up in the arguments
  • You get fed up, but try burying it
  • But after a few months you can’t take it
  • Everyone always acts like Rika is a goddess, they’re probably right
  • And what are you in comparison
  • So while V still can’t see you you cut
  • A lot
  • But after about three weeks he notices
  • He goes to grab your wrist when he trips and he feels it
  • The still slightly wet line across your wrists
  • Sits you down
  • The amount of scars you have horrifies him
  • But you don’t cry, don’t show emotion
  • Just says “Well, I figured I’m just taking after Rika. After all she seems like the perfect person.”
  • He feels extremely guilty
  • But right now that is not the problem
  • Takes you to the ER
  • The doctors there are worried by the amount of blood loss
  • You take a ton of meds, and you’re food intake is monitored to make sure you’re eating enough
  • And V, well he begins to monitor what he says
  • Very worried about bringing up Rika
  • And when you’re good enough to be out of hospital and have been stable for a few weeks he breaks it to you
  • He’ll get the surgery
  • He can’t spend more of his time thinking of the past and drifting away from you


  •  He’s been through a lot
  • But he also needs help
  • The attacks are long and painful, and during them the things he says are just horrible
  • Even has told you to go die a few times, on top of telling you that you aren’t worth the dirt he walks on
  • You last a long time, but two months of toil can do things to you
  • You start taking it in
  • Constantly his voice is ringing in your ears
  • It doesn’t help he never expresses emotion, and pushes human contact away often
  • So when you get a cold you see your opportunity
  • You down at least a third of the cough medicine you have
  • He finds you on the floor of the bathroom, breathing ragged and shallow
  • Screaming a crying, calls an ambulance immediately
  • You stay in a coma for five days
  • Those days are horribly slow
  • When you do wake up he apologizes, but you feel worse
  • You both go to a therapist, and he changes his prescriptions, and makes sure you get properly medicated as well
  • Terrified of loosing you


  • They’ve been unnatural busy for the past half year
  • And this results in quite some distance between you two
  • And grumpiness on their part
  • When your sister dies of osteosarcoma and they barely acknowledge it that drives you off the ledge
  • You’ve been trying so hard to fight it yourself, constantly battling your brain, trying desperately to keep clinging on to hope of a better  day
  • But you might as well have just lost two people
  • So you sneak into their apartment one more time
  • You know where they keep the gun
  • They gets home from shopping and finds you, gun under your neck, finger on the trigger
  • Get it away from you as fast as possible
  • You try to run out, but they catch you and sit you on the couch
  • And you kinda break on the outside
  • You being screaming about how you just want to leave, you just want it to stop, tears streaming down your face
  • They hug you and you slowly quiet down
  • Immediately at the ER
  • On top of your schedule, the types of meds, the dosage
  • Pays close attention to you
  • They understand their part in you almost letting go, and they want to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again

I hope you liked it from the bottom of my heart, it’s 1:37 AM, so I hope this is still of good quality. I got kinda emotional writing this I won’t lie. I’m tired, I’m also sorry that again it’s so long, but I just have a bunch of ideas. I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy it. I send all my love to you and thank you for reading!

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So Barack Obama asked Joshua to run for President and Joshua got all emotional with Boo at his side, who was wiping his tears and then Josh was like he'll run for mayor instead, in my dream. Imagine him being a prez thOOOO

I’m crying anon that’s SO FUNNY EKJSMSN

JISOL 2020 STAFF: BOO HANDLING THE PRESS, V AS CAMPAIGN MANAGER, J AS SPEECHWRITER (the speeches will be written in the format of jo $hua rhymes)


It’s Bucky’s birthday and you’ve helped Steve and the rest of the Avengers throw him a surprise party. Bucky has other plans.

Originally posted by natpekis

A/N: This starts off with straight smut and I wish I could say that I’m sorry but I’m not. The fluff at the end definitely makes up for it. I may or may not have gotten too invested in this. I took an old  unfinished piece of mine and turned it into this because I’ve been having major Bucky feels lately. Bucky Barnes makes me emotional and impulsive whoops. I listened to this while writing. 


Warnings: Smut, Dirty talk, Swearing, Edging, Unprotected Sex (don’t be like them; wrap it up), Cute ass fluff I’m crying

Word Count: 2,475

Today is Bucky’s birthday, and although I definitely expected us to be having sex at some point today, I didn’t think it would be immediately after I got home from work. I don’t really know how I manage to let Bucky convince me to let him fuck me every time we’re alone, but there’s no use in fighting it; this man is good. I tangle my hands in his hair as we fall back onto our bed. I can’t believe he’s already shirtless. We were supposed to be getting ready to go to the birthday dinner that I helped Steve and the rest of the Avengers organize for him, but that obviously will be postponed. All I did was change from my button down and slacks into a tank top and shorts, but it turned him on enough that his tongue was in my mouth in a matter of seconds. Bucky moves his mouth to my neck, and I finally let out the moan I’ve been suppressing since we got started. His hands paw at my breasts, itching for me to remove the thin fabric that’s keeping him from ripping at my bra. 

He pulls away for a brief moment to let me remove my tank top before his mouth is on my skin again, and I start to feel a growing warmth between my legs. His hands deftly unclasp my bra, and he tosses it to some unknown corner of our room. Not staying in the tower with the rest of the Avengers definitely has its benefits. 

“I missed you today, baby,” he whispers as his eyes slowly rake down my body.

I try to suppress a laugh, knowing how serious he is. I was only gone for six hours; I’m not a super soldier or anything but I help Steve around the tower, organizing mission files, getting coffee or lunch when he, Sam, and Tony are going to be working on a plan for a while. Bucky is usually there too, but I know Steve likes to give him days off when he can. Today was one. And while I know Bucky missed me, and I sure as hell missed him too, he needed the rest. 

“I missed you too.” 

“Yeah? You mean that?” he asks, his voice soft. 

“Of course, Buck,” I whisper staring into his clear blue eyes. 

He smiles and looks down at my exposed chest. His mouth finds one of my quickly hardening nipples, and I grip my hands tighter in his hair. His metal hand plays with my other breast, twisting the skin and squeezing it between his fingers. A small whimper escapes my lips as I grind my hips against his, eager for friction. I feel him smile against me, and he pulls away to look into my eyes.

“What do you want, (Y/N)?” I look at his cocky smirk and almost melt into a puddle right there.

“I want you to bury your face in my pussy Sarge,” I groan in frustration.

His lips spread into the biggest grin. He never admits it to me, but I know he loves when I call him Sergeant or Sarge during sex. 

“I think I can do that for you baby.”

I bite my bottom lip in anticipation as he slowly makes his way down the lower half of my body. He slowly removes my shorts, his finger tips tantalizing as they graze my hips. He smiles to himself as he stares at the noticeable wetness on my panties. His eyebrows raise and I know he’s thinking “already?” in his head. He’s pleased with himself. He lowers his head and licks a stripe down the length of my underwear, but makes no move to free me of them. I throw my head back and groan in frustration. He loves to tease me more than he loves to fuck. He starts to rub me through the thin fabric, and I sigh. 

“Please Bucky,” I beg.

“As you wish, Princess. Spread those pretty legs for me.”

He removes my panties and bites his lip as I do as I’m told. He goes to insert a finger inside of me, and I grab his wrist. His frowns and looks up at me.

“Use the metal hand,” I whisper.

There is a fire in his eyes and he grins at me.

“You sure, baby?”

He wants me to beg.

“Please,” I groan.

“As you wish, doll.”

He slides one metal finger into me and I lose it. I’m a trembling, whimpering mess beneath him and he loves it. I watch as he fucks me with his fingers, smiling softly to himself.

"You’re so wet for me baby,” he whispers, attaching his mouth to my clit as he inserts another finger, pumping them. 

“Fuck,” I mutter as he picks up his pace. 

I buck my hips towards him as he moves his fingers in a “come here” motion while his tongue continues the same slow, gentle strokes on my clit. I fist a hand in his hair, pushing him further into me. 

“Yes baby right there,” I moan, feeling his fingers hit a sensitive spot.

I move my hips faster, fucking his tongue. He grabs onto my waist, giving himself more leverage. Soon, I feel that familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“Bucky, I’m going to—" 

He immediately removes his fingers and tongue away from me, crawling back up to my mouth. He kisses me, and I can taste myself on his tongue.

"Can’t have you get off before me baby girl,” he whispers, grabbing my hand and pressing it against the bulge in his jeans. 

I flip our bodies over so that I’m straddling him. He growls in approval and smiles as I quickly undo his belt and toss it aside. I unzip his jeans and slide them off, giving me access to what I want to see the most. Bucky inhales sharply as I palm him through his boxers. I take no time in removing them, smiling when I see his dick spring free from his boxers and rest against his stomach. I take him into my hand, and lick the length of him, exciting a moan.

“Ugh fuck, don’t tease doll,” Bucky moans, throwing his head back. 

Since it’s his birthday, I decide to be nice. I smile and take him into my mouth.

“Yes (Y/N), oh shit baby keep going. Fuck, there’s my good girl,” Bucky praises, grabbing the back of my head and making me take more of him into my mouth.

I do as I’m told and deep-throat him, earning a series of curses from Bucky as he nears his climax. I start to bob my head faster, and his hand finds its way to my clit again. I moan against him, causing him to groan and rub me faster. 

“I’m so close baby girl. Oh my fucking God (Y/N), I’m close.”

I feel him twitch in my mouth just as I reach my own climax. I come just as Bucky releases into my mouth. I pull away to show him that I have all of his cum in my mouth, and he groans, caressing my face.

"There’s my good girl. Now swallow it." 

I do as he says, swallowing all of his cum. He smiles at that. 

"I want you to ride me, (Y/N.)”

I smirk at him, and straddle him once again. His hands find my waist and he stares up at me, waiting. I guide him to my entrance and we groan at the same time as he fills me. I pause for a moment, letting myself adjust to the feel of him.

“Are you gonna sit there all day, baby?” he calls from beneath me.

“Don’t be an ass,” I shoot back, and he laughs.

I start to slowly grind my hips into his, and Bucky groans. I let my hands slide up my thighs, onto my stomach, and up to my breasts. I cup them in my hands, knowing Bucky’s eyes are on my every move. Keeping the pace tantalizingly slow, I stare down at Bucky and his eyes lock with mine. His hands are tight on my hips but he lets me tease him. Bucky throws his head back and a groan leaves his lips.

"Faster baby, please,” he requests, and I comply. 

I let him move me faster, grabbing onto his shoulders for support. I feel Bucky’s hips move and his thrusts meet mine.

“Shit,” I moan, knowing that I won’t last long if he keeps going like this.

Bucky’s thrusts become harder and I fall against his chest, letting him take control. He pulls me closer and pounds into me. I can feel a knot in my stomach building and my nails claw into his back. As he notices how quick I’m approaching my climax, Bucky switches our body placement again, pressing my back down into the mattress. He roughly slams his hips into mine, and I bite my lip to hold back a moan. He notices, and freezes inside of me. Those blue eyes stare into mine and I could come just from the intensity of his gaze.

"I want to hear you, (Y/N).” 

I shake my head, and I notice a devious glint in his eyes. He pulls out of me completely and slams into me without warning. I cry out, and he smiles. He picks up his pace, and his movements get sloppy. He’s close. His face falls to my neck.

“Shit, you feel so good. Say my name,” he moans. 

“Fuck, Bucky,” I moan, short of breath. 

“My full name. Louder,” he growls through his teeth, slamming into me even harder. 

“James!” I scream, digging my nails into his back as I reach my climax.

This triggers his, and he lets out a low groan as he cums inside of me.

“Fuck (Y/N),” he groans into my neck as we ride out our highs. 

He pulls away from me as he slows to a stop. He collapses on the pillow next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. We lie there for a while, catching our breath. I stare at him and smile at the sight before me. His hair is stuck to his forehead and his eyes are half-closed. He smiles to himself, sated. Then he turns to me.

"That was amazing baby,” he says, kissing my lips. 

I nod and snuggle close to him. 

"I love you,” whisper, looking up into his eyes. 

“I love you too doll,” he whispers back, pulling me even closer to his chest.

“I had an actual present for you in my bag but you never let me get it out,” I mutter, trying to suppress a yawn.

He laughs and presses a kiss to my forehead.  

“Give it to me at the party. It’ll be more sentimental that way.”

I roll my eyes at his joking and smack his chest. 

“You are such an ass.” 

This only makes him laugh harder. He hugs me closer. 

“You’re enough of a gift, baby girl. I don’t need anything else.” 

I frown. 

“Come on Buck, let me spoil you.” 

He sighs. 

“Fine. Let me see.” 

I grin at him and hop up from the bed. My legs are a little wobbly, and Bucky laughs. I roll my eyes and walk over to the shopping bag I left at the foot of the bed when I came in. I bend down and hear Bucky groan. I smirk to myself. 

“You know doll,” Bucky calls from the bed. “This is a helluva view. Are you sure this isn’t my gift?” 

I ignore him and reach inside the bag and pull out a gift-wrapped box. I smile to myself to hide my nervousness. I hope he likes it. Bucky watches me as I walk back to the bed and sit down in front of him. He sits up and leans against the headboard. I hold the box in my lap and bite my lip, looking down at my crossed legs. 

“You okay?” Bucky calls. 

I look up at him and the gentleness in his eyes makes me want to throw the box to the ground and launch myself at him for round two. I restrain myself and nod at him, thrusting the box forward into his hands. His eyebrows raise and I watch as a small blush rises on his cheeks. He takes his time unwrapping the box corner by corner, careful to not rip the paper. He probably thinks I worked really hard to wrap it. I actually had Steve do it for me, but if I told Bucky that he’d never let me live it down. Bucky finishes with the wrapping paper and tosses it aside, holding the white cardboard box in his hands.  

“You didn’t have to do this (Y/N),” he whispers. 

“You don’t even know what I got you!” I say, chuckling. 

He blushes again. 

“I know, I just—what I’m saying is you didn’t have to get me anything. Having you here with me is enough of a gift.” 

I bite my lip as a blush of my own floods my cheeks.  

“Just open your present, please,” I whisper. 

He nods, and carefully opens the box. He stares inside it for what feels like forever.  


His lips slowly spread into a smile as he reaches inside the box and pulls out a teddy bear dressed as The Winter Soldier, complete with a metal arm, face mask, and body armor.  

“I know you hate being reminded of your past with Hydra and all the bad things that have happened but I saw this bear in the store and I thought it was so cute. And I asked Steve and Sam and Nat if this would be okay and if you would hate it and they all thought that you’d find it funny and so I decided to get it and I understand if you don’t want it I can take it back I can get you something else it doesn’t—” 

“(Y/N),” he says, cutting off my rambling. 

“Yeah?” I whisper. 

“Come here, baby.” 

I bite my lip and crawl toward him. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his body. Bucky presses a kiss to my forehead, and I let out a deep breath. 

“I love it,” he chuckles. 

“Really?” I squeak, looking up to him. 

He nods, still smiling.  

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You know, besides you.” 

I grin at him.  

“I’m so glad.” 

He’s still staring at the bear in fascination. He turns it around and laughs, noticing the plush gun strapped to the bear’s back.  

“This is fucking adorable, (Y/N). Thank you.”  

He kisses my cheek this time, and I smile.  

“Happy Birthday, Buck.”

Part one- Dating Jungkook Would Include:

Originally posted by jibeom

  • Literally always laughing about something
  • Him smiling at you randomly
  • like you’ll be sitting on the couch at the dorm and he looks over at you with his most suggestive smile
  • and ur all ??
  • then your phone vibrates and you just turn to him with a pointed look like: “ISTG JUNGKOOK IF YOU SENT ME THE LINKIN PARK DOG REMIX VIDEO AGAIN IM DUMPING YOUR THIRSTY MEME HOE ASS!”
  • “… Wow, ok then… nvm…”  
  • The roast is forever on-going
  • “You’re stupid.”
  • “No I’m not!!”
  • “What’s 9+10?!”
  • “…”  
  • “…”
  • “…Fuck off.”  
  • Lowkey always looking staring at you because he just thinks you look adorable no matter what you’re doing  
  • and wow hes so lucky to call you his!
  • But v v lowkey
  • You caught him staring at you once while you two were watching anime so ur all :)
  • But oops hes blushing bc hes just a smol, tol bean and sometimes his emotions are too obvious and it makes him uncomfortable
  • He would still be a bit awkward around you when it came to serious relationship things
  • not because he doesn’t care or anything like that!
  • he’s just so inexperienced that he doesn’t want to ruin anything by being too rash or saying something wrong
  • so fully expressing his emotions would be hard for him
  • like yeah, ok, on stage he’s all “INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYY”  
  • but at home he just kind of drapes his arms around your waist and leans his chin down to rest lightly on top of your head  
  • and he just sighs because words keep getting stuck in his throat.
  • You would have to reassure him that you don’t mind him taking his time to tell you how he feels and he sighs again because it frustrates him
  • but you wait patiently for him to be ready and thank god you do bc gIRL 
  • the moment you hear a small “I love you” roll off his lips you feel the warmth of his sweet words wrap around you like a warm hug and you just melt
  • and he can tell because you just snuggle closer to him and he’s just all :D
  • so then, the little fucker would constantly say it because he likes the way you always whisper it back to him with a ghost of a sweet smile on your lips  
  • and he just kisses you because his fragile bby heartu is bursting ; _ ;
  • and awww the moment is literally perfect until FUCKING JIMIN BARGES INTO HIS BEDROOM TO COCK BLOCK AGAIN
  • Y’all are literally always getting cock blocked tho  
  • the members will just burst through the door like “SORRY, PREVENTING SINS, YOU FUCKERS!” AND THeN JUST LEAVE LIKE NoTHING HAPpENED????
  • But sometimes when you two are lucky, and all the boys are out of the dorm he’ll just run a hand up your leg grasping your inner thigh firmly and oh shit u know whats coming (lol SPOILER: ITS U)
  • Your first time together was super shy and drawn out
  • Bby always says it was awkward but it was honestly adorable
  • like he could barely look at you  
  • bc every time he tried to open his eyes your hips would shift a little or you’d clench around him without even intending to and his eyebrows would knit together and he would instantly have to shut his eyes again and focus on not finishing too soon because he didn’t want the feeling to end
  • It was also like highkey passionate af bc even tho he was withering underneath you and he was a panting mess, his fingers were locked with yours and every once in a while he would gain enough composure to actually look into your eyes breifly and drink in the sight of you on top of him, beautiful as ever
  • And he just let your name roll off his tongue and it mixed with his as you moaned along with him and it was honestly beautiful
  • He still thinks about it sometimes.
  • V v emotional for him
  • you had to say goodbye to sub jungkookie pretty quickly though bc he accidentally made you cum really quickly once and oH MAN HOLY SHIET!  
  • His confidence made him smug and smug kook means dom kook to the max
  • Like he just grips your thigh harshly, moving up slowly until he’s just barely touching your underwear and the little fucker smirks without even looking at you
  • He teases you until you straddle him needily  
  • After gaining some experience he decides that this is how he likes you best, needy and with a fucked out look on your usually sweet features. It was so erotic that he usually lets you ride his thighs just so he can watch your face scrunch in pleasure plus he loves the sounds you make when he lets you get yourself off momentarily- win win
  • This bitch is nasty af though so don’t even think for a minute that he’ll let you actually finish before he has had a proper go at you like,  
  • You are dreaming if you think dom kook would let you come so quickly lol bYEEE  
  • If you do tho— FUCK
  • “Such a bad girl, baby” he’ll practically growl with a firm spank on your ass cheek.
  • And let’s just say that honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.
  • He’s all grunts and pants as he wrecks you completely and he bites and sucks on your collarbones already anticipating for the marks that would be left there for days to come because fuck you always wore them so well
  • Afterward though he goes back to being a fluff like he really can’t help it
  • It’s a sight though, he’s panting, heaving violently to let air fill his lungs as he comes down from his high and his hair is all stingy and sticking to his damp forehead so you reach a hand up to push it back and he just smile a lazy, sleepy smile at you and wow is the same guy who just fucked you senseless???
  • Yes, B. Yes it is.  
  • “You know I love you right?” He’ll mumble half awake and you just mumble back a weak:
  • “I know, baby… I love you too.”  
  • “Like… a lot,[y/n].”  
  • He barely crack one eye open to look at you lovingly; before he pulls you closer, falling asleep.  
  • Basically dating this hoe would be constant laughs, constant cuddles and constant memeing.  
  • Jungkook doesn’t have a lot of dating experience but he seems like the type of person who would devote himself completely for the one(s) he loves so dating him would be easy.  
  • He would constantly do his best to make sure that you’re happy.
  • He would be shy at first, letting his insecurities shield his inexperienced love a bit but soon enough with your patience, he would open up completely and you two would be that couple 
  • Like everyone knew you to be completely in love because even though you two joke around a lot and the roasting is constant, the glances that you steal are so full of emotion that no one could ever really doubt your feelings.
  • Dating Kookie would be the epitome of teenage love and it would be beautiful.
  • Beautiful for you two as you experience it and beautiful for those around you
  • It’d be perfect.  

I think that it is without a doubt unfair that Ali Krieger has been outsted and jerked around this entire tenure of the USWNT and I hope to all hell that she will be able to get to her 100 caps (maybe the Canada friendlies) but if she doesn’t then I hope that she is at least happy at home in Orlando and living her best life. She got so much birthday love and looked so happy that even though it makes me sad she is clearly doing everything she needs to do. 

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hi! i'm just glad you were feeling comfortable enough with us as a general tumblr audience again to open up anon asks, because you're really a very lovely person with lovely thoughts. honestly you're one of the few blogs i check every day out of the what, few hundred or so that i follow on my main account because i just love reading about everything that you have to say. anyway, i hope you're having a nice stress-free rest of the day, and you're out there just enjoying life in general! xx

oh my god your anons are open again! i know you needed time away from it and i’m glad you took that, but i’m also selfishly happy to be able to message again (i don’t have a tumblr.) do you think you’ll keep them open longer this time? or is there something more permanent that is turning you off from answering anons in general. don’t feel pressured to answer if you don’t want. either way i just hope you’re well leela. thanks for doing everything you do on this blog. you make me and so many others so happy.

ahhhh these messages made me legitimately soooo emotional to read, thanks so much for being so kind. hahah it makes me feel odd that just being able to talk to me anonymously could be something worth valuing or feeling happy about, but i’m rly glad to be able to provide that again xx to answer the questions here, i do think i’ll leave anons open for now! i definitely got to a point a few days ago where i realized that i’ve been feeling a lot safer overall, and more okay with risking an occasional unpleasant message if it means that v well-intentioned people who might be too shy (or literally unable, like you, second anon!) to message me signed in could have the opportunity to talk to me again. 

taking a bit of time away from it was rly good for me, but i have to clarify (re: first anon’s message) that it was never about discomfort with yall as a tumblr audience specifically, but just a visceral reaction to receiving blatantly racist and repugnant messages from people, and a general sense of discomfort about the prevailing ideologies in the fandom with respect to over-protection of dnp at the expense of kindness and compassion towards fellow individuals here on tumblr or elsewhere in the fandom. that shit (placing dnp above ‘fans,’ the universal urge to defend and protect two incredibly powerful men w countless privileges even if it means harming or silencing ppl who feel wronged by them) really bothered me and probably always will. it made me question why i should spend any amount of time writing things for the community at large to consume, when i felt like a lot of people here wouldn’t care about my basic rights or well-being if it meant putting dnp to any trouble. it’s perhaps a very specific thing but tbh the welfare of poc and social justice in general will always be the most important thing to me, so it was just hard for a while to justify spending any amount of time contributing my time or thoughts to a group of people that seemed to care so little about these things. 

but as yall know, i only took about a week of v limited posting before i sort of reverted back to posting at my normal rate. that decision was bc ultimately this blog is my outlet above all else, and yelling incoherently about cute shit dnp do is something that brings me a fuck ton of joy. it seemed unfair to deprive myself of something that was bringing me happiness, just bc some ppl reading my thoughts might be shitty. my blogging was never rly about the ppl who might be reading anyway. it’s still my personal blog, something i started for me alone, so if i’m still having fun and getting something out of being here, i’ll continue staying here! and then i realized the same idea sort of applies to answering anons, since, firstly, im sure most of yall who’ve continued to follow me are at least generally ok with my politics or are indifferent bc u just want some sappy shit about dnp. which is great, whatever. basically ik most of u dont mean me any harm. and beyond that, i honestly like the feeling of answering ppl’s messages more than i like the feeling of releasing 3-sentence textposts about the latest dapg video into the void hahah. the feeling of interacting w someone is fun for me and i genuinely missed it even tho i was doing my best to answer the non-anon asks i was getting. so ultimately i was like, eh, what the hell, i’ll leave this be for now and hope it goes well. 

wow sorry for rambling, literally no one asked, but yall know i cant write anythign without spelling out every lil nuance of my thought process soooo … hope u enjoyed 3000% too much detail about why i closed anons, why i feel v guarded and wary of this community in certain respects, and why idgaf about anything and will continue blogging and (inevitably) also talking bout politics/social justice until everyone leaves ahahaha

anonymous asked:

Angelanon here. I meant like mc is angel who has to be on earth for some reason and so she doesnt need to eat which makes rfa(+v&saeran) worried but like positive emotions give her everything she needs and then she just shows/tells that shes angel

Thank you for your request! This is a weird one lol

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He’s been so worried about you…You don’t even eat his omelet!
  • The only time you were looking like you were sick was when he was in his mother’s house, and he didn’t see you since I don’t know… Two days?
  • But after a little kiss…You suddenly got better?
  • He thinks this is weird.
  • Pretty weeeeird.
  • So he confronts you about it, and you’re tired of hiding it.
  • “Yoosung..I know this is weird, but…I’m…I’m an angel”
  • He opens his mouth 
  • Well…He believes it…
  • Yoosung always fell for a prank that Seven make…So this is quite normal.
  • And now he’ll hug you even more than he has done before!
  • He doesn’t want you to be bad ;(
  • And he’ll keep your secret!
  • Omg, he’s feeling so important right now


  • He’s very worried about you…
  • He knows… Sometimes he drinks or smoke, but he’ll stop…
  • But you’re not even eating, he’s eating!
  • You don’t seem that you’re sick, but he needs to make you eat…!
  • When he goes to you and hugs you, he doesn’t feel you weaker…Actually…STRONGER!
  • Maybe you heal as fast as he does?
  • But this is too fast…
  • But Zen will not give up!
  • Until the day you tell him that you’re an angel and everything
  • “Oh baby, i’m an angel too! We both have good lookings!”
  • He laughs and hugs you
  • “I have sure you’re hiding the fact that you’re eating from me!Must be junk food! Nooo ~~~ I’ll not see what you’re eating, but i’ll hug you every day as a reward!”
  • He kisses your forehead “I have to go now baby…See you later!”
  • And with that…He’s gone to rehearsals.
  • You could prove to him that you’re an actual angel? Yes.
  • But that’s no need for that, he’ll stop and give you love.
  • And Zen might think this is too strange…It’s better that way!


  • Ok, she hasn’t been so healthy, sometimes she overworks, sometimes she buys takeouts, she knows it.
  • But you…You just worry her.
  • And she’ll confront you, multiple times, but she’ll accept your excuse.
  • But not today, she’s really insisting.
  • You tell.
  • She froze, and laugh, saying that you should stop.
  • You prove to her…Showing your wings.
  • She froze again.
  • And you explain about the love and affection.
  • “…Just…You eat and i’ll take care of myself too…”
  • She walks away, she’s shocked.
  • She can’t believe it, she’ll believe this was all a dream…
  • Why she’s been like that? She believes that angels are real, it’s her religion…
  • But she’ll ignore that you’re an angel.
  • But every time she prays, she’ll pray with you, and believe that you’re her guardian angel.


  • Ok, he’ll not stop lecturing you about food.
  • He believes that a proper diet leads to a proper life.
  • He thinks it’s so weird how you never seem sick because of it!
  • But in a fight, you reveal the truth, you tell him about you being an angel, you reveal about how you need affection not food to survive.
  • This is too much for him to process.
  • He’s a logical guy.
  • Stop with this conversation.
  • You know showing proves to him only will get him worse.
  • He’ll start to question everything he knows, and this is not good.
  • He’ll make a deal, he’ll not talk about food again, but if he sees you sick, you’ll eat.
  • And you’ll go to him on all his trips, you know, you need affection and affection is a thing that he wants to give.
  • Even not believing you…Jumin  thinks you’re not of this world.
  • You’re too perfect.


  • He cannot lose you okay? So you have to eat.
  • And when he discuss with you, he’s so grumpy and angry that he’ll not talk to you.
  • So you get sick, and when he sees you, he feels bad for making you feel like that
  • Then he comes to you saying how sorry he was, kissing you, and you’re suddenly good…
  • He finds it weird.
  • Very weird.
  • So in another fight, you’re tired of holding this back, so you tell.
  • You tell everything to him.
  • He just can’t believe…But he smiles and kisses you.
  • He’ll not talk about you being an angel 
  • Sometimes he says “You fell on earth? Because you’re an angel”
  • He’ll not say anything about it.
  • You feel like he’s not taking you seriously.
  • But he believes in angels.
  • And you were like one.
  • You save his life, you bring light and joy.
  • If he was praying all along for angels like you…He’s willing to pray so much to thank god for giving him the best thing in his life…
  • You.


  • He can’t see that you’re not eating.
  • But every time he’ll eat, he knows that you’re not eating because he never listens to you say how hungry you’re or something.
  • You never talk about that, he never listens to you eating something, making something to eat.
  • Never!
  • When he confronts you, you can’t keep this hidden from him.
  • You tell everything.
  • He smiles, understanding, hugging you.
  • You don’t know why…Why he accepts this so… So easily.
  • V believe that angels are bright, happy, blessed.
  • You’re this to him.
  • You’re the best thing in his life.
  • And he already thought you were an angel before you said anything.
  • And he feels blessed, that you have chosen him to be your human.


  • He is always screaming with you, saying that you should eat!
  • He’s worried, this is the way he can show it.
  • Not even ice cream, you’re going to eat, OMG!
  • So you need to stop those fights, you’re tired of hearing those screams.
  • And tired of running to him to hug him and feel better…
  • When you tell, he laughs, saying that was not funny
  • “You learn that from who? Saeyoung?”
  • You seem serious.
  • He’ll run before you could even prove.
  • Don’t talk about this again.
  • He’ll not talk about food again.
  • He’ll say he doesn’t believe it and he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • But every day he cuddles…Maybe he believes you? That’s why?
  • You felt like he wants to show affection…Maybe he doesn’t want you to feel bad.
  • Saeran believes one thing…That you make him happy.
  • Make him want to live.
  • You made his dark life be bright…
  • If this is what angels do…
  • You’re his angel then.