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Endgame alternative ending - Veronica x Reader

A/N: Here is the second alternative ending where Veronica and the reader end up together, after this I will be taking time to write Addicted part 6 and the original Endgame’s part 4 xx

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3 

Warnings: Same as other endgames x

Word count:

“Reg, please” you whisper, “Alright, I’m done, just for you Y/N” he leant down and kissed you on the cheek, making eye contact with Jughead, he pulled away and grinned “Friends?” he asked, “Of course, you want to crash at mine later?” before he could answer he was knocked to the ground, you turned to see who it was.


“You little shit” Reggie growled as he charged at Jughead, Veronica pulled you out of the danger zone and you watched you best friend tackle your ex best friend/crush.

“We have to stop them Ronnie” you say to the raven haired girl, “Honey, we can’t, they’re males, it’s only instinct that they fight their anger out”

A circle formed around the boys, everyone was chanting, some were saying “Fight” some were rooting on Reggie, you couldn’t let them do it any longer so you ran into the circle and grabbed Reggie, he brushed you off so you ran to Jughead.

“Jug please-” You were interrupted by Archie stopping the fight, both boys were walking opposite directions, Reggie towards the Jocks, and Jughead towards Betty.

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Mutual Help (3/3) {Smut}

Summary: You and Sebastian help each other out in times of need (Still suck at summaries

Word Count: 3,447 (I’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex (if you can’t protect your rocket, keep it in your pocket), oral sex ,Sebastian Stan, use of the word “baby girl”{Thought it was mention worthy}


*Sebastian’s POV*

The chilly air of the room pulled me out of my sleep, but lucky for me I have a human sized space heater next to me.

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