i got too lazy to color these oops


i got a bunch of new pens recently so obviously i immediately used them on jojos 
(i love this gold pen)


SHKJDHFGKJSDHFKJ Look at the pretty baby!!! 

This is Cosmos! He’s a fun little alien bby inspired by @littlemisshorror (freaking enabler) and I want to thank her so much for helping me with my shading! <3<3<3 i’m so happy with him. 

The Malpheo are a closed species for now \o3o/ but I might open them up later when i’ve got some more ground rules! For now they’re just pretty, colorful, bioluminescent babies that people like to look at ^^;;;; a lot. which isn’t always a good thing. More to come of him. Definitely <3


Maybe next time Jeonghan (*´▽`*)