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YOI Skaters As Things I Have Done
  • Viktor: Collapsed in the hallway because my friend wasn't paying enough attention to me, spent hundreds of dollars on a gift for same friend, and pissed off a bunch of my other friends by declaring said friend as my favorite
  • Yurio: Accidentally kicked one of my friends in the head, then laughing when she got pissed
  • Yuuri: Woke my mom up at 2am because of all the racket I was making in the kitchen while stress baking cookies
  • Christophe: Showing my friends photos of my boobs because "don't they look so good in this photo?" and getting the response "your boobs are fantastic"
  • Phichit: Keeping a folder of all the ugly selfies my best friend has ever sent me to give to her future boyfriend
  • Mila: Picked up friend and ran to PE because "your legs are too short to keep up with mine, either buy roller skates and hold onto my sleeve or let me carry you, we don't have all day"
  • Georgi: Sent my girlfriend at the time 500 seconds of snapchats in under 10 minutes before she woke up and then continued to send more after she woke up
  • Sara: Gave an hour long lecture to one of my best friends who I consider to be family on gender roles and why I generally dislike men who aren't fictional that some how turned into me listing reasons why girls are beautiful and I Love them
  • Michele: Have given the same two pieces of dating advice to one of my friends for years, "dump him" or "give me your phone, I'm going to fight him"
  • Emil: Hugged one of my best friends for over an hour, actually it was closer to two, I only let go when I fell asleep
  • JJ: Talked for a full hour about how hot I am to one of my friends and then after a few minutes of silence, whispered "oh god, I really hate myself" and then curled up into a ball and cried
  • Minami: Consistently terrifies friends with shrieking flying tackle hugs from behind, screams of terror usually ensue
  • Seung-gil: Robotically wrote the Bee Movie Script on the classroom board when we had a sub, "Do you have work you are supposed to be doing?" "Yes." "Is this it?" "No, do you have any more questions?" "I- uh, no, I guess not."
  • Guang Hong: Texted someone that if they messed with my best friend I would brutally murder them and then followed up with blushing emojis and flower emojis
  • Leo: Listened to the same song on repeat 12 hours a day, for over a week, until I could hear the song playing in my dreams
  • Bonus, Coaches + Teachers:
  • Yakov: Some how became the mom friend despite the fact that I can't even take care of myself, "I swear to god if you skip physics oNE MORE TIME", "Do your homework, I know where you sleep", "Oh for fuck's sake, come over to my house, I'm not going to listen to you bitch for weeks because you didn't want to disinfect your cuts"
  • Minako: Was running a high fever during my physics final to the point where I was fading in and out of consciousness, and aced it
  • Lilia: Developed a reputation for having terrifying kicks after I realized that the men in my karate class couldn't hold back their punches if they were too busy avoiding getting nailed in the balls
  • Celestino: Refused to stop smiling and laughing for a full day, actually got kicked out of class because I laughed so much
Little warning

Hello my lovely bunnies ! 

Today I just wanted to make a small announcement about the store that I have been working with for few months and just warn you about it so you would know what to expect (if something ever goes wrong with your order or so).

I have worked with Zaful for the last few months and recently my contact person changed and I had some situations where he didn’t reply to me and now I am being completely ignored, my emails are never answered. We had a deal that I get paid monthly through Paypal and I make 2 posts a day for the shop. You might not seems 2 posts a lot, but for me, who has ~5 other stores to post for daily, it’s pretty hard. Moreover, I usually edit some photos and search for cute items, so it takes quite a lot of time. So I posted 2 posts a day for them in February and when I submitted the links, they never replied. I thought that maybe it’s some kind of holidays for the staff or just they are very busy, but after talking with few other bloggers, who work with Zaful, I realized that I was cut off just like that. Other blogger got replies the next day from them, got paid without problems and so on. The thing is, it is completely okay if the store thinks that the traffic and profit I bring is too low, but I would like to know that so I would stop posting. And now, after the whole month of posting for them, I didn’t even get my payment. 

To be honest, I feel a little sad that I didn’t get the money after all my work BUT this is not about it. I just want to warn those, who might already bought from Zaful or are planning to, that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, they MIGHT just cut you off and leave you like that, without items nor refunds. Not saying they always do that, most likely not, but it might happen. So be alert and know this. 

I hope this wasn’t too long, I just wanted to let out the disappointment about this situation. I was cut off like this once before by BH store and it’s really not fun, so just felt like letting you all guys know about things that happened to me ! 

I hope you all have a lovely day ! Xoxo 

Flip Flappers v2 arrived a couple of days ago but was too busy to make a post about it. But now I have some time (not really) so here we go~

So the usual thing. Box art by tanu on the right, cover illustration by Kojima Takashi in the middle, and production booklet of some characters + their various designs. 

Kojima being the character designer, there’s going to be lots of commentary by him. I only really tried to read Papika’s bit because I got tired after that

  • Kojima wanted to contrast Cocona and Papika’s designs with each other, so that explains Cocona’s short hair vs Papika’s long hair + her sandals.. (didn’t describe anything else after that but their differences are pretty obvious, like red hair + blue eyes for Papika, blue hair + brown (but not quite red) eyes for Cocona, etc)
  • Oshiyama said Kojima’s illustrations look very shounen manga-ish, so he worked hard to match the image of a bishoujo anime.
  • There’s a colored-line ahoge right behind Papika’s more prominent one.. (which I actually did not notice UNTIL NOW) which he needed to be careful not to forgot about drawing. But he thought it was a fun little thing.

The only other interesting tidbit I read was TT-392′s design being based off of a Jameson robot. Anyway, some pics! Clothing designs, weapon designs, fragment designs, etc

The page about the eye’s designs was interesting. Reminded me of something I read where an animator (I think?) was saying how eyes in anime are becoming so much more complicated that it takes a such a considerable amount of time to draw. I just thought that was interesting because I thought Flip Flappers’s eyes were fairly simple, but there’s really a lot to take in consideration when drawing them on-model. Also made note about how the camera’s distance makes a difference when drawing the eyes on-model, which is something I never really thought about before. 

I think v3 has more on character designs. Oh, and a lot of these have already been posted on twitter by Oshiyama (which you can view here). He posts a lot of production stuff, like storyboards and setting designs~ thx oshiyama and kojima.

Do You Think I'm Ok?

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Request: Yo, how’s it going?? I read you wanted requests and I got oone✌🏻!! :D could you do like a teamiplier x fem!reader thing, where the reader comes back from vacay and their car breaks down half way home, nobody’s picking up their phones (+she has no cash) and it’s raining like crazy? Reader is pissed, gets home and everyone is scared/confused as why Reader is completely soaked but then smbdy makes a sassy remark and they all laugh? This is so specific Aah sorry Love your fics ❤️

Summary: Fem!Reader gets stranded because her car just craps out on her so she walks home in the rain and fights the whole squad.

A/N: Hello!  Wrote this at like 3am last night and I feel ok with it. As always anything italicized is the inner thought of reader or any other character (except for the part about the voicemails obviously)! Not much to say about this one except it was so difficult to find a gif of the entire team. This is the best I could find and Kathryn is barely visible :( Seriously though why is the teamiplier tag so empty when it comes to gifs? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Wordcount:1232, not too long I guess

Request some more! I don’t have class unil later tonight so I have plenty of free time and hope to post a couple more times today! Then after today spraaang breeeak sah dude keep me busy over break pls

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So @bloody-bee-tea sent me an IronPanther prompt and here I am replying to it. :)

Please excuse any inaccuracies. Most can be explained with hand-wavey comic book/movie logic, I think lol.


Tony Stark was being sent to Wakanda by General Ross for something concerning the Accords. T’Challa did not panic, but he did make sure everyone knew to not allow Tony or anyone without clearance onto the medical floor where Barnes was, and bustled the former-Avengers off to another city to keep out of sight and trouble.

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My annual bummer post:

35 years ago today I got into a massive car accident with a drunk driver. 

I was barreling along at 45 mph on a major thoroughfare in my hometown (not too far from the intersection of Monroe and Wendover in Charlotte, NC, for those of you who know where that is) when a guy driving a giant station wagon (this was the 80s after all) just turned left … into nothing. There was no street, no business: nothing. He just turned left. And I T-boned him after only the briefest of braking efforts. That, and a scream of, and I quote, “SHIIIIIIIT.”

I woke up maybe 30 seconds later to find the drunk already out of his car, and our cars turned 45 degrees from their previous positions. (I was blocking Monroe; he was pointed into the flow of traffic. Fortunately, in this pre-airbag and pre-antilock brakes era, I was wearing my seat belt; I emerged with little more than a concussion. (As long time readers know, I am very tall, and my head impacted the sun shade hard enough to break it.) My mother’s 1980 Chevy Citation was totaled. 

So, my annual plea. Have fun tonight. But wear your seat belts. Designate a driver. Take people’s keys away even when they’re belligerent about it. 

You – and your friends and family – will be glad you did.

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What would V's reaction be if he got the eye treatment and saw MC clearly for the first time?

Note: this was just too cute not to do first after my break from writing <3 sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been really busy all the time and I hope that you understand. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little V imagine!

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joannalannister  asked:


Okay I had started to write this earlier today but then I realized I was nearly doing a complete writeup of this class on the history of art patronage in Italy in the 15th and 16th century that I took for my bachelor’s, and while I personally think it’s a fun subject it *can* get a little meandering so… this is the short version (which is telling, lol).

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EXO Reaction to:

everyone finding out about him dating you

Xiumin: During interviews, if you were ever brought up, he would blush and grow shy, giving the impression that he was sweet and innocent. But if he was with his friends, away from the camera’s, he would smirk if any of the boys tried teasing him about you. He was flirty and hinted at some rather adult things you two had done together, while not giving away much detail. He was proud of your active and adventurous bedroom life but didn’t want to disrespect you or your relationship by talking too much about something so private.

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Luhan (ex-member): At first, he tried to keep the relationship a secret, to protect you from the harsh glare of the media. But one crazy sasaeng found out your details and posted it on weibo, with photos of you too. You received a lot of hate and while trying to take control of the situation, Luhan had to control his anger and speak as politely as possible in a weibo post of his own. He admitted to dating you and said that he hoped his true fans would support his love for you, and not call you demeaning names or say you were ugly. From then on, he was more open about dating you. He posted cute selcas of you together and even a few bad (but funny) pictures of you drooling in your sleep or pulling a derpy face.

Originally posted by parkchny

Kris (ex-member): He acted (outwardly) really chill about dating you. He was honest about the relationship, knowing that the scandal of it being found out would be worse than him just coming out with it. He would put up “cool” pictures of you together, maybe wearing low-key matching couple outfits or jewelry. But away from the cameras, he would get really clumsy and sometimes awkward around you, smiling a goofy smile at you when he thought you weren’t looking. He was a love sick puppy but tried to hide that behind a “cool” façade.

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

Suho: It was a massive scandal, when your relationship was found out. Trying to take control of the situation, he did an interview about dating you, asking fans to understand that he was a person too and wanted to love and be loved. After that interview, you two became the “it” couple. Handsome and charming Joonmyeon would make the perfect husband and he looked at you as if you were the sun. After dating openly for only a few days, he was always asked through social media or tv appearances when he was going to propose, people always pointing out how beautiful the children would be. He would blush happily, very flattered that the public were rooting for your relationship.

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: He hadn’t realized that your relationship was found out until one of the boys told him, showing him articles with pictures taken of him with you. He was in shock for a while, not really knowing what to do. His manager publicly announced the relationship but Yixing himself didn’t do anything until a couple of weeks later when, during a Chinese variety show, someone asked about you. He was speechless for a moment, mouth opening and closing before he decided then and there to simply pour his heart out. “Yes, I am dating that person. And I love her so much, just like I love my fans, and I hope that they can love her just as much as I do.” Somehow he ended up teary-eyed and from then on, no one could hate the fact that he was in a relationship, not even his most obsessed fans. You made him happy and no one could deny this precious cinnamon roll his happiness.

Originally posted by deerxings

Baekhyun: For a while, he tried ignoring the drama surrounding the finding out of his relationship, hoping it would simply die down. But when you just ended up receiving a lot of hate, he spoke about you during a radio interview. His tone was rather harsh at first, since he had so much pent up frustration and anger about the situation. “I’m human and I’m young. I wish people would just let me live my life and be happy. And people are attacking my girlfriend too, which is ridiculous. It’s not her fault she’s so loveable.” The more he spoke about you, the softer his tone became and then he was back to the fun, witty Baekhyun that everyone loved.

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Chen: There was no scandal and he didn’t even really have to come out about it – everyone figured it out quickly. You were an idol that he had always stated was his ideal type, he would post pictures on Instagram with you or celebrating your song becoming number one on “melon”, there were even photos circulating of you two on dates together. It had been a popular ship that became a reality and many fans were overjoyed. Jongdae would always laugh when he saw banners with your ship name on them and tended to mention you during concerts, interviews, shows, etc – “Ah, you think she’s pretty? You haven’t seen her in the morning!” or “Don’t be fooled into believing she’s nice! It’s all a lie and her breath smells!”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

D.O: He had been absolutely furious with the way your relationship was discovered. Chanyeol had accidentally leaked it, just as Kyungsoo was planning on coming out with it himself, in his own way. He had it all planned out and wanted to kill Chanyeol for just blurting it out like that. EXO were afraid to have those two in the same room together so D.O was given time off to cool down. After a couple of weeks, when he was level-headed again, the boys were able to look back and laugh at the situation. “Aish, I always knew you were an idiot,” Kyungsoo would tease, playfully shoving Chanyeol around.

Originally posted by osehu

Tao (ex-member): He admitted to the relationship while the drama surrounding his departure from EXO was going on. He would always say, during interviews, that he was so thankful to have you there to lean on, that he didn’t think he could go through this without you, and so on. There were a few fans who tried to spread rumours that you were the real reason he left the group but most people were happy that Zitao had someone there for him while he was going through all this.

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: It had been suspected for a while now. Many pictures circulated the web, speculating about similar bracelets you were wearing or “evidence” of him staring at you during various shows, the EXO boys giving him pointed looks whenever you passed by, etc. Eventually, he just came out about it. It wasn’t that big of a deal, really. It didn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. Most people were happy for him.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun: This little shit tried hiding your relationship for a while. If you two were on the same show together, he would tease or annoy you (tug your hair, cut you off, stand centre stage so that he could “grace people’s eyes with his beauty”, and so on.) And you were well able for him, sassing him back, putting up bad pictures you secretly took of him or pictures of him staring at you during your performances. On Instagram, you would caption it, “Sheesh, stop being so obsessed with me #weirdo #idontblameyouthough #imflawless.” And he would comment, “You wish. I’m way out of your league.” This teasing flirtation was glaringly obvious but you would both still deny the relationship (“I’m way out of their league, don’t insult me like that!”) until one of the EXO boys got sick of the denial and just admitted it for you two.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

Chanyeol: Like Chen, his fans had figured it out and many of them passionately shipped you two together. He was always caught staring at you and comedic interviewers always brought it up during EXO’s appearances. “Ah, Chanyeol, glad to see you made it! I thought you would be too busy staring at a certain someone (wink, wink).” You and him were always purposefully put on shows together, like “Running Man” or “We Got Married” until eventually you both just admitted you were dating.

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(A/N: I had to add Channie at the end because tumblr wouldn’t let me post a gif in the proper age order, after Jongdae  😕)

21 Updated J2 Facts (TinHat Edition)

Enjoy this Tea! It’s pipping hot so be careful!

1.) Jared and Jensen shared a mortgage back when they lived together in the earlier seasons of Supernatural.

2.) Cliff (the J’s “bodyguard”) has posted on spn_gossip a few times.

3.) Jensen moved from California to Austin, Texas (literally down the street from Jared) to be closer to “friends” and “family” even though their hours away from where he lives and one of the only people/person Jensen really see’s is Jared.

4.) The J’s go on vacation together without their wives. (Example: Skiing in Whistler Canada)

5.) Geneieve Padalecki’s sister posted on spn_gossip saying and I quote: “What business of yours if they are gay and straight? They don’t owe you anything. You people sound vindictive and nasty.” Once she realized that she accidentally posted off anon, she deleted her comment. But it was too late, she’d already been caught lol.

6.) Both Jared and Gen got subliminally called out by Gen’s brother Ben Cortese on Facebook.

7.) Jim Beaver has admitted to reading on spn_gossip for many years, and has posted on there in the past as well.

8.) Jared “dated” Genevieve literally a few months after his breakup with Sandy. And was already talking about how he was in ‘love’ with her.

9.) Even after Sandra and Jared broke up, Danneel was still pictured hanging out with Sandy.

10.) The J’s engaged their ‘wives’ the same week. (Or was it a week from each other?) It doesn’t really matter, that alone screams fake because both the J’s claimed they didn’t know the other was purposing to their wives around that same time. And this is coming from the same two men who swear up and down they tell each other everything.

11.) Danneel got into a Twitter war with a Gossip Columnist when he suggested that her relationship with Jensen was fake and she was his beard. They argued back and forth, and after the argument she disappeared from Twitter for a long time, clearly embarrassed. 

12.) Both Jared and Jensen have worn each other’s clothes so many times, one would think they shared a closet. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me and my own thoughts though…

13.) Danneel and Geneieve didn’t attend one another’s weddings.

14.) Joanna Krupa (from The Real Housewives of Miami) said she used to beard for someone. (She dated Jensen her one and only famous boyfriend, although she is married now.) Also on the show another housewife accused her of being an escort and everyone knowing about it.

15.) Jensen named his daughter Justice JAY Ackles. Which wouldn’t be so strange if Jensen’s nickname for Jared wasn’t Jay…

16.) Sometimes the J’s don’t go to Austin to visit their wive’s and kids, and instead they choose to stay in Vancouver alone together on their off weekends.

17.) Sandra McCoy (Jared’s ex-girlfriend) once favorited a tweet on Twitter calling her Jared’s ex beard.

18.) Jensen babysat the kid’s while Jared was out.

19.) After Jared and Sandy broke up she sold almost everything he gave her on eBay lol.

20.) Jensen has two main homes in Austin. One of them a multi-million dollar house, while the other roughly cost a million dollars that he just bought recently. The two homes aren’t far from one another, and the rumor’s are that the 1 million dollar house is where Danneel lives/he bought it for her. (Jensen’s been pictured in the house recently.)

21.) In the past, Jensen has publicly stated his favorite ship is Wincest at a convention. (I thought I’d throw this in for all my Sam and Dean lovers!)

Video Link: Ackles Loves Wincest

(This is an updated list of/from the previous TinHat Fact post’s that I have made in the past. Most of this information my followers/or J2 Tinhat regulars already know. This is for everyone who doesn’t know and for all my new followers as well.)

Thank’s for reading! I sincerely hope that scolding hot tea didn’t burn you. Now let me show you around the party, shall we? I think you’ll enjoy it here in the amazing Tinhat community, we’ve even got top of the line food and expensive champagne. 

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- K

Since i haven’t posted anything in 2 or 3 days again, and probably won’t the next days too because im really busy atm, i decided to just post this little sketch of cyber neko as apologize.

It’s actually a drawing fo a friend, what i barely got to sketch in my little amount of freetime so the finish drawing won’t be posted here, but i hope everyone likes it anyways even if this isn’t even a cyber neko or a kaito blog hehe. ^^’

Googly Eyes [2]

[title]: Googly Eyes [2]

[pairing]: Peter Parker x Reader

[summary]: Y/n’s falling for the Spiderman and while Tony likes Peter Parker, he doesn’t feel too great about his daughter dating him.

[warnings]: none bruh

[a/n]: oMF so iM sO SOrRY i havENt pOStED iN foreVEr bUT i GoT RLLy bUSY AnD iT Was My biRTHDaY ANd tHeN THe fOUrTh Of juLy aND pLs dONt hATE ME i LoVE yOu

Googly Eyes Part 1

Originally posted by peterparkerdaily

           Y/n had been constantly waiting for the text from Peter Parker, much to her father’s displeasure. For the first few days that he had left, she was checking her phone every few minutes, anxiously awaiting contact with the Spiderman.

           After a few weeks, she gave up checking her phone often, but if it rang out, announcing a notification, she would scramble to check who it was and her lips would droop with disappointment with it not being the boy that she wanted.

           The ding from her phone that was lying face down on the coffee table notified her. She and her father were sprawled across the sofa, watching a movie. It was the first real constructive interaction that they had had together in a very long time. Nonetheless, Y/n jumped to pick up her phone.

           A hopeful glint glittered in her eyes as she hurriedly read what had lit up the screen.

           Hey, it’s Peter Parker. Remember me?

           A triumphant grin erupted joyfully onto her face as she slid the notification across the screen to answer.

           Suddenly aware of her distraction, Tony lifted his head from the couch’s armrest to see that Y/n was smiling brightly as her fingers danced expertly around the screen.

           “Who’re you texting?” he asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at the way she tried to hide the dreamy smile that fought its way onto her face and refused to move.

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Finally after a span of busy months I got the chance to beat Earthbound!
im not much of an rpg person but holy EFF this game was awesome
i had like no intentions of playing the other two games before i played Earthbound (maybe Mother 4 too if im that interested??) but now i plan on playing them soon c:

So while I was Drawpiling I drew this and it just NEEDED to be colored.
sorry for adding furry art to the Mother 2 tag but i plan on posting ACTUAL fan art of the game soon lel

I WENT TO JUPITER’S CONCERT IN SÃO PAULO ~ We need to talk about this

Hello hello hello~ in advance, I’m sorry for the long post, but it has to be done

I’ve been too busy with college I couldn’t even talk about Jupiter’s concert that happened here in Brazil last sunday! GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!!!! But, let’s start the story from the beginning, shall we?

How did I get the tickets? I was still trying to get my refund back from my tickets of Kamijo’s concert (yes, you read correctly, the one that was canceled in Brazil in 2015) when I heard Jupiter was coming to Brazil… Daaaamn, I was lucky this time! Everything went well, I could easily get the new tickets for a live of a great band that I admire so much. This happened in october last year.

Since then, I’ve spent so many hours dreaming about meeting Hizaki, Teru and Zin, I doubt I’m a sane person now. I believe most of you know I insanily love Hizaki. I know I’m a shitty guitarrist, but he’s my senpai, my god I love him so much I can’t express it with words.

9th April, the day has come. I was so fucking anxious, but I was there… I had the Meet&Greet tickets, but I got there early anyways, and the line was already kinda long in my opinion. Also, the band members were late because of the traffic in São Paulo… What a tourist experience for them! XD jk poor babies

The staff let us get into the building, so we were forming the line for the Meet&Greet again, it was really messy and this could have been so much better, but anyway, there was a moment I was out of that specific line, I was getting my photo sets and then heading towards the restroom when I saw, not exactly in this order: Shoyo (Really handsome, amazing support bass), Hizaki AND ALSO ZIN, apperently he too was trying to use the bathroom.

When the M&G finally started, we were able talk to them, shake hands, get autographs etc… Their manager wasn’t letting us hug them, he looked pissed off, I wonder what happend to that man for him to look so angry (?)

9th April in Brazil means 10th April in Japan! It was Teru’s birthday and I was so happy I could talk to him on that day. I was REALLY anxious, I started speaking in japanese and ended in english, while he was answering (most of the times) with “obrigado” which is portuguese for “thank you”. It was funny, he’s super cute!

Zin was next, and my god, he’s really handsome and that’s the first thing I thought when I looked him in the eyes, but I only said “Zin, nice to meet you! You’re amazing! Thank you for coming!!” while we were shaking hands. I confess that I stuck in front of them and did not know how to act, because they are too perfect.

Next was Hizaki, my love Hizaki! I almost melt down when I saw him so close to me! Melt down? No, I almost freeze. I had his picture in my right hand, and I placed on the table so I could shake hands with him, but he grabbed it so fast and signed it I couldn’t even see. I was looking at his face, his hands so beautiful… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNN

Only after that second that seemed like an eternity looking at a angel he grabbed my hand with both of his hands and I started talking, saying that I love him, thanking him for coming as I thanked the other members too. His warm hands around mine, I won’t forget that. It was the greatest feeling I ever felt. His perfume is great btw, I can’t get it out of my mind either. I love him, omg I love him so much.

Then we could take a picture together! Please ignore me, I look like trash. And idk why the HQ photos weren’t uploaded yet, so we have this…

Long lines again, everyone who had the M&G tickets would get inside first of course. Almost one hour later (I not really sure, but I was tired, so it felt like an hour) the concert was about to start!

And so it started, I’ll post some of my pictures, some are good, some are not very good, some are terrible and I’m already sorry about that XD Also, the manager asked us not to record or film the live, but they didn’t say shit about continuous shots, so I made some gifs \0/

About the setlist, I can only say it was amazing! They played Arcadia, Topaz, Symmetry Breaking, Darkness, The spirit within me, B.L.A.S.T and my memory sucks, so if anyone wants to help… I REALLY CAN’T REMEMBER IT ALL ;-;

During the concert, I was able to touch and kinda “hold” Hizaki’s guitar while he was playing, that was such an honor, I don’t feel like I deserved it. I touched his arms, his hair, I sort of petted his head. Hizaki is really sweet.

 After the concert 20 people could take a cheki picture, I had money and time… Thank god! Althought it ended later then expected, I wouldn’t be able to come home anyway, because the trains and metro stations aren’t open, neither working after midnight, so I stayed there and hoped I could get a cheki. And I did!

After we took the picture, Hizaki immediatly hold my hand the same way he did at the M&G and my heart melt, I shaked hands with them again, thanking them for the concert, told them how much I loved it, and asked them to comeback. That was it!!

I’m sorry for the long post. If Kamijo was here, he would give you a sweet potato for reading all of this heuheueheuhe

the most iconic tumblr posts

- “open up,” he said, unzipping “that’s the fuck doorbell”

- I’ve got some “feels” for you—they’re called pork chops and your mother made them with love

- im robbing a bank tomorrow and when the cops come for me imma tell them it was my alter ego countess boochie flagrante

- i should have never made her eat the doo doo

- i just got high, right in front of my momther’s eyes

- john’s nut

- after all, everyone knows that the bears always win

- hear it hurgling

- i don’t know about “celebrities” because im too busy READING A BOOK AND DOING EDUCATION

rhobi replied to your post: WELL I got halfway to town to volunteer today and…

what color was the smoke? did it have a smell? cause it could be a myriad of things to help fix that business :O

it was like… thick white smoke :s it did it on monday night too, we checked the oil to find that. there was no oil. we put oil in on tuesday, did a test drive of about 4km, it was fine. was gonna go get the oil (and filter) changed properly tomorrow. 

now it’s sitting at a local (v. nice) mechanic’s place after being towed. I was too nervous to drive it any farther, since it was like… smoking exponentially more as I pulled off the road x__x

If Walls Could Talk (Finale)

Part 5: Stay x 73.

Summary: Nicole’s mission to set Jensen up fails over and over, and even their friendship is threatened.

Word Count: 2425

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None?

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! Here we are, at the completion of the mini-series. Thank you for everyone who has read it, I know that non-reader-inserts aren’t super popular, but I definitely felt the love on this one. Hope this last part doesn’t disappoint!


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Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”

Meet Hotshot members closer part 3 - Incheon fansign event


I asked him,Timo,San and Hojeong same question.

“Who is the most handsome member in Hotshot?”

Junhyuk  acted so cute writting shyly his own name and i said he is right.

(the point was..i was expecting like every member to write his own name).

Kid Monster:

My bias ignored my post note with the question i had for him because he was too busy talking a lot like always..

He was struggleing to tell me that their practice place is close to where i live after he asked me all of the sudden where do i live?He started with english and he gave up in the middle continuing the answer in korean lol.. but of course i got it…

(why do you reveal such a precious info.Aren’t you afraid i will stalk you?)

(i was suprised cause he asked something quite personal than none of the idols i met ever bothered to ask.i guess he was curious like he kept seeing me at diferent locations where fansigns took place and that were quite far away..)

After that i tried to explain to him that i listened to his favorite song.

And he was singing it a bit (so cute!) i didn’t ask him to sing.I just said i listened to that song…and he suddenly started to sing.He is  a bit weird ..i like him.


I was expecting him to write his own name like indeed he is soooo handsome that i am not joking but suprisingly he wrote Hojeong’ s name and made a arrow pointing at the member next to him.

Then i said:

-EIIII!LIES!You are the most handsome,is it?

And he smiled looking a bit proud and ashamed about it.I wasn’t expecting that from Yoonsan.I was expecting like him to be very confindent because indeed he has reasons to be confident in his looks but it seems he is not,or he is just very humble…

He was like in this part:

-No,no!It’s not me.Is this dude next to me.

(saying it quite loud pointing with the head towards “the dude” `lol can’t believe he called Hojeong dude and didn;t used his name.Cute though.)

So i give up seeing that San still doesnt want to admit the truth,plus he always says “no” to everything lol…so funny.

(but i am happy that i made him smile a little bit more than usual.mission acomplished)


-ME! loud and clear.

Lol i start laughing so loud because i found it funny his short brutal sincere answer.Himself.


I was so nervous because i was trying to apologize to him for the mess it happened a day before at Ilsan mixing his page and Hojeong and Sungwoon look at me and mumbled sad in korean:

-BUT ..i am Sungwoon…ㅠㅠ

It just broked my heart.I knew who he is ,just that i got confused to see Hojeong in pain and my stickers with the names were upside down and in korean plus really small writing.I learned my lesson.

I have never been so nervous in front of an idol trying to apologize..


He mumbled in korean that my post note had no mistakes so i was confussed and asked him worried if i wrote something wrong and said something like :

-No,i am surprised it’s really correct.~Good!*english*

He wrote Hojeong’s name as well,not his name.:(

I guess some members envy the maknae’s looks and body lol..