i got tons of posters

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Ugh i just imagine being in student council putting up posters around school that Monty has no care for what so ever but he offers to help you because his friends say he'd never be able to get with a girl like you, but he eventually falls for you an you're polar opposites but you change him for the better n yall lowkey freaks on the low!!!

This is so cute!

I imagine you’ve probably got a ton of rolled up posters that you’re trucking around the school, and you’re there after school, so the hallways are mostly empty, but of course the jocks are there because they’ve got after school practice. And you avoid them as much as possible because you’re just not interested in putting up with them and their douchebaggery. But today you’re trying to hang a poster and /of course/ while you’re stretching to tape the top corner you end up dropping all of your other posters and some of them roll away and then the poster you just hung up falls down partially and it’s all you can do not to scream as the jocks take notice of this disaster.

And of course one of them trots over, scooping up some of the posters that had gotten away from you and he smooths the poster up against the wall, easily reattaching the tape. You take a deep breath, because Monty de la Cruz has never been this close to you, and he’s sweaty from baseball practice, and he’s got this carefree grin on his face as he asks, “Need some help?” He tilts his head and continues to smile.

You take a deep breath, glancing at the poster that Monty is still leaning against, nodding towards it. “Well, I mean, in case you haven’t noticed, they’re anti-bullying posters. So in a way, they’re kind of anti-you posters, huh?” you say, typically quiet and catching Monty by surprise. And he actually looks hurt for a moment as he glances down at the floor, licking his lips and taking a deep breath.

“You still look like you could use some help,” he says, completely bypassing your blunt observation. So he heaves the posters over his shoulder, plucks the tape from your hands, and makes his way down the hall and away from you. And you figure, Monty being Monty, he probably just took your posters and is going to throw them in a dumpster, but the next day you get to school and all of the posters are up, hanging perfectly as if Monty had a level at his disposal, and he catches your eye from across the hall and winks at you.

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KCON COULD NOT HAVE GONE BETTER!!!! So I spent almost all of my money on merch, I got tons of posters and albums. Very important, at one point two members of SF9 and three members of NCT were in the audience to MC, and they were LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!!! I just turned around and stared at them the whole time. They waved and stuff and Rowoon from SF9 gave me a high five. So yeah, it was AWESOME!!!! -<3 anon

OMG huhuhu im so hapoy for you at the same time so envious. Cuz like omg nct and SF9 askkabdkajsa. Daym gurl you lucky af cuz i think i’d have to wait til i got a job to see thme cuz my parents doesn’t want me to go to the upcoming concert of svt. Well couldn’t blame them tho, the chaos is still ongoing so idk yet. Huhuhuh omg im happy that you had fun tho.