i got tons of posters

breadscrumbss  asked:

Green Day! ( I know how original )

Q: How long have I listened to them?

A: 2 and a half years

Q: Favorite song:

A: Geek Stink Breath

Q: Least Favorite song:

A: Nightlife. you fucks

Q: Favorite Album:

A: Insomniac

Q: First song I’ve heard from them:

A: 21 guns

Q: Have I ever Seen them in Concert?

A: Yea !!!! I saw them at the hollywood palladium on October 17th it was incredible 

Q: Any mercy I possess:

A: boy like half of my shirts are green day and I’ve got 2 signed pictures and a shit ton of posters and like a box for all their cds I’m total trash

Q: Favorite recorded concert, If available:

2: Irving Plaza, Chicago, 1994 (beejo does his lil pet rock rant)

Q: Favorite Single/Music Video:

A: Jesus of Suburbia 

Q: Favorite Member, current:

A: I . can’t choose i love them all