i got tokens

i never read these days and it frustrates me cause when i was younger i was always the kid that was into reading and i started reading way before anyone else in my class and it was always my thing but these days its so so hard for me to find interest in any kinds of books nevermind actually sit down and read them


                              The kids were too lazy to take off their hats.

Based off a cute idea that me and @p-aurisan came up with about Karen making flower crowns and handing them out to various kids c:

that one about me meme !!

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REAL NAME: bethany.  (  everyone  always  asks  me  if  i  prefer  beth  or  bethany  every  year  &  it’s  just  whatever’s  easiest  for  you  chummy  !  :’)  )
NICKNAMES:  beth,  clarrie.
SEXUALITY:  bisexual  /  biromantic.
PRONOUNS:  she  /  her.
ARE YOU A MORNING PERSON?:  no. do  not  talk  to  me  for  like  half  an  hour  before  i  wake  up  because  i  will  give  you  the  most  filthiest  of  looks  &  grunt  in  your  general  direction.  i  am  not  the  girl  you  know  online,  because  i  do  not  come  on  &  post  before  i  have  woken  up. pls  &  thank.
WHEN SWIMMING, DO YOU PREFER TO DO IT IN THE OCEAN,  OR IN A LAKE?:  i  prefer  the  ocean,  because  the biggest  lakes  we  have  here  tend  to  include  big  boats  in  them,  so  it’s  pretty  unlikely  i’ll  ever  be  able  to  try  one  (  well,  i  nearly  did  in  france  &  that  was  an  experience.  too  dirty  for  me.  )  plus,  we  once  went  to  the  ocean  in  the  Caribbean,  &  once  you’ve  seen  such  a  clear  ocean,  you  never  go  back.  
ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET IN REAL LIFE?: tbh  there  are  a  few,  because  some  people  i’ve  met  really  have  had  an  important  impact  upon  me,  but  honestly  i  don’t  really  know  how  i’d  react  around  people.  i  laugh  nervously  &  miss  important  cues  &  i  can  be  shy  ?  like  awkwardly  so…  if  you’re  a  chill  person,  you  won’t  mind  it  i’m  sure,  but  if  you  need  tonnes  of  effort  please  give  me  some  time  to  work  up  into  that.
ANYONE YOU HAVE MET IN REAL LIFE?: well  a  long  time  ago  mine  &  @teufelme​‘s  mums  were  placed  near  each  other  in  the  same  workplace,  they  then  went  on  to  have  2  daughters  who  are  now  best  friends.  
WHEN DID YOU FIRST JOIN?:  end  of  oct   /  beginning  of  nov  last  year  !  can  you  believe  im  almost  coming  up  to  a  year  now?
YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT(S)?:   @circumspects​,  @disscciative​,  @cfdevotion​,  @bogenschutze​,  @deathlost​,  @leistungs​,  @dcnchou​  are  the  most(?)  active. (  it’s  in  order  of  activity.  )
ANY PEEVES?:  irl:  people  who  walk  slow  &  then  conveniently  step  in  your  path  when  you  get  the  prime  opportunity  to  overtake  them.  /  rp:  people  who  are  too  harsh  /  critical  on  certain  characters  /  ships  etc  &  then  expect  people  to  still  interact  with  them  even  though  they  are  blatantly  /  repeatedly  rude  about  it.  ( E SP WHEN THEY ACT LIKE THE VICTIM.  )
UNPOPULAR OPINION:   BOI. pineapple  belongs  on  pizza,  more  than  pepperoni  does.  
DO YOU EASILY GET JEALOUS?:  yeah.  i  don’t  show  it  but  i  am  easily  jealous.  it’s  usually  something  i  hide  though  ?  cause  it  damages  things.  i’ve  gotten  better  now  tbh !
DO YOU EASILY GET ANGRY?:  see, i  argue  this  because  i  never  really  feel  pissed  ?  like  yeah  i’m  all  gah  !  but  it  takes  a  lot  to  really  piss  me  off,  in  the  sense  that  i  will  have  a  go  at  like  everything,  otherwise  im  just  annoyed  /  need  time  to  myself  for  a  bit.
ARE YOU EASY TO CHEER UP?:    na.  tbh  i  need  someone  to  sit  down  &  listen  to  me  rant  for  a  bit  before  im  truly  good.  i’m  just  a  difficult  person  &  more  pessimistic  than  optimistic,  but  after  some  time  i’m  pretty  good.  
ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS?: YES  &  NO.  i  like  laugh  whenever  im  feeling  awkward,  so  feeling  sad  is  also  a  time  where  i  laugh.  i  always  apologise  when  upset  /  angered.  but  honestly,  i  can  be  an  open  book  when  faced  with  the  right  emotions  /  big  bouts  of  it.  
WHAT’S THE VERY BEST WAY TO CHEER YOU UP?:  talk  to  me,  make  my  opinions  feel  valid.  to  know  that  someone  feels  the  same  &  genuinely  cares  about  my  emotions  really  helps  me  at  times.  i  also  like  hugs,  support  &  comfort.  i  love  it  when  people  give  it  to  me  tbh.
ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP?: i  married  @teufelme​  in  sept  2014,  so  not  really  looking  for  another  wife  rn  :)
DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE:  jean  kirstein.  but,  i  mean  i  do  crush  on  real  life  people.  the  issue  is  that  if  you’re  nice  to  me  at  some  point  i  get  like  a  5  minute  crush  where  i  envision  the  “  what  if…?  ”  of  dating  /  marriage.  im  secretly  gross  lol.
DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE?:  if  they’re  nice  enough  to  kiss  i  s’pose?  it  involves  context.  i  have  nothing  against  it,  but  i  don’t  think  i  would  if  they  weren’t  the  type  of  person  i wanted  to  kiss.  
DO YOU PREFER GOING OUT,  OR STAYING HOME,  WHEN IT COMES TO DATES?:  mixed??  IDK  a  good  date  @  home  is  effortless  &  it  is  just  really  comfy  to  just  sit  &  watch  netlix  & chill  ,  but  then  i  love  dates  outside,  especially  when  it’s  just  the  two  of  us  sitting  around  &  looking  at  the  sky  /  a  good  scene.  you  can  always  win  my  heart  through  sunsets  &  good  food.  picturesque  scenes  currently  being  my  shit.  
FAVOURITE DRINK:  ???  starbucks  maybe?  but  then  cocktails  are  like…  really  good  im  a  sucker  for  coloured  drinks,  tbh.  anything  thats  nice  &  sweet,  if   it  looks  good  bonus.  &  anything  from  starbucks  has  to  be  topped w/  cream.
FAVOURITE FOOD:  pls  don’t  make  me  choose  ; - ;

First of all, look how cute Kara/Melissa is on that gif 😍

That being said, I made a short list of people that make my days brighter. Some really good friends, and others that I just love and admire from afar :3

(in alphabetical order)

Big Three:

@aleksdanver - Editor-In-Chief, Light of my Life ♥
@liiillith - My Precious Human, My Heterosexual Half™ ♥
@monwinn - Gay Twin Bro, King of Supporting me ♥


@izzysophialightwoods - Actual Disney Princess ♥
@kinkylena - Queen of Snapchat Filters ♥
@lesbianlena - I don’t know her.gif ♥
@luthoring - Their Royal Gayness™ ♥
@mechanicsofamess - Actual Angel ♥
@potstickersftw - I see you commenting on my fics, I see you ♥

[Oprah’s voice] You get a heart. YOU get a heart. Everyone gets a heart. (I just love everyone okay)

Home of sexuals, and others:

@agentdanver // @agentgroves // @a-jedi-in-purgatory // @alexedanvers // @allmyinhibitions // @alyciadayumcareys // @bayliey // @blxx-m // @clonchi // @coniehaus // @copsawyer // @cosmoslions // @danverscanaries // @do-chicks // @drama-bob // @dvnvers // @eldrewand // @elizabethwolf // @elizasanvers // @eliza-taylor-cotter // @ellamasarms // @emilyjunk // @faithbethhyden // @floorplan91 // @fluent-in-lesbianism // @gaycanary // @gayverlyearp // @glassesanddreads // @hedawolf // @highwaytohell-a // @iboughtafuckingateau // @incorrectsupergirl // @in-zes // @jewvian // @jilliannholtzman // @just-impolite // @justprincesssarcasm // @karaluthors // @kara-luthors // @katemcgraths // @katjemcgrath // @kmckinnon // @krystalgoderitch // @laradanvers // @lenaluthers // @logicalwarrior // @maggaysawyer // @majesticlexa // @medphin // @melissabinoist // @michaelaconlin // @mindfullofstories // @missdontcare-x // @natasi // @ohmyheda // @orngepeel // @petitetimidgay // @problematictv // @ren-mccullers // @rumplestiltskin // @sh00t // @silvaalarcon // @siobhansmythe // @supercorpppp // @superskara // @tatianathevampireslayer // @thegaydanvers // @thrillerwillroll // @tinathebat // @unicyclehippo // @wanheding // @wildsanvers // @wilowwa // @wlws // @yourvoicematters

And a huge thank you to the rest of my mutuals (I’d name you all but there’s literally 500) and my precious followers. I love you all so much ♥


My favorite stim toys I have at home!!! @stimtastic :-)

- blue wishing star ; it’s smooth and sparkly and from Disney!
- metal link bracelet ; I love spinning it around my wrist and pressing it between my fingers!
- stretchy purple/white band ; I love making ladders and cats cradle out of it!
- red flower bracelet ; it’s springy and stretchy and pulls back into its shape!
- purple rubber suction animal ; I can use it to prop my phone up and it’s rubbery and nice to mess with!
- laugh every day token ; I got this from meeting The Frey Life (youtubers) at Disney Springs and it’s so smooth (the texture is wood)
- white Finn ring ; it has hard edges and I love rubbing it in my hands!
- space/sun ring ; I always spin this on my finger. It’s my favorite ring of all time!
- color changing light ; I love running the string bits through my fingers and watching the lights change in the base and tips of it!

cam-saroyan replied to your post “does anyone remember on tumblr back in 2013? maybe? you could make…”

dw i too am awake @ this god forsaken hour bc ive got a report due on thursday that ive been writing for literally the past 2 weeks and it just wont END

rip i’m praying for the both of us ❤️❤️


Clyde: Token and Jimmy are here so we can finally take a party selfie!!! 

Clyde: And look at the cool star stickers I found on the photo editing app!! 

Tweek: Oh yeah, those are cute!

Craig: Since everyone’s here now we should open presents. 

Token and Jimmy join the party!!

Bad Luck ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Remember my promise?

I didn’t get those cards…

…from gacha.

I got it by collecting tokens. Since I didn’t have Multiplier cards, I have to play more to get more tokens. One round I got 1000 tokens, so I played about 200x times to get that Sasuke (had spent my weekend to play, no regret lol).

After I got Papa, I played less to get Mama because Papa was Multiplier card (12xtoken on lv.1; I increase it until lv. 5 so it reached 15xtoken). So did the rest cards.

Increasing the rarity ASAP (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Aaaand the double honeymoon set was complete in 3 days  ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

I wanted to draw anyway….

BONUS. Cannot be unseen Σ(゜ロ゜;)


Commish me ♥