i got tokens


                              The kids were too lazy to take off their hats.

Based off a cute idea that me and @p-aurisan came up with about Karen making flower crowns and handing them out to various kids c:

i never read these days and it frustrates me cause when i was younger i was always the kid that was into reading and i started reading way before anyone else in my class and it was always my thing but these days its so so hard for me to find interest in any kinds of books nevermind actually sit down and read them

I literally don’t watch any other 1 hr show besides the get down ,, that’s how good it is , it has my short attention span still hooked on it BC of the cinnamontography , the poetry , the music , the great acted out scenes like Fbsszfbfnz there’s so much good characters and other things to develop in the show but it got canceled prematurely BC y'all hate anything that’s not white


My favorite stim toys I have at home!!! @stimtastic :-)

- blue wishing star ; it’s smooth and sparkly and from Disney!
- metal link bracelet ; I love spinning it around my wrist and pressing it between my fingers!
- stretchy purple/white band ; I love making ladders and cats cradle out of it!
- red flower bracelet ; it’s springy and stretchy and pulls back into its shape!
- purple rubber suction animal ; I can use it to prop my phone up and it’s rubbery and nice to mess with!
- laugh every day token ; I got this from meeting The Frey Life (youtubers) at Disney Springs and it’s so smooth (the texture is wood)
- white Finn ring ; it has hard edges and I love rubbing it in my hands!
- space/sun ring ; I always spin this on my finger. It’s my favorite ring of all time!
- color changing light ; I love running the string bits through my fingers and watching the lights change in the base and tips of it!

First of all, look how cute Kara/Melissa is on that gif 😍

That being said, I made a short list of people that make my days brighter. Some really good friends, and others that I just love and admire from afar :3

(in alphabetical order)

Big Three:

@aleksdanver - Editor-In-Chief, Light of my Life ♥
@liiillith - My Precious Human, My Heterosexual Half™ ♥
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@izzysophialightwoods - Actual Disney Princess ♥
@kinkylena - Queen of Snapchat Filters ♥
@lesbianlena - I don’t know her.gif ♥
@luthoring - Their Royal Gayness™ ♥
@mechanicsofamess - Actual Angel ♥
@potstickersftw - I see you commenting on my fics, I see you ♥

[Oprah’s voice] You get a heart. YOU get a heart. Everyone gets a heart. (I just love everyone okay)

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mint-bandit  asked:

Your Cinder is different but a good different. For starters the Phoenix idea I just clicks with the character and it works so well. I used to ship Cinder and Qrow too so it's cool to meet someone else who does. Secondly I love how your Cinder wants retribution like she wants to atone for her bad deeds which is an interesting twist. I give your portrayal a 10/10. :3

i’m still a gross sobbing mess over the other asks & i’m sobbing even more from this one.  thank you, kind stranger!  you have no idea how happy it makes me that others do in fact like what i’ve done with cinder.  ever since i first saw her on the show, i’ve always associated her with a phoenix & it just made sense to me from the beginning.

oh god cinder & qrow are my trash that i love so so much.  you have no idea how much i love their dynamic.  i could go on & on for hours about how much i love them but i’m gonna spare everyone from that tho my partners know it all heh. 

i know a lot of people hate the redemption trope but it makes so much sense to me for my cinder because of the different side of her we saw in v4.  i may not have kept what happened to her as part of my cinder’s canon but i was beyond glad to at least see that they were trying to show her as more than one dimensional.  i’ve been working on adding more dimensions to my portrayal of her & i hope it shows cause she’s become one of my all time favorite characters & i love her so much.

oh jesus i didn’t mean to ramble on & on but thank you for this. really! <33

how’s my portrayal?

  • craig: im ace
  • tweek: im bi
  • butters: so am i!
  • cartman: im straight
  • stan: im pan
  • butters: same here, my man!
  • kyle: im poly
  • token: im demi
  • butters: oh same, all those, plenty!
  • kenny: im aro
  • clyde: im gay
  • butters: hey same, no way!
  • cartman: goddamnit butters what the fuck are you
  • butters: oh, um well, my sexuality and romantic orientation are fluid!
  • cartman: oh please, you have to choose dumbass
  • kyle: no he doesnt asshole he can be whoever he wants
  • butters: exactly, fellas!
  • tweek: so, uh, are we gonna continue this song or -
  • butters: one more time!
  • craig: im ace
  • tweek: im bi
  • butters: so am i!
  • cartman: im straight
  • stan: im pan
  • butters: same here, my man!
  • kyle: im poly
  • token: im demi
  • butters: oh same, all those, plenty
  • kenny: im aro
  • clyde: im gay
  • butters: hey same, no way!
  • cartman: is this gayass song over yet
  • clyde: i take offense to that

Clyde: Token and Jimmy are here so we can finally take a party selfie!!! 

Clyde: And look at the cool star stickers I found on the photo editing app!! 

Tweek: Oh yeah, those are cute!

Craig: Since everyone’s here now we should open presents. 

Token and Jimmy join the party!!

When you hate ace and aro ppl so much you will cheerfully engage in and/or ignore all kinds of -isms the moment doing otherwise becomes inconvenient for shitting on aces and aros.

People tell you over and over not to erase aces and aros belonging to various oppressed groups? Cool, let’s call them a privileged fandom with No Real Problems and never condemn that shit afterwards either.

People tell you sexualizing a-spec orientations by calling them “TMI” is harmful and that it’s incredibly out of line and gross to lecture aces and aros about how they shouldn’t talk about their identities or only under very specific circumstances? And that it among other things adds to the racism and racialized misogyny they may experience? Well huh interesting, 99% of the time let’s either still not acknowledge the problem or add to it and maybe even outright mock the ppl who are being harmed for complaining.

Also I’ve not forgotten when ppl screenshotted harmless posts of mine and did it so at least a number of ppl would have seen (but didn’t do anything and in a few cases even joined in), and how in at least one case I got repeatedly mocked for being “incoherent” in the notes. Apparently screenshotting ppl’s posts just so you can talk about them behind their back and mock them is great and acceptable, and making fun of a neurodivergent WoC’s supposed lack of eloquence and not giving a shit about her anxiety is hilarious.

Oh, and then there was way back when I first got involved in “the discourse”, when ppl were saying nasty dehumanzing shit about aros and how we just use ppl (claiming it was only about “het aro men”), totally not harmful to aros at all, especially those of us belonging to various additional marginalized groups.

Ohhh, or how about when the anti-”ace tumblr” crowd tried super hard to erase PoC in the ace and aro communities, and you constantly had white ppl on the “exclusion” side talking over us and making vile racism comparisons where we were totally like racists for being on the “inclusion” side (according to these racists, ironically). Also guess how often when I called out this kind of racism I got support from ppl on the “exclusion” side. I understand ppl don’t see everything but I called out and talked about this shit so many times and argued with some (white) bloggers I’m pretty sure had a decent amount of followers. And then there were the times I got told to not tokenize myself, to shut up, and/or assumed to be white when after the first time it happened I’d made it as easy as can be for ppl to be able to find that I’m not.

Which I mean, can you see why I’m extra pissed about this “privileged fandom” thing so many ppl supported? Can you see why I’m so tired of all this anti-ace and anti-aro crap coming with racism, misogyny, ableism, etc.? Of constantly being erased and harmed by ppl whose priorities don’t include nearly at all the well being of various oppressed groups the moment these groups’ members associate with “ace tumblr” or seem like they can be used against the ace and aro communities?

So yeah, the part of tumblr busy shitting on “ace tumblr”? Has zero moral high ground and is full of racism, ableism, racialized misogyny and other vile shit, and many ppl there are too busy shitting on the ace and aro communities to find the time (or interest) to address or even acknowledge toxic harmful crap coming from ppl they actually give a damn about