i got to watch the sun set over the ocean

Riptide (pt. 3)



You giggled covering your mouth as you lifted the spray bottle sitting next to you, misting Negans face.

The large picture book sitting next to you was opened to a picture of a school of salmon with the word Fish printed in bold letters beneath it.

Chuckling he rubbed his face with both hands, his hair sticking up as he laid back on the blanket with a deep sigh.

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Decision (part 2)

You all wanted a second part so I tried to write one, I hope it turned out good

She got up and rushed to the toilet, he followed her held her hair back, like he did every morning.

He helped her back to bed and leaned down to her little belly “be gentle to mommy okay? I love you little one” he whispered and kissed her nearly flat stomach, she giggled softly and pulled him up to her to kiss him. She snuggled into him and fell back asleep quickly.

“Taylor, you have to get up” he whispered and caressed her arm until she stirred and turned around to him “hmmh” she mumbled tiredly “Adam is coming over for breakfast in half an hour” he said, she sighed and hide her face in his chest “why?” She mumbled into his chest, he chuckled and kissed her head “we wanted to sort everything out, about the baby and everything… It will be okay, I’ll be there the whole time” he said, she nodded and sighed again.

“Sam, I don’t know what to wear” she yelled downstairs, he rushed upstairs and couldn’t help but laugh about her expression “I like the dress you are wearing” Sam said and kissed her shoulder “no!” She exclaimed and gestured to her stomach “you can see the little belly and he’ll look after it” she said “you’re pregnant Taylor, he’ll see it anyway some day” he said but she shook her head “not today” she whined and turned around to him, he whipped the tears out of her eyes and kissed her nose softly “we’ll find something, don’t worry okay?!” He said softly and started looking through her closet After she tried on some outfits they agreed on a loose dress.

Taylor just put the muffins in the oven when they heard the doorbell ring, she froze and looked at Sam “it will be okay, I won’t leave your side” he said and kissed her before he walked out of the room to open the door.

Adam stayed in the doorframe while Sam walked over to Taylor and kissed her forehead “hey Taylor” Adam said and took a step closer to her “you look good” he said and hugged her awkwardly “thank you” she said and they sat down on the table, Taylor sat next to Sam and Adam sat on the opposite side, they ate in silence until Taylor got up and rushed out of the room “uhm, I’ll be back soon” Sam said and followed her

“hey, are you okay?” He asked when he found her in the bathroom, she nodded and got up to rinse her mouth out “I’m sorry, I thought I don’t have to throw up on the smell of coffee anymore” she said but he shook his head “don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault” he said and hugged her tightly “can we go back?” he asked and she nodded.

“We should start talking” Adam said when they came back, they nodded and sat down again “uhm, I actually don’t think I’m ready for a baby, uhm… I have to get my life sorted out and that will be hard enough without having a baby” Adam said and looked at them, Sam nodded and looked at Taylor but she just stared at her hands on her lap “and what do you suggest?” Sam asked for her “uhm, I know that you’ll be a great father to the baby and as long as you both are okay with it I would be great if I could just be ‘uncle Adam’” he suggested and shrugged. Taylor nodded “if that’s what you want” she said and looked at him, Adam nodded “will you keep me updated about the pregnancy and the baby?” Adam asked them and they nodded.

They talked for a while until Adam said he has a meeting and has to leave, Sam closed the door and Taylor immediately hugged him “are you okay?” He asked softly when he felt her sobbing in his arms. After she calmed down she leaned up to kiss him and nodded “sorry, I’m just over emotional” she whispered and kissed him again “don’t be sorry!.. What if you’ll sit down in the living room and pick out a movie for us while I clean the kitchen quickly” he suggested, she nodded and walked into the living room.

“Am I a bad person when I feel relived?” she asked when he walked into the living room. He sat down next to her and shook his head “no, you’re not” he said and swiped her hair out of her face “I thought it will be complicated… I’m… I’m disappointed somehow… I thought he would care more about his baby” she said without looking at Sam “it will be okay, we will care about it” he calmed her and touched her stomach softly “thank you” she whispered with tears in her eyes “thank you for staying with me, you could have just left and then-” she added but he stopped her with a gentle kiss “I love you, I would never leave you” he promised and kissed her passionately.

“Do you want to go out for a walk at the beach?” Sam asked her one evening “yeah, sure” she said and smiled at him

“It’s beautiful here” Taylor whispered and leaned against him while they watched the sun-set over the ocean “yeah it is, nearly as beautiful as you are” Sam said and kissed her head. She laughed softly and looked at him “Taylor, I know that it’s probably a bit early to ask you this but we’ve been through a lot and I know that we can go through a lot more as long as we have each other. I love you, I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you and I know that I want to spend the rest of my live with you” he told her and got down on one knee, he pulled a little box out of his pocket to reveal the most beautiful ring she has ever seen “Taylor Alison Swift, will you marry me?” He asked and smiled at her. She had tears in her eyes and kneeled down to him while nodding “yes!” She said and kissed him over and over again.

“Can I post a picture of it?” She asked him while staring at her ring “sure” Sam said and laid in bed next to her. He took her hand in his and she took a picture of their hands with the ring visible. She posted it with the caption “Sam 😘💍”

“Adam what are you doing here?” Taylor asked and stepped to the side to let him in “Sam texted me that the baby started kicking so I came here, I don’t really know..” He said while screeching his neck nervously and turned around to leave again “it’s okay, stay here” Taylor said, walked to the living room and made sure that he followed her. She laid down on the couch and Adam sat down next to the couch “maybe he’ll start kicking while you’re here” she said and looked at him “he?” He asked curious “Yeah.. No.. I don’t know, we’ll find out next week” she said and smiled “where is Sam?” Adam asked “he’s at work” Taylor said “is he at work a lot?” Adam asked then, Taylor nodded slowly “we broke up because you said I would work to much and wouldn’t have time for you and now you’re with a guy who is working all the time?” Adam said upset “yes but when he says he’s working he’s actually working and not playing around with his friends in the studio and he knows that he spends a lot of time at work and he tries to make it less, you never recognized how often you left me alone, you took it for granted that I’d wait for you with dinner at home and spoil you after a 'long day’ at the studio” Taylor answered, Adam nodded slowly and looked at the floor sadly “I sorry” he whispered “that’s not going to change it” Taylor said calmly and Adam nodded again. No one said a word until Taylor smiled and pulled her loose shirt up to reveal her baby bump “give me your hand” she said and placed it on her stomach “do you feel the kicks?” She asked, he nodded with tears in his eyes “yes” he whispered. “so you got my message?!” They heard in the doorframe “Sam” Taylor exclaimed happily and sat up, he chuckled softly and walked over to her to kiss her softly “how are you and how is our baby?” Sam asked her and placed his hand on her stomach “we’re good” Taylor smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder “I should leave… Tell me the gender when you find out okay?” Adam said awkwardly and left the house. “What if he’d change his mind?” Taylor asked worried “he won’t, don’t worry, it’s our baby” Sam said and kissed her shoulder, she sighed and nodded “I’ll take a shower” she said and got up “can I come with you” he asked and grinned at her, she laughed and reached out for his hand

“Are you okay?” Sam asked her while she was standing in front of the mirror after their shower “yes” she nodded and smiled when he wrapped his arms around her and placed his hands on her baby bump “it’s kicking again” he whispered in her ear, she giggled “I know” she said sarcastically “was it kicking a lot today?” He asked and kissed her ear softly “no, it was okay” she said “do you want to tell your fans?” He asked and looked into her eyes through the mirror “about the baby?” Taylor asked and smiled, he nodded and chuckled, she hesitated but nodded happily. Sam took a picture of their hands on her stomach and she posted it excitedly. After she posted it he started kissing her neck but she pushed him away softly and giggled “no, I wanna see the fan’s reaction” she laughed and kept scrolling through her tumblr dash. He laid down with his hand on her stomach and watched her while she was laughing at her fans posts happily. He slowly fell asleep to his favorite sound, her laugh.

“Are you ready to find out the gender?” The doctor asked them while she placed the cold gel on Taylor’s stomach, they smiled at each other and answered “yes” in unison, the doctor chuckled and started moving the ultrasonic probe over Taylor’s stomach “okay.. Everything looks perfectly fine, you’re having a healthy baby… Boy” the doctor smiled at them. Taylor’s head snapped around to Sam who looked at her with happy tears in his eyes, he leaned down and kissed her “we’re having a boy” he said happily and kissed her over and over again “you make me so happy with this little boy, you can’t even imagine” he whispered in between kisses.

“I’ll call Adam okay?” Taylor said when they came back home, Sam nodded “sure” he said and gave her a quick kiss before she walked outside to call him.

She sat down next to the olive tree and dialed his number “Taylor?” She heard on the other side and smiled “hey, we just came back from the ultrasound, you told us to tell you about it” she explained “yeah right.. I actually expected a text message like always” Adam said and smiled, Taylor smiled sadly “do you wanna know?” She asked and tried to hold her tears back “yes, of course” he said, she smiled and took a deep breath “it’s a boy” she said happily “a boy?” Adam asked happily and Taylor could hear the tears that where streaming down his cheeks “a little boy?” He asked again “yes” Taylor said happily and laughed softly. They where quiet for a while, until Taylor heard his soft sobs through the phone “are you okay?” She asked softly with a lump in her throat “yeah… Uhm.. Can.. Can I come with you to the ultrasound the next time?” He asked and tried to steady his breath “yes.. Sure” Taylor said calmly “thank you.. Uhm.. See you soon” he said and waited a second before he ended the call. She started crying softly and placed one hand on her stomach and the other hand on the small olive tree next to her “how did I ended up here?” She sobbed silently

“Thanks for coming with me, it was nice” Taylor said while she walked into her house with Adam “I asked you if I can come with you, so thank you for taking me with you” Adam replied while clinging onto the little ultrasound picture in his hand “do you want me to stay with you until Sam is back home” Adam asked her and followed her into the living room “that would be nice” she said and smiled at him “you look tired, you should sleep” Adam said worried and sat down next to the couch while she laid down “you still know me so well” Taylor mumbled tiredly and laughed “I will never forget anything about you” he whispered but she was already asleep. He laid his hand on her belly and watched her sleep until he felt the little boys kicks, he slipped down to her belly and started talking to the boy softly “hey baby boy, I know you love kicking and I know how strong you are but your mommy is really tired so could you let her sleep for a while? ” he said and smiled when he felt the kicks getting less “thank you. You know, your mommy is amazing, she’s the most amazing and fascinating person I’ve ever met, she’s so sweet to everyone… I know that she and Sam are going to be amazing parents to you and will do everything for you” he told the baby while tears streamed down his cheeks “you’ll always be my little boy… And I love you so much, I’m already so proud of you… There is nothing I want more than hearing you call me 'dad’ one day but you deserve so much better than me and I know that Sam is going to be the most amazing dad to you” he whispered and placed gentle kisses on her stomach, careful not to wake her up “I love you son” he whispered and got up to leave quietly with tears still streaming down his face. Taylor watched him leave and waited until she heard the front door being closed carefully before she broke down in sobs. “Your dad really loves you” she whispered to her son. “How is it going to be when your here? He won’t just be 'Uncle Adam’ and… I don’t want him to” she whispered. After she calmed down she sighed and got up to cook for Sam for when he comes back from work.

She pulled the food out of the oven but it fell on the floor while she held her stomach and tears of pain streamed over her cheeks she gasped in pain and grabbed her phone “Adam.. Something is wrong, it hurts so much” she cried out “I’ll be there in 10 minutes, sit down and breath okay? Breath in and out” he said worried and she heard the car door being opened and closed quickly “it hurts so much” she whispered “I know, I’ll be there soon” he tried to calm her “is there blood?” He asked worried but she shook her head until she realized that he won’t see her “no” she answered quietly. He talked until he reached her house and rushed inside to find her on the couch crying in pain “I’ll bring you to the hospital, it’s going to be okay” he whispered and picked her up to carry her to his car. He sat her in his car carefully and kissed her head softly before he rushed over to his side and drove to the hospital.

“Mrs. Swift, we will bring you in the OR, you and your son are going to be okay” was the last thing she heard before everything turned black.

She tried to open her eyes but the bright light of the hospital room blinded her. She felt a hand taking her’s and squeezing it softly “Adam?” She whispered “I’m here” she heard his voice and felt how he gently pushed her hair out of her face. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and her hand went to her stomach quickly “he’s okay and he’s still in there, I think he likes it there” he said and laid his hand on top of hers on her stomach. She relaxed immediately “he’s going to be okay?” She asked relived, Adam nodded “he’s going to be born naturally in two month” he said and caressed her hair. She smiled but then looked around the room confused “what.. What about Sam?” She asked and looked at Adam, he shrugged “I texted him that I brought you to the hospital but he didn’t answered” he explained. Taylor nodded and closed her eyes “I’ll stay with you, I won’t leave you alone” Adam promised “can… Can you lay next to me?” Taylor whispered and looked at him, he nodded hesitantly and slipped next to her, one hand was placed on her stomach and the other hand brushed through her hair while she snuggled into his chest and it didn’t took her long to fall back asleep.

Adam stayed there and didn’t moved one millimeter, to scared to wake her up. When he heard the door being opened and closed quickly he turned his head to look at the door “nice of you to make an appearance Sam” Adam whispered sarcastically “I.. I was in a meeting and had my phone off” Sam explained “what happened?” He asked then “you would know that if you would have been here… They are fine though” Adam answered. Sam nodded and walked to the other side of her bed “you can leave if you want to!” Sam said “no, it would wake her up and she has to recover” Adam said and tightened his grip around her carefully, Sam sighed and sat down on a chair next to her bed “you know that I just want the best for them” Sam whispered “yes..” Adam said quietly “are you mad that I wasn’t here?” Sam asked confused “it doesn’t matter what I think, everything that matters is what she thinks” Adam whispered and kissed her forehead softly, Sam nodded “are you going to stay here?” Sam asked “yes!” Adam answered “I’ll come back tomorrow morning, tell her that I was here!” Sam said and left

“Here, sit down” Adam spoke softly and helped her to sit down on the couch “thank you, it’s so good to be back home” Taylor said and started patting Olivia who jumped on her lap the second she was sitting. Sam came in with Meredith in his arms but the cat soon jumped out of his grip after screeching and biting his arm. Meredith jumped on Adams lap and snuggled into him while he patted her “she missed you” Taylor laughed and patted Meredith’s head for a second, Adam chuckled but got up “I think I should leave and go in the studio to get some work done. I’ll be back tomorrow so you won’t be alone while Sam’s working” Adam explained and kissed Taylor’s head before he left the house. Sam sat down next to Taylor and kissed her “why did you called him that day?” Sam asked. Taylor shrugged “you wouldn’t have answered anyway… Can you get me a glass of water?” She changed to topic. Sam sighed but nodded and walked into the kitchen.

Adam went over to her place every day to make sure her and the little boy are okay and stayed with her whenever Sam had to work over the next two months.

“Are you okay?” Adam asked worried when he saw the pain in Taylor’s face, she nodded while she took a shaky breath “I… think I just had a contraction” she said and took another breath “oh uhm, should… Should we drive to the hospital?” Adam said slightly freaking out but Taylor shook her head “no it’s to early, we have to wait until they come more often” she explained and laid down on the couch and managed to fall asleep after she had another contraction.

“Hey little man, I can’t wait to meet you soon, but to be honest I’m scared to see your mommy in pain.. I love you, see you soon son” Adam whispered while drawing small circles on Taylor’s belly.

The more often the contractions came the more Adam freaked out and he was slightly relived when Taylor allowed him to drive her to the hospital. “Did you already told Sam?” Taylor asked Adam somewhere on the way “I’ll text him when we’re in the hospital” he promised and drew soothing circles on her hand, she nodded and squeezed her eyes shut when another contraction hit her

“Okay, you can start to press now” the doctor told her and Taylor nodded relived and scared “I see a contraction coming.. Press now” the doctor said and Taylor screamed while squeezing Adams hand tightly “Sam is never there when something important happens” Taylor said bitterly after the contraction but another contraction came before she could end her thoughts “Tay you can make it, you are the strongest woman I know, I’m so proud of you” Adam kept telling her

“press one more time and he’s here” the doctor told her, Taylor nodded weakly and took all her strength together to press for a last time “Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” The doctor asked Adam and he nodded excitedly. After Adam cut the cord they laid the little boy on Taylor’s chest, she smiled with tears in here eyes “hey little prince” she whispered and laughed softly “as parents I’ll write down Taylor Alison Swift and-” the doctor started “Adam Richard Wiles” Taylor said to the doctor and looked back to her son, the doctor nodded and left them alone.

Adam looked at her with tears in his eyes and leaned down to kiss her softly “I thought we agreed on something else” he commented and Taylor nodded “you are his father!” She said and looked at her son who was looking at her with his big eyes “he has your eyes” she whispered. “What is his name?” Adam asked while he carefully caressed his son’s cheek, Taylor thought for a second “Fynn… Fynn Kingsley Wiles” she said and looked at Adam for permission, he smiled and looked at their son “hey Fynn” he whispered and kissed the little boy’s head

The door opened and Sam came in with flowers and a blue wrapped gift in his hands “hey Taylor” Sam said and kissed her forehead before he looked at Fynn, he brushed his little cheek softly and looked at Adam and then at Taylor “can I talk to you alone for a second?” Sam asked her then and she nodded. Adam grabbed a little blanket and took Fynn from Taylor, he wrapped him into the blanket and left the room with his son.

Adam sat down on one of the chairs and looked at his son “this is the first father-son time we have together” he said and smiled “there will follow more, I promise you, I’ll.. I’ll teach you football, and don’t listen to these strange Americans, it’s football not soccer.. I’ll teach you how to drive a bicycle so we can have small races and your mother will be so scared” he chuckled “we will do that together, no matter what’s going to happen I’ll be there for you… I love you so much Fynn, you have no idea” he said and looked at his son who smiled in his dream. He bend down and kissed Fynn’s little forehead “I’m looking forward to see you grow up little man”