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Sam’s Deepest Desire

Sam Winchester x Reader

 3K Words

Summary: While the trail runs dry on Amara, the three of you take a hunt thinking it’s a shifter. Soon, you realize it’s not, but it’s not before you see something you wish you never did.

Author’s Note: This is something I wrote a while ago. Just figured I would finally post it since it mentions Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!!

If you had known the hunt was going to end this way, you would have never gone on it. You would rather live in ignorance than with the information you knew now.

It was your normal shifter hunt, or that’s what the three of you thought at the beginning. It was Valentines day, or at least the weekend of, and Dean had used it to his advantage while you and Sam had stayed behind at the bunker doing research.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be out celebrating Valentines day? I would have taken you out to dinner or something.” Sam asked, while the two of you sat around the table in the library.

You smiled up at your boyfriend, loving how considerate he was. The two of you had been together for almost a year now, ever since you had gotten thrown together on a case by Garth. He had shown up, with his long legs and hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and stolen your heart. After the hunt, he invited you to stay with them, and you quickly agreed.

“I’m sure. I know we need to find Amara, and Valentines day has never really been my thing.” You replied.

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My neighbor’s cat

TITLE: My neighbor’s cat


AUTHOR: sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loki is lonely on Midgard so he adopts a cat. The cat keeps getting out and going to his neighbor’s house, so she has to bring him back to Loki almost every day. Loki thinks the cat hates him and is running away from him, turns out, the cat was just trying to help Loki get a girlfriend, he stops sneaking out when Loki finally asks his neighbor out on a date.


NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s kinda long. Word count is 2 254. 

It was early Sunday morning and I was sitting at a little table on my veranda, coffee mug in one hand and my phone in other, reading news in social media. Suddenly a cat hopped on the table, scaring me a little. A green eyed black kitten. It was meowing and rubbed its head against my hand.

“Hello, little one! Where did you come from?” I asked and started scratching the kitten behind its ear. It purred. I kept scratching the kitten behind its ear when suddenly someone coughed right next to me and I jumped.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss! Did I scare you?” A tall, pale, green eyed man stood on the stairs of my porch. He had sharp cheekbones and raven black shoulder length hair, wide shoulders and awfully attractive body. He was barefoot, wearing nothing but black leather pants.

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