i got to shake hands with them

it gets easier to talk about but it also gets harder to talk about. i have to unfold things carefully, but the map shows better. here’s the first time i got hit by a parent, here’s the first time i got hit by a partner. they’re around the corner from each other, mirror images or hands holding or two sides of a blade. the look on people’s faces always is the same when they find out. like the words hurt them in the pit of their stomach. i feel bad when it does that; i know what it’s like to be suckerpunched. often i comfort people right after: oh, no, it’s okay, i’m okay now, it’s fine, i’m all in one piece, i got out, i’m a resilience child, i learned kindness, i found inner peace, i meditate twice a day, i do yoga and drink kale shakes and eat as if nobody ever made my teeth bleed. some of these are lies, but that is fine too, because it’s better that people don’t know an ugly truth.

sometimes i forget who in the room knows. i laugh about what happened like a punchline (get it) and people stare at me with mouths open like moons. oh my god, did that really happen to you? i don’t know. sometimes it feels like it happened to someone else, out on a distant planet. sometimes it feels like it never happened at all. sometimes it feels like it’s still happening. how can you laugh at that? and is that true? how do i say “because if i don’t laugh it’s serious” because of course it’s true. for proof: raise your hand a fraction too smooth. watch the shadow pass over my face. watch me curl away. watch me change. like a chameleon girl, i shift my shape. someone who doesn’t know laughs. you’re certainly jumpy. the girl at the table who helped me cover the bruise stares at me, watching my chest, trying to figure out if i’m panicking. he’s confused when quiet are you okay questions touch my skin - only those who know, only those who are watching.

and i smile, because it’s easier to talk about but it’s harder to admit it still effects me. memories should be left in the kingdom of dreams. sometimes i feel like i should be done with it already. i stare at a picture of cartoons that says if you don’t know these, you didn’t have a childhood. i know all but two of them. some of them i watched after it happened. i really liked scooby doo. in the end, the mask comes off and the bad guy is revealed and he goes to jail. in real life, i wait for someone to come take his mask off. it just makes him mean. the blue lights of the law never show up on the green of our lawn. i had a pretty good childhood, i think. it made me interesting, at least. i picked blueberries.

i laugh about it a lot. talk about how it’s funny that if you got abused there’s just, like, a second round of partner abuse, sitting out there, waiting for you. that you’re the most likely to pick an abuser from the crowd - or worse, like beauty and the beast, watch yourself become her. see your rotten hands and think of your father. isn’t that funny! that i can take a hit and i’d rather take a lifetime of them than be the one doing the giving just once. i talk about how you walk in the eclipse of it. that it confuses you when the sun comes out. that when you find someone who won’t hurt you, you still walk on eggshells, waiting for them to hurt you. i say it through a smile, because if you bend yourself the right way, your life looks more like comedy-drama than just plain tragedy. i watch fantastic beasts and where to find them and when the abused child turns out to be beyond saving, i hear myself laugh in a bark. or it was a sob. i can’t tell. it doesn’t matter. in my world, children like me learned about magic early, and how our own actions can turn a man from a gentle person into a savage beast. 

okay, i say, smiling, maybe if you put it that way, yeah, i was abused and it wasn’t funny. but come on. think of the puns! you could say my life was really a hit! now don’t be upset. it’s funny. it’s funny. it’s funny.

Couples Counseling- Part 2

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.


Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200

A/N: This is the second half! Hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate all the love you showed the first part! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one! XOXO


“I got nothing.” Sam mutters to himself as he stares at the EMF meter, doing absolutely nothing in his hand. He looks up and shakes his head at Dean, who is currently flirting with Leah in the doorway of Dr. Sodhi’s office. He’s been there since he convinced her to let them into the office early, on the premise that Sam lost a glove, and they wondered if it might be in there.

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I don’t think you understand, how happy this picture makes me.  Two people that I greatly admire for their assorted talents.  And I got to spend time and talk with them.  There are artists that you enjoy their works but not their personality.  Then you have these two who are just such fantastic people that it’s impossible not to love them and everything they do.

Trump has met with Merkel and visibly refused to shake her hand on camera.

In the worse timeline, Hillary and Merkel would have met together and got on incredibly well. There would be pictures of them shaking hands and smiling.

People would be posting shit like #WeRunTheWorld and #I’mWithThem.

Hillary would probably talk about her “commitment” to the EU as well.

It’s easy to forget how bad things could be right now. Things are pretty good.

sin bin schematics

for @queercamilla | ao3 | part of the zimbits airport au | 1.3k

“Mashkov,” Lardo says, extending her hand in greeting.

“Duan,” Tater replies, shaking it. “I like your sunglasses.”

“Thanks. They’re mandatory for members of the Samwell High Court during trials. Ransom and Holster have them too. So do Dex and Chowder. I have a pair for you too.” The sunglasses she hands to Tater are fairly simple, exactly the same as hers, and they were only like two bucks. (And got paid for with Sin Bin money.)

“You have trials?” Tater asks, putting on his new sunglasses.

“Only for multiple offenses over a short period of time. We used to have more of them when we didn’t have the Portable Sin Bin, since we couldn’t bring the usual one with us on roadies and had to tally up all the fines for when we got back. Now we only need to hold trials when all the Sin Bins are full and nobody can find a Ziploc bag to use. Or when we just ran out of Ziploc bags. Like now.”

“We probably could find, but I want to try the trial.”

“You don’t have those in the NHL?”

“No. Always bring Sin Bin with us on roadies, no point.”

“Isn’t it really bulky, though?”

“I carry, is no problem.”

“Yeah, I’ve never carried our Sin Bin beyond the bare minimum.”

“Make team carry it for you?”


“Makes sense. You fine teammates how much for taking last slice of pizza without asking?”

“Oh, pizza was never much of an issue for us, but we would fine the shit out of people for doing that with pie.”

“Bitty’s pie?”

“Yeah, there were a few brawls over the last pieces. There still are, particularly whenever Bitty makes blueberry pie. Dex and Holster always fight over it.”

“How much do you fine for pie fighting?”

“Five bucks per person. Eight if it’s blueberry.”

Tater laughs. “This is not big fine for Falconers.”

“Well, yeah, you all get your NHL salaries, while we were all broke college students when we set the amounts of the fines. Besides, the number of times that people fight over pie is actually ridiculous. Dex got fined almost a hundred dollars one semester just for pie, but Nursey offered to pay pie fines for him in the future, which I think was why Dex started limiting the amount of times he got into pie fights.”

“So Nursey does not have to pay much?”

“No, Dex refused, I think it was so Nursey wouldn’t offer again.”

“Ah. I… think I understand?”

“Their dynamic is confusing.”


“Um, excuse me,” Chowder says. He’s wearing his High Court Sunglasses as well, as is Dex. Ransom and Holster aren’t, but they’re not on High Court duty tonight. “Aren’t we supposed to be having a trial right now?”

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Joker x deaf!Reader Part 10

A/N Sorry I haven’t been updating often, I’m off for Christmas break in about a week so hopefully I’ll have time to write then.  I have a lot things in my inbox that I’ll answer after school, so I got your messages but I just haven’t had time to reply.

Y/N creases her brow and shakes her head as J moves his fingers. She’s trying to teach him sign language, and so far he hasn’t been taking any of it seriously. He’s been making inappropriate hand gestures for the last five minutes. Right now he moved his fingers in a walking motion before making them leap off of his leg. They landed on whatever J was seeing on their carpet. He then pointed to her.

“I’m- jumping off a cliff?” He smiled and shrugged. She had to admit, she liked that they made up their own little language between them. He was in one of his good moods today, as they usually spent time together when he wasn’t angry. Sometimes it was board games, the lessons of sign language that she tried to teach him, or sometimes it was just them staring at each other, as creepy as that sounds. But, he was beautiful. She loved his tattoos, bad boys were always her type. Of course she was too good to have any.

“I want a tattoo.”

J grunted in response. Or at least it looked that way since his his body moved.

“Like, one of yours?”

“I’ll think about it. What would you want? Your move.” He moved his piece on the board, already winning. J seemed to forget she was deaf sometimes, because he spoke with his head turned downwards.  Y/N tapped his chin up. She knew he was ok with it because he has done it with her before. It seemed like he was always pulling her hair or gripping her chin. At first it was annoying, but now it has become their thing. Even though J hasn’t learned sign, they sometimes don’t even need words to communicate.

“A butterfly, maybe? A heart?”

J laughed at how ‘good girl’ those sounded.

“Why don’t you just tattoo on your forehead, ‘I’m a good person’?”




Y/N fidgeted as J prepared the tattoo gun. He wouldn’t let her back out after she begged him.

“Will it hurt?”


“Oh. How much?”

“A lot.”

“You know you’re suppose to help me feel better.”

“Are you sure you want it here?”

“Yes.” She let out a shaky breath while he got to work.

After he was done, she winced at the burning on her wrist. It was possibly the smallest tattoo J has ever seen, but it was her request. It was a cute little crown, and J rolled his eyes when she told him it would always remind her of him.

“Ok. My turn.”

“What?” She gave him a confused look as he sat at the chair she previously sat at.

“You’re going to give me one.”

“What?” J rolled his eyes and extended his arm.

“Draw a crown.”

“I-I can’t really draw….”

“Do your best. Right in the same spot I put yours.” She thought it was cute how he was willing to let her give him a girly tattoo. He barely flinched, and she may have gotten too excited because the tat was slightly shaky. He assumed theirs looked the same so he shrugged.

“Do you like it?” She looked giddy, slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“It’s my favorite.” He replied and pulled her into a kiss.


Y/N noticed she’s been feeling different lately. Just going down the stairs made her lose her breath and her back started hurting. She tried to think nothing of it, but the nagging thought in the back of her mind couldn’t be ignored.

She sighed, feeling the anger build up as she looked for J. He always left her and she spent most of the day alone. On the bright side, J was supposed to teach her how to shoot a gun today. She noticed he made her a lot more angry lately and her patience with him has been thin, another thing that added to her suspicions.

As she was getting some french fries- a craving she has been having lately- she screamed as two hands settled on her shoulders. She rolled her eyes when she felt a kiss on her cheek, the body behind her slightly swaying with his arms wrapped around her stomach. The idiot was probably whispering things in her ear. She slammed her plate down and elbowed him in the stomach, hard enough to make him let go of her. As she was walking away he ran up behind her and lifted her up, spinning her around before setting her down and taking her face in his hands. He kissed her before she could pull away, and felt her melting under his touch. He was relieved when he saw she had a smile on her face. She wasn’t the only one who had noticed her mood swings.


“Like this?” Y/N was hesitant as she held the gun in her hands, J standing behind her.

“Go ahead, doll, daddy doesn’t have all day.” Y/N spoke up when she didn’t see him give any confirmation because he wasn’t in her line of sight.

“Like this?” She said again, and he rolled his eyes and shoved her shoulder, causing her to fire the gun. She missed the target completely, and she didn’t want to tell him it was his fault. Turning to him, she gave him apologetic look while he looked less than amused.

“Sorry, sorry!”

“I thought you were deaf, not blind.” Y/N blinked, not sure she read right. Clenching her jaw, she shoved the gun at him and angrily walked away. J rolled his eyes and grabbed her elbow.

“Let go of me.” J was a little shocked, he’s never heard her sound so angry. She snatched her arm from his grip and walked out of the room.

“Baby, you know daddy adores you- fuck.” He doesn’t know why he expects her to react by calling after her.

Later, he found her on their bed, reading a book. He carefully approached her and hesitantly pulled on a lock of her hair before releasing, as if she would bite him. He did it again and then jerked his arm back. Her face scrunched up, and she glared at her book. J sighed before poking her on her cheek. He kept doing it until she smacked his hand away.

“Stop it.”

J let out an angry purr and laid his head on the bed. He was on his knees, and his hands were spread out on the sides of his head. She should have seen this coming. Low growling noises were coming from his throat, and he pounced on her, knocking the book from her hands.

“J!” He tackled her off the bed. Being sure to press her head to his neck, he snarled and purred. Placing a knee to her stomach, making sure to not put any weight on it, he holds her hands above her head.

“Well, well, what’s my prize?”

“Let go of me.”

“I think it should be a kiss.”

“Oh, well, I might not know where your mouth is, since I’m blind too.” She snarkily replies. He leans his head back, laughing.

“O-ho-ho-oh, are you… mad at me?” He puts his face close to hers, nipping at her nose.


“Ma-a-ke me” He sing-songed. She huffed, and he saw tears threatening.

“Aw, my unresponsive little minx. My little deaf daredevil. My sweet-”

“Leave me alone.” The tears overflowed, and he made sure to kiss them away.

“Aw, baby. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He nuzzled her face like a cat, purring and relentless until she forgave him. “Baby.” He kissed her face until she gave a shaky sigh.

“Alright, alright, let me go.” He moved his head like a snake, giving her the best pouty look he had.

“You’re still mad at me.” His teasing tone went unnoticed, and she sniffed.

“No, now let me up.” J dramatically sighed and rolled off of her, curling on the floor beside her. She could tell he was in a playful mood by the way he landed, his hand coming up to paw at her shoulder.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, hey, hey Y/N” He kept pawing at her until she looked at him. He was laying on his side with his hair falling in his face, while wearing a big smile.


“Whatcha reading?” The smile made it hard for her to read what he said, so she irritably sighed and shrugged him off with an,

“I don’t know.” She continued to read the book on the ground, knowing he would pull something if she stood up. He wanted her attention, so he usually acted like a child until he received it. Pushing himself up on his elbows, he wormed and wiggled his way over to her. She made the mistake of having the book too far from her, giving him space to worm over her lap.

“J-oh my god- J!” He wiggled in her lap, laying on his stomach, her arms pinned down beneath him.  

“Does my butt look big from this angle?” He tried to turn his head towards her, but she still missed all of what she said. He sighed and maneuvered himself so that he was sitting in her lap.

“Read to me.”

“What, you forgot how?” She snapped, in no mood for his childish antics. His hands went to her sides, and he took note of how she tensed.

“Oh, ticklish?”

“Leave me alone.”  J threw his head back and groaned, deciding she would need more coddling. He slid off of her lap and then pulled her between his legs, her back to his chest. He kissed every piece of her face he could reach.

“You’re so grouchy.” He chuckled as she continued to glare at her book. “Read to me.” He slammed his head against hers, in what he thought was an affectionate way.

“Ow! Would you stop? Can you not leave me alone for five minutes? Let go of me!” She could feel the anger in the pit of her belly, and she was more than done with him at this point. He was getting tired of her attitude as well, so he tightened his grip on her.

“Doll, read to me. Let me hear that beautiful voice.”

“Don’t you have someone to torture? You sociopath.” He smacked her thigh, causing her to yelp as he let out an amused laugh.

“Woah-ho-ho, Isn’t it interesting how honest a little deaf doctor can be when they’re angry? Were you keeping that diagnosis from me ever since Arkham, pumpkin?”

“Leave me alone. I’m serious, Joker.” He let out a loud laugh, and she clenched the book tighter in her grasp as his grip on her tightened.

“OH! Joker now, is it?” He put his face beside hers and stared at her as she glared at her book. “Hoooonnnneeey” He smacked her thigh again, which was the final straw for her.

“Leave me alone!” She turned around and slammed the spine of the book in his face. His arm shot out and grabbed her wrist, saving him from a broken nose. It didn’t stop the total impact though, he sure felt that and the blood dripping down his nose. It made him smile knowing that his innocent little girl just hit him with her book. He started laughing at her expression.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry.” She started sobbing, trying to wipe the blood off of his face while he laughed.  She kept repeating, “I’m so sorry” and he grabbed her hands to stop her trying to clean him.

“Doll, who knew you had it in you? You really are my little deaf daredevil. But now I get to punnnish you!” He sang as she continued to cry, not catching anything he’s said. She hasn’t been trying to understand anything, really.

“Awww.” He placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her to his chest, her still sobbing.

When she calmed down after all of the coddling, he grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

“You’ve been moody lately, baby. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” She sniffled, and he growled at her playfully.

“Oh, my naughty little girl. I’m gonna get you for that, doll.” When she didn’t smile, he leaned in as if to plant a kiss on her cheek. When his lips made contact with her skin he blew a raspberry, and held her down while he tickled her sides. It brought a smile to his face when he heard her squeals and giggles, and he playfully grabbed her hips and pulled her over his lap.

“No! Let go!” She giggled and tried to worm away, but he held her in a firm grip, laughing as she squirmed. He playfully smacked her butt and she squealed, turning around to knee him in the stomach. They wrestled with each other for a minute before she was able to straddle him while he was still in a criss-cross position. He felt her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, a permanent smile on her face. Feeling daring after their little moment, she stuck out her tongue and licked the blood she smeared on his face. J growled, an animalistic sound from the back of his throat, and didn’t bother trying to make it to the bed.


“How long were you marooned, again?” Sara asked as she turned away from you to cross-examine one Mick Rory, who was looking especially happy in comparison to his usual tussle-ready expression.

“Long enough to get hitched.” Palmer cut in before shooting you a puppy-dog smile and thrusting a large hand in your direction. “Hi there… I’m Ray.”

“Nice to meet you.” You responded with a bright grin before grabbing his hand and giving it a nice shake. And with a irrepressible smirk, you glanced to Mick and asked, “When do you think is a good time to tell them about the kids?”

“Right.” Mick grunted, flashing you a quick wink… “Got six or seven little shits running around here somewhere.”

“They have names…” You scolded.

“Whoah-Hold up…” Jax started after finally getting a grip and snapping his mouth shut. “Y’all got kids? You had kids…” His gaze found you and with a dumbstruck expression, he quickly waved a hand back and forth between you and your husband. “With this knucklehead?”

“She’s joking.” Leonard snarled, before rounding on you with that playful scowl of his. “I like her…”

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*Imagine being Mick’s Secret Wife and Him having to Explain Your Relationship to the Team*

Request: Oh, oh! I have a request! Imagine being Mick’s secret wife and him introducing you to the team and explaining your relationship? (GOD THAT WAS TERRIBLY WORDED I’M SORRY. PLS DON’T DO IT IF YOU HAVE NO MUSE FOR IT. I’M GONNA SHUT UP NOW. - that really didn’t help my anonymity did it?)

“It started getting really bad in ninth grade. Shaking hands became uncomfortable. I couldn’t touch money. I couldn’t eat with utensils if they had touched the table. Door knobs were the worst. Touching them felt like touching dog poop. It got to the point where I couldn’t even play bassoon, and that’s what I love the most. My bed became my only safe space. I’d stay in bed for a week at a time. I dropped out of school. Once I didn’t leave the house for an entire month. I got committed to a psychiatric hospital three different times, and honestly that was a relief. It was like an escape from existing. But I’m happy with where I am now. I’m on so many medications but I’m doing much better. I’m leaving the house twice a week. I just finished a bassoon lesson. I’m starting an internship soon. And I’m applying to music schools this fall.”

So, I came out to 5 of my friends from church last night

They created the safest space imaginable.

The girls on either side of me held both my hands as I struggled to get the words out, and immediately hugged me when I did.

The guys across from me both got the biggest smiles on their faces when I told them.

The other guy, who thinks being gay is wrong but doesn’t think it’s his place to judge, said that I’m still the awesome girl he knows and nothing is going to change that.

The one guy offered to come with me when and if I want to tell my parents.

The one girl drove my car home for me after because I was shaking so bad.

The other girl told me that if I ever need a place to hang out with my (hypothetical) girl, her apartment is open to me.

I just thought people should know that there ARE people like that in Christian churches, and I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to call them my friends.

Okay but imagine bitter pining Pidge

Like bitter pissed off Pidge because she has a crush on Shiro but given their circumstances try to keep it in check and her frustration grows so she uses rage and sass as an outlet to cope

  • like just her watching shiro talk to some locals from a planet


  • or her training and accidentally chancing on shiro


Basically just pinning Pidge trying so hard not to get caught with her crush

Bonus: Shiro is unsure if he did something because Pidge is avoiding him or ‘glaring’ at him from a distance

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Headcanons for the bros comforting their s/o when they start crying?

u got it, friend (๑و•̀ω•́)و

Noctis: Alarm bells go off in his head right away once he sees the tears start to fall. He fumbles around a bit trying to find the right words, but he swallows them down and steps forward to wrap his arms around them gently. He really isn’t good in situations like these, but he pets their hair lovingly and keeps an arm firmly around their back. “You’re okay. I got you,” he’ll murmur to them until they stop shaking. Once their crying lowers into small sniffs, he’ll take their face in his hands and kiss them on the forehead. He isn’t sure how else to communicate how much he cares for them, so kisses will have to do.

Ignis: “Come, now, no tears,” he might try to chide them, but soon realize it’s too late for that. He’ll place a hand on their head softly and pull them into his shoulder so they can cling onto him if they need to. He uses one hand to keep running his fingers through their hair in a repetitive motion, and the other hand rubs circles on their back. “Shall I make tea?” he offers after a while, but seeing them in their melting state he simply sighs and wipes away some of their tears with a handkerchief. “Please… tell me what I can do to raise your spirits.” (Even he would feel a little helpless in the situation.)

Gladio: He doesn’t say a word, just wraps an arm around them and pulls them to his chest. He’d probably have to sit somewhere just so his partner can curl themselves up in his lap and cry into his shirt. Gladio pats their back over and over like a parent would do, and wipes away their tears with his thumbs. If he’s really at a loss for what to do, it doesn’t show, but he might start humming something in another attempt to take their mind off of whatever’s causing them stress. After they calm down a bit, he places kisses on their cheeks and smiles. “Feel any better?” (He’ll tickle them until they’re laughing if they don’t smile at first.)

Prompto: “Oh no,” he whispers at the first sight of tears. “Oh no, oh no, oh no.” He gathers his partner up in his arms and frantically starts to ramble, “Is everything okay? Are you hurt? Did something happen? Does your stomach hurt? Did I do it?” It’ll take him a moment to realize that his partner is crying a bit too hard to respond to him, so he simply cradles their head so they’re leaned into his neck and strokes their hair. “Shhhh,” he soothes them. “It’s okay. You’re always so strong all the time, it’s amazing, y’know? I just bawl whenever something gets on my mind.” When they start to regain their composure, he grabs their hand. “Alright, who’s ready for a pick-me-up? I vote ice cream!”

Are they a cop or one of the bosses? Would they cross a picket line? Do they understand that socialism is about radical changes for the working class? Do they acknowledge that this is about the struggle and they’ve got a safety net? Are these politics lived with conviction or is it just an abstraction they use to look smart?

Yeah there was a total misunderstanding with the first wave of anti-Trump protests. What was supposed to be anti-racist/ anti-fascist solidarity was hijacked by people who made “ImStillWithHer” signs and the jokers who lined up to shake the cops hands. Liberals are wild.

If you think you can safely have a conversation, try and convince them of their error. But I wouldn’t hold out much hope of that, because to embrace fascism they were probably never really a Marxist to begin with.

I’d settle on openly severing all ties and spreading the word on what they’re about. Fascists need to face immediate consequences for that choice.

These “human nature” arguments are popular because the bourgeois intellectuals promoting them are a bad joke. Capitalist ideology desperately need to look scientific or appeal to ‘common sense’ social understandings, because their arguments fall apart under any real scrutiny.

Human nature as an essential set of values doesn’t exist, and as an idea is completely meaningless - it can be used to defend or discredit virtually anything you want it to. Human behavior as a set of measurable motivations and actions are determined by material conditions and inured by the greater public consciousness. So if people are observed as competitive or authoritarian, it should say absolutely nothing about humanity in general and everything about what social qualities capitalism rewards. Using a system’s unacknowledged byproducts as a premise for its justification is a kind of circular reasoning.

I also think this is terrible lack of political imagination. People at that stage aren’t even really apologizing for capitalism, instead merely justifying their own failure to investigate and understand any alternatives.

- Greg

Haunted House

(Brett x Reader)

Request:  May I ask a one shot with Brett Talbot where they are visiting a haunted house and he tries to scare - but doesn’t - (y/n). And for reasons he got scared too, glowing eyes showing and that scares (y/n)? With # 6-20-18 -Thanks in advance!

6.  “We’re trapped in a haunted house and you’re trying to flirt with me?”

18.  “S-Stay away from me.”

20.  “I’m not going to hold your hand, so stop trying to scare me.”

“A haunted house? Really? Don’t you think we see enough monsters all day without having to seek them out willingly.” You shake your head, looking around at all the people having fun. If they knew what was usually going on in Beacon Hills they wouldn’t be so keen on celebrating Halloween.

“We do…but those are not real and it’s supposed to be fun. You do remember what that is right, Y/N?”

“Yes Brett I do, though I think we have a very different definition of fun.” You shoot back and roll your eyes. He meant well, you knew that much but you still weren’t in the Halloween mood this year, not with everything else that was going on.

“No complaining.” He grabs your arm and pulls you inside with him.

“This is so stupid.” You sigh, walking through the building. There really wasn’t anything scary here, just the usual things you’d expect in any haunted house.

“I thought I said no complaining earlier.”

“You did but…Brett?” You turn around but there’s no one there anymore, “Come on, I’m not going to hold your hand, so stop trying to scare me.” You say annoyed.

“Are you sure?” He replies amused, jumping out from behind and grabbing you around the waist.

A cold shiver runs down your spine, not because of Brett though. You keep staring in front of you, a pair of glowing eyes visible in the darkness. You knew these eyes and it sure as hell wasn’t a costume. This was a real werewolf for sure, the only question was, would it be going to attack you or not.

“Hey Brett…” You whisper and nudge him a little until he follows your gaze, his body immediately stiffening when he looks up.

The glowing eyes come nearer, gradually stepping out of the darkness, “S-stay away from me.” You whimper, pressing yourself closer against Brett.

“Y/N…run.” He takes your hand and starts running through the small corridors of the haunted house, almost crashing into the decorations a few times.

He drags you behind a curtain, pressing you both close to the wall while none of you dares to even breathe too loud.

“You should come a little closer…” Brett says after a while, smirking at you while his arms wrap around your shoulders.

“We’re trapped in a haunted house, being followed by a dangerous werewolf and you’re trying to flirt with me?”

“You have to take your chances when you get them.”

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Once at McUgh I was presenting, just handing out food. On the screen it said a hamburger, nothing special about it. I hand it to the customer who drives off but comes back later, and this bitty old woman is shaking and furious at me. Turns out whoever took her order was supposed to ring it up no onions. Here's the kicker, it was for her fucking dog. Who gets their panties in a twist over fast food for their dog? I got the wrath and anger when I had literally done no wrong.

I think certain foods like onion are poisonous for dogs. Onion is probably one of them. She should have checked first. Never. Feed. An. Animal. Anything. You. Haven’t. Looked. At. Or. Prepared. YOURSELF! Mistakes happen ffs. Make sure you’re a responsible pet owner by double checking! -Abby

*EDIT* Yeah I agree with comments being made. fast food is bad enough for people, dogs just as much. -Abby

Candy Wrappers(P.6)

Title: Candy Wrappers(P.6)
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings: fluffy moments.
Summary: Her candy wrappers are a consistent distraction in his life.
A/N: This begins a bit before Isaac is turned when he’s basically a blended in background character that no one knew about.

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“Are you really packing two guns and a knife?” Isaac raised a brow when I got out of his car and started assembling the weapons to shove them in the holsters on my legs.

“I don’t trust large predatory animals in the dark.” I said quietly, shoving the knife into it’s case near my ankle. “Do you want one? I have an extra.”

He grinned, shaking his head. “I’ll pass. I’m not nearly as concerned about being attacked as you must be.”

The boy shoved his hands in his pocket and waited for me to zip up my sweater before tilting his head to the side. “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked for the fifth time, my eyes casting up to the sky, the sun was still up, but I knew the moon was going to be full tonight, the whole idea put me on edge. My mom and my uncle would murder me if they knew I was out here.

His eyes caught mine, a curious gleam in them. He wondered what I was so afraid of, a part of him certainly didn’t believe it was simply because of bears, cougars and wolves. He didn’t press the issue though. “Come on, we’re gonna get the best grade in class if we get a decent shot of them. Heck, with all these murders going on, the cops might even thank us if we get proof of wolves in Beacon Hills.”

I frowned. They sure would like proof of the large animals they thought were killing people. That wouldn’t be the picture we got, in fact, they might just get pictures of their next murder if we weren’t careful. “Alright, alright. Let’s do this.”

I mustered up a good enough smile to brush off his concern before hiking forward to make my way into the woods. I’d just have to make sure that my aim was good and that no matter who was on the other end of the barrel, I pulled the trigger.

We hiked down the trail for about an hour quietly, a part of me knew there was something Isaac wanted to mention, but he kept ignoring it. I unwrapped another piece of candy, shoving the paper into my pocket along with the others. “Is it about the kiss?”

He froze mid-stride, glancing over his shoulder at me. I grinned, popping the candy into my mouth.


Originally posted by artisticlahey

“You obviously want to say something, I can feel the awkward, unsaid conversation in the air as if it was a thick fog in this damned forest.” I watched as he slowly turned around, leaning up against a tree. “So what’s it about? You can take it back if you want.”

His brows shot up. “I don’t want to take it back.” I watched him furrow his brows, angry that he said that so quickly. Eventually, he sighed. “I don’t. I wanted to kiss you, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.”

Isaac paused, his eyes on the ground. “I don’t do things without reason, Y/N, but…I have to focus on school. Nothing else. If I don’t my d–”

He shut up, eyes darting from mine to the ground once again. I stepped forward, setting a hand on his cheek. “I get it. I don’t want to distract you.”

I grinned and moved back to unwrap another piece of candy. “Let’s find those wolves.”

Isaac kept his eyes on me, watching as I popped the piece of candy into my mouth. “I like the distraction.” He smirked softly. “It’s getting dark, where do you want to look?”

I glanced around, we were pretty close to the Hale mansion, if we went west, we’d no doubt come across him or someone else, but if I got us further away, the chances of us running into them would probably be a little less likely. “Let’s go east, maybe they’re down by the river.”

He nodded. “Good idea.” I walked past him, stopping when his hand shot out, grabbing my wrist. “Some day things are gonna change for me. Okay?”

I smiled. “I know they will.”

Isaac let my hand go and started walking with me. Once we were down by the river, I realized what a bad idea it was to head this way. “Of course he would be out.” I whispered, trying to keep my voice down so Isaac wouldn’t hear me.

I glanced to the side, watching as he pulled out his camera, looking down at the ground to try and find a few tracks. “It looks like something was over here, I think you were right.” He said, glancing up from his camera with a grin.

The smile I gave wasn’t entirely one of excitement, I looked around, my hand gripping lightly at the gun on my hip. I could feel something watching us. I took a few steps back to make sure that I stayed next to Isaac. A part of me was pretending it was so I could keep him safe, but I knew that it was because being next to him made me feel safer.

“What do you suppose that is?” Isaac asked, tapping at my shoulder before pointing up the hill. My eyes stared straight into the two glowing red orbs that were watching us from the bushes and my heart sank.

“Nothing good.” I swallowed, taking Isaac’s hand in mine. “We should go.”

“Right.” Isaac replied, but he slid his grip away from me and pulled the camera up to his face. I heard the growl and the twigs snapping right after the flash went off.

Isaac grabbed onto me, rushing me up the edge of the riverbank, I barely heard him as he told me to run. I turned around, grabbing the gun from my hip and pulling it up, I didn’t hesitate, but I didn’t take aim the way I was trained, instead I squeezed my eyes shut and pulled the trigger. I knew I wouldn’t hit Isaac since he was behind me. I was hoping that even if I didn’t hit the creature, I’d at least scare him.

I heard a groan a few minutes later. “Holy shit.” Isaac said, moving in front of me as I opened my eyes.

“Scott?!” I yelped, shoving my gun into the holster. Isaac was helping him to his feet just as Stiles came rushing through the trees.

“What the–” He instantly went at Isaac. “Did you shoot him?!”

“What?” Isaac glared at Stiles, letting the boy grab Scott from his grip to look at the wound. “Why would I shoot him and then help him up you idiot?”

Stiles opened his mouth to retaliate, but shut it when he saw me standing wide eyed behind Isaac. “Y/N?”

“I-I shot him! Oh my god, Stiles…” I covered my mouth, trying to hold back a sob. “Oh god. Scott, I am so sorry…We have to get you to the hospital…”

“N-No…” Scott groaned. “You guys just get out of here, Stiles will take me.”

Isaac seemed more then okay with that idea. “Good, take care of him Stiles. We’ll be on our way.”

“What!?” I shook my head. “N-No, I have to tell them I shot you.”

Isaac shook his head this time, pulling me towards him. “No way. It was an accident!”

Scott coughed lightly, holding the wound on his arm. “It’s fine, Y/N. Just go with Isaac.”

Stiles was glaring at Isaac coldly. “What were you guys doing out here anyways?”

“We were trying to do our English project.”

“In the dark? In the middle of the woods?” Stiles wasn’t buying an ounce of it.

Isaac rolled his eyes. “Yes! We were trying to research wolves.”

Both of them froze and cleared their throats. “There aren’t wolves around here.”

I raised a brow, gauging their reactions and the fact that Scott wasn’t that effected by the gunshot wound. I suddenly knew why. I swallowed lightly. “So…why were you two out here?”

Scott and Stiles looked at each other slowly. “We were uh…trying to get some exercise.”

Stiles nodded. “Yeah. For Lacrosse, you know. There’s a big game coming up and–”

“You could use all the running you can get, Stilinski.” Isaac retorted before taking my hand in his. “Get your friend to the hospital.”

I nodded, giving Scott a hard look, he knew instantly what it meant. “Yeah, better get him all healed up.”

Stiles was to focused on Isaac’s hand holding mine to see the silent exchange between me and Scott before I tugged the taller boy away and started heading into the woods.

After a moment, Isaac broke the silence with a dry laugh. “You shot McCall.”

I swallowed, running my hand through my hair. “Can we pretend that didn’t happen?”

His laugh continued. “But you shot McCall.”

“Come on, it’s not funny. I could have killed him.” I replied, frowning some.

Isaac’s laugh stopped, a serious look crossing his features. “Oh come on, don’t beat yourself up about it, Y/N. Something was out there. It wasn’t Scott. You know that.” He set a hand on my shoulder. “You were just trying to keep us safe, Scott shouldn’t have been running up on people in the dark.”

I sighed. After a moment, I raised my gaze to his. “There was something out there, huh?”

He nodded. “It was big. It couldn’t have been a wolf.”

I shook my head. “No. It couldn’t have.”

Isaac took my hand as we made our way back to his car. “Think he’ll be okay?” He asked, opening the door for me.

“I think so.” Actually, I knew he’d be okay. I knew he was probably already healed and continuing doing whatever it was that he was doing tonight. The thing was, I didn’t know if Stiles was one as well or if he was just trying to stop his friend on a full moon.

I moved to get in the car, but I stopped to turn and face Isaac. “We can’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

He laughed. “Trust me, I won’t. My dad found out anything close to this happened, I don’t even want to think about what would happen…” He frowned. “Let’s just hope Stilinski and McCall keep their mouths shut.”

“Something tells me they will.” I said softly. “I’m sorry if I get you into any trouble.”

Isaac gave a small smile. “You won’t get me into any trouble. I do that myself.” He looked me over before leaning forward, placing his lips to mine lightly.

I was a bit surprised, so it took me a moment to respond, but when I did, his hands reached up to cup my cheeks, holding me close to him. The kiss went on for a few moments, neither of us knowing or caring about being watched. When he pulled back, I could barely ask the question I had at the tip of my tongue.

All my brain activity was focused on getting me to breathe again, but Isaac seemed to see the question in my eyes. He grinned. “I told you earlier.”

He helped me get into the front seat, holding onto the edge of the door. “I like the distractions you cause.”

The boy shut the door to the passenger side before walking around to get in on the other side. “I guess we’re gonna have to find something else to write about.”

I chuckled. “I guess so.”


I’m learning not to just hide and run | a Natasha Romanoff fanmix

01. beauty don’t mean shit to me, only when it’s a weapon and deadly / 02. you’re fucking with the wrong wolf, baby / 03. feel the earth shake, don’t rest your soul / 04. bigger men have hit their knees, and better men have died / 05. isn’t that the way? everybody’s got their dues in life to pay / 06. I guess all my good graces are too far out of reach / 07. but there’s blood on my hands, yeah, there’s blood / 08. I can’t describe, how the dark consumes the light / 09. mother, can you keep them in the dark for life, can you hide them from the waiting world? / 10. I am everything and I’m nothing at all / 11. I will burn your kingdom down if you try to conquer me and mine / 12. I play for keeps, ‘cause I might not make it back, I’ve been everywhere, and still I’m standing tall / 13. I would like to find a place where the taste of blood in my mouth could evaporate

[ L I S T E N ]

One-Woman Show

Ok, So this idea has been buzzing in my mind for about a week now and it wasn’t going to let me write anything else until it found its way onto paper. This was originally intended to be a one-shot, piece but as I began writing, the character and story line began to grow. I’ve got some ideas. Let me know if you want ‘em.

Summary: The reader does a one-woman tribute show and guess who’s in the audience?!

LIN X READER, Warnings: None, maybe some mild language?

Your hands were shaking so bad. You tried not to wipe them on your legs, your dress was silk, after all. You closed your eyes and reminded yourself that this was what you always wanted to do. You were in New York, about to belt out show tunes to an audience.

Granted, you were standing in a tiny black box theatre with only a piano and a few holiday decorations as a set. Not to mention the theatre only held about 30 people and at least 10 of them were your friends and neighbors. Still, you were living the dream.

You had done the audition circuit for months and were only cast in ensemble roles. Even those were rare. You always heard the same criticism: Great voice, don’t quite look the part. Put out, you began avoiding auditions and taking random gigs. You were an accomplished wedding singer. Frustrated, you asked your friends for advice. Of course it came from Kayla, your sassiest friend, “You need to lose some weight, honey, if you were want to be more than a sidekick”.

That had been three months ago. You took the advice to heart and hit the gym and kitchen hard. While the scale had been slow to move, your confidence was through the roof. Your newfound confidence had made you agree to this show and it was currently the reason you were about to lose your lunch. How could you have agreed to a One-Woman BROADWAY/Christmas tribute?

“Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Black Box! Thank you for joining us this Christmas Eve! We have a really special treat for you tonight. One of our own,  [F/N][L/N], is here to bring a little Broadway to your Christmas!”

Show time. The lights came up and you felt the nerves fade away. For the next two hours, you became a character of yourself, or as you liked to see it, your true self.

You performed the standards such as Cats, Phantom, and Rent. You moved through contemporary pieces fro Wicked and Newsies. You improvised with your piano player and had the audience rolling. You hosted sing-a-longs and threw in some Christmas songs on top of it all. You were genuinely were haiving the time of your life and according to the audience reaction, their night wasn’t so shabby either.

After finishing up a particularly emotionally “I dreamed a dream”, you had your first spark of panic. The next piece had to be flawless of this whole evening was going to go down as a comedy act, instead of the talent showcase you were hoping.

“Alright, folks, I think I’ve got one more in me. And I just don’t think I could do a proper Broadway tribute in 2016 without mentioning Hamilton,” Cheers broke out and someone ‘whooped’ from the back row.

“I’m not scared, I’m gonna go it! If this is my only chance, then I’m not going to throw away my shot!”

The music kicked in and surprisingly, the song went off without a hitch. At the end, the back row erupted into cheers and cat calls but with the lights in your face, there were just shadowy figures.

You smiled and finished the evening with a Christmas sing-a-long to “We wish you a merry Christmas” before bowing and heading backstage for some water.

You heard footsteps approaching and assumed your friends were making their way backstage when you abruptly heard Kayla whisper, “Oh shit!”

You opened the door, concerned, and found yourself face to face with Mr. Lin-manuel Miranda.

“Oh my- (gulp)- Mr. Miranda, I-” you floundered, searching for a reason to speak. Then it hit you. “Oh shit, was I not allowed to sing Hamilton? Is it under some sort of copyright protection? Did I break the law? I’m so sorry, I had no idea…” You trailed off when you saw him grinning, “Sir?”

“First off, Its Lin. And hell no! You and that voice can sing any song of mine, anytime! Geez, I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I’m officially a [Y/N] fan!” He really was as adorable and full of energy as he appeared on screen.

“I will not hyperventilate,” You order yourself. You blush, much to Lin’s amusement. “You did you even know about the show?” You stuttered out, still trying to make sense of reality.

“Oh! Well, I used to use this place as a rehearsal spot back in the day. I still follow it on Twitter. Thought it would be a nice way to spend Christmas Eve. My mom and dad loved you too” He smiled, eyes twinkling when your eyes widened again.

“Mr. Miranda-”

“Lin-” He corrected

“Right. I’m a huge, huge fan. Of you. Of your parents. I can’t thank you enough- I” Your eyes began to water as the fangirl in you slowly rose to the surface.

“Thank you very much. Would you mind if I tweeted this? I’d love to broadcast you on Twitter. You deserve some recognition and I want to be able to say I knew you when.”

“How in the world could I say no?” The two of you exchanged numbers and with another hug he was gone.

The rest of the evening was a blur and you couldn’t stop smiling. Your friends teased you mercilessly and you didn’t care. Falling into bed, you scrolled through your phone, checking your twitter just in case. It was there, just as Lin had promised.


Check out this gorgeous up and comer, [Y/N]. She spit Hamilton and crooned Les Mis. I’m in love! (heart-eyed emojis)

There was a video of you singing “My Shot”. You watched as your followers went from 60 to over 2000 in minutes. You had to tweet back:

Thanks for coming! And yes, ladies and gents, he is just as handsome and charming in person! (heart emojis).

Almost immediately, your phone beeped and you saw that it was Lin.


Handsome, huh?

You grinned and whispered, “Merry Christmas to me…”

Is there a full list of changes in the ACNL update anywhere?

So while we know a few hidden things (sitting on rocks, shaking trees with items in hands) is there a full list of changes anywhere? Because I’ve noticed a few new things and noone seems to be talking about them so I’m not sure if they’re just a coincidence..

- Gracie’s visits are more common but her challenges are harder, I got all 4 of her visits within 2 weeks of time travelling, however every theme she would give me would not have a single item in stores that day. Coincidence?

- Villagers who move in move onto less or non destructive spots. I was plot resetting two villagers (plot resetting works fine btw, don’t panic!) and 100% of the time they would move into non destructive spots. Not a single time out if about 20 would they move onto my paths. And I have a LOT of paths. Coincidence? Was I just being lucky?

- Public Work Project suggestions are much more common for me? Like 1-4 pings into the day and someone suggests something?

- Villagers don’t move out until you confirm that you’re okay with it. Now this is still TBC but it happened to me AND several others. Needs more testing. One of my villagers kept pinging me at the start of each day and I would ignore her because my other villagers told me she’s moving, so I didn’t want her to change her mind. I always used to do this. Then at some point she stopped pinging me! And she never moved out, I had several others move out before her. I did not confirm her move and she didn’t move.

If you’ve noticed anything else that seems to be different please feel free to add to the list! Also if any of these happened to you, add a comment as well so we could confirm it’s not just a coincidence!

ericcameronfilms: Wow. I honestly can’t believe it. Exactly 1 month ago, I had one of the best days ever when I visited the set of #SpiderManHomecoming in Queens. There, I met some of the nicest and most talented people in the industry,@hazosterfield, @jnwtts, and the one and only, Spider-Man himself,@tomholland2013. I got to see the crew shoot some awesome scenes, and it is truly an experience I will never forget. As soon as I got on set (after driving around for an hour and a half looking for a parking spot), I was greeted by the voice of director, Jon Watts who called out, “Spidey!” since I was cosplaying Spider-Man. After totally fanboying over Jon Watts, praising him and shaking his hand, I went to where the other spectators were to watch them film. Some time goes by, and all of a sudden, a black Escalade pulls up, and the one and only@tomholland2013 and @hazosterfieldwalk out of the car. Again, after completely fanboying over these two, my day was already spectacular. Some time goes by, and right before they shoot the first scene with Tom, Tom spots me in my Spidey cosplay, and calls me over to meet and talk with him and Haz. At this point, I was just about ready to faint. I come over, and Tom and Haz we’re just so nice and genuine! They truly wanted to talk with me and get a photo with me, but due to timing, their security guards had to move them along (intensional Star Wars reference). At that point, I was just in complete awe. Tom, Haz and Jon were just so nice to me, and it really made me feel special. I can’t thank Tom, Haz and Jon enough for making this day, one month ago, one of the best days ever, and one I will never forget. I pray that our paths will cross again in the future, maybe when I’m making a film of my own!