i got to meet her at sdcc and she was really cool


 I summed up the most interesting things Adam said during this interview.


During his first auditions for the role Daron was impressed by how good Adam was at making “fighting sounds”. He thanked his years of martial arts for that.

- When Adam had to come up with a voice for Marco, having seen his pictures, he thought that he looked like a “kid with a sweet demeanor who sort of wants to be a bad boy”, and he essentially used what’s his normal voice, with a higher pitch.

- Adam sometimes feels like he’s reliving his teenage years by voicing Marco, and said that when he read the script for Sleepover he was shocked to see the piano scene, since he essentially did the same to impress the girls over at his house for his sister’s sleepovers. 

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You Don’t Own Me ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word Count: 6576

A/N: This is really long lol! But I didn’t want to split it so whatevs. This takes place during 2015 SDCC. I’ve never been to one so forgive me if the schedules and other stuff don’t exactly match up. The gif was my inspiration as well as this song. Also, it says “reader” but I had to give the reader a name and y’all know I don’t like doing the Y/N thing. So here you go enjoy the trashy smut!

It all started a year and a half ago, when I moved out to California from Dallas. Holland and I have been friends since we were kids, so when I told her I was moving she was ecstatic. She had just lost her assistant and I needed a job. It was perfect. What’s a better job than getting to hang out with your best friend all day, everyday?

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Heart Break and Cherry Garcia

Prompt by the vivacious futuremrsjaicourtney1995

“Do you see him?” you asked your best friend looking for Jai Courtney in the crowd of people.  You and your best friend had VIP tickets to hang out with the Suicide Squad cast at SDCC. You were excited to meet Jai and your best friend Rebecca wanted to meet Jared Leto. You spotted Jai surrounded by a crowd of people. He was easy to spot as he was taller than all the people surrounding him. He was smiling laughing, taking selfies and signing autographs. Rebecca squeezed your arm.

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Took some pictures at SDCC of the amazing hoodie that @moonsdesigns made for me!! Crazy thing is that I actually took these pictures with her in person! How awesome is it we got to FINALLY meet!!!
Anyways, still super thankful for this super cool gift she gave me for my birthday<3
I’m honored to know her and I’m so happy to call her my IRL friend!!
Go check out her page for some really awesome stuff!!!

NYCC Days 2 and 3 - Kishimoto Signing, Boruto Movie, Vin Diesel, OH MY!!

Continued from here.

I think I can combine my write ups for these actually.  Friday was the big day for the Kishi signing!  In addition to the usual gang I got to hang out again with Sawyer some more which is always cool.  Never thought I’d ever meet him let alone befriend him.  Cons just bring people together I guess, lol.  But yeah I had an extra ticket to the signing and decided to let him use it. He actually shares the story about it in his latest review (I’m the Erika he’s referring to btw ~_^).  


But long story short, they were so strict about the ticketing that he and a couple others couldn’t use them even though they were legitimate tickets.  In the end we got stuff signed for him at least. Besides, he already got to meet Kishi (as he so interestingly describes). 

But with that disappointing fiasco aside it was a pretty cool moment to meet Kishi. They had a lady there that converts your name to katakana. When I told her I was Erika she was like “whew”, clearly relieved to have such an easy one for once, lol. There are Japanese Erikas (as well as Erikos) if you didn’t know.  

I had a fan question that I thought I could ask during the Thursday panel, but for the signing I’d been planning to talk to him about my trip to Japan and how I visited the exhibition etc., so in the end I just stuck with that since it could spark a little more conversation. Since I speak some Japanese it was a little surreal to talk to him.  They asked where I got to see it and I told them Osaka.  I had quite a few items that he could sign, but they limit you to one personal item. So in the end I had him sign my Michi book from the exhibition. We also got those commemorative posters you see on the right.  He signed it with a golden sharpie. Top left is my name in katakana. There’s a big poster we got too but it’s rolled up and I’m to lazy to whip it out right now. 

The translator and the store’s staff were oohing and ahhing at my Michi book because apparently it’s EXTREMELY exclusive.  His translator was telling me that she couldn’t make it out there in time to see the exhibit in order to get one for herself, but she definitely wanted one.  

After me, CommanderKuruma was up next and he gave Kishi a portrait of the Uzumaki kids drawn by Gabzilla. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw it.  

I couldn’t stay much longer afterwards, so from there I went to the Blade Rave. I actually bought sharingan contacts thinking they’d double nicely as vampire ones.  I think it worked out:

By the end of the night I was covered in “blood” and others got drenched (much like in the film) but I don’t have the group pic atm.  Surprisingly enough it’s not as messy to get off which was a relief, lol.

Saturday - Day 3

Saturday was about the Boruto movie.  I joined my friends in line balls ass early (though they actually camped the whole night).  I was happy to at least don my favorite birthday shirt of Agent Carter (I’m a fanatic if you didn’t know).

The Hammerstein Ballroom was really nice

They interviewed Kishi and Junko for a few minutes and I was able to upload it

Anyone who attended the con knows how strict they were about people getting pics with Kishi. Even the people who lined up Thursday for a Kishimoto signing Saturday afternoon probably couldn’t get a pic with him.  Well, this guy here might be the only exception.  This is honestly one of the best Kisame cosplayers I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going to cons for over 10 years. I’m really glad he got the chance to meet Kishi. He said it was an honor that Kishi wanted a pic with him and of course they let him do the same. 

As for the movie. It was nice seeing it in Japan but seeing it with nearly 2,000 narutards in North America brings a whole new energy.  I think I enjoyed it even more this time around.  Everybody was so enthusiastic about the scenes. There was so much cheering from character intros in the beginning, to badass action sequences, even to the end with SasuSaku’s shot (the fangirls represented, I must say lol).  I believe Kishi and Junko stayed to watch the film with us so I wonder how they felt with a considerably rowdy crowd compared to how it is in Japan. 

I did a brief interview with TV Tokyo so who knows where that’ll show up if at all, haha.  They asked who my fave was of the new group and I said Sarada. The reporter said she was extremely popular so far (no surprise), lol.    

After that I went back to the convention center for The Last Witch Hunter panel with Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood.  Love those guys. Unfortunately I left my camera back at my friend’s place so I had to make do with my phone, but I did get some pics and videos:

The movie looks like it’s going to be really cool.  I’m actually slotted for a screening of it this Tuesday (movie critic over here), but I totally plan to see it again and that decision was further supported through Vin announcing that they would be  giving us all FREE tickets for when it’s released!!  Thank you, Fandango! Thank you Vin! He was definitely the most popular there getting most of the fan questions. I started to feel a little bad for Elijah and Rose but they seemed okay. 

I had to head back after that to finish a homework assignment, but all in all it was a fun con!  I don’t believe its claim that it’s bigger than SDCC. SDCC definitely has more people.  In general it’s still not at SDCC’s level as far as I’m concerned, despite Vin saying Main Stage looked bigger than Hall H. HA! No.  Not even. He’s just being nice. Even the local NYCer next to me shook her head because she knew better, lol. I do like that they offer wristbands for panels and I think they do a better job at hyping the crowd before a panel (there was a DJ and a hype man there), but since SDCC doesn’t do room clears and seating throughout the day, they don’t really need to.  They fit more panels in that pay anyway.

Not sure if I’ll be there next year. It will depend on what’s going on but I did have a nice time hanging out with old friends, making new ones and making new memories.  I’ll end with with a couple of fantastic costumes…and avelociraptor , just cuz.

Remembering Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig died yesterday at the age of 78. Most people remember her for her role as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl on the 1960′s ABC program Batman.

I will remember her because she inspired me in so many ways and brought me to comics.

The first time I saw Batman on the TV screen I wanted to be Batman. Badly. But I really couldn’t be Batman. 

But then I saw her - the  first female superhero I every saw on TV. 

She had a job (at a library), a cool apartment (with secret room) and her own motorcycle. She fought along side Batman and was his equal.

Her Barbara Gordon was smart and kickass and filled with attitude that said “don’t discount or exclude me”

Who would not want to to be this woman?

As a child, I desperately wanted to be her.

I would sneak into my mother’s room and steal a wig that she had (and that I don’t ever remember her wearing) and would put it one underneath the batcowl that my brother and i shared.

Then I would run through the house kicking and twirling just like Yvonne did. 

In one episode Batgirl did a Sabre dance and the afternoon after it was shown on TV my friend Caroline Wong and I recreated that dance over and over again until the teacher yelled at us.

We were the only two girls in second grade who wanted to be Batgirl. I was glad there was someone else who felt like I did about female superheroes.

Things sure have changed. 

Once I realized that Batgirl was also in comics I gathered a collection of anything that featured her. 

Later the collection would include far more than comics - everything from action figures to wallets to watches.

Just last month I purchased the SDCC exclusive action figure of Craig as Batgirl. It won’t be the last Batgirl item I buy but it was special because it was Yvonne.

I never got a chance to meet Yvonne Craig in person. I came close. She was supposed to be at a local con two years ago but she had to cancel. 

I wish I had the chance to thank her for letting a little girl join in the superhero fun.

And, later, want to fight to make sure they were welcome in the club.

Thanks Yvonne. Thanks so much.

My condolences to her family.


Day 2 (January 14th)-this one is going to be long so I’m splitting it into two parts:

When I tell you guys this day was JAM PACKED, I am not joking around. There was so much to do, especially if you had one of the higher ticket levels (Grounder or Delinquent), there was literally no way you’d be able to get it all done. 

We started off our day by going to Cora’s for breakfast, where I had an amazingly delicious waffle and then we hurried off to London Drugs (like a Walgreens) so I could purchase a Voice Recorder with which to record the panels. 

I missed the Welcome Panel, where they introduced the entire cast (save Lindsey, who was filming reshoots for 411), but made it back in time for the Arkadia Boys Panel which featured Bob Morley, Richard Harmon, Jarod Joseph and Sachin Sahel. This panel was one of my favorites for so many reasons. 

Bob and Jarod both came out and ran around the Ballroom, greeting everyone. Bob seemed to make it his personal mission to touch as many people as possible, he shook hands (his grip was super strong and he made sure to look you in the eyes when he shook!) When I told him my name, he repeated it, smiled and then said it was a great name, which made my day. 

After they’d done their greetings, the cast gathered on the stage:

Sorry Richard’s blurry, but look at Bob’s smile!

When Sachin came out he did this thing where he grabbed Bob’s nose, because Bob wouldn’t say hello, lol. 

Here they are all settled down. Pictures weren’t allowed after the first 5 minutes of each panel, but I like the ones I did manage to get. 

The Boys Panel was super fun, you can really see how much they all love each other. I said it a lot during the Con, but it’s almost like they just can’t help touching and teasing one another, they really are a family and you can tell when you have the opportunity to talk to them or see them one another.

They joked a lot about Ian’s hair and how he’ll sit and just run his hands through it after hair and makeup gets done with it (which frustrates the crew), they called him “GQ Jesus”, which I got a kick out of for sure and Bob joked that there is a scene where Bellamy and Kane just play with each other’s hair. 

We discussed character growth through the Seasons and Sachin said he likes that Jackson has become a braver man, Jarod (who is super snarky) said that he enjoys having any direction (everyone laughed) and then he said he enjoys that Miller is becoming more of a leader. 

Bob said that he actually enjoys (in a sadistic way) acting out Bellamy doing bad things, because he likes the challenge of then making those actions forgivable. He says if people hate you afterwards, it means you’ve done your job, you’ve made people feel something. 

When asked about the relationship between Brian and Miller, Jarod said that there were definitely still things they need to work out and that it’s not necessarily a happily ever after story. 

Sachin remarked that he’s glad it’s not just one person who went into the City of Light, that they’ll need to see and discuss the effects it had on everyone. He joked about needing a CoL support group. 

When asked about the relationship between Raven and Murphy, Richard said it would be difficult for Raven to trust him at all considering Murphy caused her physical issue. He later said that everyone will need to put their differences aside because it’s a do or die type situation. 

There is a apparently a lot of BTS Bob/Richard fun times (aka Murphamy). Richard says the show is better with Murphamy because he and Bob have great chemistry together.

Richard’s favorite episode is Episode 8 (this is the same episode Luisa coined in her Meet and Greet-so I expect great Memori in this episode.) Sachin said the entire Season was just so great to film. Jarod said he enjoyed Episode 1. Bob did not answer this question.

Sam asked what it’s like to play male characters who don’t fit traditionally male stereotypes, and we didn’t quite get the answer we expected, but Sachin did say that “ Across the board it’s not about masculinity or femininity. Its about people being people. Whoever is the best at that thing will handle it.” 

Richard says he always calls Murphy “John” when it’s in reference to Emori/Memori (again-Luisa says the exact same thing-she smiled and laughed a bit when she said it). He said that he’s glad for Emori that she got to meet someone like John, feels like he’s helped Emori really accept who she is.

Jarod said that hope on this show looks like having a future at all (the cast heavily implied that this Season things get really dire.) and said that the message of hope is heavily enforced this Season. 

They talked about who’s the smartest and Bob said that Bellamy and Clarke were the best at classes (it’s a back story built into the scene in 3x02-where Bellamy and Pike “meet”, it’s why Bellamy looks so happy to see Pike). He said that unfortunately a lot of Bellamy’s learning was stopped when Octavia was discovered and that the Ark kind of forget he was human. 

He and Pike relate to one another because they came down for the same reasons. 

When asked how they felt about the impact the show has had on people, 

Jarod said: “ You see people that love the show and each other working with each other. It feels unbelievable (to make a difference).”

Richard said: “ To know that on this show we’ve had that bit of magic, to tap into people, its amazing”

Bob said he lives by this quote when acting: “ “The more personal you are, the more universal you become.”

When asked which superhero they’d like to be, Jarod said John Stewart/Green Lantern, Sachin said Superman/Clark Kent, Bob said the Hulk (something I find interesting, as he picked another character who has a lot of pent up anger.)


After the Boys Panel, the Unity Days Fam (literally almost all of us) had a Meet and Greet with Jarod-in fact there was only one woman who was not in the Fam at our Meet and Greet. 

Jarod is super cool, very personable, very friendly. He was kind to all of us and most of our meet and greet was really just a regular conversation. We got a few tidbits for Miller’s journey in Season 4 (he’s going to be working really hard to make his dad proud and we learned that Dad Miller is back and better than ever!!!

Jarod was asked why he thinks Miller always seems to be “OK” and he said it’s because he keeps his feelings below the surface, he’s strong because he has to be. He thinks Bellamy is the same way. 

He also said they’ve been asking for more Millamy scenes because they’re best friends! Don’t know if we get them in Season 4 though. 

He joked that in Vancouver he was known as the “Serial Guest Star” before he was cast as Miller (a role that was also only supposed to be one episode.” 

He actually doesn’t like Vancouver, he says it’s not exciting and there isn’t a lot to do there, he does enjoy that his friends are there and his job is there, but when he’s not filming he lives in San Fran. 

I asked him how he feels playing a black LGBTQA character and if he knows how important that is, and he said it’s not his first time actually, he previously played an Out Gay lawyer in the hip hop world, who was dating a rapper who was still closeted and he feels like overall the ability to portray those characters is so important because being black and gay and in an interracial relationship are all really taboo things and he likes being able to show that being gay doesn’t change who you are or make you effeminate (a HUGE stereotype in the black community), it’s all about just being able to be who you are. 


After we left the M&G we hurried back to the Panel Ballroom for what was supposed to be the Princess Mechanic Panel, but became the Clarke Griffin panel because Lindsey was still at work. 

Eliza is a sweetheart, she’s really pretty, but she’s actually much skinnier than I thought she was (which is NOT a bad thing-lol), I just thought she was bigger, because he boobs are GREAT!

Eliza’s panel was pretty much just a wlw love fest, lots of women (including myself) thanking Eliza for playing a bisexual woman and discussing how important that is for us. She plans to release more of her music on Youtube, loves Nadia very much and said that this Season Clarke’s grieving process will be more constructive than destructive. There will be more Clarke and Kane scenes in the Season 4, she said that Clarke feels a lot of grief and guilt for all of the people that she’s lost and that we should expect to see some breakdowns this Season. 

When asked a question about whether or not we should be worried about the safety of any of Clarke’s future romantic interests (here the asker coughed and said Bellamy), Eliza smiled and laughed a little and said that she couldn’t answer that question “yet” (sound familiar?!)-this is a huge change (in my opinion) from her answer at SDCC. 

Eliza’s favorite Clarke outfit is the Season 1 outfit, she says it seems the most like Clarke, and then confirmed that the City of Light outfit is Clarke’s Season 1 outfit. Her favorite Clarke line is “Life should be about more than just survival.” which excited part of the audience. 

She said that when you play a character the end result is 80% you and 20% what’s on the page. 


We had a brief lunch at the hotel.

And then had several photo ops!



How a piece of cardboard made my life and why Clark Gregg is a a fucking homie forever 

(I apologize if this post is long but I promised some people the deets of what went on at SDCC) 

Okay so if you know me, you probably already know that I’ve met Clark at Comic-Con last year and I thought it was really nice of him to stop his autograph session, get off the stage, and take a picture with me and sign my Coulson doll. I literally thought that nothing like that is ever going to happen again but you know what? This year’s SDCC proved that I was completely wrong.

So where do I start? I guess technically it started on Friday morning when I tweeted Clark a picture of me camping out for the Agents of SHIELD panel with my sign (as seen above). He favorited the picture on Twitter and retweeted somebody else’s picture of me with my sign so I guess you can say he was sort of aware of my nerdy presence at Comic-Con. 

Well on Saturday morning, after camping out since 7:30 PM the night before, my sister and I attempted to make our way to the Marvel booth to take part in the autograph drawings for that day. I was determined to get an autograph (I was dressed up as Melinda May and wanted to meet Ming-Na) but unfortunately we weren’t able to even line up for the drawings since the line was capped by the time we got there even though we were in the VERY FRONT of the exhibit hall line that day (my sister made an observation that most of the people who were already in the autograph line were exhibitors which sort of makes sense since they are allowed to enter the hall early). We were disappointed but decided to stick around the Marvel booth since we wanted to see the Agents of SHIELD cast. I found two other Agents of SHIELD cosplayers, estelofimladris as Grant Ward and @kateplayer as Jemma Simmons and we all had this pretty epic Agents of SHIELD nerd fest going on while we were waiting for the autograph session to begin at the front. At around 10:20 AM the cast was introduced at the Marvel booth and autographs were already underway. I managed to get Chloe Bennet’s attention with my sign and she thought it was incredibly funny and Elizabeth Henstridge noticed @kateplayer’s Jemma Simmons cosplay and thought it was cute.

And here comes the cool part. So while autographs just got started, I noticed Clark Gregg sitting in the very far right of the stage waiting to give the first autograph. I made eye contact with him and waved at him and said hi. He noticed the sign and asked from the stage “Aren’t you going to get an autograph?”  And I yelled back at him and said “I can’t. I was unable to get a ticket for the autograph signing” and told him that me, estelofimladris, and @kateplayer were cosplaying as characters from the show. And after I said that Clark talked to one of the Marvel booth workers WHO THEN CAME DOWN AND HANDED US TICKETS TO THE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING. The three of us and my sister were able to line up and meet the Agents of SHIELD cast because of Clark Gregg and it was so cool because we were all able to have awesome conversations with each of the cast members and producers. 

Jed and Maurissa noticed that I was dressed up as May and asked me what I thought of Ward and I was about to say, in character, that I thought he was a class-A asshole but then estel caught me and we had a little in-character banter session going on that Jed and Maurissa loved. I then met Iain who is incredibly shy and awkward (but in the best way possible) and he thought my sign was funny. I also showed Elizabeth my sign too which she loved and took a picture of the sign with her phone. Chloe is incredibly cool and she did an awesome handshake with my sister before she met me. I showed her the back of the sign which said “Nail Hydra” and she laughed and said that Ming-Na was going to love it.

And then I met Ming-Na and oh boy, she had an absolute blast. When I first went up to her she noticed my cosplay and started freaking out. She was like “You-you’re-YOU’RE DRESSED AS ME!” and I was like “I’M DRESSED UP AS YOU!” and I showed her the “Nail Hyrdra” sign and she laughed so much. She took the sign from me, stood up, and started posing with it and began hitting Brett Dalton in the head with it. She then asked for a photo with me and OF COURSE I SAID YES and it was so awesome. She is incredibly nice and I gave a her a Melinda May plushie that I made for her she and loved it. After that I met Brett and I playfully said hi to him because he just got bonked in the face with my sign. He was really nice and I took a picture with him.

Then I met Clark and I thanked him a lot for allowing me, my sister, and my friends to be in the autograph session with him. I then asked if I can take picture with him with the sign and he said yes and before I left I wished him luck with the new season and told him that it will kick ass. 

So basically, that is how it all went down and I honestly don’t know how in the world I am going to top this experience at next year’s Comic-Con.

(I have more pictures to show with me and the other Agents of SHIELD cast members but that will be in another post since this one is already insanely long) 

(Also bonus points to the Marvel booth worker who saw me in the lobby of the convention center and whispered in my hear “Hail Hydra” before running off)

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 245 : Comics (Nerd AU)

There are perks to owning a comic book store, Levi got to meet Stan Lee once because he hosted a signing. But. More important perk to him was that his store is where he met is boyfriend of two years, Eren. The very same boyfriend who is standing in the store right now, trying to argue with him. “I’m just saying, there are a lot of cool DC heroes besides Batman or Superman so it sucks that they get all the attention,” Eren says, looking through the box of comics on the table.

“Name five,” Levi says, an amused hint to his tone as he leans on the counter.

“Jon Stewart Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman –“



“Wonder Woman? Really?”

“What? I think she’s really cool.”

“She started as the secretary for the Justice League.”

“So? She’s come a long way since then. I think her most recent run one is the best one yet.”

Levi rolls his eyes. “Continue.”

“Batgirl –“

“Which one?”

“As a fleshed out character, Barbara Gordon because she becomes Oracle which is really cool but Cassandra Cain looks the coolest.”

“Okay, one more,” Levi says. “And if you say Aquaman I’m kicking you out.”

“I wasn’t going to,” Eren says, sticking out his tongue. “And for the record, the version of Aquaman from the Justice League cartoon is kickass.”

“Oh my god, you have such bad taste,” Levi whines.

“Shut up, hook hands are cool!”

“For pirates maybe.”

“He lived in the ocean!”

“Whatever, just name one more hero so I can tell you how wrong you are.”


“You would like Nightwing and Batgirl but not Batman.”


Levi shakes his head. “Anyway, the more pressing question is which Robin you think should take over for Batman.”

“Dick Grayson, obviously.”

“How? Damien is his actual son.”

“Did you even read the comics? Dick Grayson was actually Batman for a while when Bruce was dead and Damien was his Robin.”

“What about Tim Drake then?”

“What about him?”

“Dick Grayson is already Nightwing, right, he can keep being Nightwing so Tim can take over as Batman.”

Eren facepalms. “That’s the actual stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Levi makes a face and pulls on Eren’s collar so he runs into the counter and bends over. Levi takes the opportunity to kiss him. “Are you still gonna argue with me?”

Eren blushes. “Maybe later.”

“Good boy,” Levi says. “Now go home, I have to close.”

“Awwee,” Eren whines. “Can’t I stay? I’m your boyfriend so I’m special, right?”

“Nope, only boyfriends who respect the Batman get special privileges.”

“You’re so mean,” Eren pouts.

“Says the guy who didn’t tell me he was going to SDCC until he came home.”

“Fine,” Eren says, kissing Levi again.

Levi pushes him toward the door. “Now get out of here, Nerd Lord.”

“It’s Star Lord,” Eren replies, attempting to imitate the character from Guardians of the Galaxy. “And I’m not the one who ones a comic book store so I can’t possibly be a lord of nerds.”

Levi smiles. “Fine, I’m a Nerd Lord too. Now go, I wanna go to bed.”

“Bye,” Eren says, smiling and waving cutely as he leaves.

“Idiot.” Levi shakes his head, blushing faintly.